Julie 34HH and more from Topheavy Amateurs…

I was just going through the catalogue of sites I usually blog and suddenly realised I’d not mentioned TopHeavyAmateurs here in months! What’s more, I’ve never devoted an entry to my all-time favourite model there; 34HH Julie!! Then, to add insult to injury, I was looking over the comments in my past THA blogs and found this comment I’d posted on January 18th after a few of you requested more of the HH-cup wonder: “I definitely agree with you guys about Julie – she’s quickly becoming another THA favourite of mine and we’ll definitely be seeing more of her here.” But, bloody hell, it’s been over seven months since I said that and I still haven’t featured her yet! As such, I shall now set out to rectify this profoundly disturbing oversight.

What genuine big breast lover wouldn’t just fall in love with Julie? I know that I could all too easily. And, being a big fan of the more voluptuous woman, she’s definitely got it all. Granted, she’s not a blonde, but my first experience with really big boobs – i.e. bigger than an F-cup – was a redhead, so I could definitely go there again (and what is it with redheads that they always seem to have the biggest breasts?!). Besides, the freckles that go along with it are kinda cute, too. And then there are the stretch-marks, a feminine feature that’s rapidly becoming a bit of a fetish for me (which are rather alluringly evident in this pose). Julie certainly has the perfect overall package, as far as I’m concerned, and I’d die a happy man given the opportunity to wallow in her cuddly body whist being smothered with those 34HH tits. *sigh*

So, without further ado, here’s Julie from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Julie 34HH from TopHeavyAmateurs.com


…however, I do realise that my own personal sexual fetishes might not suit all tastes, and that the lovely Julie might not be everyone’s cup of tea (the heretics!). But she’s only one of dozens of models on the TopHeavyAmateurs website. Thus, if you’re not particularly fond of Julie (which I don’t mind, coz that just means there’s more of her for me!), there’s always Aleysa, Anya, Candice, Danny, Denise Davies, Emily, Eva, Jana, Jasmyn, Jolan, Kiki, Marina, Petra, Redd Adaire, Rosey, Roxshea, Samantha & Susan (to name just a few). So take your pick:

Aleysa 32EE from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Anya 32G from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Candice 34FF from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Danny 34F from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Denise Davies 34JJ from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Emily 32FF from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Eva 34FF from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Jana 34F from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Jasmyn Reed 32EE from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Jolan 34FF from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Kiki 34G from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Marina 32FF from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Petra 34DDD from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Redd Adaire 36EEE from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Rosey 36FF from TopHeavyAmateurs.com

Roxshea 38GG from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Samantha 36G from TopHeavyAmateurs.com    Susan 32FF from TopHeavyAmateurs.com


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26 Responses to “Julie 34HH and more from Topheavy Amateurs…”

  1. Charles Says:

    I saw Julie when she first appeared on THA at age 18 and I savored every shot. She, Eden Mor, Sapphire, and Maria Moore are at the upper range of what I’m comfortable with in terms of weight. I would only accept maybe 20 or 25 more pounds on a woman than that.

    Julie is such a cutie. One look at her and I would want to be getting down to some sex before she has a chance to hit me up for $30 so she can go to a Nickelback show.

    One problem with this set is that she seems to have some ‘tit zits!’ Holy Benzoil Peroxide Batman! Is this what teen breast models have to get concerned with now? What to do if you are struck by breast complexion problems? Yikes. Kind of makes you appreciate the exposure a breast model has to put up with.

  2. Chris Says:

    Reese!! Thank you so much for more Julie. She is probably my all time favorite THA model, and one of my all time favorite models period! Do you have any other info about her (has she posed on other sites, planning on any hardcore, etc)? Does she have new videos besides the one that was available?

    Thanks for all your hard work, Reese!

  3. zozzy Says:

    I prefer chantal, but unfortunately I don’t think she models for THA any more. The shots of her in the dressing rooms are awesome. The chick you featured today is okay, but i don’t really like redheads.

  4. Hollowleg Says:

    Who is this girl????


  5. rex den coningh Says:

    Wow, she is really a stunning beauty. Very cute face ande a figure a lot of men dream of.

  6. Curvelover Says:

    Holloweg – that girl is Rosey. Her first set or two weren’t so hot but she’s shed some baby fat and lost the little double chin/wide face (at least on cam) and is now hotter than ever. A great naturally busty latina.

    I’d also love Marina except for the look on her face. She’s either pissed off or doesn’t wanna be there! I understand some models are not naturals or very nervous but don’t show the warmup photos. She’s cute as hell and has a killer body but almost every pose and set is the same – she looks defiant and unhappy. Girl, if you don’t wanna pose nude, don’t do it! Beauty is more than skin deep – or boob deep!

    OK, as for the others mentioned on today’s blog: let’s get the lesser (IMHO) out of the way first. Candice, Danny, Jasmyn, Samantha, and Petra I could do without. Never been a big Roxshea fan but she’s OK. Aleysa is cute in a slightly exotic way but not spectacular. Jana has a hot body, but something about her face is boring and even a bit boy-like. Redd Adaire is better recently but not very exciting for some reason.

    Jolan has a very unique look, a sweet girl with an interesting body and cool hair. For some reason she’s almost always outside, which I think is distracting, and there was one set which had farm animals in the background! Gross!

    Anya we’ve seen again and again, usually a pleasure to look at although I prefer her earlier more unsure sets to the glammed-out thing she’s becoming. Eva is gorgeous and seems really nice, like the girl next door moved out and has her own studio apartment where she’s always taking hot showers and slathering herself in oil wishing she had a man over to pamper her. Denise Davies is a classic busty brit and the fact that she’s done hardcore doesn’t diminish he incredible tits and natural beauty. Not every portion o her body is perfect, but that makes her seem like a huge tit gal you just might run into on a trip to england and get lucky with rather than a big deal model. Emily is fucking unique and totally hot, and she makes up for the loss of a similar gal, Veronica. I look forward to more sets from her.

    Kiki is incredibly fucking cute, and very real. Some may think her body’s a little sloppy but she just comes off as a huge-titted partying college girl who has some extra weight. She looks like if she tried to go on a diet she wouldn’t be as cute or her tits as big so leave her the way she is! Some recent Kerra Dawson pics look like she’s tried to slim down and they’re less appealing. And let’s not forget the dieting-down-to-skinniness and breast reduction of Gwen over at DDelicious. Very sad for Boob Lovers. Anyway Kiki like Denise is just a joy to drool over even though she’s done some HC scenes.

    Susan has become a bit more favorite of mine lately. She used to have the dead face problem that Marina has but she’s gotten better and it also has to do with lighting and makeup. She has small eyes which make her expressions hard to tell. But what a fucking body and incredibly firm rack.

    Ah but Julie is to me the Queen of THA. Sure she’s a bit heavier, even has some stretch marks – I don’t care! Ridiculously cute face, gorgeous eyes, adorable freckles, and what a set of tits. Another girl next door type, who gets a little naughty since her parents aren’t home. Just a fucking incredible find.

    I love THA, I keep going back again and again because they always balance the amateurish thing with good clear photos tht ate professional without being slick or fake.

  7. matt Says:

    great work as ever, i get better quality from here than anywhere else, i was a score and voluptuous subscriber but after much frustration at them re using old sets and claiming them as new ones, and still featuring lindseydawn eventhough she had breast reduction, its as if they have their own world, where if some pics appear then they are new, and if they dont mention ldm’s reduction surgery then its ok to keep printing pics of her. i wouldnt mind so much but they are the only big boob mags i can find!!

  8. Very Free Says:

    I don’t find Julie that appealing; her nipples are nice size but her areolas are far too small for such large boobs. Other than that, she’s cute, but it’s very disappointing that the pictures show her teetth and whites of her eyes as orangish. They need to set the white balance properly on their digital camera.

  9. WordSheriff Says:

    Glad to see the beautiful Julie get her due on your blog. I’ve been puzzled why this alluring redhead hasn’t attracted more attention on the web. This puts me in mind of two other models who began with Top Heavy and then went on to have their own websites, but don’t seem to be in the business anymore. For my money, they were two of the best big bust models ever, and I wonder whether you have updates on either or (hopefully) photos from your archives.
    One is Athena. Early in her career she obscured her face, but later she let it be shown. While no raving beauty, she had a wonderful chest and was terrific at showing it off as she practically destroyed an array of blouses, sweaters and bras. The other was the great Subgirlie, a boob model with the best of them, with a very attractive face and an audacious poser. Do any of their photos or videos remain? The boob man’s day grew darker when they left the business.

  10. Jack Says:

    I agree with curve about Kiki. She reminds me of more than few college girls I knew. A little too much beer, pizza makes for a wonderful girl in the end. I have never been one for the “stick” girls. Stick girls are ok with a huge chest but lets face it, that the expcetion not the rule. One of the gals I was frineds with in college had a kicking body, was alittle plump but it was in all the right places. Well these days she is a “stick” still a nice woman, but all the wonderful curves are but a memory. I keep hoping they will come back but after a couple kids etc she is skinnier than ever :(

  11. Curvelover Says:

    Subgirlie! I remember her and in fact have her pics.

    Sadly she retired, and I think she and Julie are not “bigger” because of their imperfections. I have no scomplaints and would be UDDERLY happy with them, especially Julie. But Subby got her nickname I’m guessing because of her shape – she’s a big girl. As big as her tits are, she’s wide on the bottom too, and never showed much below her massive mams. She even made a big deal about trying to lose weight on her site.

    Julie I think is fine but unfortunately has a bit of a punch which has some stretch marks. Personally I dont care – that shit happens to a lot of women, espeically huge titted ones. I think the freckles and natural red hair also put her in a bit of a “specialty” market as guys are notoriously pick and fickle when it comes to this kind of shit. They don’t see her bubbly personality (also obvious in the THA videos), her sparkling eyes, her natural sensuousness. Oh and did I mention she has HUGE EXCELLENT TITS? She’s gorgeous and seems like she could simply live down the block in a nice suburban neighborhood. Oh, to live in that neighborhood. Fuck, I’d want her for a GF in a second.

    The minor stuff doesn’t matter with a girl as great as Julie. If her personality is a sweet as it seems in her pics, don’t sweat the details and go for the JUGular. If anyone wants to turn her down I’ll be happy to swoop in and take her off their hands.

    I’m sick of all this glam shit in Score and even Pinupfiles. Let some girls with natural beauty shine through.

  12. One Among Many Says:

    Actually looks to me like Julie might have lost weight-still awsome mind. I prefer my women very plump (especially in the way these guys describe Kiki). Great job Reese-you must have checked out THA2-think you’ll feature those girls-a couple of them are really rather nice…

  13. Breastfinder Says:

    I hadn’t been here in awhile cuz I have been so busy!! But I just read the awesome blog here on JULIE and wanted to give a shout back to REESE and say thanks for such a great post!! We appreciate it and all the post you do for THA!!

    Julie is awesome and we know how much the fans love her! Thanks again for making the world a BOOB-place! :)


  14. Silver Says:

    More Kiki!
    I have a critical disease…and the only cure…That’s right – is more Kiki.

  15. Jim Says:

    Reese I have to agree with Charles (24th August) Although I think Julie is a doll and I love her freckles…She looks like she is just recovering from being beat up!! She looks like she make up on a lovely shiner, and she is covered with bruises!!! Not to mention the one thing that puts a lot of guys off…..she has zits on her tits!!!!

  16. alexander Says:

    i want to unload a dump on your chest and suck your titty’s for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  17. Joe Says:

    Matt, you’re living in a dream world. Wake up. Take some medication.

  18. ThornnBoogie Says:

    Curvelover… Subgirlie got her name because she was a Submissive. She talked about it on her short-lived website. I miss that site…

  19. MoonDawg Says:

    Julie, swallow my ‘love’!!!

  20. tim Says:

    Hey thanks for the Julie from Top Heavy. By the way do you know her last name or if she has an e-mail? I am an artist and am doing some very sexy drawings of her. I am taking some of the photos I have and kinda doing fabntasy/pinup drawings and wanted to send them to her. Thanks

  21. chris Says:

    My name is Chris. I am builder from England. I would give anything to meet you. YOU ARE AMAZING

  22. chris Says:

    I would my whole building company just to meet you.

  23. the01artist Says:

    I love Julie and have done several drawings of her but have no idea how to get in touch with her. I would love for her to see them as I think she would realy like my drawings of her a lot. Thanks for posting the photos of her.

  24. Tim Says:

    Hey it’s me again. I wanted to know if you have any of her other photos? I like the ones of her in the jeans and heels but can not find any larger sizes of that photo set. I few years back a ton of her photos were all over the net. I got as much as I could at the time but lost the disc they were on. I find Julie to be quite attractive and hope to someday show her some of the artwork I have done of her. She looks sexy in stiletto heels but I can’t for the life of me understand why the photographer that was taking pictures of her dropped the ball on her. Most photographers do not have any imagination. They just put the girl in front of them and let her do anything she wants, then he or she takes a bunch of photos and hopes for the best. Being an artist first, when I take a photo, it has to look as much like the idea in my head.
    Sorry to go on and on.
    If there is any way you could help me out with the ones with Julie wearing heels that would be great,
    Timothy aka the01artist

  25. Tim Says:

    I wanted to know if you are anyone have the full collection of this set? I paid to access the Top Heavy Amateurs site and these are not on there for some odd reason. I need them for some artwork that I am going to do. I got some back a while ago but have since lost them due to a hard drive failure. Thanks in advance for any and all help in this matter,

  26. Vix-n-Reese Says:

    @ Tim – Contact Top Heavy Amateurs.

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