Merilyn’s got a girlfriend!

I can vividly remember snogging my very first “solo” girlfriend (I’d had one previous to this, but it was part of a rather unconventional menage et trois arrangement with her then-fiancee). It was at a gaming party at my best friend’s house, and the girl in question was his little sister. She was 15 at the time, but had been actively pursuing me since the age of 12. For no known reason, on this particular night, I finally took notice of her. We flirted outrageously through the evening and, just as I was getting ready to leave and saying my good-byes, she stood up, wrapped her arms around me and we launched into an interminable kiss (with a few gropes thrown in for added nutritional value).

This proved too much for my mate Jeff, who had seen me as a largely celibate, asexual person until now. He began taunting me over and over, singing “Reese has got a girlfriend!” in that familiar playground melody. We broke our embrace and I left. Getting into my car, I noticed that Jeff was leaving as well. He pulled out behind me and then proceeded to follow me halfway home, flashing his headlights in rhythm to his “Reese has got a girlfriend!” taunt. Less than a month later, Jeff stole my new-found girlfriend away from me… :~( …I suppose it’s OK though, as she had relatively small breasts (when compared to my current standards, at least).

Which brings me to the topic at hand: Now, I realize that I’d just featured Busty Merilyn a mere two blogs ago, but this seemed like breaking news…and, besides, she’s been conspicuously absent from MyBoobSite for a while now. Remember when I was concerned about Chloe Vevrier having no social life, then was so pleased to find that she had a little friend? Well, it now appears that our Merilyn has one, too! If only I knew where she lived, I could drive behind her flashing my headlights to the rhythm of “Merilyn’s got a girlfriend!” over and over and over again. And perhaps, if she became suitably annoyed with this, she’d turn around and flash her own 32G “headlights” back at me! :~D

Come to think of it, Merilyn’s new girlfriend isn’t built all that differently from my best friend’s little sister. Correct me if I’m wrong, but, if you had your very own pair of built-in G-cup boobs, wouldn’t you want to find a pair larger than yours to play with? Eh, to each their own, I guess. And it is nice to see that Merilyn has a friend…and even nicer to see some more adventuresome action on her website:

Busty Merilyn & Friend    Busty Merilyn & Friend

Busty Merilyn & Friend    Busty Merilyn & Friend

Busty Merilyn & Friend    Busty Merilyn & Friend

Busty Merilyn & Friend    Busty Merilyn & Friend

Busty Merilyn & Friend    Busty Merilyn & Friend

Busty Merilyn & Friend    Busty Merilyn & Friend


16 thoughts on “Merilyn’s got a girlfriend!”

  1. It looks as though Merilyn is the same as Sabrina from Overdeveloped Any idea which name is the most valid? Not that it really matters. I think that Merilyn/Sabrina is an immigrant from Russia or some eastern European country based on her accent from videos seen on

  2. I think that Merilyn/Sabrina has THE finest figure of all large breasted models on the web. If you take away her large boobs (which I would never do), she has a thin, athletic body type. Like Roberta Pedon, but with boobs twice the size – absolutely amazing, rare, and beautiful!

  3. Who’s the girlfriend????? She’s a hotty as well. I wish she’s send me some pics to my email address. PLEASE SWEETY???

  4. would , i have to shar , then how do you
    do it if not with me my lovely
    may i kiss your face sofly too
    my i again be as clos , as to wisper good nigth my love
    and fall within your dreams

  5. Pass the kleenex. God I love Merilyn, and Maria Swan, and Ewa. I hear guys from time to time calling Merilyn a stick with tits. WTF ever dude. I’d take one of her over a billion of the heavy girls with knee-shooter racks I’ve seen. She is au natural, it’s ok to love perfection.

  6. what is it with so many women from europe having such large natural breasts? chloe, anya, jana, ewa..the list goes on and on!!!

  7. i am ur # one fan Merilyn. i love the way u look sexy mami n dam go USSR for making such beutifull girl like u. i wish tha u n i make a porn movie together.

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