Eden Mor Naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N

Okay, so you may not think that Eden Mor being totally nude is particularly newsworthy. After all, she did those shoots for Score wherein she revealed every last curve and crevice of her voluptuous body, and then there was that Bozena lesbian video as well. However, up until now, I’ve never seen Eden stark bollock naked in her own Garden of E-D-E-N site!

“But what about her ‘Casual’ series back in February?” I hear you mutter, “Tits, ass, pussy – we got to see it all!” Be that as it may, I have to disqualify that one on the technicality that Ms. Mor was still wearing socks throughout the entirety of the shoot, thus concealing everything from her shins down to her toes and rendering her only nearly-naked.

Her latest ‘Bubble Bath’ series is different, though, and a first for the site. From the first photo to the last, there’s not a stitch of clothing to be seen, allowing us on unobstructed view of the stunning Israeli beauty that is Eden Mor in all her glory (well, apart from a few soap suds every now and again)! Quite the departure from the relative innocence of her humble beginnings when the most we could hope for was a topless shot of Eden’s heavenly HH-cup breasts (and one that I welcome with open arms).

So well done, Eden, in shedding all of your inhibitions and revealing the whole of your body beautiful to adoring fans like myself. Here are a few preview photos from the series at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

…and, as with most of the series on her GardenOf-E-D-E-N site, there are accompanying videos to complement the photo shoot and, in most cases, these are even hotter than the pics. Perhaps it’s the fact that she shoots the photos first, working herself into a horny frenzy by the time the video camera comes out. Perhaps it’s her endearing, exotic Middle Eastern accent with a slight yet adorable lisp whenever the word “breasts” passes her lips. Whatever the case, it’s always a joy to see the lovely Eden and her massive mammaries in motion, courtesy of GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com:

Eden Mor naked videos from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor naked videos from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com



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19 Responses to “Eden Mor Naked at GardenOf-E-D-E-N”

  1. Sue Farley Says:

    We can’t see her feet in these pictures, so she may well be wearing socks, for all we know! ;-)

  2. BigBoobFan Says:

    I totally love Eden Mor. She has such a beautiful face, amazing full figure and of course those amazing breasts. I think she pretty much represents what I see as the perfect package. Can’t get enough of her! :)

  3. tri Says:

    im waiting for yo eden, nice pic, great eden, she all perfect, she has body and face that definitely outstanding big boob model, great change. long live eden mor

  4. MaGnUs Says:

    I was going to say what Sue Farley said about feet and socks…. but man, what great boobs!

  5. Josh Says:

    And they say that we evolved from monkeys, goddamn show me a monkey that is this sexy!!!!

  6. Vadd Says:

    WOW… um… WOW. Did I mention WOW? Perfect body. Perfect face. Perfect breasts. Perfect.


    Did I mention PERFECT? And WOW?

  7. Boomstick Says:

    Beautiful! Perfect All Around.

  8. Ben Says:

    I would certainly like a closer look at her!

    Very nice!

  9. Evil Says:

    I’m still DYING to see her do hardcore!!! Ok I’d rather do her myself(for the rest of my natural life, mind you) but failing that I’ll settle for a stunt penis pounding in and out of that!

  10. zman Says:

    The problem is that she always keeps her stomach covered up. It really bothers me when models do this. Including Alicia Loren and, more recently, Chloe Vevrier. I like to so the whole figure and the stomach is just as important to me as the breasts and ass. It seems Eden has gone back to the old habits with her newer material though. It’s a shame. What’s keeps her hiding it all of the time?

  11. tri Says:

    happy birthday eden mor, long live and more hot ever, oh so lucky guy who fucking you in your birth day

  12. QAISAR Says:

    ever since i have used to the porn sites i have never seen like EDEN MOR and i think i can never seen any such kind of beautiful and georgeous kind of girl. in fact i want to meet her and to touch her but i think it is impossible but it is if she EDEN MOR wish to let me come closer to her. and i am hope full in my life. if she can read this so please reply me on my mailing address.

    hope for the streak of light.

  13. praveen Says:

    i love eden mor iam from india and very very big fan of you please send some mailon my ID

  14. filkid Says:

    eden mor is really dream come true…voloptous, busty and hot. she is makng best use of her ody.

  15. marc Says:

    Perfecto! If she did porn she would make lots of $.

  16. mihracsuatyilmaz Says:



  17. mihracsuatyilmaz Says:


  18. all-out-love!!! Says:

    She’s from Israel, she’s Jewish & not to mention one of he most beautiful women I have ever seen! She’s got that gorgeous face that just melts you rite away on first site! If I had a girlfriend like her, I’d give her gifts all the time! I really love this girl!

  19. all-out-love!!! Says:

    i love u eden mor!!!

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