Sapphire 38J is a Big Boob Gem

I realise that I just blogged a redhead yesterday, but I got some news late last night that’s prompted me feature another today. You see, Sapphire has just started her own website:!

For sentimental reasons, the voluptuous J-cup Sapphire has held a special place in my heart ever since her early appearances at Divine Breasts, during which time she’d jumped a cup-size into her current 38J bras. Sure, that’s a relatively minor change from her prior 36HH, but quite dramatic when you view it in the light that Sapphire was a mere F-cup when she started out in the big boobs business! Will her breasts continue to grow?? Who knows?! Although MyBoobSite reader gazza recently remarked that he expects that Sapphire will reach a K-cup soon!

I’m not really bothered, though, as I think she’s just perfect the way she is now and well pleased that enough people agree to warrant Sapphire starting her own site. So kudos and congratulations, Sapphire, and best of luck in your new on-line venture at

Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at

Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at

Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at

Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at

Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at    Sapphire 36J at



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56 Responses to “Sapphire 38J is a Big Boob Gem”

  1. Xan Xan Says:

    she can do no wrong! (despite her hardcore work)

  2. rex Says:

    Here in The Netherlands these kind of girls very common! The reason why I never leave!

  3. BigBoobFan Says:

    Sapphire is a big boob gem indeed! Wow those are great pics. Damn she’s fine and stacked to the max! Is it me or do they seem bigger when she’s wearing the top? The old “less is more” trick I think. If I saw her walking down the street, I don’t think I’d be able to control myself! HA HA! Oh Sapphire, you are so fine. :)

  4. Eric P Says:

    I am very Jealous of Rex…but here in America, as we are getting fatter as a society, Women’s breats are getting larger. Just go to the mall or grocery store and take a look. Regardless, Sapphire continues to be a vision of perfection in my humble opinion. I love the milky white skin, really pink nipples and beautiful face. Reese, well done once again!!

  5. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    that is one damn fine t-shirt.

  6. deVerbantig Says:

    The BEST huge breast model in her class — beautiful face and a stunningly voluptuous body. Viagra for the eye, she is. Sapphire’s tops for busty models in ordinary tight clothes! Her layouts never disappoint! Only Milena Velba is in her league for looks and size. Can never say enough about Ms S!

  7. Joey Says:

    Man, the girl just keeps getting better and better!!

  8. Tony Says:

    I’d like to meet this woman and see what she’s like.

  9. D-man Says:

    Sapphire’s breasts are athing of beauty( well two things of beauty)Her huge pink nipples and creamy white breast flesh are an awesome sight.The way she looks in that skin tight shirt with no bra is absolutely stunning…………….No BRAS EVER!!!!!!

  10. johnny h. Says:

    she’s great. great, great, great.

  11. Swayers Says:

    Sapphire is truly STUNNING! Pretty, great figure, and AMAZING breasts! And, I second D-Man – NO BRAS EVER!

  12. Curvelover Says:

    Sapphire is better than she ever was. And her hardcore work was very well done. I wish she’d do more, but I guess that’s her plan.

  13. Mason Says:

    Ohhh I feel a new subscription coming on…


  14. Sam Says:


    I have to agree with you on this magnificent woman. She is in the premier league of breastness. I concur she is ream… I think I’ve said enough!!!!!


  15. Mick Says:

    Sapphire gets 10/10 for me! She always reminds me of a bustier Abi Titmuss :)

  16. Bob Says:

    Personally I think shes looks way better with the extra weight. And if you look at her profile photos you actually see she didnt gain *that* much. In fact, the boobs make her look misleadingly bigger then she actually is. Heck, shes still a bit to skinny heh.

  17. Jason Says:

    She has three things I love in a woman – red hair, bbw, and huge boobs. I wonder if she’s single. I’d snatch her up in a second!

  18. fellini3 Says:

    True Goddess presence! I’d love for her to do interracial and see her get those beautiful, lily-white melons kneaded while she gets reamed from behind!

  19. Draco5 Says:

    I have asolutely nothing negative to say about Sapphire. What a beautiful woman! HOWEVER, I think it’s unfortunate that she obviously teamed up with those who put together the DivineBreasts website; which means crappy, poor quality videos. With tits like Sapphire’s, you need hi-res like on Maxi’s site. Yes, Sapphire’s boobs are big, but for me to truly appreciate her bosom, I have to see every detail; especially the beautiful blue veins she has. A queen like that should not be featured in low quality video.

  20. Andy Says:

    Oh my god!!! She’s fantastic!!! I love those boobs, you gotta post more pictures of her, please :-))

  21. Suebustybi Says:

    She makes me wish I had a door to door something to sell like maybe custom size bra’ haha! Just to stop by and find her cleaning house braless in that purple top…..WOW!
    I think I could get her to relax and get in a discussion about the hugeness of her tits as well as mine and discuss the brassiere styles I offer.
    Things could progress to measuring her and I could enjoy completely feasting on her luscious mammoth boobs….it could be mutual I’m sure….guys!

  22. Carlos Says:

    WOW! very nice Sapphire !!! unfortunately here in South America there s no common to find a girl like her, love that big creamy boobs with lovely pink nipples… so thanks Reese again to bring us this gem!! you re a FRIEND as always say !!
    What about Eden More, Alessandra Derya and Maria Moore? any news? they re really my favoites for long and I missing those Monster Tits…

  23. Mason Says:


    I like you style baby…I only hope you are being honest.


  24. Vadd Says:

    So, is it safe to say everyone here likes her?

    Me too!

  25. kurt Says:

    she is a goddess in the making , love ya sweetie and i agree no bra,s

  26. kurt Says:

    hey i thank her for sharing herself with us and would love a one on one with her , i hope she reads this and answers the posts

  27. Glen Says:

    Sapphire IS a gem!( no pun intended)

  28. Dum De Dum Says:

    any videos of her reese????

  29. Rafe Says:

    Say it loud: NO BRAS EVER!

  30. gazza Says:

    I must come to Holland more often Rex! This girl is still amazing and has the most exquisite boobs! Sapphire is a jewel in my eyes!

  31. Muz Says:

    Magnificent bosom

  32. Fred Says:

    The girl is a sensation!! Her boobs just seem to get bigger and bigger!!! Lots more please

  33. Boob Stalker Says:

    I totally agree with Draco5 ..

    I love the model.. but find it HARD to enjoy the third-rate photography those guys produce

  34. James Says:

    I was fascinated the moment I first saw her. I think it was Scoreland. She was wearing black and white. Now I always buy a mag if I see her on the cover. No other girl quite has the same effect. I’ve developed quite a fascination. She’s the ‘queen’! If you like that type, she’s the best there is. Surely the finest in her class. I wonder( in vain) how I could meet her! For what it’s worth, she seemed to go overweight for a while. Nice to see the real Sapphire back!

  35. mad about BBW Says:


  36. Rose Says:

    I want to suck those large nipples & areolas!!!!!!

  37. erik Says:

    Hey there love the coverage of sapphire. i dated her when she was 19 real charming girl. let me know via e.mail if you want to hear the story. nice site you have here.

  38. sapphire Says:

    Hey all!! Sapphire here!! Thanks so much for all your kind words it is great to hear. And Erik I would love to hear all about when we dated??? I assume your real name isn’t Erik since I have never dated an Erik so I am very interested to find out who you are?????

  39. blackbull1970 Says:

    She is perfection galore!

    I remember when she started, she was slim and her tits were half that size. She must have gotten pregnant in order for her to grow that big.

    I love this girl!


  40. Full Nude Lover Says:

    Sapphire is quite hot but there is one thing I don’t understand. What is with DivineBreasts obsession with hiding stomachs?!? It’s annoying.

    Just let it all hang out, girl! Full birthday suit is the way to go!

  41. andrea Says:

    hi sapphire i am andrea an italian boy..
    You are a very beautiful girl !! can i have your same pictures? (normal)

  42. Sham Says:

    I’m Sham from Mauritius.If you are coming to Mauritius,please let me know.I would like to meet and talk to you.Greetings

  43. zardoz Says:

    zardoz sayz > sapphire izz sooooooo __ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm_ a livin legend _ a truuu member of da bigbooobzzwalhalla _ sapphire booob on y on y on y ….. _ not 2 4get: dont looose datt twinkle in ur eyezzz _ hail 2 sapphire y all da otherzzz bigbooobzzgoddezz _ pataphysique a.k.a. subatomaric paraloadin vz brainpeeelin ___-:)

  44. Sheikh Says:

    Please I want Sapphire’s personal home address, Phone Number & email address;
    & Sapphire if you read this Comment please provide me correct home address, Phone Number & email address on my given email address i will be very thankfull to you & your whole team.

    Hi Sheikh~

    To ensure the safety & security of our models, we do not permit any personal details to be posted or exchanged. However, if you have a message for Sapphire, I would be happy to forward it to her personally via e-mail.

    ~Reese! :~)

  45. victor Says:

    dame those juggs are big send me your email address .what are those HHH!!!!

  46. Richard Says:

    I just saw a set of pics of Sapphire here on this site, & she was very skinny & very young looking. All the other pics I have seen of her, she is very plump, but still one heck of a hot looking BBW. Is the skinny Sapphire & the BBW Sapphire the one & the same person?

  47. Justwhatever Says:

    I don’t know about Erik, but Sapphire looks like a girl I dated about 6 years ago. I’m a plus-sized model photographer now, and one of the models I shot recently says that she looks a little different, but it’s almost definitely her. If so, then yes, she’s very sweet, very down to Earth, and a little soft-spoken. And Ms. Sapphire, if you read this (and you’re actually the one I went out with) it would be nice to be in touch again. And weird how we’d end up in the same field…

  48. zou Says:

    hi sapphire .. u are the best hunn … i love all ur video ,, so sensuelle and desirable ……………bighugs and kiss

  49. Gunarso Says:

    Sapphire ……. U are the best extremely beautiful, i love u so much.

  50. Gnrs Says:

    All The time……I always remember u ….Saphir, due to in my mine u….are beautifulest woman in the world! Saphir…….. I love deeply.

  51. Gnrs Says:

    Sapphir …..U are my dreaming boobgem woman and my Fan in my life. I am an Indonesian leave near Borobudur Temple, When would You plan to Borobudur, please contact me before i very glad to serve U. Tq Sapphir.

  52. Aziz Says:

    Wow.sapphire. i think I’m in love with you..I’m sending you this msg from Algeria you’re my type of girls

  53. jakemeister Says:

    Yo SAPPHIRE,saw you did another scene with MARIA MOORE for something called MELONJUGGLER,That is simply THE 2 HOTTEST woman on the friggin planet together again.I talk with MARIA on line,she says you’re a sweet soft spoken gal with your head on right,and a GREAT kisser.Wish I could decipher the maze that is FACEBOOK to send you some love.You are ,have been, and will be my favorite model. You ever read this send me a FACEBOOK for Idiots manual,PUHLEEZE.xoxoxoxoxo

  54. curtis Says:

    she is so beautiful and very sexy her boobs are made of guys wet dreams, so big and awesome. She looks like one of my ex brought back a lot of good memories

  55. curtis Says:

    will you forward her this message, I think you are very awesome. and sweet looking. I wouldn’t mind to get to know you :)

  56. Todd Says:

    Sapphire i love your body abd your so cute i would love to have you for one niggt

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