Faith?? We’re waiting for you…

Ever since the debut of InBedWithFaith star Faith Nelson’s blowjob video back in June, we’ve been awaiting more XXX hardcore sex action from our teen G-cup goddess. Faith had even promised that she and her boyfriend, the elusive “Prince”, would be launching their new website in August of 2006. She secured a domain and published an enticing welcome page, replete with a high-definition video trailer for a delicious taste of things to come.

August came and went with only Faith’s welcome page to keep us company. Then, a few days ago I checked back and, horror of horrors, the site had been taken down! Whatever went wrong? Had her boyfreind backed out of the deal?! Did our Faith lose her nerve?? Whatever the case, it appeared as if the Faith-train’s prospect plunging head-long into the moist, dark tunnel of hardcore porn had suddenly de-railed. :~(

At long last, I decided to contact Faith’s webmaster (why didn’t I think of this sooner?). He assured me that everything was still on track for new site – they were working diligently on it as we spoke – and the launch was just going to be a little later than anticipated. So keep watching this space, as I’ll be featuring Faith’s latest efforts most prominently here the moment the site goes on-line! In the meantime, however, we can still enjoy her latest galleries from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from



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13 Responses to “Faith?? We’re waiting for you…”

  1. ayrton Says:

    I mentioned before that I think what makes Faith so hot is she looks like the girl that all the guys wanted to fuck in High School….except with huge boobs… which makes her all the more desirable. I must say of all the big tit models she would be my first choice to fuck. There is something so naughty about the way she looks and then of course those wonderful tits. Awesome!

  2. Treknologist Says:

    OMG. She’s too cute. I like Faith right where she is in medium-core. I’m not sure I’d really like to see her to do hardcore. She’s hot enough as it is!

  3. Very Free Says:

    That fishnet thing Faith’s wearing just emphasizes the shape of those big, round, firm, well proportioned tits. She has this 12-year-old almost pixyish face that belies that awesome, ever so womanly body with those big boobs, makes me want to reach right through the screen and grab one of those boobs and latch my lips onto one of those nipples! Muahhh!

    Now that I’ve cleaned the lip prints off my monitor.. I can only think of one other woman that has such a contrast, that I’d never be able to guess what their body looked like from seeing just a picture of their face. There is (was?) a SSBBW named Kelligrl whose slim, beautiful face was in sharp contrast to her 440 plus pound (200kg+) body. used to have a big gallery of her pictures, from when she was under 200 pounds to well over 400. Ah, here she is, along with other art.

  4. Morp Says:

    She is hot, lovely body!

  5. Aficionado Says:

    I’m sorry to say that Faith rarely does anything for me–sometimes these kind of anomalies happen, I guess. I look at her and objectively think that she should be sexy (she’s curvy), etc. but she doesn’t get me revved-up at all. There was a shoot where she was bursting out of some really sexy feminine lingerie that almost did it for me but Faith doesn’t get me the way Kelly Kay, Eden or Yulia does…maybe it’s her outfits. I don’t really care for any of the above outfit, whereas someone like Chloe, for instance, usually pulls off the lingerie and the idea of teasing us gentlemen very well.

  6. Vadd Says:

    I have proclamed my love/lust for Faith here a few times before, but damn it! I need to do it again! Along with Ewa and Eden Mor, she earns the moniker “PERFECT”. Cute as hell face, perfect body, huge tits… Faith is one amazing woman.

    I am glad to read this about her site, too. Just the other day I was jerking off to… err… um… I mean LOOKING AT pictures of the lovely Faith and wondered if her hard-core site would ever actually happen. Glad to hear everything is on track. When it goes live it will be the first site I have ever paid for.

  7. SONE Says:

    Sincere joy. Attractive is joyful. Goddess paradise. Blessing

  8. SONE Says:

    Oh. She is shy. Oh. The prince leads her to realize boy’s joy

  9. Hot4Faith Says:

    I would do anything she asked of me. If she wanted me to suck cock I would do so for her. If she wanted me to eat cum for her I would.

  10. sone Says:

    Refers to the prince? Or faith?

    I really want to look at prince’s appearance. Prince’s face lol

  11. Michele Cati Says:

    Non conta la bellezza, non conta l’amore?? Ci vogliono i soldi?? I voglio lei a tutti i costi!!!

  12. ngeseng Says:

    I would do what she wants if she wants to suck me..Damn its must nice!!

  13. mad about BBW Says:

    WOW thnx alot

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