The Tracey Adams Shrine

I’d first mentioned Tracey Adams in my “big boobs in motion” post about the first adult video I’d ever purchased. I’d always been a big fan of Tracey’s from the time I first discovered her mainstream film work as Deborah Blaisdell in the late-’80s. I began accumulating a collection of both her mainstream and adult videos, and even had a screen cap of her from the film Swingers Ink, fully clothed, sitting at a desk with a cup of coffee and a doughnut as the desktop image on my computer (sad muppet that I am). When I had the rare opportunity to meet Tracey in the early-’90s, I found her to be a friendly, genuine, down-to-earth person.

Sadly, when I moved to the UK from the ‘States a few years ago, I had to leave most everything behind. Gone were my videos, photos and even the screen caps I had made. Even worse, when I did a Google search for Tracey in preparation for my post last week, I couldn’t find anything that was worthy of a link, leaving me to lament her absence from the ‘net.

Then, a few days after I’d made mention of Tracey on My Boob Site, the post was discovered by a kindly gentleman named Bob. He directed me to “The Tracey Adams Shrine“, the official fan site he’s set up for her on MSN Groups! Needless to say, I joined immediately. I was pleased to learn that she’s doing well and is still active in the industry. I also found a wealth of photos, video clips, interviews and other fan goodies – there’s even a Tracey Adams comic book posted on the site! The group’s totally free, so join today and keep abreast of Tracey!!

Tracey Adams    Tracey Adams

Tracey Adams    Tracey Adams


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14 Responses to “The Tracey Adams Shrine”

  1. dan rockman Says:

    I am so friggin glad to find someone else out there that thinks Tracey
    is in a class by herself. I read that she played guitar and grew up in
    Maryland. Anyone know where she’s living now? I’ve watched her take
    her clothes off so many times I feel like I lived with her….just kidding.

  2. Reese Says:


    I believe Tracey’s living in California at the moment. If you’d like all the details of what she’s up to now, just ask “Bad Bob” over at The Tracey Adams Shrine – he’s a good friend of hers and runs the fan group with her blessings. In fact, Tracey even gave Bob two recent photos of herself to post there, proving that she’s just as beautiful at age 46 as she was in the ’80s!

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. noel Says:

    I tried to check the site. It said that it had been moved. It is so sad not to see her any more. Are there any other places to see her? I just love tracey so much.

  4. Patrick Says:

    She is one of my old-time favorites

  5. merman Says:

    Are there any Tracey Adams groups around that work?

  6. merman Says:

    Are there any pics of Tracey as a Mermaid? I’m a horney Merman!!

  7. merman Says:

    Tracey would be a hot big boobs Mermaid, I would LOVE to be the Merman who mates with her!

  8. bojan Says:

    I tried to check the site. It said that it had been moved. It is so sad not to see her any more. Are there any other places to see her? I just love tracey so much. bojan

  9. Dion Says:

    I remember her from hight school. She was my 9 grade math teacher here in California. One of the other students brought a magazine spread of her into the classroom. Not a good move. That was over 12 years ago.

  10. blow Says:

    nice tits

  11. Bal├╣ Says:

    Che sorcona rotta in culo!!!!! Quanti litri di sborra calda ho gettato su quei mammelloni da urlo! Sei una troiaccia Tracey, ti voglio fottere!!!!!!

  12. laroux Says:

    I saw that Tracy on a web site a few years ago, she can be rented for a few grand.
    You may want to give that a shot. She probably does a good job.

  13. smith Says:

    Tracey went to my high school some 25 years ago and has a sister ?I think named kim one of them worked at hog dog on a stick in a local mall in high school. talk about boob bouncing and hard ons

  14. bibo Says:

    Hi to everyone,
    It’s almost two/three years I’m searching, with no success at all, a clip from the movie Sextectives, Starring Tracey, Victoria Paris, now out of production, in which Tracey Adams and Tori Welles act a very nice and exciting lesbian action.
    Could anyone help me to find it? I will be grateful forever.

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