Alessandra Derya 38HH

While I pride myself on finding new and hitherto unknown busty talent to feature on MyBoobSite, I must admit that I often rely upon my dear readers to assist me in this quest. Take this message I received the other day as a prime example: ILoveCows (curious name, that, especially as we’ve got some in the back garden at the moment) wrote, “Hello. I think we have a new GREAT COMER: She says she has 38HH Boobs but i think she is really bigger than that and it seems she open a classy site! For the moderator of myboobsite, I think it will be great to make a review about this new Alessandra Derya big tits girl!”

Well, I’ve got to hand it to you, ILC; although I’m not exactly sure what a “comer” is, I definitely think we’ve got another winner in Alessandra Derya! The exotic 31-year-old black-haired beauty of Arabic origins certainly has massive mammaries to die for. Regarding her more than adequate 38HH endowments, Alessandra says, “Having big tits like mine is not easy, believe me, most of people unfortunately think that if a girl has such huge breasts she has not brain: brain gone to big boobs??? So I am here also to demonstrate that breasts are made to be caressed kissed and loved. There is not brain inside them :-)”

Alessandra used to think that having her tits on show wasn’t very nice, especially for other women. Lucky for us, she’s had a change of heart and started her very own Alessandra-Derya site, allowing us to indulge in her huge HH-cup hooters to our hearts’ content! And if Alessandra’s website wasn’t enough, you can even chat with her live via webcam!! Like our dear Taylor Stevens, Alessandra moonlights as a videochat host for iFriends. This also means that, in addition to the content available on her own site, you can also contemplate her cavernous cleavage courtesy of the copious collection of photos & videos archived in Alessandra’s iFriends fan club!

So thanks again, ILC, for pointing the way to

Alessandra Derya 38HH from    Alessandra Derya 38HH from    Alessandra Derya 38HH from

Alessandra Derya 38HH from    Alessandra Derya 38HH from    Alessandra Derya 38HH from

Alessandra Derya 38HH from    Alessandra Derya 38HH from    Alessandra Derya 38HH from

Alessandra Derya 38HH from    Alessandra Derya 38HH from    Alessandra Derya 38HH from


(or click here to visit Alessandra’s iFriends videochat fanclub)

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30 Responses to “Alessandra Derya 38HH”

  1. southace Says:

    Yes. !!! Very nice. found her site while browsing too. no preview gallery on there unfortunately so i’ll have to join. great set of breasts and those sexy latin looks. awesome.
    shame about the picture sizes. but well worth it for a first look at her on here.

  2. ILoveCows Says:

    What is your name dear webmaster? I don’t like to name you “webamster”.
    So can I be proud that I arrived first than you seeing Alessandra Derya ‘s site?
    I think that the video that she has on her home page can SIMPLY describe the firmness and hugeness and beautiful shape of her breasts.
    i don’t wanna continue with all these words. I just wanna enjoy all her vids and pics!!!
    And yes, I love cows LOL.
    But i also like women with HUGE (natural) BREASTS!

  3. carlosba Says:

    Wow! good work Reese!! very nice udders!!! Love her areolas!!

  4. Reese Says:


    Just call me Reese – everyone else does. And of course you can be proud of beating me to Alessandra! Just wanted to give credit where credit was due, so thanks again for the tip…

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …to show my appreciation for your wonderful find, you’re welcome to come by the house and choose any of the cows from my back garden (they’re not mine, however, so I expect the farmer may take issue with my generosity).

  5. Rafe Says:

    Mmm. Her sunken eyes are a bit of a turn-off, and I hope that’s just the lighting—too much from below? I think lighting may be the single biggest factor in porn quality. Otherwise, good find!

  6. Very Free Says:

    Wow! At first glance, I thought she was Alicia of But after taking a closer look, I see that even though they look a lot alike, they aren’t the same person. Damn! I’ve been watching too much of Alicia, and her fighting with those two massive melons while trying to milk them (very enjoyable, though). Every Friday we get another drooling dose of her and those milking mammaries. But it looks like this Alessandra has what it takes to compete with Alicia, if she would get PG and begin milking. :-P… (happy face with tongue hanging out, drooling.)

    (=boggle=) I keep looking back at the pics of Alicia and Alessandra side-by-side and my mind says it’s uncanny how much she resembles Alicia. Similar huge, firm hooters with large areolas and nipples, similar cute face with brown eyes and full, kissable lips with similar brown hair with a touch or red, similar petite buit well-fed body with light mediterranian complexion, similar first name, similar large but firm boobs with so large and full areolas and nipples (gotta say it again!) that are so attractive, except Alicia’s are a couple sizes bigger and she can still milk ‘em. Alessandra’s boobs must be what Alicia’s looked like before she got PG, or very close. If I could have both of them side-by-side, I’d have thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

    I thought so, too, today. I was a dozen feet behind a tall blonde (I think I’ve a weakness for tall blondes), with a bit of a stoop to her shoulders. When she turned sideways, I found out why. Yep, nice rack! Man, I like the warm weather, with all the skimpy outfits and suntans it brings! :-)

  7. Very Free Says:

    Correction: Alicia of Sorry.

  8. kurth Says:

    Sorry folks, she don’t do it 4 me! Nice areola! That’s all

  9. colin Says:

    she’s new, she’s hot, what else to say ? thanks Reese !

  10. Breastzilla the giant booty thrilla Says:

    Hello Reese, I wonder if you have ever seen the Milena Velba Video where she is breast feeding a Redhead and Milena’s milk is just flowing all over the place? I saw it once and never again. It’s hard to find Milena videos without joining her site.

    You do a great job by the way!

  11. BigBoobFan Says:

    VF – how can you get Alicia and Alessandra confused?!?!?!? They both have amazing breats but I have to say – Alicia has a very cute face and Alessandra’s… well, not so much to look at there IMO.

  12. Marvsbaps Says:

    I have webcamed with this girl many times – got some pics of her on my blog….have to say she is lots of fun and those boobs are great!


  13. ramzi Says:

    i love a very large boobs @ tits


  14. Chris Says:

    you are sexy and your tits are so huge i wish i could fuck you also you kind of look like me well if we ever meet i wanna fuck you

  15. BigBoobLover Says:

    Immediate hard-on…
    I found this site by coincidence and I must say I’m hooked.
    Very good job Reese and in case you need any help finding pics for a specific model, I’ll gladly help :)

  16. sweti_don Says:

    i like ur boobs

  17. Brock Hessler Says:

    Hello.I love your face and REALLY love your tits…but you do have a nice ass also and we dont get to see enough of it.Am I right guys???

  18. Frackel Asit Says:

    Hi I m from america.u have very lovely tits. i wana kiss ur boobs.i really loveb ur face n ur lovely body

  19. jeel012002 Says:

    WOW!!!! I think I found my next wife. Are you married? If not give me a call.

  20. Marlon Says:

    Her ass needs work but i could sleep between those fun bags for a life time…

  21. Bob Says:

    It looks like her website is down…? Hopefully not permanently.

  22. john Says:

    Wow. you are luckey irl and ave a set of bi titts . nice and beauties.i liv you.please add new pictures you are sexy and your tits are so huge i wish i could fuck you also you kind of look like me well if we ever meet i wanna fuck you
    Hi I m from america.u have very lovely tits. i wana kiss ur boobs.i really loveb ur face n ur lovely body

  23. 38hh Says:

    I have the same size boobs as this girl and I can never find men who likes huge boobs!!!! :-(

  24. Sava Says:

    I fuck she and she is great

  25. Tommy S. Says:

    Seeing these beautiful mammaries before I run out the door. Ciao!

  26. Tommy S. Says:

    I can appreciate a woman’s upkeep of all attributes of her body.

  27. farah Says:

    hi sava miss ya send me ur yahoo pls ok i waiting i need to talk to u pls this is my idf on yahoo ok

  28. mahy Says:

    sex with me

  29. sudesh Says:

    wow,sexy i like you, send me please your sexy photos,i love you

  30. Rex den Coningh Says:

    I wonder where’s she’s at, on the net?

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