Abbi Secraa Tempting with Tits in a Very Full Bra

You all know my issues with big breasts in bras. Granted, given a selection of sexy girls to choose from, I’ll always gravitate toward busty blondes with the biggest boobs around. However, if a given fair-haired maiden of massive mammaries just so happens to be hiding her huge tits in a bra, her ample endowments might escape my attention altogether! Why? Even the biggest bras make boobs look smaller in size regardless of their cleavage enhancing push-up properties, imho. In fact, it’s precisely this distortion of extra large natural breast form and shape which sits at the root of my thinking girls with big tits should go braless all the time. Take my topless picture of pendulous breast perfection Abbi Secraa, for example…

Abbi Secraa braless busty blonde with biggest boobs down to her belly button cleavage conclusion in huge pendulous breasts animated big tits gif from MyBoobSite &

…the incomparable beauty of breasts so big her boobs hang down past her belly button where curvaceous cleavage clefts just in time to reveal her navel exposed in all its erotic nude glory between two titanic tit flesh mountains of mammary gland goodness almost filled me with the need to wax poetic over Abbi Secraa again (but, seeing as I’m in prose mode at the moment, perhaps you should read that as “whacks poetic” instead)! But, put those magnificent monster boobs in a bra, even with gigantic jiggling tits spilling out over the top as they do, her giant bra breasts somehow lose their allure for me. Give me the all natural and extremely well-endowed wonder of breasts as nature intended; as big boobs unbound and unfettered by clothing concealing their captivating, curvaceous contours; as the naked tits to die for that they truly are. Sure, there’s the massive breast support that bras offer for comfort to women with the most colossal cleavage, but I’m afraid it’s big boobs braless or bust (when I get to look at them, at least). So, despite the best efforts of adorable Abbi to tempt me with her tits in a bra, it’s only when she gets ‘em out I’m in huge hooters heaven as evidenced by the clips I’ve chosen of her new Very Full Bra video from

Abbi Secraa very full bra video from    Abbi Secraa very full bra video from

Abbi Secraa very full bra video from    Abbi Secraa very full bra video from


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11 Responses to “Abbi Secraa Tempting with Tits in a Very Full Bra”

  1. 808 Says:

    I was a member of her site for 3 months. Abbii is very gifted anatomically, but she has a little of what I call “Pinup Files Disease”, or more locally known as “Rachel Aldana Disease”. What I mean is, in her videos she gets into seperate poses, and does her best to look lustily at the camera, but there is usually little else going on. A lot of tease but not a lot of please. If you work in the big bust biz, I feel like you’re not giving 100% unless you at least play with them a little.

  2. Zeke Says:

    Prime, grade A breasts with a pleasing foot of cleavage that neatly skims her lap when she sits normally. Absolutely glorious when married to such a pretty face and sublime body; the very definition of slim’n’stacked, a real rare combination.

    Reminds me of an old J-cup endowed girlfriend; compared to Abbi she had an unpleasant personality and a little lazy in bed but when face or cock was buried in her sagging chestful of natural porcelain tittymeat all was forgiven. They were so flexible you could loft one up with both hands and kind of smother her with it, not really my thing but a definite plus if you like the dominance angle I suppose.

    Once again, I just wish Abbi would do some shoots with a partner. Male or female, I’m not fussy!

  3. boobhound Says:

    Wow!….Wow!…. I don’t know what else to say, but…. OMFW!

  4. Reese Says:


    Don’t mean to disagree, but she does the trick for me… ;~)

    Abbi Secraa video fondling huge pendulous breasts on offer at

    ~Reese! :~)

  5. Daniel Says:

    I agree that with hangers like Abbi’s, they are best unfettered. I do know what you mean 808 by girls who tend to just “strike a pose” — I enjoy it more when they’re having fun as well – mashing, squeezing, swaying, swinging, etc. Abbi seems like she is pretty open to feedback (never been a member of her site, just what I gather from her blog) — did you ever make any requests?

  6. Bryan Says:

    I must also disagree. I do agree on the (in particular) aspect of Rachel Aldana… but with Abbi, at least she is “on my side.” (trying to help me get off basically). She plays with her breasts, gets in a ton of angles that I really like (especially with her boobs hanging down).. Oh man I’m in love with her. To me she is great because she recognizes that we’re breast men who want to see all of the best poses, and she accomodates that. She doesn’t just stand there with a stuck-up look on her face unwilling to budge.

  7. Sam (original) Says:

    Reese I am with you on this one she is amazing. He dimensions are just parody-like.

  8. Charles Says:

    One fatastic slice of Paradise! That’s Abbi. Whew. I’m not totally with you on this bra thing, but that’s no biggie. Breasts is breasts. Nothing beats when you can enjoy them hanging down over you.

  9. 808 Says:

    Daniel – I did make a few requests in her comments. And while she did say that she’d do her best to fulfill them (in her really cute Abbii-version of English), she didn’t get around to them. I think maybe I wasn’t a member long enough. Anyway – she’s pretty amazing no matter what I say.

    Also I’d like to say that I’m going to find a way to stick “natural porcelain tittymeat” in my verbal lexicon :)

  10. 808 Says:

    Reese – Thanks for the clip. Where was I for that one?!?

  11. leon hateplumskick Says:

    Know how you feel abbi,in a much smaller scale my testicles f….. hang as low. A burden of nature.

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