The magical mammaries of Samantha Anderson…

And to think I used to be dead impressed by Magical Trevor. Well, he’s got absolutely nothing on sexy Samantha Anderson, whose 38G boobs apprear to have preternatural properties of their very own! Granted, she probably couldn’t fit a whole cow in her cleavage, but she does a lovely job of levitating limes and vanishing bananas. Then, as her coup de gras, she actually EATS the banana…proving, once and for all, that not only is Samantha a sorceress supreme, but she also knows how to defend herself against an attacker wielding fresh fruit! Oh yes, you can see all this and more at her all-new site…

Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G

Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G

…however, in order to compensate for this abject silliness, I thought it might be best to include some of Samantha’s more serious cinematic endeavours as well. And what could be more serious than a slow, sensual wank – with plenty of pussy fingering – to show that, indeed, the sexy Ms. Anderson truly lives up to her adjective? The extreme close-up vaginal contractions in the first video clip, demonstrating her magnificent muscle control, just goes to show that Sam would be one sensational fuck:

Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G

Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G



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14 Responses to “The magical mammaries of Samantha Anderson…”

  1. aidey Says:

    WOW! she is looking as fine as ever, as for the muscle control……

  2. Phil Says:

    Samantha’s always amazing and her new website looks better than the older.
    Her last movie are great !

  3. Rich Says:

    Hi Samantha…Saw u in one of ur movies…..I think u give the greatest hand and tit job ever! Wish I knew which beach to catch a look at those nice beautiful 38g….take care…rich seattle,wa

  4. Ted Says:

    I love to fuck samantha

  5. Ted Says:

    Youuuuuu make my dick explode! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I think I’m gonna cum right now while I’m typing this!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Peter Says:

    When can we see more of Sam she is simply amazing beautiful pretty sexy horny
    .Wow she gives me a huge hard on.WE want more more more..
    Please pete

  7. crazy a bout samantha Says:

    ur the god of born samantha thats all

  8. lord Says:

    very nice woman,bes.from ST Moritz.

  9. peter amato Says:

    i just want to say , i love watching samantha in anything.she has the kinda body i like.but besides all her talents i really love her smile,my god she has this beautiful innocent looking smile.thanks samantha,keep smiling.

  10. jeffreylebowski Says:

    samantha is amazing. those breasts are unbelievable, and she has this look during scenes that are undescribable. just “THE LOOK.”

  11. dave Says:

    samantha is really hot , would like to see her take on some bigger cocks. thanks heaps.

  12. waseem Says:

    how can i c u it enough for me
    just c

  13. QQQQ Says:


  14. Says:

    i wanna fuck her till she begs for mercy hubbahubba my cock is hard just thinkin about it :) oh no i think im cummin on my pc :)

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