A second extra-large helping of boobs…

I realize it was just yesterday that I blogged XL Girls, but I’ve just come upon someone there who deserves a post of her very own. As you all probably know by now, I’m rather partial to big, busty blondes (as has been demonstrated here and there). Well, I’ve just found another perfect specimen of my predilections, thanks to Score’s XL Girls website: The 38G stunner Samantha has it all – huge tits with a voluptuous body to match. While girls like Princessa / Maria Swan have since cured my exclusivity in the “big” & “blonde” departments, it’s real women like Samantha who remind me of why I started MyBoobSite in the first place…

Samantha 38G    Samantha 38G

Samantha 38G    Samantha 38G

Samantha 38G    Samantha 38G

…but, truly, none of these photos can compare to seeing this golden-haired G-cup gal in hardcore action. So, being the thoughtful host that I am, here are a few video clips of Samantha and her massive mammaries in motion:

Samantha 38G Video - Clip 1    Samantha 38G Video - Clip 2

Samantha 38G Video - Clip 3    Samantha 38G Video - Clip 4



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43 Responses to “A second extra-large helping of boobs…”

  1. Matt Says:

    First off my compliments on the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen. Wow. I never checked out BBW before but I saw you on monsters of cock and I was hooked. Girl you are smokin. Best wishes and lets see some new vids.

  2. gasonga searcher Says:

    wow, please more vids of samantha. thx

  3. jay reed Says:

    Samantha u are a very sexy women do u do shows at private clubs

  4. mihrac suat yilmaz (türkiye/konya city) turkey Says:

    hello samantha
    she is very beatuful woman

  5. mihrac suat yilmaz (türkiye/konya city) turkey Says:


  6. larry Says:

    Sam, you are great for a long time I’ve been your fan
    I love your big, huge and lovely boobies

  7. larry Says:

    Great video you are gorgeous

  8. Preston Says:

    Wow, Samantha is awesome. I’m just like you Reese, I love large, blonde women. I like her 38G’s but what gets me most is her figure. A large, busty blonde that is over 200 pounds and has a big butt always makes he nuts!

  9. dushan Says:

    My dear,Samantha. You have funs even in the Bosnia and Herzegovina. You are a true vacation for men tired from recent war. If you have any simpaties for us, please, from time to time, put some new free your clips on your official page. It will certainly, keep our minds busy out from new wars.
    dushan, bosnia

  10. jochen Says:

    goddes wonderful-jochen-germany

  11. hurricane_mike Says:

    sam38g is awesome!! saw her in vegas before she took off her eros ads. all i have to say is…WOW!!

  12. john Says:

    john, Samantha I love you and I want to fuck you in your holes and in your xxlarge tits

  13. carrnage Says:

    WOW!!! i love this woman she makes my cock so hard, i love all ur pics especially ur anal pics and vids. Im a very big fan since i was 20 im still a big fan know at 26 all i can say is wow. Forget all your skinny super models samantha is what you want. xx

  14. citydesk Says:

    As a Portuguese man, i must say this woman is one of a kind, and she has everything this portuguese lover needs… i hope some day i´ll take you out samantha, stay safe!

  15. JULIO PERES Says:


  16. dash Says:

    samantha is really a sight to behold ,a sexy blonde with twin peaks like those ,which are lovely ,would love for her to ride me while i squeeze them 38gs

  17. rob Says:

    alls i can say is please do me baby, youre my very very favorite nude model and would love to grasp them boobs of youres and squueeze them and suck them and make you so wett til you explode on my dick.just looking at them beautiful tits make me hard baby!!!

  18. mihrac suat yilmaz Says:


  19. 5310 Camelot Says:


    GGGoodness GGGracious!! Your 38GGGs just make me GGGrope, GGGrowl, and GGGape! GGGod I wish I were YYYounger!

  20. ahoora1377 Says:


  21. brynn Says:

    i just love u so much u are so hott

  22. sam fan Says:

    it was disappointing to see her with a black guy but shes still the hottest girl on the web…

  23. larry Says:

    i am your bigest fan in norway
    you have the beatifuls tits i have ever sey
    do you com to norway sone:)

  24. Rictor Says:

    Oh, Samantha! It’s hard to go to bed without seeing your massive breasts.

    Oftentimes I just have to go to your website while my wife is asleep just so
    I can masturbate over your luscious boobs.

    I am stroking my erection now and I am going to come after I send this message. OOOOOHHHHHHHHH YESSS!

  25. =D Says:

    i wonder if that man can breath. who cares though j’ai adore big tittys

  26. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Sassy Samantha 38G Says:

    […] Thanks to all of you who voiced your opinions on the topic, too. Even Samantha herself logged in to express her reasons for lopping off that lovely long blonde hair: “Had long hair for many many years. And then once I worked for Score and Bang Bros, they keep marketing all my pics and videos as new and they weren’t. So I cut my hair to out date all of their material (I am a stinker). So long haired pics and videos are about 6 years old. All short hair pics and videos are at least 3 years old or newer. Score and Bang Bros has no new material of me at all. Very much enjoyed ya’lls take and comments about my hair length. Changing my hair up keeps it fresh and fun for me. Change your hair, change your life…… It is a given that long hair is sexy, and many models where it long for that very reason. Short hair can be Sassy. Always enjoyed the idea of being Sassy. Smooches, Sam” […]

  27. biggest fan Says:

    i really wish that i could meet Samantha in person. she is so sexy, you cant imagine how horney she makes me.
    Samantha, i love your work!!!!!!!!!!

  28. james Says:

    I would love to fuck those big tities…..

  29. mike Says:

    Where, oh where is Devin Taylor?????????


    hi im Ahmed ibrahim. from Iraq ineed john .iloveyou samantha wow she is very beatuful woman ihope fuck your titts&holse send me movies free and you very sexy woman wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  31. nohara Says:

    Ms. Samantha has nicest tits I have ever seen .

    Your tits is so wonderful

    I really would like to see real ones

  32. ihaveabigdick Says:


  33. Kate Says:

    Wow,,, I am a bisexual woman,, and I love to play with very big breasts,, and though I’m not really into BBW’s, Samantha is fucking gorgeous… I love her tits and great nipples too,,,been on her site, as well as a few others. and these women turn me the fuck on:
    Chloe V
    Maria Moore

    ( o )( o )..yumm!!!

  34. Jim Says:

    what a bbw I’d love to fuck those beautiful titties

  35. jita Says:

    can i fuck ur nice big tits ?

  36. daniel Says:

    komo kisiera meterte mi pito por tu pinche kolota y chuparte esass tetotas k tienes samantha aaaa mamasota ando bn urgido tekiero meter la verga

  37. buttassnakedmann Says:

    Fuck off SamFan!! I think Sam needs to fuck more black guys.

  38. Zia Says:

    Hi, Samantha,

    Really i have no words about your boobs, can u send me more pic.

  39. Greg Says:

    hey sam i love ur tits i want 2 fuck them so bad

  40. eelvich lee Says:

    i think, the big boobs are always great for a love handle and a big ass, and i do not think you get yelled at for it, for i do say so myself.

  41. Mark Says:

    R u a squrter

  42. sam Says:

    very bad site……….

  43. Ayad Says:

    Hi Samantha .
    I’m Ayad from Iraq , I want to be as friend, I want to connect with you, can you sent me your emial addrees so that I can connect with you .
    thank you my hot kiss to you

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