Mariana from XX-Cel plus a Peach shocker…

OK, I’ve got a question for you guys: I was chatting with a webmaster mate of mine the other day, and he was wondering why I didn’t feature more “women of color” on MyBoobSite. I thought about this for a moment, and realized that most of the sites I blog here are heavily weighted toward the caucasian end of the spectrum (except perhaps TittyLand, which has a nice mix of ethnicities, or ChocoMelons, a site wholly dedicated to busty African goddesses). So my question is, should I go seek out more sites with busty black babes to blog? If so, just let me know, and it would be my pleasure. ;~)

Which brings me to the lovely Mariana and her 38HH ebony boobs from the Ivory Coast. When Cel – boobographer extraordinaire who brought us such innovations as the 4×4 shot and the Inspecta-Cam™ – first posted a passel of preview pics of his profoundly pendulous discovery, asking his members whether or not Mariana should be included on the site, the answer came back a resounding “YES!!” (except for one twat who told her to get dressed and never come back, which Cel believes was probably her dad). Lucky for us, she’s been on ever since, allowing Cel to freely explore new perspectives on those humongous HH-cup udders…

Mariana 38HH from    Mariana 38HH from    Mariana 38HH from

Mariana 38HH from    Mariana 38HH from    Mariana 38HH from

Mariana 38HH from    Mariana 38HH from    Mariana 38HH from

(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)

…but Cel’s explorations are not strictly limited to the photographic angle. On no, he’s far more hands-on (and lips-on and tongue-on) when it comes to that! In today’s video clips, we get to witness Cel sampling and sharing Mariana’s succulent nipples with her – surrounded as they are with dark chocolate areolas – before she suddenly realizes Cel’s impertinence and begins beating him with her big black boobs! ;~D

No, seriously, the two actually get on quite well when it comes to things like sharing a sensual snog over a mountain of tit-flesh, and the fact that she pauses long enough in her tirade to allow for tit-sucking is evidence that Mariana is obviously enjoying herself as much as Cel (her moans of pleasure later in the video are a dead giveaway as well). Her are a couple of preview videos of their encounter from

Mariana 38HH Video from    Mariana 38HH Videos from

(note: actual videos downloadable from the site are 640×480 resolution)


…now on to the Peach shocker (sounds like a mixed drink, doesn’t it?): The “Peach” bit refers to XX-Cel’s latest model, a 25-year-old blonde Czech girl who goes by the name of Peach. The “shocker” is that I’m utterly enamoured with her, despite the fact that she’s a mere DD-cup! :~o

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m going soft here (in fact, I can assure you it’s quite the opposite!), but, from the moment I laid eyes on Peach, I was hooked. Trouble is, I don’t know why! It’s certainly not her pert little boobies that got me going, as, at a 34DD, they’re they’re just a bit too small for my tastes. It could be that incredibly inviting pussy she’s spreading in the bottom middle photo. Then again, it might just be the sultry, impish looks she shoots at the camera combined with her tousled, blonde hair.

Whatever the case, and regardless of her sub-standard (i.e. less than F-cup) bra size, I just wanted to avail you to the curious small-breasted infatuation stimulus that struck me totally unawares; fresh new arrival and stunningly sexy non-buxom blonde vixen Peach from

Peach 34DD from    Peach 34DD from    Peach 34DD from

Peach 34DD from    Peach 34DD from    Peach 34DD from

Peach 34DD from    Peach 34DD from    Peach 34DD from

(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)

…and, man, can this girl move! Here are a couple of video clips of the bloody little prick-tease dancing away whilst seductively lifting and lowering her revealing mesh crop-top to flash her tiny 34DD titties to the camera before losing her baseball cap to let those luxurious blonde locks flow freely. As if that’s not enough, Peach then slathers her boobs with baby oil (the bitch!) and beckons me with her pierced tongue to join her in a DD-cup titfuck (OK, so perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on my part).

Honestly, I’ve never had such a relatively small-chested girl make me so hard! I demand an explanation!! Cel, leave it to you find a wee lass that has such a profound anatomical impact upon me, as I’ve always tended toward more voluptuous women (chubby-chaser that I am). Now you’ve ruined it, and got me thinking quite seriously about broadening my sexual horizons. Double-damn you, but don’t stop! Please, PLEASE continue to give us more and more of sexy little 34DD Peach on

Peach 34DD Video from    Peach 34DD Videos from

(note: actual videos downloadable from the site are 640×480 resolution)


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18 Responses to “Mariana from XX-Cel plus a Peach shocker…”

  1. Jes Says:

    Peach reminds me of a blonde version of the star of ‘Joan of Arcadia’ (which just makes me feel the wrong kind of dirty).

    Other than that, she just doesn’t stand out.

    Sorry, Reese. I just don’t feel her.

    On the question you asked, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more BIG BLACK BEAUTIES on occasion.

    Thanks, again, Reese!

  2. Sempa Says:

    You are definately right about Peach :) It’s that sexual enticing vibe she’s sending out. You can’t quite catch it, but you are enticed by it haha :)
    I know I love huge breasts like Maxi, JM, Eden & the rest. But there’s something about Peach I can quite put my finger on, but I do like it very much hehe.

    As always great find Reese!

  3. Charles Says:

    If we are talkin black beauties then I have some favorites fo sho!! Reese, seems like you have lots of ‘connections’ with the news around the net concerning breast models. I’d like to know what the rumor is these days about Big Jenny Hill. She was a Voluptuous magazine favorite and has appeared as many times or even more times than Linsey Dawn. She used to be enormous (I cup or II) but then I saw some photos on a yahoo group for her and she had gained maybe 25 pounds and her boobs were even bigger! Any word on Jenny Hill? Her skinny friend Sammy isn’t bad either!

  4. Josh Says:


    How’s it going buddy? I would definitely like to see more black busty beauties or any color it don’t matter, hey I’m black and I don’t even watch that much big black busty beauties. I think is good site that you might want to look into. There is a ton of beautiful ethinic models that we all both would enjoy such as: Kim Eternity, Miss Deja, Chaka T, Melonie Rose, and the list goes on. If you want more info on big black tits I got your back!!! As always Reese, you never disappoint! Keep up the good work!

    Brother in Boobs,


  5. hentaibee Says:

    I’d apprecate more black beautiful bbws :)

    Awesome writing here my friend, awesome writing :)

  6. stevie d Says:

    Mariana sure is pretty. Let’s see more of her!

  7. Very Free Says:

    Charles can have Jenny Hill; she’s way out of proportion. She has such enticingly large boobs with such disgustingly little areolas! If the boobs are going to be big, then the nips and areolas should look like Mariana’s! Nice and full!.

    Man, oh, man! Take a look at those colossal chocolate whoppers! We’ve all seen mom play peek-a-boo by hiding her face behind her hands. Well, in the 5th bicture, Mariana is playing peek-a-boo by hiding her face behind her boobs!

  8. Johnny Says:

    Wow the Czech model is smoking. I’m surprised how small her boobs look to me though. I need to put away the Maria and Anya pics and try to remember how actual women look.

  9. Very Free Says:

    In Cel’s Yahoo group, he said he had a new black model. I said I thought that there were so many websites that featured big-boobed black models only, plus a lot of sites that had some mixed in with the others. And I said thought the supply was greater than the demand so it’s more difficult for the webmaster to get sign-ups for his site. It all comes down to a matter of dollars and cents.

    Some twit (not twat, but twit) said that what I said smacks of racism. And that’s even though I said I thought Mariana was awesome. Shit, some people can’t even read. Oh, well.

    Reese has blogged some black models recently. What I think he needs more of is Asian models. I know that big boobed ones are hard to find, but at least an occasional DD cup or so would be nice (if Peach can make this blog, then an asian with D cups should be able to be featured here). In Japan, it seems that a D or DD cup is called a J cup. One good asian big-boobs website is

    I think Reese’s Peach here validates the adage that it’s not only how big they are, but what she does with them that matters. And that also means that a model can have big tits, but it can be a turn-off if her actions are bland and unfeeling. And I see that all too often.

  10. Tonberry Says:

    I second Charles notion that to have Jenny Hill or Sammy blog pictures would be apperciated. I’m more so curious about her current size since she’s grown even larger more recently.

  11. dreyfuzz Says:

    Yes, Mariana is HOT!

    Speaking of black busty beauties, my favorite definitely is Miss Deja! She’s totally fantastic, not only has she enormous and full H-cup breasts, but also a big, round firm ass and great legs. I’d really like to see Miss Deja blogged here again sometime soon. Apparently she also did her first boy/girl – video earlier this year.

  12. BBWLuva Says:

    Would be nice seeing more caramel, (light-skinned big boob models) and choco melons. You are doing a great job with keeping up variety on shapes but there are a ton of choco, caramel, vanilla and varying shades out there. Asians are welcome too. I do prefer seeing more choco though the variety is endless…. You have done a great job giving a good sample though.

  13. Charles Says:

    I asked a rhetorical question the other day and I finally got the time and googled it up myself. Where in the world is Jenny Hill? Well in England of course. Check it out!

    For those of you who don’t know who Jenny Hill is, you must never have seen big boobs anywhere but online! LOL. Everyone knows Lynsey Dawn McKenzie, and she was a Voluptuous Magazine favorite appearing over 14 times I believe. Well from the very start of that magazine Jenny was the only other model to consistently wow readers and appears just as much if not more than Linsey. Now that Linsey has had a boob job (gasp!) Jenny comes through on top. I think Mariana was very sweet. But Jenny totally eclipses her. Last time I saw Jenny in V-mag she was about a II cup. Now she seems to have put on a bit of weight (I speculate she may have had a child???) but she is now much heavier and her boobs are now on par with Lush Boobs. Her breasts may be the same cup size as Sabrina Meloni but each breast is much fuller in girth! She is a truly feminine treasure. She is doing something now with makeup and hair that is detracting from her looks. But it looks like she is now got it together and opening her website.

    Ooodles of free vids and pictures. For those of you in the UK it looks like she is going to have a live photo shoot. Looks interesting. I hope Reese blogs this. If there’s going to be any black women on myboobsite Jenny must be on it. Few women appeared in the pages of Voluptuous more than her and almost none had as proportionately large breasts. She IS a BBW now but still does not have an overhanging pot belly. She looks great!

  14. Charles Says:

    Looks like the open invite photo shoot is TOMORROW!!! I feel like I’ve been asleep while history is in the making. Reese you could be a one arm bandit and really help her out by blogging this. Up with Big Boobed UK chicks!!

  15. Charles Says:

    And unless someone has switched the photo negative 180 degrees it looks like she does have a pretty big rock on the ring finger of what appears to be the left hand. I have not heard any news about Jenny in the forum since I’ve come here if someone mentioned it already, whoops! But this is news to me! Blog this Black Beaut!!

  16. Kid Dat Says:

    You would get mad Reese!
    Don’t bother, she’s sexy! It doesn’t matter how a woman looks, if she’s sexy (and actually looks like a woman) that gets me off.

    Speaking of sexy, why no posts of Sharday from Scoreland? Copyright issues?

  17. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Traversing the Big Tits Spectrum at Says:

    […] At the low end of XX-Cel’s range, and provided here purely as an example (although I’ve featured her before), is Peach. At a mere 34DD, she’s one of the smallest on the site. If you look at her proportionally, though, considering her slim waist and light frame, those meagre DD-cup breasts really do stand out… […]

  18. boobzilla Says:

    Yes more choclate boob please on the magnitude of Anorei.She is so hot.
    There is an undiscovered boobiful wonder I have seen on LiveJasmin
    by the name of Magicalboobs21 have mercy she is siiting those puppies onto her lap,and she is beautiful.

    Thank you My Boobs love your site and the work you do absolutely no complaints only a small reqquest,just a lil bit mo chocolate boobs.


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