Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore ?

Back on my high-definition tits blog, I received an inquiry on a new busty model who’d been theretofore unbeknownst to me. To wit…

boobman66 wrote:

You have to get the low down on Wendy 4. Or wendy fiore?

…but, unable to secure any further details apart from what it says on her Wendy4 website (i.e. that her name is Wendy Fiore (aka Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy “Party Girl” of just Wendy 4 just to keep things simple) and that she has “All Natural 32J” breasts to her cleavage credit – I turn to you, dear readers, to fill me in on the details if any of you happen to be fans or members. Namely, is she a legit big tits model who reveals all (well, in the totally topless sense, at least) or is she like one of those busty fashion model glamor girl types like Jordan Carver or Denise Milani who won’t get her big breasts out for love nor money (I was going to include Dana Hamm in that list, but, if you scroll down the comments on that blog, you’ll see I was mistaken over her having areola and nipple exposure issues like the others)? Oh, and I’ve like to know where the first three Wendys are, too! And, finally, those of you who haven’t the faintest idea of who I’m talking tits about, here are some sample galleries of 32J Wendy Fiore with her J-cup tits in tops over at her Wendy4.com website:

Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com    Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com    Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com

Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com    Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com    Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com

Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com    Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com    Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com

Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com    Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com    Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore or Wendy Combattente or Chicago Wendy or Wendy Party Girl at Wendy4.com



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46 Responses to “Wendy4 or Wendy Fiore ?”

  1. What's in a name Says:

    She must have one hell of an ad agency, or agent. I’ve this chick on 4 or 5 sites. Same shit. Different day. And I gotta say. It’s just not that interesting. Sure, she’s got big jugs. So do a lot of women, who happen to show more than just a smile.
    Glad you feature her on your site, but I wouldn’t waste a nickel on someone who parades around in clothes and then expects people to shell out big bucks to see it (Denise Milani anyone?). That vapid ‘look at me’ shit went out in the last decade.

  2. BigBeautyFan Says:

    They are real.

  3. Wellwic Says:

    Wow, I remember seeing Wendy years ago when she was doing modeling work and some low res shots leaked out on the net years ago. So glad she finally went pro.

  4. peeb Says:

    Well, she’s never let the girls out as long as I’ve been aware of her, so I guess she’ll be another Milani-type. But we can live in hope.

  5. Sam Says:

    She is about as natural as the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico.

  6. Roder Says:

    Wendy’s #4 came from the site SportsByBrooks.com. She was the fourth SbB girl named Wendy, and the search term Wendy4 became popular enough that when she launched her own site she went with it.

    btw, Maggie Green got her start there too. You can find more here:

  7. johnny h Says:

    She started on Sportsbybrooks website, and is a myspace big tit legend who’s pics have been re-posted on every amateur pic collection site around. I’ve been dying to see more, and always wondered what here deal was so this site is a great find! I have always been suspicious about how “natural” her tits are, but either way they look spectacular so who the fuck cares!

  8. Xan Says:

    the first poster is so right.

  9. BFN Says:

    She’s all natural. I used to be a friend of hers in Chicago and now I live out here in the ‘Weird too. She will never let ‘em be out naked though. She’ll be one of those big disappointments to us tittyhounds. Tease tease tease, but it ain’t worth buying the cards IMHO.


  10. Rikki Says:

    Johnny H and Roder are right about her provenance. She hasn’t shown nipple and I suspect she never will.

    I’ve done some pretty in-depth research on the subject and my conclusion is that she has not had implants, just from the way her boobs hang and seem to move. However, I do think she has had some work done. I bet she has had a lift of some sort. Her boobs look kind of like a girl who used to be fat but then lost a lot of weight. Those girls’ breasts would naturally be very saggy and sort of deflated, but if they get a lift / tuck, it perks them up nicely. Look at some new pics of Taylor now that she’s skinny. She’s definitely had some work done post-weight loss and her body reminds me a lot of Wendy4’s.

  11. No Strings Attached Says:

    “All natural”, my arse. Sorry, but I do not believe that. At all.
    Tits that big would hang much more than these beachballs that seem to be filled with helium…
    Hell, you can even see the striations that only occur on vastly overly-inflated silicone breasts in some of the pictures. Like this one for example: fhg.periscopecash.com/content/w4/02_boardwalk/wendy015.jpg

  12. Mentok Says:

    The last thing we need, is yet another Denise Milani. Too many girls are trying this now, and are failing to succeed (Anorei Collins??? She didn’t fail, she just did the right thing and went nude).

    Great. She’s got a very petite, small frame with hugemongous tits. Time to let them out and make money, or stay in the red with that huge bill from your agency company (or advertisement company).

  13. Joey Says:

    Lame. We do not need another Denise Milani type. A lot of girls get naked & show their tits, why do we need to bother with one who won’t? If I wanted to see girls in clothes, I’d go outside.

  14. illuvbigtits Says:

    no www, just the ht stuff forum.skins.be/51-internet-models/16182-wendy-combattente/

    these are some non studio shots. It’s about as much flesh as you are ever going to see her showing.

    i find links with “nude” in them, but they are clothed shots or bikini shots.
    as far as I can tell she has never done a nude shot in her entire career.

    I think she’s just like that other model that was blogged here sometime ago that is just a studio/fashion model who will get down to her undies at the most and no nudes.

  15. tyrr Says:

    As with Denise, the case that W4 doesn’t display her bust completely is good reason to assume that it is surgically enhanced. Meaning that it strikes me as more likely to be that ruse, rather than “modesty.” If she took her top off, then she’d have to remove “natural” from her logo. (These recent reports about more women avoiding the fake look indicate that being natural, or “natural,” is now more valuable.)

    I agree with Rikki that she might be just lifted rather then implanted.
    They are very high!

  16. joeblow Says:

    All natural my ass!!! those things are flotation devices.

  17. Yaya Says:

    Agree with the guy that said they are probably really saggy when they are not strapped and taped to her chest. She probably looks like BBW Sapphire with no support. Are there any shots where they aren’t pushed up into ball shape?

  18. Charles Says:

    I seen her mostly as this “Wendy Combattente” person on Facebook. No, she does not pose topless and despite a long facebook debate she concludes that she is not even considering it. She picked up the “Combattente” from the Actiongirls website that we all dissed so hard. Jordan Carver is now on actiongirls. Nothing wrong with these two as models. Just that the airbrush/neon lights/fake everything style of actiongirls sucks the big one.

    My entrance into big boob glamour was topheavy.com (before they merged with topheavyamateurs and it all went down hill — when Monique was still active) and I have to say that big boobs in tight clothes can be immesely satisfying. Nudity is not a MUST. So I think she’s fine, she just might want to offer more “girl-next-door” type shots instead of the SportsbyBrooks style. She hot, no doubt. I’m sure Jordan carver is real and you all say Wendy’s are real, but I’m not so sure about Denise Milani and I’m glad she’s faded away. Wendy’s good stroke material, even with clothes.

  19. Mick Says:

    No sale.

    Wendy’s site is run by the same entity that runs Denise’s site. Denise’s site stopped updating months ago, and it has been “temporarily unavailable” for over a month now.

    Why reward incompetence?

  20. Bryan Says:

    I have seen her videos on her new site. Although I think there is a small chance that Denise Milani is real, Wendy’s breasts move much more than Denise’s do. Yet sometimes the telltale lines of some type of surgery appear visible. But I can’t tell because she never wears anything that fits.

    The one thing that’s consistent is she just insists on CRUSHING her tits in whatever she is wearing so it always looks strange. And frankly, not that sexy to me. I wish she’d wear the right size of bra, (pushing UP, not crushing in) or occasionally go without one and wear something loose fitting so we could see something that looks kinda natural.

    The way they move, she definitely is either natural or already had huge tits and still decided to get implants like Carmela Bing… whose tits I love despite being fakes.

  21. Tomasz Says:

    If in the XXI century, in the Western world, with nudity and porn everywhere, a girl from a cosmopolitan metropolis, who has huge breasts, which she’s recognized for and wants to make money on, doesn’t even consider to do as little as topless photos and doesn’t give any rational explanation to that, the only thing that comes to mind is that she’s just a stupid chick.

  22. DW Says:

    12 NN Photo sets and 5 NN moves for $25! I wasted my cash please no one else!!!

  23. Charles Says:

    This seems to be the forum to vent about these “Denise Milani wanna-be” models. My frustration comes from the fact that they are too good to be true. Well I was looking at the home page of this Jordan Carver, and she is just a dreamboat. But she has a short introductory video and now I am starting to think she is ALSO got some kind of implant. I dunno for sure. See what you guys think. Does she have like a 500 cc implant under all that natural bust?

  24. B Says:

    She’s amazing!!! Her tits in the photos with her in the blue dress look bad (and almost fake), but otherwise I’d definitely say her tits are real.

    I don’t think she’s a 32J though… 28J maybe considering the tiny size of her frame, but not a 32. She looks the same size as me and I’m only a 30H/HH so it’s really doubtful she’s a 32J.

  25. king Says:

    man u guys are crazy shes totally all natural nothing fake bout her man she just dosent want to show em(yet?) but im cool with that im just glad to see her in motion considering the fact that i fell in love with her the first time i saw her on myspace a few years ago im glad to see she has a site but it seems she wont be making any money with cuz you guys arent having it lol i do wish she would go nude tho

  26. Charles Says:

    B said, “She looks the same size as me and I’m only a 30H/HH so it’s really … ”

    @B: Who are you? WHERE are you? And how come we haven’t been socially acquainted?

  27. Carlos Says:

    To ‘What’s in a name- ‘that vapid ‘look at me’ shit’ that you criticize has given Denise Milani the most successful single girl site on the internet, so what you consider ‘not interesting’ is certainly of interest to plenty of others. There are, by contrast, a million comparatively ordinary girls who show everything and do everything, it doesn’t make them better, or, more ‘interesting’.

  28. Bryan Says:

    Good point, Carlos.

  29. tom Says:

    Wendy has the best body of all times! She beat Denise M., Jordan Carver and all others models. Bigger tits, fabolous legs, better face, she is the Maximum!!!!

  30. B Says:

    @Charles – I’m just a girl, with huge tits, who is probably more obsessed with tits than your average male ;)

  31. Mojo Says:

    B – yes I agree, wendy’s boobs are indeed real. However, since you are afflicted with the same obsession as most of us – I’d like to jump the queue! You may be able to grab yourself a man for each coast! Lol kidding ;)

  32. rondo Says:


    SHES BEAT!!!!!!

  33. for you tom Says:

    Tom you must be nuts!!!!!!
    Unless your seeing all this somewhere else.
    I havent seen anything I think is that great yet.
    Shes average at best who was blessed and trying to make a buck exploiting herself.

  34. On the side of DW Says:

    DW – Waste of money is right – DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME



  35. Carl Says:

    ‘Denise’s site stopped updating months ago, and it has been “temporarily unavailable” for over a month now’. Because of a copyright issue argument between Denise and the ‘entity’ she is trying to break free from. What’s with all you dudes complaining about what you don’t get to see? Go elsewhere and stop whining.

  36. tommytime Says:

    RONDO – said it best.

    Never a nude and lookin beat up. dont like the website and would nt suggest it to anyone. its a scam. baby girl u aint that hot

  37. A Says:



  38. pepsilover Says:

    this pepsi head is charging 25 to see nothin

    DW – should have listened to ya bro

    stuff is garbage

  39. Jaber Says:

    I know her shes nice and all but her site needs work

    Been looking better recently. Hopes she doing well but I got a feeling this is’nt gonna last long

  40. flow Says:

    Site is weak and Im NOT impressed

    She does get alot of hype but still can see why

    seen alot better showing more and free

    just my 2cents

  41. bigwoody4336 Says:

    Nobody wil believe me, but I would be willing ot sign an affidavit attesting to the fact that those puppies are real. She’s from Chicago, a real party girl, and I’ve had the pleasure of banging her on several occassions. They are real, they are spectacular, and she knows how to use that whole package to full advantage when she takes it to the mattress. The image of doing her doggy in front of a full length mirror is forever burned in my mind

    I will say it looks like she’s had some work done on the nose and chin – used to have a Kirk Douglas going on – now it’s much less pronounced.

  42. Jeb Says:

    @bigwoody4336 damn right no one believes you if anyone ever got to tap that one several occasions you would be here writing about it, you would be out there trying to tap that once more, and of course video every single session to show your mates. Its just a guy thing…

  43. john Says:

    hello im photograph porn fro scoreland, in may, wendy play in the new volet of TITS AND TUGS, this video , this scene with wendy is very incredible!!!

  44. genthore Says:

    Yeah she has huge tits and is hot as a ghost chili – but without areola/nipples I can’t support her as a top big tits model
    Denise Milanis site may be popular – but it is only good for one thing- making money for Denise.
    It wont be mine unless I see some bumpy bits- sorry ladies

  45. Freeze Says:

    Ok, she’s hot as hell! The face, body, everything. I don’t know how some of her clothes contain them sometimes. She does alot of photo shoots to keep things interesting, BUT, it still gets boring. I agree totally with alot of you that are talking about shelling out money or a Denise Milani type model. Why pay to see what you already see? I will give her this though. She might just be the hottest woman out there. You couldn’t create a woman any better than this. You just can’t! Remeber Weird Science? DUH!

  46. Daniel Burley Says:

    Look, opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one and mine is Wendy 4 is the hottest chick on the internet since Denise Milani! If I didn’t think so you wouldn’t be reading my opinion on this site. I remember as a kid (10 to 12 years old) a very young and beautiful Sophia Loren. Anytime one of her movies were on television was an event that I would not miss. Now I’m closer to 60 than I have ever been in my life, but I still know a beautiful woman when I see one and when I see Wendy 4, Sophia Loren (in her prime) is who comes to mind…but with the obvious bonus of the most beautiful pair of breast that I’ve seen in many, many years.

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