A mother lode of massive mammaries!

I am “udderly” gob-smacked, having just run across what is perhaps the most massive collection of big boobs movies in on-line existence…so much so that I fear today’s blog will quickly start sounding like the blatant advertisement that it is (so my humblest apologies in advance, although I’m sure it’s already too late).

In short, I’ve just discovered the PornAccess Network, a collective encompassing 751 different porn sites with over 5,000 DVD quality videos to download totalling 1,000+ hours! Although they’ve got sites catering to every niche, fetish and prurient proclivity, there’s more than enough big tits to satisfy even my most obsessive desires.

Now, if I were able to just sit and watch porn, uninterrupted, for 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I’ve calculated that it would take me a month and a half to make my way through their entire catalogue. This would, of course, leave me a dehydrated (albeit contented) husk, desensitized to sensual pleasure. Hmmm. Guess I’d better take it slow, then. ;~)

Anyway, here’s but a small selection of the many sites you can access using a single PornAccess log-in (these being a few of my favourites, so far)…

Joggs Busty Island Melons World Class Boobies
Boob Universe BBW Booby Movies Big Tit Moms in Heat
epm Big Tits Movies Butterball Boobs Horny Handfuls
Big Busty Hardcore Big Tit Porn Busty Archive 1001 Ultimate Tits
Titty Mania Boobs Big Tit Kings Massive Titty Picnic
Big Tits Fans Real Big Tits Fuck My Big Tits Busty Mom Videos

…and here’s a mere handful of the videos I’d found therein (the first one starring none other than the divine Tracey Adams, my very first porn idol):



1 thought on “A mother lode of massive mammaries!”

  1. A good post, Along with your recent faith post i must say it’s great to see girls with flat chests getting to do what most men yearn for, playing with a big set of mammaries. I love the reaction of the girls with small boobs as they take a big set in their hands. Your example video posted here (third from the left, top row.) is a prime one, even if it is a bit of a shame that the girl has fake boobs.

    I liken their reaction to that of when a girl unzips your pants, drops your boxer shorts and you get the cry of “oh my god” when she realises that your well blessed, it’s the best part of a being well hung i say, the look on their faces when that happens…(and one i’m not likely to experience again now that i’m in a long term relationship…perhaps swinging is the order of the day!)

    Great site, keep up the good work.

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