Finding warmth in Eden…

Alas, Summer is over and a crisp chill has already hit the air here in Britain. Vix & I enjoyed our last barbecue of the season a few days ago and packed it in for the cold Autumn and Winter months (note to self: must remember to check the oil!). Thoughts turn to ways of keeping warm, and I can think of no more desirable source of warmth than the voluptuous Eden Mor.*

What better way, then, to keep Summer alive than to imagine Eden stripping off her bikini top, fondling her magnificent 80HH breasts and enjoying the sunshine? Actually, you don’t have to use your imagination at all, as I’ve provided a video clip showing exactly that! Preview photos are below, or you can click here to watch the clip (remembering that the videos available on Eden’s website are higher quality and include audio, too).

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

Eden Mor 80HH    Eden Mor 80HH

* Eden, if you’re reading this and fancy a trip to England, there’s plenty of room in Vix’ & my bed! Then again, it’s probably always sunny and warm in Israel, isn’t it? Bugger. :~(


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18 Responses to “Finding warmth in Eden…”

  1. Reese Says:

    Pssst: Wanna see Eden Mor stark, bollock naked? Click here! ;~)

  2. John Says:

    You have a very nice boobs. Love to see you without cloths on.

  3. Reese Says:


    Like I said above, click here.

    ~Reese! :~)

  4. mihrac suat yilmaz (turkey) Says:


  5. mihrac suat yilmaz (turkey) Says:


  6. Tri Says:

    Eden best mom body and face

  7. StupidSnake Says:

    Holy tits!!! I wanna fuck those now!!!!!!

  8. mihrac suat yilmaz Says:


  9. Dj_T0g3 Says:

    orang guoblok aja nih yang nga mao ama dia (u r preaty if u come to my place)

  10. =D Says:

    wouldn’t mind being the deck chair

  11. DeOndrai Says:

    man can i taste those i love them so much

  12. jewforu Says:

    yummy cum all over those hot tits baby

  13. jolleyredgiant Says:

    Eden could you lend me one of your pillows, darling.

  14. ReMiE Says:

    hi eden add me in your e-mail im Remie from Kuwait ;p

  15. mike n Says:

    Be proud of your tits they are special

  16. ali Says:

    oooooaahhhh excelent mmmm

  17. Ayad Says:

    Hi Eden….
    I’m Ayad from Iraq , I want to connect with you and I want to be as friend , can you sent me your emial addrees so that I can connect with you.
    I love you very much and I need you

  18. cemal Says:

    i wanna fuck her all the night

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