Breya mystery solved, sort of…

Just before Christmas, I’d blogged a “new” model named Breya that one of MyBoobSite’s regular visitors had turned me on to. Shortly thereafter, fellow blogger JQ from JQ’s Big Naturals e-mailed me to say that Breya had indeed been around for a while, and even used to show her face on her website – – before going anonymous, including two photos with his message to show me what she looked like prior to “losing face”.

I honestly can’t imagine why Breya changed her format. Is there something to the allure of anonymity that makes her more desirable that way? Is she somehow more enticing when her identity is left to the imagination? Eh, I just don’t get it. I prefer to see the whole package. Not only that, but I like to learn a bit about the woman behind the big boobs as well (which is why I enjoy Chloe Vevrier’s very up-close and personal site so much).


13 thoughts on “Breya mystery solved, sort of…”

  1. She has a nice pair of MELONES … and a nice face … I’d like to fuck her with any complication, with spot in her face or without … come to buenos aires Breya !! the gaucho argentino has hard stick for you baby …

  2. I _love_ those big B-B-B-blue eyes! ;-)

    But her areolas are so poorly defined it’s hard to tell where they end and her skin begins. I guess the lack of pigment and they’re so stretched out makes them nearly invisible. I did notice that they’ve done some photoretouching on your earlier pics, stretch markss, etc. – one had her necklace removed. She’s a fresh face – well, half a face, anyway. I say more Breya!

    Do us a favor, would ya? For all us Lusers that still have modems, make all the thumbnails the smaller size, so that they load a lot faster. Those that want the whole enchilada are gonna click on them anyway, as long as they’re clickable. Of course we can always read the blog while they’re loading, but I suspect that some don’t come here to read the blog.. ;-)

    Thanks a million! (unneeded pixels saved)l

  3. thanks for the shout out! I have a few more pics at my site if you want to see them pus a number of others I dug up… Happy New Year and big boobs to all…

  4. Very Free~

    Good suggestion. After the first of the year, I’ll get to work on rewriting my templates to accommodate smaller thumbnail images (which I’d already been experimenting with in this post in order to conserve valuable bandwidth, as I’ve been paying a bundle to serve over 300GB monthly of photos & videos!).

    ~Reese! :~)

  5. I know this girl. She dissapeared because this photographer is the best friend of her ex bf and they had a bad split up. He is obsessed with her and she wont work with him anymore because of it.

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