She’s so popular…

When Peter Gabriel’s “Games Without Frontiers” hit the charts back in the earliest-’80s, I’d often hear people sing “she’s so popular” along with the backing vocal toward the beginning of the track. But they’d obviously misheard the lyric: What background singer Kate Bush actually sang was “jeux sans frontiers” – the song’s title in French. Curiously, Jeux Sans Frontiers was also the name of a well-known TV show in the ’70s in which teams from throughout Europe would compete in all manner of silly games. It was instituted by none other than Charles de Gaulle, and was intended to unify the people of Europe. In the UK, the show was renamed “It’s a Knockout”, another lyric which appears repeatedly in the chorus of the Gabriel song.

Although a totally irrelevant piece of trivia, the preceding seemed a natural lead-in to our next installment of Merilyn: When Vix & I arrived home from one of our out-of-town perv parties this weekend, I decided to check the web stats on MyBoobSite to see what search terms visitors were using to find my blog. The top search, by a wide margin, was for “Busty Merilyn” – aka Anya 32G or Sabrina 34KK (the latter of which seems a gross exaggeration) – whose new website,, only just went on-line a week ago today! Do the clever folks creating these sites simply strive to come up with unique names for their models in order to make them easier for porn surfers to find via search engines? Whatever the case, it appears to work.

And, because she is indeed so popular, here are links to the four latest galleries from Merilyn’s new website:

Busty Merilyn - Gallery 2    Busty Merilyn - Gallery 1

Busty Merilyn - Gallery 4    Busty Merilyn - Gallery 3



17 thoughts on “She’s so popular…”

  1. Dear Mayank~

    While I am sincerely flattered by your proposal of marriage, I find myself questioning your desire to wed someone whom you’ve never seen before (this is me, btw). Further, I am already married – to the lovely Vix – and, as far as I’m aware, polygamy is forbidden in the United Kingdom. As such, I shall have to regretfully turn you down. If, however, I’ve misread your comment and you’re actually proposing to Merilyn, you’ll have to do so via her website.

    Best of luck,
    ~Reese! :~)

  2. I am attracted you have liked Bahk Do you want unmarried monogamy like Atakplin or one of the Akhtiarki be beautiful

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