Missing Ctexsins Chelle 34G

I received a comment from Big Daddy on Monday’s Sex Tourism blog that really brought back memories of big boobs gone by. Big Daddy wrote, “I like creamy white skin as much as I like tan or women with darker skin. It’s all good! But I do really get turned on by a creamy white skinned busty buxom blond with padding. I would say Chelle really fit that description, too bad we don’t get to see her anymore. Perfection…”

For those of you relatively new to MyBoobSite who might not be familiar with the gorgeous G-cup breast laden lady to whom Big Daddy is referring, it’s the lovely Ctexsins Chelle who debuted here this time last year…

Ctexsins Chelle Breastfiles Playmate Site Blog

…I must say, in echoing Big Daddy’s sentiments, that I do miss sexy Chelle and her husband Mike. Chelle had first contacted me via e-mail to enquire about setting up her own website, attaching the above photo as a sample of what she had to offer. However, Chelle’s stunningly voluptuous body and beautiful pierced big tits aside, it’s the mutual friendship which ensued that I remember the most.

Chelle & Mike had a lot in common with Vix & I in that their motivation for getting into the big boobs business was to have fun rather than being in it for the money. She’d started out on free porn site VoyeurWeb, posting a few photos every now and again and interacting with fans via their comments. In starting a website of her own, she reasoned that the interaction could be more intimate and, thus, more fun.

However so sadly, the fun was not forthcoming. Despite having broken into mainstream porn by virtue of her appearance in boob-centric Gent Magazine and appearing alongside BBW big boob queen Samantha 38G, not to mention faithfully updating her personal site with fresh, new photo & video content on a regular basis, the fan mail just dried up leaving lovely Chelle to become disillusioned with the adult industry and, at length, disappearing from our big boobs world altogether. :~(

The moral of the story is support you favourite models, guys & gals, not just with your money but with praise a well. Let me assure the jaded skeptics amongst you that there indeed are some of us in the porn biz who are in it for the fun factor moreso than the finance and behind every pulchritudinous pair of big breasts in a real woman who has feelings too. And so, considering their generosity in baring their beautiful bodies for us on-line, it’s only fair that we respond in kind with favourable feedback to encourage their efforts lest, like any natural resource, our supply of big tits dry up forever.

The saga of Ctexsins Chelle is not entirely over, though, as she still makes the occasional appearance over on the Divine Breasts website. And so, in fond memory of Ctexsins Chelle and the mammary contribution she so kindly offered us big boob lovers, I’m pleased to present some of her most recent photos from DivineBreasts.com:

Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com

Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com

Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com

Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com

Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com    Ctexsins Chelle at DivineBreasts.com

(note: actual photos available for download from the site are 1024×683 resolution)




16 thoughts on “Missing Ctexsins Chelle 34G”

  1. hey reese

    sorry to bug you in the comments, i couldnt find the link for your email… i have a friend who is having problems finding sexy bras in a J cup, probably something larger like a 40 J. do you know of any resources for her?

    thanks!! keep up the amazing site!


  2. Well I must say I am speechless. Big Daddy you are such a luv, and such a dear , sweet friend. I cannot wait til we get to meet in person. I know the day will come very soon. I must say you have caught me off guard. But then again you were always my biggest fan.

    Reese I miss you and Vix alot. You are two of the greatest people I have ever know. I miss our emails and occasional phone calls. I wonder will we all ever meet one day??? I hope so.

    Peeb Last but definitely not least, you never failed to pass a kind word of praise, and you were even kind enough to inquire as to my where abouts. Thank you for being a fan, it is the people like you all that I miss so much.
    All is well here with us and maybe one day we may surprise you all with a new set of photos, I have quite a few stashed away.

    Thank you for thinking of me and I appreciate the blog much luv to you all , XOXO Chelle

  3. Chelle, you are a BEAUTIFUL woman, and I always look forward to Reese’s posts with your pictures. Please reconsider your own site, or submissions to Reese!
    A Fan in Philly

  4. Indeed, Chelle truly is a unique beauty and she is sorely missed. I wish her and her husband all the best, should they happen upon this post.

  5. Unbelievably, I spent a nice chunk of time this week trying to track down what happened to her only to find this bad new today. Chelle truly is one of the most beautiful of all the models on the web.

    Chelle, good luck in all you do. Know that you’ll always have fans here at myboobsite.

  6. swayers, Joe, FrankNZ, & Dr. Nick,

    I thank you whole heartedly for all the sweet comments and words of encouragement. Although I can say I will not be starting back up my own website again. I am pondering what to do with the rest of the content I have already shot.
    Those of you that know me on a more personal basis know that from time to time My husband ,photographer and webmaster has to venture off to work on his real job. At this time I must say it would be really hard to continue with all the extra work the site would have entailed.
    I appreciate each and every one of you for being a fan and for encouraging me as you do. It really means the world to me, so I will again consider where I will be posting the last of my content (which is a good bit) LOL. It is the fans such as you all that makes me miss doing what I did, so please believe me when I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I will check in with you all from time to time to say hi and chat when I can. Thank you all so much. XOXO Chelle

  7. Chelle,

    That is wonderful to hear. It would be great to see you on the MyBoobSite Forum from time to time. Alternatively, feel free to drop me a line sometime, as I no longer know how to contact you since Ctexsins disappeared off the radar!

    Lots of love,


  8. Chelle, i do miss you too, and Mike as well, you both had great ideas and were truly dedicated , but as Reese says you have to support your models.
    I think that you made a huge impression in the adult boob scene.
    i wish you and mike the best and you family.
    I hope we can be in touch again in the future.
    be well!

  9. Hey Big Dee!!!
    We miss you too. If you still have our number give us a ring. I will look through Mike’s contacts and see if he still has your email address. I will find you don’t worry. LOL Hugs and kisses XO CC

  10. Chelle, I still want to sop you with some biscuits girl! You’re awesome, and the reason you appealed to me is because you are a real person. No persona, no diva attitude, just a good ol’ down to earth gal. Whatever you decide to do, all the best and thank you for gracing us with your presence. I won’t forget you.

  11. LOL Thanks Joey,

    You still make me laugh every time I read that. Thank you for the well wishes. You are too sweet, Many hugs and kisses Joey Thanks for all your kindness. XOXO CC

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