Devyn Devine 38DDD

It’s recently been brought to my attention that Devyn Devine and her 38DDD boobs have started a new website, curiously named DevynDevine38DDD (creative genius, that). Considering that a DDD-cup in the ‘States is the same as an E-cup over here (according to my trusty bra sizing chart), she’s actually a cupful short of MyBoobSite’s minimum standards! However, because Devyn loves me, I saw fit to make an exception.

I suppose the fact that she’s got 38G Samantha Anderson (who also loves me, btw) as a guest on the site does serve to increase the average cup size to an acceptable threshold, though. It’s not the first time the two of them have been together, though, and I must admit that they do make a lovely pair (or, if we’re talking breasts, a foursome). Here’s Sam & Devyn, together again, on

Devyn Devine 38DDD & Samantha 38G at

…likewise in the following video gallery with her voluptuous friend Vivian. It’s always a treat to see two busty women playing together – just makes you want to slide up in between them – which is exactly what their lucky cameraman gets to do (or, more accurately, Viv & Devyn crawl on their hands and knees to him!). He certainly doesn’t seem to mind their molestation, though, and gets to enjoy a rather nice 2-on-1 blowjob…

Devyn Devine 38DDD & Vivian of unknown yet respectable cup size at

…and, last but not least, I just couldn’t resist devoting some blog space to this fine video: Apparently, Devyn rather enjoys hearing her fans’ fantasies and, occasionally, even invites a few to act them out in a shoot with her! It’s the bloke with the dildo hat (let’s call him Dickhead, shall we?) that had me rolling. A fantasy video shoot with Devyn Devine, and knob noggin here spends half the time on his hands and knees, staring at the floor whilst repeatedly thrusting his head-mounted prosthetic penis into her pussy! At least the other two guys are sensible enough to take a seat next to her, enjoying a nice handjob and groping her big tits whilst cranium cock goes at Devyn like some sort of sad, lovelorn and seriously deranged rhinoceros!! Priceless. It takes all kinds, I guess…and only at

Devyn Devine & a few twisted fans at


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13 Responses to “Devyn Devine 38DDD”

  1. BigBoobFan Says:

    I’m a big fan of Devyn’s. I really like her look, curves, lips, eyes and naturally, her breasts. And she does hardcore! Sweet. Her and Sam together is a dynamite combo for sure. Wow – very nice.

  2. Vadd Says:

    Oh wow! Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that!

  3. Very Free Says:

    WTF?!? I thought Devyn belonged on!

    If you’re gonna show more of Samantha’s partners, show some more of Christina, and those lovely milking mammaries!

  4. southace Says:

    How about getting Vivien on her own for mbbw????? that girl is fine.

  5. bob law Says:

    pretty girls. love your site. just wish you had my favourite on here, DEVIN TAYLOR. now she is hot!

  6. bbw love Says:

    VIVIAN is fuckin hot and has some sweet ass tits id fuck her face asap
    please do her by herself sometime

  7. Reese Says:

    bbw love~

    Got good news for you – I’ve already blogged Vivian twice…

    ~Reese! :~)

  8. javier Says:

    Hello some bbw wants to besome my friend

  9. Eddie Says:

    Does anyone know if Devyn has a fan club????

  10. joe Says:

    DevynDevine should do interracial

  11. mean stoner Says:

    Aye I care what anyone devyn is one the hotest plumpers ever I would love to meet her and those huge areolas

  12. Kevin Says:

    She is so hot what a great pair of tits man. She makes my cock hard every time I see her. If you see this Devyn I love you.

  13. cook1ntyme Says:

    Do women have to be fat to have 38DDD tits or can they be slimmed like my girl-friend

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