Big Boobs Models getting Plumper on Purpose?!

aka Dream of Ashley Sage Ellison Addendum

As a follow-up to Friday’s blog, I’d like to draw your attention to what Are you serious? wrote in his comment: “Just curious, but are there that many BBW lovers out there that models tend to get larger for that market on purpose, or is getting larger just easier because they can make money that way, too? I’m just curious because it seems like so many models with great proportions just get larger and larger. So for me, they move from healthy bodies with great big breasts to simply big women with big breasts…

Dream of Ashley Sage Ellison Then & Now

…to which Arakna concurred, citing additional examples of this busty girls getting plumper phenomenon such as Dors Feline…

Dors Feline getting plumper before & after shots on My Boob Site

…and Kerry Marie…

Kerry Marie getting plumper before & after shots on My Boob Site

…saying, “They looked fantastic at the start but, just like Ashley, they’ve gotten bigger and bigger.

Now, not to discount the busty plumper praise bestowed by BoobyLvrX who prefers Ashley chubby or loveembig who feels, “Thinner or heavier, I think she looks awesome both ways. Count me among those that think she looks even hotter with the more curves,” I’m interested to hear more big breast lovers’ views on what seems to be seen as a growing issue of busty babes embiggening to buxom BBW proportions.

For me, since I found girls like Ash & Dors appealing to the chubby chaser in me from the outset, my prime example of the slim & stacked transformation toward the plumper end of the big tits spectrum would have to be beautiful busty blonde Micky Bells…

Micky Bells getting plumper before & after shots on My Boob Site

…because, starting out with what were arguably massive breasts compared to the relatively slender frame supporting their weight, we got to watch this already well-endowed woman’s big boobs grow from G-cup to K-cup in the plumping up process! But bigger tits and my personal opinion aside (since I do tend to find further fat fetish features as busty girls put on pounds), I’m again more curious about others‘ opinions on this apparent plumpification of porn models. So, is it some sort of seriously weighty issue that needs to be addressed? Or simply a natural progression in their cleavage careers as our mammary models mature?

And, since it was the pleasingly plump figure and gorgeous JJ-cup juggs of our adorably ample Ashley Sage Ellison that inspired this growing tits topic to come to light on a plumper perspective, let’s close with a look at her big boobs beach bunny video from

Loading the player…

(right click here to download video)

…which suddenly appeared on my boob grid below as a new video update shortly after I’d finished that last Ashley blog (wouldn’t you know it? :~P):



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37 Responses to “Big Boobs Models getting Plumper on Purpose?!”

  1. Nutupdate Says:

    I have to say I think they all look great but I love big girls anyway.

  2. Rich Says:

    Ditto to what Nutupdate said. I love ‘em all! big, small, what ever.

    You all are hot!!!

  3. LikesSideBoob Says:

    I’m sure it is all far too individualized to make blanket statements, BUT since we are :P

    It seems to me that the models go with whatever seems to encourage them. For the most part, these models had a ‘bigger’ body image to begin with (not just their grade A breasts), and were encouraged to ‘love’ their curves, so not surprising that they became more comfortable with their bodies and lifestyles.

    A good example of the physical changes going the other way, is Rachel Aldana. She was never ‘fat’ or ‘plump’ but, she did slim down some since her debut, and again, I believe it was because she had some sort of ‘settling’ into her body.

    Everyone has different comfort levels, and as these model find themselves, they become more and more…them! At least I hope so! :D

  4. Billy Bob Says:

    If you take the examples above, many have tried to lose weight and have been pretty clear about not gaining on purpose. A little bit of a silly question to pose (sounds a little like the kind of question a closet chubby chaser/feeder asks.)

    A lot of women have large breasts because of the amount of fat they intake (breasts don’t get that large by magic. Genetics or not, the body is storing fat, in large amounts.) When they get older their body does not have the same metabolism thus less calories/fat is burnt and the body deposits fat in different locations (the waist for example.) Thus weight gain occurs.

    Rachel Aldana is an example of this as well, she put on a lot of weight and has recently lost it. Not a new phenomenon. It’s a natural process that occurs as part of a women’s productive cycle (regardless of birthing a child or not.)

    Wouldn’t hurt to stop fapping for a minute and pick up a biology text, now and again.

  5. dreyfuzz Says:

    All the girls you mentioned are hotter now that they’re bigger. Dors is delicious, and Micky’s magnificient!

    Unfortunately, there are also models that have gone the opposite way. Eden Mor is perhast the saddest example of this… and Nadine Jansen has also lost a lot of weight lately. Both ladies were much better when bigger.

  6. VonEros Says:

    I love bigger girls. I don’t like ‘em huge. My belly-to-breast ratio is less than yours Reese. That having been said, I’d shag both Ashley and Dors. Dors is one of the sexiest dames I have ever found on the web. Personality is more than pounds to me. Huge tits are a BIG plus, though.

  7. Dave Says:

    I find the slim and stacked girls more appealing and I believe their rarity makes them more special.

  8. guy Says:

    Imo, it’s about the boobies…ladies(big or small) are not the topic.

    Thank you Reese!

  9. Samantha38g Says:

    Life, we all live it. It is a rarity for a person to look the same as they did a year ago, 2 years ago and such.
    I think that when a model first burst onto the scene that is the image or her that sticks in the mind the most.
    I know none of these girls gained weight on purpose to work more in the industry. Actually, gaining weight means LESS work, not more.
    Nor does the industry Demand they gain weight. That is just nonsense.
    Look at your pics from 3 years ago and compare them to a pic taken yesterday. We all change.


  10. Black Mantis Says:

    I don’t like this current trend myself. For some women, it’s ok. In others it’s not. Carmella Bing is one example. To me personally, she has lost almost all of her beauty, just to have a bigger set of boobs. Not a good trade off for me.

  11. Nighto Says:

    I might say that even though I like big girls, I’m more into the slim-n’-stacked ones. :)

  12. Bryan Says:

    All gorgeous. I love the weight gain of Michelle Monaghan (spelling?)… Hot damn.

  13. thegroper Says:

    I much preferred Kerry Marie when she didn’t look like a beached whale.

  14. David Samuel Says:

    I think this “embigening” and the admiration for same is a result of an increasing respect for women as real people. The Internet presents these models more frequently than in old print media so people see them through the real weight gains and losses that are an aspect of how women’s bodies really are. In the old days models who put on a few pounds, during the monthly cycle for instance, wouldn’t get the work so we wouldn’t see them with the extra weight. We also have higher resolution pictures that show the stretch marks and celulite. We get contitioned to seeing that as a part of how real women are. Used to be we wouldn’t have such a variety of detailed experince with how women look except for the usualy limited number who actually fell into our hands. I think it represents a broadening in our appeciation for women and mastery of our relationship with women.

  15. Hankloveshooters Says:

    It’s all good. Whether it’s big or small, I love ‘em all. :P

  16. Zeke Says:

    I’d say it’s mostly about slim’n’stacked girls myself, because it’s unusual for a woman with a slender but still hourglass figure to have boobs that are disproportionate to their size in a really good way.

    There are some BBW that are wonderful even when their weight is up and down between shoots (Sam 38G for example) but overall I’ll take an E or F cup rack on a girl who is otherwise the right weight for her size, rather than a girl who is packing J or K cups just because she’s plump all over.

    Women like Miosotis or Abbi, who are incredibly curvacious but whom I wouldn’t consider overweight (larger dress size sure, but balanced) are in the minority but tend to be favourites, for being overweight only in the bra department. Disproportionately large breasts on a slender girl? I’m a big fan and probably always will be.

  17. Arakna Says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. I still think Ashley, Dors and Kerry are beautiful. It’s just that I found them absolutely stunning before. Dors is my favorite and her breasts are as lovely as ever.

  18. BoobyLvrX Says:

    All those girls used to be thin? I had no idea.

  19. Are you serious? Says:

    What a great surprise to see this blog – thanks Reese! I tend to agree with the commenters above that talk about the rarity of slim and stacked. Finding a big girl with big boobs isn’t nearly as unique as a relatively slim woman with big boobs.

  20. boobjfs Says:

    Being a man of girth, my only concern for the girls is health. Big boobs are nice, but the eventual heart disease, hypertension, type-II diabetes, bad knees, etc. that goes with them are not. I know this first-hand.

    So, yes, I love bigger boobs for motor boating to bodacious bliss. But, I want the girls happy, healthy, and hydrochlorothiazide-free (blood pressure med) for their own sakes.


  21. Black Mantis Says:

    Dors was never really slim in the first place. Now I always considered her a bbw.

  22. AUHSOJ Says:

    Naturally any woman with large breasts and full hips will gain weight over time. I’m glad seeing girls get bigger, it is a wonderful thing that we should all embrace. Look at Eden Mor, she was fucking unbelievable at one point in her career, but she wanted to fit in with society and she lost a lot of fans because of it. I’m a big man myself… you don’t have to be skinny to be healthy.

  23. Maarten Says:

    Micky was so much better when she first started out, – sometimes bigger does not mean better.

  24. BTnA Says:

    Slim and Stacked or Plump, I dont really care. But man, Ashley was looking fine as hell in that video. Mmmm!

  25. Kris Says:

    Large breasts on a slim frame make the breasts stand out more in contrast.. when the stomach gets larger, I find the breasts look less pronounced.
    Although you can often tell from the wideness of a womans face when she has giant boobs if she’s going to morph into a fat one later and she’s only in her early career.

  26. OMYSTARS Says:

    Fuck you SAM38G

  27. SuperD Says:… A new Terri Jane and ooft, I’d be first in the queue to lick off that ice-cream, especially from her pussy. In fact I’d happily get my tongue so deep in her pussy to get her off lots.. I hope we get to see her spread soon and perhaps have a little play, maybe even with some toys.. Love you Terri Jane Xx

  28. Bern Says:

    Dors Feline looks awful nowadays

  29. pete Says:

    I really don’t get why someone like Dors would gain weight then have a breast reduction!

  30. Yaya Says:

    Think one answer is simple, it’s easier to be a BBW boob model than slim. Second is stuff like Ashley winning all of score’s polling, but then there was a big argument of if she should be in Score or XLGirls etc, so all the “anti-fat” people come out in droves even though she was polling high overall. So then basically eat and have fun or have to keep trim and most likely lose breast mass at the same time. I do agree that it ends with being unhealthy, Ashley is the better example, where Kerrie Marie has a really unhealthy stomach, or girls with cottage cheese thighs, that stuff is all bad, can be thick and smooth looking, beyond that is asking for health problems.

  31. Black Mantis Says:

    I never knew Dors had breast reduction. That really doesn’t make sense.

  32. Lars Says:

    Dors didn’t get any reduction – not too long ago she published her new website

  33. razorjules Says:

    The extra weight works for some girls.
    Dors, with the extra pounds, looked insanely sexy.
    Those final Score bits she did, were mind-blowing to me!
    I also really liked when Bea Flora got slightly bigger, and i
    think Terri Jane gets hotter the bigger she is.

    However, the weight gain just made Kerry Marie look unappealing & sloppy.
    Arianna is another girl that it just doesn’t work for.

    Some girls can pull it off.
    Ashley Sage Ellison looks much hotter the larger she gets.
    H Cup Holly is another one that got a little thicker, and her body has never
    looked finer!

  34. bbwlover1234 Says:

    I love it when slim and stacked girls get bigger. BBW girls with huge breasts are in demand in the world of adult modeling; and frankly, it has been a long, LONG time comming. So, kudos to all of the “new” beautiful “more-to-love” models.

  35. CEC.Cartoons Says:

    I love curves and the bigger the better! It’s even Hotter when an slim and with big tits woman gets even bigger! I love to see their TITS, ASS and thighs, Belly get bigger. Some of them I hope they would get bigger yet, like Dors Feline and Kerry Marie! They both could gain 25-50 lbs. more and i’d still want to see more! When Nadine Jansen gain all the weight when she was preagant and after I was hoping she was on the road to getting bigger but she didn’t. Oh well. So my hats off the all the lady that are big and want to be bigger because we ask for it! THANK YOU!

  36. tartanxtc Says:

    I’ve been into big boobed women since a teen with my fellow big boob addicted schoolfriend/porn swap pal. We’re now in our 30s and have been through diffrent phases of booblove due to the different types of busty women we have either been in relationships with or had 3-some/4-some/GF swapped.

    Recently the 20 something busty wee escort that me & my fellow pornswap pal visit for monthly threesomes has put on lots of weight and shot up from a 30 inch waist and 38d boobs to a 34 inch waist & 42g boobs. At first I was not that into her boobs being so much wider because it made our sperm volume look smaller on them (we would take it in turns to coat her boobs, with her wiping off the first cumshot to get ready & clean to receive the next one of us) but we’ve found that as her boobs & dark areolas are so much wider now it looks better if me & my friend time it to cum on a big boob each at the same time. It does feel a bit more gay to be cumming at the same time but she really loves us doing it this way as it’s hotter for her to get it at the same time.

    I think overall then that women with much chubbier boobs are probably physically built to receive 2 men cumming at the same time. We still both preferred it though when she was skinnier & slightly less stacked & took us 1 at a time overall. There is a bit of a naughty kink to be had though both erupting at the same time over the overall bigger boob mass area of a BBW super confident type lady.

  37. khananel Says:

    Remarks like ‘I don’t care how big or small she is, it’s her health that matters…’

    its as if men still think they control women’s bodies and women’s perceptions of their bodies, and men shouldn’t want those bodies too fat or unhealthy or said men’s wishes/desires will cause women to become unhealthy…

    Actually its women who control their bodies, who choose to be thinner or fatter and who become healthy or not. Some women can be perfectly healthy at 300lbs + while others would suffer at 200lbs. Some women wouldn’t be seen dead with ‘plump’ around the waist, others think 400lbs of belly etc hanging in front is the height of sexiness. They choose, men (and other women) admire or are revolted. Its still the woman who chooses. Men are not in charge nor are their desires/wishes/ obsessions directly responsible for a model’s state of health. If a model chooses to become unhealthily fat, thin etc. to please her perceived clientele, that’s her choice, not the clientele’s responsibility. Men and models need to get the health and responsibility thing sorted out in their own heads.

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