Sassy Samantha 38G

It appears we have a well-hung jury in the debate between short hair or long for the sexy Samantha 38G. When I’d first posted the poll a month ago, I expected the results to be decisive one way or the other. However, after over 2,000 votes, it’s still pretty much 50/50 (marginally leaning toward long locks by a mere 20, last time I checked).

Thanks to all of you who voiced your opinions on the topic, too. Even Samantha herself logged in to express her reasons for lopping off that lovely long blonde hair: “Had long hair for many many years. And then once I worked for Score and Bang Bros, they keep marketing all my pics and videos as new and they weren’t. So I cut my hair to out date all of their material (I am a stinker). So long haired pics and videos are about 6 years old. All short hair pics and videos are at least 3 years old or newer. Score and Bang Bros has no new material of me at all. Very much enjoyed ya’lls take and comments about my hair length. Changing my hair up keeps it fresh and fun for me. Change your hair, change your life…… It is a given that long hair is sexy, and many models where it long for that very reason. Short hair can be Sassy. Always enjoyed the idea of being Sassy. Smooches, Sam”

So Sassy Samantha 38G it is, then. I don’t mind at all, really, as long as she keeps on sharing those big G-cup boobs, voluptuous body and delightful personality with us (although Sam readily admits that her sense of humour, unlike her breasts, is a bit floppy – i.e. “How many Big Boobed Blondes does it take the screw in a lightbulb?”).

And so, a bit more saucy sassiness from

Sexy Samantha 38G from    Sexy Samantha 38G from    Sexy Samantha 38G from

Sexy Samantha 38G from    Sexy Samantha 38G from    Sexy Samantha 38G from

…it seems that Sam’s been out on the prowl again for new talent to join her on the site, too, the latest arrival being the curiously named “Ellecee” (is that some sort of Francophilial formulation of Elsie?). Although she seems as much a sucker for big tits as anyone should be, I get the impression that newcomer Ellecee might well be a virgin to the lesbian scene – appearing just a wee bit apprehensive as Samantha peels off her panties and prepares to go down on her pussy for a bit of cunnilingus – but, in the end, she takes it like a trooper and seriously begins to enjoy Sam’s oral attention upon her swollen clit.

Here are a few choice clips of Samantha and her newly-converted fuck-friend Ellecee from their lesbian videos at

Samantha 38G Videos from    Samantha 38G Videos from

Samantha 38G Videos from    Samantha 38G Videos from



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22 Responses to “Sassy Samantha 38G”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    I prefer the shorter hair myself. Long hair is so overrated.

  2. Jam Spavelin Says:

    Prefer the long hair to be honest, but interesting to know her motivation behind the change. I already got the vibe that the Samantha 38G, Devyn Devine and Brandy Talores of this world had got the motivation to set up their own sites because they’d been dicked around (no pun) by the big name sites, and that kind of backs up the theory.

    Shame really, cos those plus a few other girls who’ve done the same thing seem to come across a bit jaded now. Meh, I’m still lovin me some Alicia 36JJ anyway :)

  3. Jacques LeStrappe Says:

    I think “Ellecee” is actually Elle Cee.

  4. BigBoobFan Says:

    Man – if those pics don’t convince people about the short hair… I dunno. Sam baby, back that thing up! WOOHOO!!! Got to love her all over.

  5. gustave Says:

    I like her with or without the short hair but, if i could choose, i’d choose the short haired Samantha, though i would never imagined her reasons for cutting off her hair. Well, as Reese says, as long as she keeps sharing those big G-cup boobs…….

  6. Speed Racer Says:

    Samantha is VERY hot but I wish she’d stop “airbrushing” her photos to death.

  7. Charles Says:

    Short hair or not I want to see her doing more boy-girl. Samantha has the kind of rack that needs to be titf–ked over and over.

  8. Lee-Harvey Says:

    The pictures are like of an angel sent from heaven, her eyes, her lips, her tits, her nipples- lovely and beautiful.!
    I love the short hair. Samantha never looked better.

  9. Frank Says:

    yeah, The Score Group is a “king of re-marketing” stuff, as a proof, they still have Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s and Tiffany Towers’ websites up and running at the time they had bigger boobs. i’m glad Samantha wanted to outdate all Score’s stuff to say “hey, stop checking out old stuff and check out my personnal website where their’s always new stuff being released!”, thanks a lot Samantha, i really appreciate it, the industry need more models thinking like you :-)

  10. Jugger Says:

    Marvellous pics. Has she gained a little again?

  11. Jack Says:

    jugger she gains and loses the same 20 pounds all th etime it seems. I think I read reese liked a nice sexy tummy and Sam sure has one of those :)

  12. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Samantha 38G in her FFM threesome video debut? Says:

    […] Now Sam’s gone and done it; her Sexy Samantha 38G site having been previously populated with a profusion of solo sets, lesbian sex and the odd 1-on-1 MF bunk-up, she’s just posted what has been billed as her very first threesome on video! Sure, she alludes to having had threesome sex before, but never when the camera was rolling. […]

  13. mad about BBW Says:

    Hot as always

  14. Jeff Says:

    In my humble opinion the shorter hair has accentuated the soft and sensuous side of Samantha
    The longer hair, instills a raw animalistic urge to take her from behind

    Speaking freely with no disrespect

  15. chris Says:

    she is the sexiest women ive ever seen and ive sen aton of beautiful women if i had one night with her it would be magic ya digg

  16. Babypowder Says:

    Hair??? OOOOHHHHHH…..

  17. booblover Says:

    I love big boobs even though i’m a girl. i really have a big boob fetish, they’re hot. I have some 36DD’s, but the boobs on this site are even bigger. They get me so horny.

  18. Yumboobs Says:

    Samantha is a gorgeous woman, this is true. I’ve been very happy to see her continued presence ever since I first learned about her. However, her current battle with self-loathing and body image issues is rather unattractive.

    Her recent Twitter posts speak of her frustration over not being able to buy fashionable clothing, which is certainly going to be irksome for any plus-sized woman who’s concerned about fashion. But they quickly spiral downward into open hatred for her body, her boobs, and men. Men…whose interest in her provide her with a living.

    It’s true that life isn’t fair. It’s true that when life starts to suck a bit, we look for someone to blame. Dealing with other people can really suck, especially in shallow industries such as fashion. Maybe I have the luxury of being a slobby t-shirt and sweatpants kind of guy so I don’t have to worry about ridiculous things like that. But still…try not to let one bad day allow you to say things that could really damage people’s perceptions of you in the long run.

    Deep breaths, Sam. Things always get better.

  19. Mark Says:

    Ur a hot slutty bitch

  20. karl anglin Says:

    Samantha is awesome!

  21. SantaFE Says:

    My first post ! :)

  22. Zvezdoros Says:

    My first post! :)

    [mod edit: no, it’s not :P]

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