The amazing, expanding breasts of Maria Moore…

Is it just me, or have Maria Moore’s boobs been growing? Topheavy Amateurs, the website which provided the following photos, claims she’s a 34FF. Personally, I think Maria looks quite a bit larger, possibly approaching the epic HH-cup proportions of Eden Mor or Taylor Stevens! Not that I’m accusing her of having inflatable breasts or anything – pumped up using a rubber bulb cleverly concealed in her armpit – no, Maria’s an all-natural girl. Still, it does make one wonder…

Maria Moore 34FF    Maria Moore 34FF

Maria Moore 34FF    Maria Moore 34FF

Maria Moore 34FF    Maria Moore 34FF

Maria Moore 34FF    Maria Moore 34FF


40 thoughts on “The amazing, expanding breasts of Maria Moore…”

  1. This girl is tittanic. King Kong himself could tit fuck those boobs. I wonder how much each one weighs? That would b nice if we could start getting that info along with the bra size. Just a thought! D BO out!

  2. I don’t know how tall she is, but it could be true that she’s a FF considering that she would than be pretty short. If she’s short, that could make her breasts appear bigger on the pictures than they actually are.
    Just a thought, anyways, she’s good :P

  3. theyve definitely gotten bigger. i got around to watching the video she did with the bangbros dudes on momsanaladventure and from then, they’ve most definitely gotten bigger. which is a VERY good thing. (: great photos, good post.

  4. I agree, they look bigger. But part of that might be because she looks like she’s lost some weight since the pics of her I’ve seen previously, usually M-F h/c stuff. In those, she was fairly pudgy. For some reason I’ve never considered her face very pretty, and that coupled with the h/c made me think of her as ‘too slutty’ (if there could ever be such a thing). Maybe you could show some of the tamer ones from earlier, when she was heavier??

  5. I have been in love with this woman since 2003. The things I could do to that piece of a$$. I wonder if she is in the stripping scene?

  6. Gosh, I hope she has gotten bigger!

    I looove huge beer keg tits!

    Now I only hafta to see Eden Mor get nailed and my life is complete! Mmmm…

  7. go to and click into guest store, find vol. 10 for 2, 2 plus minute preview clips of Miss Maria Moore, very good!!!!!!

  8. god bless big natural tis!!!!! your sit is great! more pictures of linsey dawn mckenzie, denise davies, nadine jansen keep up the great work! thanks big tit fan for life brandy

  9. Maria Moore continues to grow more lovely each time I see a photo of her. While viewing these posts my breathing and heartrate instantly jumped higher. This just from looking at a picture of this pretty girl. She may have become or soon will be the most beautiful person in the world. I hope she keeps getting more voluptuous and powerful in the future.

  10. Those don’t look real. I don’t mean that she had implants. What I mean is, those photos look altered. Especially the last one. I suppose we’ll have to wait until we see her in an actual video again.

  11. lovly big boobs..think 10kg weight per boob. i love to see these boobs and speacialy if milk in it. emegin how many litres milk in one boob? please provide vedio clips of milking these boobs.

  12. I have filmed Maria Moore myself. She is awesome, and her boobs are HUGE!!! Her pics are not photoshopped to look bigger. She has natural “H” cups!

  13. Hi I have never saw huge boobs like this in my whole life. I think Maria Moore is really one of the top heavy mature, beautiful girl with huge tits. I really want to see her video and will be the luckiest person in the whole world if Maria give me a chance to meet her.

  14. Hi Its been really pleasure visit Maria Moore each and every time. She is like the godesses with those big bomb shell on her. I want to see her video and I will be the first one who download. Maria is really one of the top heavy bomb shells. I will be the luckiest man in the world if it is possible for her to give me a chance to meet her in person.

  15. One of the most stunning girls, for sure… but I don’t think its a photoshop fake – I suspect, she took some hormons. Just look at other girls like Sapphire (scoreland) or Eden … they were smaller in breast size when they started.
    Anyhow – its much better than those silcone-implants !

  16. To Maria Moore:

    I fell in love with u first time I saw u. It is not only ur body that I like, I feel something, I like something in ur personality. Kisses my love, wherever u r.

  17. Maria’s breasts are not photo shopped, lense choices and angles can make them appear to be larger than life but no computer tricks, they are hers.

    Lucho, very true, there is something more about Maria than just her body, her breasts, her looks, etc. She is one of those special girls that just radiant beautiful. Her personality, her humor, her soul, just exude that she is special in ways we will never know. OK, her acting ability really sucks, but I didn’t “fall” for her because of the number of oscars she has won. *LOL*

  18. As a very top heavy girl myself, I can tell you, once you’ve been granted the big boob gene, they don’t stop growing so its very doubtful maria is on hormones. Every few years they go up a cup size whether you’ve put on weight or not. Mine are not the gigantic proportions of ms moore but I’ll prob get there one day lol

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