Retro Boobs with Ebony-Princess & Massive Mocha Breasts with 50I Ms. Diva

The 1970s were a scary time. Even though I was but a wee laddie, the unfeasibly big hair styles and colourful hippie clothing followed shortly thereafter by that demented disco craze was inescapable. However, for all of the patently frightening fashion faux pas that this disturbing decade of deviant decadence engendered, it also did do a great deal to foster the free love movement (so I suppose it wasn’t all bad).

Now, although there’s simply no way I can believe that the lovely Ebony Princess from Chocolate Juggs was even so much as a glimmer in her father’s eye in back the ’70s, the latest pics that she’d sent me via e-mail captures the look of that time to a T! With her stripy retro halter top and headband bound huge fuzzy afro worthy of a leading role in the 1973 hit musical rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, her ’70s Girl series only serves to bring all of my memories of that decade flooding back en masse.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go take some comfort in titty biscuits (before I start launching into a rendition of “What’s the Buzz?”) whilst you peruse these pics of 38J Ebony-Princess from

Ebony-Princess 38J at    Ebony-Princess 38J at

Ebony-Princess 38J at    Ebony-Princess 38J at    Ebony-Princess 38J at

Ebony-Princess 38J at    Ebony-Princess 38J at


…oh, but before I go, Ebony Princess also asked me to mention that she’d recruited a new model for her website – 40I Ms. Diva – whose magnificently massive mocha mammaries belie the mere I-cup measurements she claims. Who knows? Maybe if I’m really nice to her, Ms. Diva will let me have a go at her with my clever little bra-sizing tape measure to perhaps arrive at a more accurate assessment of her cup-size! In the meantime, it’s my profound pleasure to introduce the excpetionally well-endowed busty black beauty that is Ms. Diva, latest arrival to

Ms Diva 40I at    Ms Diva 40I at

Ms Diva 40I at    Ms Diva 40I at    Ms Diva 40I at

Ms Diva 40I at    Ms Diva 40I at


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6 Responses to “Retro Boobs with Ebony-Princess & Massive Mocha Breasts with 50I Ms. Diva”

  1. Jes Says:

    I love it when a model delves into role-playing. EP is captivating.

    Also, I love Ms. Diva. She has a beautiful and expressive face, as well as those amazing breasts. Seeing them hang to her lap makes me wish they were hanging to my lap :~O.

  2. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Ms Diva…LOOK AT THOSE TITS!! Sometimes you just gotta say it. I hope she’s back on here soon and she actually takes her shirt off next time.
    Ebony looks nice all funked out like that. I know it’s a wig but I actually prefer her straight hair though.

  3. Retro Fashion Says:

    I personally love retro anything including retro fashion. Thanks for the post.

  4. Lesley Says:

    I found you at long last..I have been looking for your pic for a while now. You have the most amazing face, expressive eyes and the most beautiful breasts around!! If only….hey…but where are more pics of you??

  5. Mace Says:

    Has anyone seen anything from Ebony Princess lately? I tried to visit her site and it is down.

  6. frank Says:

    made me masturbate you have nice boobs which my dick was on top

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