Pixie’s just a little tease…

Perusing through past comments, as I sometimes do, I found one from a visitor named David who wrote: “Has anyone been able to obtain any topless pics of PIXIE @ PixiesPillows.com? I would LOVE to see her wide-angle warheads in full frontal disclosure!” Personally, I’d never heard of Pixie, so I decided to do a bit of research on behalf my correspondent.

Learning that Pixie was part of the “Bad Girl VIP” family of sites, I began searching through their galleries and content to see what I could find. Well, in every photo and video I found, her nipples were obscured, usually by her hands or a cleverly-placed prop (although I did notice the props slipping from time to time). In her clothed shots, the tops were often pulled down or cropped short, but only enough the reveal a hint of aureola. She’s not even beyond using whipped cream to obfuscate her nipply bits! The best view I got was when she was wearing a wet t-shirt (especially in this close-up). So much for full-frontal nudity, but this side-view did give a nice perspective on her pleasantly pink nipples and expansive aureolas (for her size, that is). My conclusion? Pixie’s nothing more than a little teenage prick-tease

Pixie at PixiesPillows.com    Pixie at PixiesPillows.com

Pixie at PixiesPillows.com    Pixie at PixiesPillows.com


…but to be honest, at a mere 34DD, Pixie’s pillows are a bit too small to be appearing on MyBoobSite (although I must admit her braces were a bit of a turn-on, but that’s an entirely different perversion dating back to my youth). Thus, I was pleased to find they had plenty of Brandy Taylor there as well (and, this time, in non-teasing full-topless stiff-nipply goodness!):

Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com    Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com

Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com    Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com

Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com    Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com

Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com    Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com

Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com    Brandy Taylor at BrandyDDD.com


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13 thoughts on “Pixie’s just a little tease…”

  1. If Brandy”DDD” is DDD aka E cup, then neither her nor pixie meet the F cup standard for this blog. But I don’t find brandy’s face, especially the high forehead and lack of hair very appealing. I’d rather see Sam in her butterfly paint. I’d even settle for Samantha just topless, if I could give her boobs a good coat of high protein lotion. :-)

  2. Brandy does have great nipples but I’d like to see her wear less of those unflattering sweatshop outfits, less distorted fisheye lens shots of her breasts and she should wear much more lingerie. Don’t women wear sexy bras and panties anymore? She needs some nice sexy, vintage Playboy/Penthouse tan lines and a little sophistication…but the outfits are atrocious…warddrobe needs to stop shopping at Ragstock. Pixie’s cute but something’s missing…maybe it’s the peach fuzz–another girl that shaves way too much. Thanks for the posts though and keeping things lively. Now Chloe really gets it about lingerie and what a man really wants to see and finds erotic. As long as she’s been around, she has not lost the ability to stay fresh and VERY sexy.

  3. Yeah, when it comes to Brandy’s sophistication regarding her adult modeling, the pic of her blowing buibblegum says it all.

    Give ‘er a few years, maybe she’ll grow up.

    And maybe by then, her boobs will be F cups.

  4. I’d kill for some Gil Elvgren style pics of Brandy Taylor. She has the makings of a classic pinup, but she markets herself (is marketed?) completely wrong. The chubby but hot teenager thing is getting old. Moreover, the guys she appears with are usually really ugly. I wonder if she’ll ever do interracial?

  5. see now that’s why you never send a girl to do a womans job. Sure pixie is cute but it’s forplay with no follow threw, as for brandy it took me some time to warm up to brandy but she is rising the ranks to the top can’t even figure out why I was hesitant in the first place. number 1 being alicia jj it would take a lot (not me as a pun…..but kinda fits) to get her off that pedestal. Nice set on the brady vids reece

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