Amber Hall 36G and the Ministry of Sex Tourism

Although 36G Amber Hall made a double cameo appearance in my recent Random Tits from Busty Brits blog, I find myself growing ever more attracted to this sexy English siren with each passing series. Ah, but it’s more than merely the milky white skin complexion of her comfortably voluptuous body complemented to perfection by those gorgeous G-cup breasts that has me relentlessly falling in lust with this well-endowed girl; rather, it’s how she seems to get ever more sublimely sexy in a slightly slutty sort of way each and every time I come across her! Why, just those piercing eyes and sex crazed succubus smile are enough to set my mind off on a frenzied excursion into unbridled erotic fantasy…

Amber Hall from

(photo courtesy of BustyBrits)

…which deftly leads in to my political proposal: If ever I were appointed to be Sex Tourism Minister for Great Britain, I dare say that Amber Hall would be my chosen poster girl to promote interest in the more prurient of travellers to partake in one of our greatest national treasures: English sluts! Not to be disrespectful as, to me, the term “slut” implies a quality worthy of highest praise, but I have never in my life encountered so many sexually promiscuous slut girls as I have here in jolly old England!

‘Twas an education at first, me having moved here eight years ago from the comparatively Puritanical U. S. of A., but I soon learned that busty British babes were amongst the horniest women in the world. In fact, the very first girl I encountered on my inaugural trip to the UK was splayed out naked spread-eagle before me and stroking her pussy as if to offer up the main course in a veritable sexual buffet within a mere 20 minutes of meeting her (so what did I do? why, I married her, of course!)! And, ever since that first hopelessly erotic experience had me well & truly hooked on busty Brits, the seemingly endless procession of promiscuous girls willing to have sex just for the sake of fucking has been virtually non-stop!!

Ah, but why should I be the only foreigner to benefit from the more sexually open free love culture that Britain has on offer? In these troubled economic times, you’d think that our government could plainly see that opening our borders to sex tourists is the wave of the future! And so I solemnly propose that a Ministry of Sex Tourism be established immediately to help promote our most horny national heritage and, to provide a succulent taste of what the prospective sex tourist could typically expect of our exceedingly lovely and ever lustful English lasses, I give you my chosen poster girl for the effort – the stunning 36G Amber Hall from

Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from

Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from

Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from

Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from

Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from    Amber Hall 36G from

(note: actual photos available for download from the site are 1500×1000 resolution)

…another thing that stands in our favour as foreigners is that, in contrast to their female counterparts, English males seem far more sexually reserved in nature. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been regaled with sad stories from horny girls out on the prowl for a penis to satisfy the cavernous carnal compulsions of cock-hungry pussies longing to get laid only to be knocked back by some bumbling British bloke in their effort to pull! What’s even worse is that one girl I know, upon approaching a guy whom she considered a likely candidate for a one night stand, was accused of being a prostitute simply based upon the fact of her sexual forwardness!

So what’s the lonesome, lusty English slut to do when there’s no available and willing cock to keep her empty pussy occupied? Yes, depressing though it may seem, there are frequent instances when this bizarrely inexplicable dick deficit leads to the sad & lonely land of female masturbation as the only alternative in achieving the orgasm they so desire. Then again, considering that girls masturbating is a major fetish of mine, I must admit to a certain profoundly perverse pleasure in watching women wanking themselves off and these horny British beauties seem to have honed their personal masturbation techniques into a fine art. In fact, I know some English girls who just carry on wanking even when there’s a convenient cock to hand!

And so, in a celebration of the masturbation mastery achieved by our lusty, busty English lasses longing to be fulfilled, once again here’s the alluring Amber Hall fondling her beautiful big breasts and masturbating her pussy off to orgasm once again courtesy of

Amber hall 36G wanking her pussy to orgasm in female masturbation videos from    Amber hall 36G wanking her pussy to orgasm in female masturbation videos from

Amber hall 36G wanking her pussy to orgasm in female masturbation videos from    Amber hall 36G wanking her pussy to orgasm in female masturbation videos from

Amber hall 36G wanking her pussy to orgasm in female masturbation videos from    Amber hall 36G wanking her pussy to orgasm in female masturbation videos from

(note: actual videos available for download at the site are 640×480 resolution)


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8 Responses to “Amber Hall 36G and the Ministry of Sex Tourism”

  1. peeb Says:

    Nice call, Reese- she really stood way out for me in that Random Tits set.

  2. FrankNZ Says:

    If you recall my response to your first post on Amber, you will appreciate that you have made me a very happy man. I am in total awe of Amber’s milky white tits, topped with those magnificent pale pink nipples and areolae. The masturbation just tops it off nicely!

    By the way, when you become Minister of Sex Tourism, feel free to establish an exchange programme with us in the greater Commonwealth. I’m sure we can supply some more Antipodean cock to help out.

    And I’m all for pussy-jacking! Noticed that link a few days ago. ;-)

  3. Big Daddy Says:

    Send all those horny busty women in Britain to New York City, we all here would be glad to take care of their every need.

    I would be first to provide my services.

    I like creamy white skin as much as I like tan or women with darker skin. it’s all good!!!!! But I do really get turned on by a creamy white skinned busty buxom blond with padding.

    I would say Chelle really fit that description, too bad we don’t get to see her anymore. Perfection……

  4. Sam Says:


    This is the first post that has upset me. I didn’t quite understand the English reserved bit. I know that I am married now and have left my street prowling ways behind me. I, as a home-grown side of British beef, never failed in my then duty to satisfy the British female. And never did I turn down a ladies advances, unless, I was really not able to cope with the lady’s in questions Physical appearance. And that had to be pretty bad.

    Even when I was at Uni we didn’t quite swing from the rafters but the floor was of my college and others in Cambridge were heaving with bodies and other things I dare not speak about. The Reserved Englishman was that of yesteryear not today. In fact it was us that the foreigners used to turn their nose’s up at. They thought we were sexually deviant and need exorcism. In fact, I nearly had the police called on an a number of occasions. But, the less said about that the better I say.

    I remember when a girl from Iceland, very beautiful and very teutonic, invited herself back to my room for a little cold winter fun, Nordic style. She couldn’t understand why I was doing the things I did. Come the Morning SHE ASKED WHY I HAD DONE THOSE THINGS TO HER. I replied that,”I thought that as she was Icelandic she would be very liberal and like me doing things to her.” She began to cry. It was at this point I realised that maybe she didn’t quite find everything I was doing fun but just slightly degrading. I was really enjoying myself, really, really!! Put it this way, she left the university and transfered elsewhere. She never told anyone where except her close friends. Her friends never spoke to me again but they did say that English people were the dirtiest in Europe and hadn’t advanced socially since we had been conquered by the french. That last bit was toned down for family consumption. There is quite a bit lost in editing.

    Reserved my arse!

  5. bob Says:

    she also goes by angel at big tits paradise and does some great hardcore.

  6. Big Daddy Says:

    So Sam what did you do to the the lady? This not a place for children so lay it out man. Your story sounds fishy unless you are into BDSM.

  7. Sam Says:

    Big Daddy,

    I only went there to prove a point, I’d be too scared to go back there in detail and have to admit to myself I once treated other human beings like that. I am thoroughly ashamed of myself and cringe everytime I remember. It would never have been so bad had she enjoyed it! But, the waves of shame that cross over me when I remember only serfve to shorten my life everytime I think about it. Plus, if I ever wrote it down in a public forum it would be classed as corroborating evidence in court, I couldn’t take the risk.

    Anyway, we all make mistakes when we’re younger and I like to think that I am a completely different person now, much wiser and empathetic who is an upstanding member of the community.

    The only clue I will give is that one of the acts I did was regularly used by the Porn star ROCCO, And I did hold her nose for as long as I could!!! The rest is just too painful to go back to.

  8. XX-Cel Says:

    She’s “coming up” on & !~

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