September Carrino Cup-Size Conundrum

On my recent Rachel fake tits tan blog, My Boob Site regular Nick brought up a lot of interesting issues with respect to breast size stats stated on big tits sites. And, while most of his observations were with regard to Rachel, the differences between US & UK bra sizes and the way a given busty model’s cup-size seems so variable from site to site, appearing to be little more than some big boobs porn promotional ploy for marketing massive mammaries, Nick also went on to address the overuse use of wide-angle lenses in large breast photography, and it was at this point that September Carrino came into the equation, citing her recent measurement video as a verification source of accurate tits statistics, so I thought we’d best take a look at the evidence courtesy of this September Carrino measurements montage I made from her most recent breast measuring video at

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…but, even after viewing the video, I had problems applying My Boob Site’s accepted European EN13402 bra-sizing standard to arrive at an accurate cup-size conclusion in September Carrino’s case. First off, forget her 18-inch breast circumference, 3-inch areola diameter and the 11 inches between her nipples, as these seem like totally superfluous measurements (unless she’s being fitted for a nipple chain, nipple shields / pasties or a big breast cosy of some sort, respectively in reverse), we only need her bust-line and under-bust measurements for the purpose of my cup-size calculation.

Trouble is, while I’m fairly confident her under-bust girth (which is roughly equivalent to bra band-size) is 28.25 inches, the video shows two different bust-line measurements! Which do I use? When the other girl measures her boobs, September’s bust-line comes to 38.25 inches (albeit with a fair bit of tension in the tape, causing her breasts to deform a little) whereas, when Ms Carrino measures her own tits more loosely, it’s 39.75 inches (September says 40 inches, but I didn’t want to round up at the risk of losing accuracy).

So I used both, converting to metric so our cup-sizing standards could be applied and, consulting its tit-sizing table, found the other girl’s breast measurements came out to a G-cup (97.155cm bust minus 71.755cm band equals 25.4cm cup), while September’s self-measurement yielded a J-cup (100.965cm bust minus 71.755cm band equals 29.21cm cup). Thus, I must admit I’m still none the wiser as to how big her enormous norks actually are, sta-tits-tically speaking. Alas, if only she’d show us her big bra size label…

September Carrino big purple bra boobs in & out at    September Carrino big purple bra boobs in & out at    September Carrino big purple bra boobs in & out at

…my cup-size conundrum could be resolved once and for all. Now, granted, I realise this has nothing to do with Nick’s issues over the breast enhancing effects of wide-angle lenses, but it was a fun tits diversion and, after all, we can always address his more pressing mammary gland matters another day.

Oh, and since we had a veritable voluptuous montage of September Carrino videos in my last boob blog of hers…

September Carrino Video Montage

…I thought we’d do an update on her more recent photos this time, once again courtesy of

September Carrino Gold Body Candid photos from    September Carrino Red Bra Strip photos from    September Carrino Magic Hour photos from

September Carrino Stairway Light photos from    September Carrino Bubbe Bath Robe photos from    September Carrino Candy Stripes photos from


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14 Responses to “September Carrino Cup-Size Conundrum”

  1. BoobLover Says:

    How can her breasts grow this fast. She must be taking something!

  2. Nick Says:

    :D I got a mention.

    Yes, so now you see my confusion.
    I don’t think in any of my calculations the figures got above a UK H cup, there obviously needs to be a new Rachel and September photoshoot to see if they are now of similar stature or not :)

  3. NonExclusive Says:

    That’s great that she can do measurement videos and her tits are truly amazing when they are being truly displayed. My problem with September is the constant photoshopping of her pictures. Airbrushing and morphing/increasing the size of her boobs.

    Look how obvious it is in this picture!

  4. Matt Says:

    Didn’t she tweet a picture of a bra a while back showing the size?

  5. afterdark Says:

    Oh for christs sake. She’s not taking anything. She was pregnant last year, gave birth around Christmas. My best guess is she had a lot of shots taken before she really started to show. It also explains the darkening of her nipples. It’s a common thing. It’s mom tits for craps sake. My wife went from a small D to an E cup when pregnant.

  6. Juggernaut Says:


    They are huge. That’s all that matters.

  7. Marcuslondon Says:

    Wow, for a big-boob site there’s a fair bit of ignorance on bra sizing here! Ever bought a wife or gf lingerie? Guess not! First off you have to add 4 inches (if the measure is even, or 5″ if it is odd) to the underbust measurement to get band size. The measure and the band are most definitely NOT the same! Subtract band from the measure of the full bust and the difference of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 etc equates to A,B,C,D,DD,E,F,FF,G,GG etc cups.
    Thus September is 28″ underbust so add 4″ = 32 band; subtract 32 from 40″ and get 8, hence a G-cup. Simple….
    Though she could be an F or FF as it looked to me that the tape wasn’t straight across her back when she got the 39.75″ so that measure was probably too high.

  8. Zeke Says:

    Well, as long as she’s over the required site minimum by sight, surely the exact measurement by any standard is irrelevant? I never think of cup size when I’m admiring these women, I’m too busy enjoying what’s on show to bring facts and figures into it.

    And let’s face it, September has a great shape to her pair, with the pronounced aureola and prominent nipples (so many big tits models seem to have both missing in action) making her easily above average in the hierarchy of chest-engorging brilliance that is huge boob fetishism. Post-pregnancy tits are usually awesome, milk or no milk.

  9. Crick Says:

    Ouuhhh…she’s simply outstanding. I love you September!

  10. greg Says:

    Here’s some facts to go with about her breast/bra size:

    Breast Development

    September Carrino was a late developer, her breasts had only reached 28D by the time she left school, and by early 2008, when she was 21 and started modelling, she was 28F. Significant breast growth commenced in late 2009, and by February 2010, she was fitted for a 32G. In June 2010, after bursting a bra, she was refitted as a 32HH. After further development in late 2010, September presented herself for another fitting on 4th February 2011 – revealing herself now to be 32JJ. Recently via September’s Twitter account it has been revealed September has been pregnant, explaining her sudden developments, and is contrary to all the previous statements regarding the issue.

    Measurements: 34JJ-25-36
    Bra/cup size: 34K (75K) (same as JJ cup)[1]
    ↑ Update on personal site September Carrino – Webcam 63. (2010-07-21). Retrieved on 2010-07-29.

  11. Wixman Says:

    She’s super gorgeous, whatever size they are… however, that purple bra looks like it’s a full to two cup sizes too big. It hangs on her. If they’d take some pics of them without using the fisheye lens trickery and so on, we could get a better idea. They’re probably G to H cups, though. They are NOT J cups as awesome as that might be.

  12. razorjules Says:

    I think Leanne Crow deserves more recognition, as she’s simply stunning from head to toe.
    Her recent stuff with Score & DDF are mind-blowing, for just pure big breast enjoyment.
    Plus, her face is gorgeous!

  13. Charles Says:

    Are you crazy?? I can’t believe what I just read! I am referring to these comments: “… forget her 18-inch breast circumference …” and “… unless she’s being fitted for … a big breast cosy of some sort …” What the hell are you talking about? Breast circumference is the ONLY real measurement a breast man should be at ALL concerned with.

    I mean the whole point of your article is that cup size measurements are so arbitrary, confusing, and inconsistent. That’s the truth. My personal feeling is that the larger the woman’s breast might be, the LESS important cup size becomes in describing her figure.

    Guys, what I’m saying is that what you REALLY want to know is this: How would those oversized love pillows feel in MY HANDS. And there is only one number you really need. That’s breast circumference. It is the only number that can compare one woman to another — consistently — and give a man the information he wants to know.

    I’ve had the great joy of bunking down with a sweet woman with 18″ circumference breasts. It takes a lot of intimacy to get a woman to let you get this information. But knowing her size tells me all I need to know about September: she’s got all a man needs and more. Further more, I know exactly how far around her breasts my hands will reach. It’s exquisite. Now my lady was much thicker and had an underbust measure of over 40″. But cicumference tells you how squeezable her hooters are whether she is BBW or Slim & Stacked. Why are you suggesting she’s being fitted for a cozy??? Dude, that is so wrong. The only breast cozy any woman needs to be fitted with is MY HANDS. I’ll keep em cozy. I mean honestly; breast circumference is the one number that tells you everything. I drool when I get that information about a model. I have seen Jenny Hill and Sammy Black measuring their tits together. Jenny was a whopping 25″ (if I remember) around and Sammy Black was 18″. I’ve been dying to find out what Anorei Collins gets on circumference. Just remember anything over 19″ is big around as a football. That’s what I’m holding out for. A playmate with football sized funbags.

    September and Sammy have very different breasts. September’s are more firm and probably add more to her measurement when she is standing for measurement around the bust. Sammy’s are likely to lie a little more flat and so September would likely rate a higher cup size. BUT SO WHAT!? They both have the breast meat you are looking for! Damn, I don’t think cup size tells you anything when we’re talking G cup or bigger. It’s nice to know a measurement of a pretty bra, but I’m more concerned with an absolute measurement that compares to my hands! I’m looking to see models start competing in the circumference measurement. That’s the real boob meat. Oh, and they measured it wrong in the video. To get the real measure of how much breast the lady has, she needs to let her boobs hang freely vertically, and you measure around the fullest part of the boob, usually 2/3 the way from her chest to her nipple. Cup size is really meant to separate A cups from Bs, Cs, and Ds. But over D cup really requires a more meaningful number — the circumference. It’s all I’m concerned with. I’ve said my piece, I’m out.

  14. KC Says:

    I agree with Charles about circumference. I was actually the one that suggested to September that she measure her circumference. She’s quite impressive! Linsey Dawn measured 21 inches in the same department. She’s the biggest I know of in the slim and stacked category. I’d really like to see what Rachel Aldana measures at. I think she’d be over 21″. Her boobs are plump, but not so pendulous. Unlike girls like Nicole Peters or Merilyn Sakova.

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