Iva Kleinova from bOObs.pl

My list of favourites in the world of big boobs is growing, the latest addition being the lovely Iva Kleinova of Boobs.pl! Although her measurements are admittedly suspect at 35HH, the 21-year-old Czech is still a most stunning girl with a reasonably-sized rack (imho). I fell in love with her from the moment I’d laid eyes on this photo, and her ample curves and slightly-plump belly provide a nice balance to those beautiful breasts. Take a look and see what you think in the following video clips of Iva awakening on Boobs.pl



(note: actual video downloadable from the site is 640×480 resolution)


…and, in answer to the question “but has she got a sister?”, it’s a resounding “Yes!” In fact, a twin!! Thanks to the almost-daily updates on the site, I was treated to the following video of the Kleinova twins showering together just three days after I’d first discovered Iva there. But, while Iva appears to be having a good time of it, “little” sister Eva doesn’t look all too happy (perhaps the water’s too cold? or perhaps it’s because her tits seem so much smaller than Iva’s?!). Whatever the case, here are the clips (from Boobs.pl, of course):



(note: actual video downloadable from the site is 640×480 resolution)


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19 Responses to “Iva Kleinova from bOObs.pl”

  1. poolpro Says:

    I don’t know how she can sleep at night with the knowledge that her boobs are half the size of her Twin’s. She’s Genetically inferior.


  2. Evansville IN Says:

    Doesn’t she look a lot like Mandy May???

    Well i guess she is. She just gained a little weight


  3. Merf Says:

    I think that is the same Iva from the Scoreland website. Looks like she put on a few pounds and her tits are a lot bigger. If she is one of your fav’s, check out all the hardcore she has done for Score … I think one was called Busty Euro Maids

  4. Very Free Says:

    When I see the name Iva, it reminds me of Dr. Ivan the famous breast morpher. http://www.thevalkyrie.com/picthumb/g/glamorphs/index.htm

    DivineBreasts.com has a new guest model, Davina. No, she’s not the Davina of XX-cel.com, but she is as well endowed. She doesn’t have a pretty face (looks Teutonic to me), and her hair’s too short, so put a bag over her head! According to the intro, she’s got a pair of I cups, but I don’t think there’s such a size. But they are suitably large, hanging down to her bellybutton! Nice large areolas, stretched out by the weight of all that glandular tissue. Nips could be a bit bigger, though. I think if she got pregnant, she might develop into another Alicia! Wow! Wouldn’t that be nice? Two sets of Jumbo Juggs on the same website!

  5. Marco Says:

    Has she got a third nipple? O_O???

  6. Jes Says:

    This is the same Mandy May. I’ve been tracking her pics and clips for quite some time now, but didn’t think she could rate this particular blog.

    FYI – this is the first pic i’ve seen with a tat on her shoulder, so it must be recent (unless it’s paint).

    Her weight has gone up and down over the past couple of years.

    Some of her more popular clips are on the bangbros network, or from the ‘Busty Euromaids’ movie.

  7. gustave Says:

    Jes: you’re right, she is Mandy May/Iva from not only scoreland.com, but also from busty.pl, bangbros network as you say, a series of hardcore films and now in boobs.pl as well. I usually don’t like them with a lot of weight on’em but she is still hot, HOT!

    Reese: you just post her in your Voluptuous update not so long ago under the name of “Iva”, but she is more thinner in those pics

  8. Reese Says:

    Blimey, you’re absolutely right! Guess I’d just never paid much attention to her before she put the extra weight (and boobs!) on… ;~)

  9. blah Says:

    The redhead’s name is Eva, according to Busty Adventures. They filmed her when she was only 19, and she looked great. Find the video if you can.

    Her twin sister with black hair is Iva, and she’s always been a little skinnier. She was on Busty Adventures, too, and her video is also worth checking out.

    Iva (black hair) actually had her breasts reduced, which Eva said during her own BA video. Iva’s breasts were amazing before the reduction.

  10. Anthony V Says:

    hey just wondered if u could feature UK busty brit samantha jayne . Well worth a mention on your site

  11. agentorange Says:

    can anyone confirm if they BOTH did shoots on bustyadventures? I always thought there was just one – but the smaller sister looks familiar aswell. iva definitely looks hot there with more weight on her. turns out she’s retired from porn now though!

  12. David L Says:

    She Has Many names the most populart being Iva Kleinova. others are iva klein, mellons, and mandy may

  13. Paul E. Brown Sr. Says:

    Iva is the most sensual and sexually energetic chick on the planet period!!!! From the first time i saw her she had me hornier than any other adult star i’ve ever seen!!! I’d give a left nut to be in the same space as her!! Her skills, especially oral, are off the hook!!!!! Iva, if u read this baby I love u!!!! :) Call me. lol


  14. Anon Says:

    poolpro she doesn’t have a twin you idiot! don’t you think they would have published a photo series together if she was?


  15. noname Says:

    Hello, Iva made a porn, but her sister (black hair) made only this one shooting and video… She has recieved a lot of money, but… she told me, that the photographs told her, she will no t go home if she will not made the photos… she didnt like it… so? it was a crime!!! They told her, that she will made photos ONLY od boobs and she will not tuch Iva and Iva will not tuch her… Something like a Playboy shooting… But, she has to do it, she told me… They has smile on their faces and were still asking for the photos… what do you think about it? hm?

  16. marit Says:

    noname is right the one in bussty adventures is the young Iva (as mandy) when living in praha she made two for them at least . she also used the name mandy May and did other sites with hair died black as Iva and she is my all time favorite star never is there a woman as hungry for it and i would give my weiner to get it between them and pump away. Her sister dont do porn and aint called iva . she jst did the topless.shots here but we live in hope.

  17. jana Says:

    Iva has a twin ant she is the girl with blak hair. This shooting was her first… I know that because we are friends. good friends. Shoe told me, tahta she has recived good money from the photograph… But the smile wasnt real, because the photograph told her, that she has to do it! Sha wa sad, when she was telling me that… The photograph toold her, that she will not go home without the finish work… it wa ment all the photos… S has to do it! They promissed her, that she will make a photos with lingerie and she will not touch her sister and Iva will not touch her. Everything was lie. ANT HTE WHOLE SHOOTING WAS CRIME!!! TELL THAT TO EVERYONE!

  18. the shootin was CRIME Says:

    The shooting was crime!!! The youngest twin told me that she didnt do that volunteer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell that to everyone

  19. Rick Says:

    Breast Reductions should be a crime! Anyone who would cut up a air of beautiful huge tits is evil. I STOP being a fan of any model who has a breast reduction! And I call on all fans to boycott any model who is stupid enough to get a BR. Lets work together to make the world a bigger bustier place to live in!

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