Our first G-cup supermodel?

After yesterday’s blog about my Princessa / Maria Swan dream, I embarked upon a ‘net search for “Jana Defi” (her real name) to find that she’s indeed pursuing her modelling career in earnest. Looking over Jana’s portfolio listing, however, revealed two slightly-worrying facts: the first being that she’s not willing to venture beyond “artistic nude” shoots (her prerogative, of course, and I’m more than thrilled with what I’ve seen from her so far), and the second being that her eye colour is listed as “other”. While I think she’d look perfectly elegant in just about anything, my personal preference would always be to see Jana nude. But, be that as it may, I don’t think H&M could’ve picked a better model to demonstrate the impressive elasticity of their stretch shirts:

Jana's H&M Advert


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16 Responses to “Our first G-cup supermodel?”

  1. Andy Says:

    Chest, only 81 cm ???

  2. Reese Says:

    That’s just the band size of Jana’s bra (approximately 32 inches), not factoring in the G-cup. If her chest size, measured immediately beneath the breasts, was 71cm (~28 inches), for example, and her measurement at the fullest part of the bust was 101cm (~40 inches), that would yield her bra size of 32G (and thus a band size of 81cm).

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. gustave Says:

    That’s a “bare fact”, right?, anyway she appears in almost a dozen modeling sites and if you search for the name of her photographers, you’ll find a couple of pictures more

  4. bigsweepy Says:

    I scoured the H&M site and couldn’t find the ad. Please tell us where exactly you found this. TIA.

  5. Reese Says:

    gustave: I probably should’ve put “allegedly her real name”, as we can never be quite sure. However, the info comes from the photographer at PinUpFiles, whom I consider to be a fairly reliable source (especially since U.S.C. Title 18, Section 2257 requires photographers of erotica to maintain passport / photo ID documentation for all their models).

    bigsweepy: Based upon the use of a comma for a decimal point, I expect this ad ran somewhere in continental Europe. I actually found this one courtesy of my e-mail in-box on Sunday morning (I do wish more people would send me e-mails like that!). :~)

  6. gustave Says:

    Oh, ok but i was just saying in that reply how you could find more pics of jana or whatever she may be called today.Honestly i don’t care much about her real name( she can call herself darth vader and i would still see her as a jaw-dropping woman and she seems to be a nice person too) so i’m sorry if it looked like i was trying to give you a hard time ’cause that wasn’t my intention at all. Your blog rules and it’s nice to find a place to know the where, who and how’s of the big boobdom.
    Txs for being there man !!

  7. Reese Says:


    No worries. I didn’t think you were giving me a hard time at all – I’m just trying to be as accurate as possible here.

    Oh, and once again, there’s still no word on where Jana did her webcam work, but I did learn that she’ll be hosting a live chat session tomorrow!

    ~Reese! :~)

  8. Leo Says:

    On mc-nudes.com there is a voting going on, they’re saying everyone who votes has the chance to win a trip with the model that’ll make the competition in the end …


  9. Reese Says:

    Leo: Yup…I’ve already placed my vote. ;~)

  10. travis Says:

    i love women with small waist and big breast.I hope that you cont to show more of them.

  11. jester Says:

    check this one out:


    its her alright

  12. miks Says:

    first of all, its good to know her real name. second, i must say that jana’s modelling has been imporving fromt he pictures ive been seeing. Theres one question thats been bugging me though. ive really been wondering if shes a natural or she has had some silicone enhancement done to her breasts. can you answer this question?

  13. Carl Says:

    Miks, definately 100% real. cannot reveal my sources, but i can accurately say, 100% real.

    reese – thanks so much for this site! u and vix are legends!


  14. Dan Says:

    luv the pic of you in the stretch T-shirt it looks good on you,and the
    pic in zoo this week luv

  15. anonymous Says:

    i can’t stop cumming to this girl

  16. rEaLspy Says:

    Poor girl!!!………………….

    She has such a huge burden on her shoulders…….

    …..Well I’d like to use her boobs as a pillow …lol

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