Sexy Samantha 38G

A visitor to my “Your very own buxom BBW…” blog recently commented: “After looking at your site I notice you are into big blonde girls. However after browsing your site you do not have (or at least seem to have) anything about a girl called Samantha Anderson. After recently viewing some of her material it appears to me that she would be right up your street. I will leave this matter in your hands.”

After recovering from the thought of someone leaving the voluptuous 38G Samantha in my hands (*mmm*), I wandered over to MyBoobSite’s new Model Directory, as I was certain I’d blogged her before. Being quite partial, as my reader had so aptly observed, to big, busty blondes, I’ve been a major fan of Sam and her G-cup boobs for some time – having first encountered her in either Voluptuous Magazine or Plumpers & Big Women, and then scattered on sundry porn sites throughout the ‘net – so I couldn’t imagine that I’d left her out. And indeed I hadn’t, finding two past blog entries in which she’d featured: “A second extra-large helping of boobs…” & “WLTM: Big Tits w/GSOH“.

Trouble is, Samantha’s been a bit elusive lately, making it difficult to find new material to blog. However, I’m excited to report that I’ve just been informed by her new webmaster that Sam’s at long last got a site of her very own – – featuring all-new photos & videos of the buxom BBW bombshell, as well as a weblog and live webcam shows! She’d taken a bit of a break from modelling after a few bad experiences in the porn industry, finally deciding to resolve her issues by becoming her own boss. Great new for her fans, who have been anxiously awaiting her return to big boob-dom, and I must say that Samantha’s busted back onto the scene more beautiful than ever!

Here’s but a small taste of the delights that lie therein…

Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G

Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G

Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G

…and here are some vids (but be sure to visit Sam’s site for a couple of excellent big-boobed girl-on-girl clips on her video preview page!):

Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G

Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G    Samantha Anderson 38G



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100 Responses to “Sexy Samantha 38G”

  1. Vadd Says:

    One other VERY interesting note- Samantha has also bee an escort! Providing FULL SERVICE companionship to those with a little extra (or a LOT extra) money. Although I have not seen her advertising for this in a while, he was in my area not too long ago… she is WELL worth the money. Trust me!

  2. ayrton Says:

    I normally like huge natural tits on slim girl…hard to find I know. That being said, Samantha has such a pretty face to go with those fantastic tits I don’t care if she is a little chunky.

  3. Gigantor Says:

    OMG Samantha rocks! I wouldn’t mind being ‘bitten’ by her ‘killer pussy’! This is more like it!

  4. Very Free Says:

    I think Samantha’s more attractive now since it looks like she’s lost some weight. But the main reason I didn’t like her before was she left a nasty taste in my mouth, so to speak, because of the evil, nasty video clips of her on bignaturals. I d/l’d some of those, and I ran them on one of my PCs that’s not connected to the net, just so that those spyware and malware progs can’t go out to the net and infect the PC. Well, those nasty bastards at bignaturals included a URL imbedded at the end of the video clip that would spawn your browser and go to their website. But in this case, they just locked up my PC so bad that I had to hit the big red switch. Of course that caused me to lose some stuff that I had opened in the windows. Nasty, evil SOBs! So apparently she wasn’t the only one getting shafted by her employers; they were also shafting their future customers! And this still happens a lot because of pop-unders, pop-ups, and other redirectors – they’re terribly nasty.

    I was surfing the net for some info on bra size measurements and came across this URL. Almost to the bottom of this article they have what looks like the regular method and another method patented by some doctor. But the thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that his method doesn’t sem to take into account the difference in size of the chests of different sized women. And the author of the atrticle said that it doesn’t work for her boobs, they’re too big for a DD cup given by his method. So. as they say, YMMV – your mileage may vary.

  5. Phil Says:

    Samantha is so amazing !
    I like so much her face and her voluptuous body.
    More she’s very sweet in email, and has always answered me when i wrote her.

  6. ayrton Says:

    I don’t know if this is kosher, but Vadd, could you tell me where she might be an escort and how to get in touch with her.

  7. wesss Says:

    i need pic 4 samantha plz..


  8. alan Says:

    Te amo Samantha , quiero darte por tu ano y llenarte con mi semen

  9. Mad Dog Says:

    This chick is AMAZING! Spent time with her on four occasions now, and what a woman. This chick can really take care of a guy… really! ;o)

    Personally, I like a woman with meat on her bones, but thats all a matter of taste. Anyway, she’s very, very attractive as well. Really pretty face, and those natural juggs are AMAZING when in your face!

    Great girl, and glad I was able to experience that.

  10. stu Says:

    hi l wos ableto see yor vidow sore abawt seling l am 32 l like to meat up wiv you l am not a jocking lam gowing to stop then my seling is terball

  11. Damian Says:

    Hi Samantha,

    I just wanted to let you know you are the hottest gal on this planet, i saw a clip of yours on Bang Bros. and i just had to see more.

    You’re absolutely amazing and your body is completely out of this world, i would give up everything i currently own to have one night in the pleasure of your company!!!

    You’re awesome, all my luv!
    Damian (Your “biggest” fan ;o)

  12. david Says:

    she looks younger than last year

  13. francesco Says:

    come cazzo hai fatto a dimagrire……sei bonaaaa

  14. boobslover Says:

    more videos of her huge tits, plz

  15. Reese Says:

    You can see more of Sam’s videos over at My BBW Site. :~)

  16. BigTitLover Says:

    Samantha anderson is my favorite big boob model of all time.I have jerked off to her soooo many times and till this day everytime I see her anywhere I have to pull it out. My fantasy is to see those huge tits lactating…that would be the highlight of my life!!!

  17. Dharmendra. Says:

    Can you enlighten me on the breast size specs ex- 33g kinda.

  18. Rick Says:

    whats her email addy??

  19. conor k Says:

    samantha ure de most beautiful person in the world….i look at ure vids everynitexxxxxx

  20. Dave uk Says:

    awesome hooters hun

  21. Conn Says:

    Sam, do you live in Atlanta? I thought that I read that somewhere. If so, would love to hook up with you sometime… *wink*


  22. lifelover Says:

    hi samantha 38 g:
    i’m very happy to see your successful website; it’s nice
    so i hope chat with you
    in msn:


    add me in your box messenger : kiss for you

  23. Jason Says:

    Samantha is one of the hottest porn stars on the net. Look at her big breasts, 38g. She is sexy, has a pretty face, and did I mention her huge 38g. Who wouldn’t want those big, huge, sexy breasts on their face. I would love to put my 7 inch cock between her huge tits. She doesn’t give head well and she is not the best fuck (at least not on her videos). But she is a sweet peice of ass and tits.

  24. Mad Dog Says:


    A) She gives INCREDIBLE head

    B) She is one of the best fucks I have ever had. Been with plenty of normal chicks as well as escorts, and this chick ranks right up there.

    Contact her if she is in your area and give her a ride…or should I say let HER give YOU a ride. Because son, this chick will clean your clock.

  25. George Says:

    can anybody give me her e-mail address or if you see this samantha please contact me at i think you are the most gorgeous girl ever

  26. Chris Says:

    DAMN!!! Niggaz wanna fuck that!

  27. steve Says:

    she has a lousy attitude, she’s gross, fat, and mean

  28. Todd Says:

    Samantha you are amazing! Words can not descirbe! Truely.

  29. mehdi Says:

    quierro hablar con samantha please please quierro fuck this beautiful girl

  30. mikey strathy Says:

    looking better than ever… would love to take care of you hard as fuck!

  31. Pepe Says:

    Linky to more samantha clips..mmmmmmmm

  32. Pepe Says:

  33. Chris Says:

    Damn. Samantha Anderson make a nigga wan’t to grease up his uncut cock with baby oil and start jerking off!!

  34. sal Says:

    samantha its my favorite big model ever

    i really love the way she is………

    reggards from Panama city Panama

  35. sexy boy Says:

    hi samantha 38 g:
    i’m very happy to see your successful website; it’s nice
    so i hope chat with you
    in msn:

    add me in your box messenger : kiss for you

  36. Long Tall Texan Says:

    Great Site Samantha! Been a fan for a long time. Glad to see you finally got your own place! Congrats and Good Luck! Hope to see more of ya, soon!

  37. mike Says:

    hiii samantha
    you are my engel…. you are soo beautiful …. perfect tits….lovely face
    my dream is to kiss your incredible breasts
    please add me in your box messenger
    my msn email
    bye honey

  38. Edson Says:

    Oi Samantha, tudo bem com você? Quero muito your MSN (hotmail) . Por favor! I love you Samantha! You are Beautiful!

  39. Edson Says:

    Olá Samantha, tudo bem com você? Espero que sim. Gosto muito de você, gostosa! Eu sou muito seu fã e quero o seu msn. Se você tive, me avise e vou adiciona você. Você é tem menina, valeu? Um grande beijo do seu fã número 1! Abraço!

  40. remon Says:

    i like your face your ass and your tits you are so sweet and horny pleas pleas mail me

  41. g Says:

    i would fuck her in thass

  42. bob Says:

    samantha is the most sexy person i have ever seen. perfect body and huge breasts. if i could have sex with any one on the planet it would be samantha.

  43. Mad Dog Says:

    Quick question to the owner/moderator of this site:

    Why is it that sooooo many of these knuckle heads actually believe that they are writing comments directly to the women themselves? It’s not like you give that impression. Yet here are these under-sexed freaks giving out their email addys to a chick who probably doesn’t even know this site exists! LOL!

    Very odd. But, I do find it rather amusing!

    BTW, great site, man. Keep up the terrific work! Glad you also got Sapphire on here. I’m glad she is doing more stuff now. And when the price comes down on that that new BIKINI BUSTERS DVD she did for Score recently, I’m gonna scoop that up! Looks like a goody! ;)

  44. Reese Says:

    Mad Dog~

    I’ve noticed that. Sometimes, I wonder if they might be talking to me?! ;~P

    However, there are a handful of models who do follow MyBoobSite regularly, reading through the comments on their blog entries, and Samantha just so happens to be one of them!

    So…who knows??

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. Yeah, I’ve fallen rather head-over-heels for Sapphire since she’s put on a little weight!

  45. Rafic Hariri Says:

    I still remember the time when breast feeding in public was not uncommon. It generally conveyed tenderness and rarely eroticism. It appears sexual problems have grown worse these days. A case in point is this passion to these ridiculously inflated breasts like ballons we used to fill with water during childhood

  46. MP Says:

    Vadd or Mad Dog,

    Do you know how to reach Samantha for her services. Trying her through her new website is a big no-no.

    I would lvoe to connect with this lovely women. Do you even know if she is still in tha tline of work.

    PLease let me know, THANKS

  47. Mad Dog Says:

    Hey, MP.

    She’s currently offering her “services” in the NYC area. You can see her ad by accessing the following link:

    This is the “Super Busty” section. Scroll down until you find her image. Click on that, and you will be led to her page. On the bottom she gives her contact info.

    I don’t like to give that stuff out, but trust me. Follow the link, and you will be able to get her info.

    She offers FULL SERVICE for $400 per hour for the first time, $350 every time after. This chick will rock your world. She is amazing, and because I have gotten to know her well (see her every time she visits), our encounters are extremely comfortable.

    If you ever get the opportunity, do it! You won’t be sorry. :)

  48. Zareste Says:

    I see she was airbrushed in the sixth picture

  49. Randen Says:


    samantha anderson rox my world!

  50. rip Says:

    does anyone know if samantha has a myspace page?

  51. Mo Says:

    Samantha defines the word perfection. I would love for my girlfriend to look like Samantha.
    Samantha I would like to enquire about the escort services you provide. I am willing to pay whatever the cost.
    Love you

  52. josh jones Says:

    wow, youve been my favorite super model ever since i was looking at you illegally, you just so beautiful, like youre a part of nature.

  53. MO Says:

    Samantha marry me. I want you to have my babies

  54. kemal Says:

    its very beatiful.woww :)
    thx my friend

  55. t Says:

    samantha a you have amazing tits i love watching them tits bounce

  56. Crazy_A_Bout_SAMANTHA Says:

    i didnt believe when i first seen samanthas pictures i thought they were unreal but when i went to her website and seen her other pictures i now believe that she is the hottest most beautifull porn star ever in the history on earth she is my first fanatasy BBW lady Samantha I love u kissssssss.

  57. james Says:

    hola, me encantan tus tetazas, son wenotas, kiero hacerte el amor

  58. jose Says:

    ya so i like watch your movies eveyday and i was wondering what it would take to like get with you i mean damn hot and ya hot oh and big boobs email me or somthin

  59. pedro Says:

    inche samantha estas bien buena, pinces tetotas estan super ricas

  60. Cavit ali Says:

    selam senin fıstık güzel boobs süper cok güzel samantha anderson gözlerin öperim bende >>

  61. franco Says:

    hallo Samantha, du bist eine sehr schöne Frau

  62. man Says:

    where do i find samantha as an escort and wheres her email?

  63. Lolo Says:

    every time i find you on the net, i cant help jerking off. :) thanks

  64. GG Says:

    hi samantha how u doin i seen u a long time ago but really didnt get in to u dat much but now i fuckin think ur hott.i seen alot of deys skinny gurls.wit des fake tits.and dey want us 2 think dey real but not.but u da real thing.ya tits r fuckin hott.and ya body and ass is so hott.

  65. mohfgh Says:

    your tits is as big as i want i like it very much and i want to ask is it real or not answer please

  66. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Samantha 38G in her FFM threesome video debut? Says:

    […] Now Sam’s gone and done it; her Sexy Samantha 38G site having been previously populated with a profusion of solo sets, lesbian sex and the odd 1-on-1 MF bunk-up, she’s just posted what has been billed as her very first threesome on video! Sure, she alludes to having had threesome sex before, but never when the camera was rolling. […]

  67. yankee07cf Says:

    Does Samantha have a personal Web site?

  68. GODSMACK Says:

    oh sammy i dont know what to tell you other then that I WISH TO HAVE YOU FOR ONE NIGHT!

  69. Marques D. Says:

    does sexy samantha have a myspace page?? if so, what is it, i would to add her to my page.

  70. tommy Says:

    yo samantha 38g needs to fuck a black guy with a huge penis

  71. Reese Says:

    tommy Says:

    yo samantha 38g needs to fuck a black guy with a huge penis

    Do you mean something like this?! ;~)

  72. mad about BBW Says:

    Thnx alot

  73. Hyperion Says:

    Samantha excites every fiber of my being! She’s my ideal beauty.
    All of her pictures rate at least a 12 on a scale of 0-10!
    And when she’s dressed in silk or satin, she easily garners a positive 100!
    I would looooove to cuddle with her without end!

  74. george Says:


  75. hardy Says:

    you know what the best part about sam. Her innocent looks!!

  76. AS Says:

    Hello! What maybe location of the link to the download full movies with this chik’s?

  77. Reese Says:


    It’s simple, really – you can download the full movies here. :roll:

    ~Reese! ;~)

  78. jose Says:

    hey samantha I have bee fantazising to many year with you I think if Iever see you in person i will just drop dead LOVE from valencia venezuela

  79. hadi Says:

    hello have a big and nice have a big ass.I would like to fuck you

  80. Roy Says:

    Samantha: Mi inglés es pésimo por eso estas líneas en castellano. Además de ser voluptuosa eres sin dudas una de las mujeres más bonitas que he visto en estos últimos tiempos. Ansío que puedas leer esto y responderme algún día. Os mando un beso enorme, y os deseo la mejor de las suertes.

    [editor’s note: here’s the translation per babelfish]

    Samantha: My English is terrible for that reason these lines in Castilian. In addition to being voluptuosa you are without doubts one of the women prettier than I have seen in these last times. Ansío that you can read this and respond to me someday. I send an enormous kiss to you, and I wish the best one you of the luck.

  81. nick Says:

    do want sex xxxxxx i luv

  82. Iroqez Says:

    The Regard, Samantha!
    so hunt to boot with running approach you on your thick ass!



  84. nick Says:

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  85. big------dick Says:

    hi samantha i love ur big tits and i want my big dick inbetween then and i want to eat ur pussy for supper

  86. peter Says:

    samntha i love i want to fuck with with your big boobs you are my favourite pornstar of the world i love you and your tits i live in germany can you come to me and fuck with me my dick is 23 cm big and my dick will fuck with you

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    tas bien tetona pinche gorda

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  90. waseem Says:

    sweet samnatha i m from pakistani but i m christian i saw a lot of times ur pics and vids on net and i like u very much and i love u dear next month i m coming to taxes i just wanna c u and its my desire in don’t wanna fuck u and kiss u just see bcoz i love ,like and admire u is it possibal could i see u

  91. KURDIS Says:

    hi samantha 38 g:
    i’m very happy to see your successful website; it’s nice
    so i hope chat with you

  92. KAKA Says:

    I Love You SAMANTA

  93. Thepodster Says:

    @Very Free “But the main reason I didn’t like her before was she left a nasty taste in my mouth “.

    – ‘ Oh well there go my plans for marriage then’ , lmfao

    mate seriously.. whats your point? get a grip.
    You’re not supposed to fall in love with the “make belief” images and portrayals. At least, most sane adults are able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. You splurge over the virtual covergirl, then move onto the next. Get a gf & move out of your moms basement ffs.

    I’ve read so many posts like yours over the years on various bbw forums and wonder what planet some of you weirdos come from on. I bet you hang out in the woods at odd hours & collect pokemon cards.

  94. wanted Says:

    Kudos from one brainiac to another. :)

  95. JOAO Says:

    OLÁ ! quero me comunicar com a Samantha. Samantha mande e-mail para mim. BRAZIL

  96. sagar Says:

    samantha, will u marry me !!

  97. sagar Says:

    see samantha, i knw u r professional in this work, i mean ur photoshoot etc…
    Bt now m in luv wid u, and i want to marry u…
    Will u marry me !

  98. blackmeet Says:

    she looks great , the fatter the better

  99. Octavious Says:

    I like your big breasts very much , Samantha .. I`d like to see them in close and hold them with my hands and suck them for a whole year.

  100. tina Says:

    hi i give u pic plz scan on ur body with my pic im faat like u plz reply me on my mail

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