Biggest Boobs in Britain

I’d received an e-mail over the weekend from a visitor to MyBoobSite who’d heard a joke on Saturday Night Live about a girl named Rachel Aldana who, at a 32JJ, supposedly had the largest breasts in Britain! Having failed to locate any further information on-line, he thought that perhaps I might be able to track her down, citing me as an expert on the subject of boobology who just happens to live in the UK.

Well, Johnny, you’re in luck! I found the original article, entitled “Guinness Boob of Records“, in British newspaper The People. It described Rachel’s massive mammaries as making tabloid celebrity Jordan’s 34FF pair look like poached eggs. The 18-year-old hairdresser from Brackley, Northants, reckons that big breasts run in her family. Her mum was a 36E before being surgically reduced to a C-cup (shame about that), but Rachel has no plans to do anything quite that drastic as yet (good girl!). Her story caught the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records who, believing that Ms. Aldana has the largest natural breasts in all of Britain, offered to immortalize Rachel in their next publication.

But they were wrong. In the week following her story, editors from The People received letters from three women seeking to usurp Rachel’s top titanic tits title. Two of them – Natasha Weston-Mayes & Leanne Darnley, both 19 – boasted 34JJ bust-lines, while 16-year-old Chloe Rogers blew away the competition with her king-sized 34KK knockers! “I couldn’t believe (Rachel Aldana’s) claims,” remarked Chloe, “my boobs are obviously MUCH bigger.” I just love a woman with confidence!

Chloe, Leanne & Natasha all come from families with a history of large bosoms, the latter remarking that hers “obviously has big boobs stretching back generations.” [Wow. The thought of breasts defying the linearity of the space-time continuum. Truly, it boggles the mind. ;~)] Considering the implications, 34JJ Leanne said, “The fact that all three of us have big boobs running in our families seems to suggest that there could be some kind of genetic link. I think a geneticist should look into it. If eye-colour is hereditary, why not boobs? Imagine the possibilities if they discovered a boob gene. You might be able to clone breasts!” Hmmm. Obviously, Leanne hasn’t read this article.

Click here to read the entirety of The People’s followup story, “Record BreaKKers“, or click the following thumbnails for photos (apologies for the quality, but, failing to find any on-line, these were scanned from the original newspaper article):

Rachel Aldana 32JJ    Natasha Weston-Mayes 34JJ & Chloe Rogers 34KK

(images courtesy of The People)

P.S. Thanks go out to Johnny H. for alerting me to the original story, and to kernowgypsy & keef1 for the scans! :~) Oh, and here’s Leanne, too!

P.P.S. to those who don’t already know: The lovely Rachel Aldana has since chosen to grace us with even more of her beautiful breasts by pursuing a career in topless modelling! And, not only that, but this lovely young lady has grown to a K-cup as well!! It’s wonderful to see her both embracing and taking advantage of her exceptional assets, and I can only wish her all the best for her future.


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167 Responses to “Biggest Boobs in Britain”

  1. Pornster Says:

    I’d go for 34KK. They’re nice.

  2. Reese Says:


    You & me both! ;~) I really do think that Chloe Rogers should take maximum advantage of her awesome 34KK assets and pursue a lucrative career in modelling. Then, if she does decide to go through with the breast reduction surgery mentioned in the article… :~( …at least there’d be a historical record for future generations of big breast lovers to enjoy!

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. gustave Says:

    Unbelievable!!!¿¿2.4 KG?? O.O

  4. cd_RW Says:

    chloe, where have you been all my life? (:

  5. Lord_Inquisitor Says:

    Chloe’s 34KK’s would make her rich if she kept them. She has the potential to grow bigger! But she has choosen to butcher them due to peer pressure, what a waste to the world. A prime reason to wipe out bulling in schools, if ever there was one.
    The genetic research side has great potential to solves the world problem of flat breasted women and reduce the amount of silicone in the world. Natural is best.

  6. vadd Says:

    I am especially glad to see them all being young, cute girls too! I may be wrong (hope I am!) but arn’t cup sizes different in the UK than in the U.S.? So a D cup is really a C cup, etc…?

  7. Josh Says:

    Man, all those girls are pretty sexy. I just hope that they can find other means of holding on to their breasts they are wonderful.

  8. Very Free Says:

    It looks to me like several of the women in the pics here (British guy’s website) have Chloe’s 34KK’s beat by a country mile, and especially the one labeled Wendy. Click on her pic for even more wondrous watermelon sized boob pics.

    I would estimate, visually, that each of Wendy’s breasts, if freed from the pull of gravity, would be spheres about 8″ or 20cm in diameter, a bit smaller than a soccer ball. Using the formula 4/3 Pi r cubed, the volume of a 20 cm sphere is about 4.5 liters or ten pounds (US). Assuming that the density if breast tissue is the same as water, the weight woulld then be 4.5kg per breast. That’s half again as heavy as Chloe’s 34KK’s! Man, those are some BIG boobs! @@

  9. Reese Says:

    Wow – I don’t think I’ve ever had so many comments so quickly on a post! I do agree that it’s a shame bullying is responsible for the negative attitudes these girls have about their beautiful breasts. I can understand the very real problems potentially arising from the physical issues of carrying so much weight up front, but the psychological issues stemming from the taunts and mistreatment are totally out of order. Why can’t people just show these girls some respect, let alone admire their natural beauty?

    It wasn’t too long ago that I’d mentioned the case of 16-year-old Stephanie Mann, whose 36K breasts were being reduced to a D-cup because of the emotional anguish she suffered at school. As the article didn’t mention any physical complications, Stephanie’s troubles with her breasts all come down to the cruelty of others. :~(

    By the way, if the reporter from The People had read Stephanie’s story in The Telegraph last month, he’d have known that Rachel Aldana wasn’t the biggest! Oh well, I guess if he had, we wouldn’t have had these lovely ladies to look at. ;~)

    vadd: The only difference I’m aware of between UK & U.S. bra sizes is that an E-cup over here is typically called a DDD-cup in the ‘States. Apart from that, there aren’t really any differences. The cup sizes in Continental Europe are one cup-size larger upon reaching a DD-cup, and then go linearly through the alphabet (the only double letter they have is AA). Here’s a chart detailing the differences. I’d also blogged the issue of cup-size confusion late last week, citing some other possible reasons for the discrepancies.

    Very Free: There is a slight difference in density between breast tissue and water, so you’d have to multiply your result by a factor 0.9 for an accurate weight. However, I seriously doubt the girls in the article used a method as thorough and scientifically sound as your own (just popping them up on scales, as I’ve seen in some photo shoots, has to be the least accurate method going – short of a wild guess!). Personally, I prefer my own water displacement method, detailed here. ;~)

    Thanks, all, for the comments!

    ~Reese! :~)

  10. johnny m Says:

    haah thats my bit of northern stuff,thanks i couldnt get hold of the pic just the write up so now ive seen it thanks for that.anyway any work for her wed love let us know,,rachell aldana im on about,let me tell you too that pic dont do her justice.cya all and happy boobing

  11. Simon Says:

    Wow, Chloe is stunning. Too bad she wants to get them reduced. :(

  12. Martin Says:

    I wonder how strange sizes are there in UK! When I saw the pics of these young beatiful ladies, the biggest chest among these girls is the Chloe´s one and she could be hardly a H cup ine EU size. Have a look at Eden Mor´s site, where she claims she has H cups and the size looks a way too different from these ladies!

  13. jalabi Says:

    Come on, guys. Those bra sizes are not entirely accurate. For one thing, if Natasha is really a 36JJ, I’ll eat my hat! She is placed right next Chloe who claims that she is a 36KK, and her boobs are miles bigger than Natasha’s. Another thing: apparently, in Britain, you don’t have any single-letter bra sizes, or else why would all of these women (Natasha, Leanne, Chloe and Rachel) be claiming to be KK or JJ cups? Where I come from, a JJ = K cup and a KK = L cup, so why don’t they just say that?

    And even though having boobs that weigh 5 kg is no small potatoes, models such as Maxi Mounds (who is currently the Guinness record-holder for biggest implanted boobs) routinely carry around busts that weigh more: Maxi’s boobs weigh 20 pounds EACH (I saw a video of her from the Cristina Show where she had them weighed). I wish that someone would get to Chloe and tell her that her problems would be solved if she would just get herself a well-fitted bra. Backache and all that would be a thing of the past if she would do that, and also do some back- and shoulder-strengthening exercises as well. She need not go through the pain and trouble of a breast reduction if she did.

    IMO, Chloe is the biggest of the four, followed by Rachel, then Leanne, and then Natasha. And NONE of them can claim to be the “biggest boobs in Britain”; as Very Few correctly pointed out, Studio B’s Wendy is clearly larger than them. Even that model at eMelons is bigger than these girls, as lovely as they all are. (Rachel has the most stunning eyes!) I wish them all well, and I also wish Chloe would consider modeling — she would give even Eden Mor a run for her money if she did!

  14. gustave Says:

    A shame that she has to go through surgery to feel secure and happy but it’s understandale in more than one way, older guys stalking them and other women giving them hell just for something so natural, it could make any other woman (well-endowed or not) go crazy but still a shame…..

  15. leanne darnley Says:

    im one of the girls in the paper and yes we do have single bra sizes in England. And you can’t solve backache with a good bra, i’ve been fitted properly for a bra and my problem is not solved.

  16. Gray Says:

    I knew someone while i was in college who was a 34JJ. she’s since emigrated, but she never had an real back problem. She said it was all down to a well fitting bra, and more importantly posture. but i guess everyone is different.

  17. jalabi Says:

    Hi Leanne, thanks for replying. If indeed you have been fitted with a proper bra and you are still suffering from back ache, you may have to do something about your posture. Best of luck on that one!

  18. murlock Says:


  19. Doreen Says:

    YES, there are differences in UKs bra sizes to other countries. Cloe´s 34KK is actually an H-cup in the US and for example an G-cup in Germany. NICOLE PETERS wears an US F-cup, that menas an J-cup in the UK.

    NO, JJ is NOT the same as K, and KKK is NOT the same as M. The double- and tripple-sizes are steps between the letters, cause especially with huge cups, the difference in size between the letters are big, so they need sizes between them, cause a huge and heavy breast neads to fit exactly, for comfortable life with them.

    NO, volume and weight are not the same with natural breasts. The specific weight is 0.65, that means a breast of 1000 cc has a weight of 650 g only (1.4 lbs). But an implant of 1000 cc weights 1 kg (2.2 lbs).

    If Cloe´s breast would be really 3 kg each – they would have a volume of 4600 ccm each, that would get a look like Keisha Evans before her last enlargement.

    In the UK they everytime did talk things bigger then they are.

  20. joery Says:

    So Leanne (hi), you just accept your backproblems or are you still searching for solutions, what about physical therapy, aren’t there any specialists for this particular thing? And can’t you convince Chloe and Natasha that the op could affect their chances too of breast-feeding a baby in the future?;)

  21. A friend of Rachels!!! Says:

    I am a very good friendof Rachel Adanas!!
    I would just like to say to chole and natasha that they shouldn’t b so harsh on Rachel. it wasn’t her that claimd she has the biggest boobs in britain, it was the newspaper and she knows that there are bigger boobs out there! she was asked to do a photo shoot for the people and they printed what they wanted to. Rachel is a very successfull hairdresser for tony anf guy and is doing well with her modeling. i wish people would praise her for having a nice pair, rather than slagging her off. and chloe’s boobs look horrible that big, Rachels and Natashas look nice!!!!

  22. joery Says:

    Who is slagging who off?
    If the newspaper wrongfully wrote that Rachel claimed to have the biggest boobs in Britain, then maybe they also wrongfully wrote things about what Chloe and Natasha said about Rachel. Maybe I have missed something, but if you are referring to “Record BreaKKers” I don’t read that Chloe and Natasha are particularly harsh on Rachel.
    And what a horrible thing to say about Chloe. I don’t understand how you can be a friend of beautifully stacked Rachel, and thus be aware about the relentless nastyness largely boobed women receive, and say something that nasty about a girl who has one cupsize bigger boobs, or two, whatever, all those girls are damn gorgeous.
    Kinda makes me wonder if I’m reacting to some fool who just wrote some crap.

  23. joery Says:

    small rectification:
    1. …be aware of…
    2. …all those girls LOOK damn gorgeous. (I don’t know if they ARE gorgeous because their personalities are an essential factor for that qualification, and I obviously don’t know them personally)

  24. A friend of Rachels!!! Says:

    I understand what you are saying joery and i apologise. My words came out in anger as Rachel has recieved nasty messages about her compared to chloe and I didn’t think about what i was saying!!

  25. joery Says:

    accepted (on behalf of Chloe, if I may)

  26. Rachel Lover Says:


  27. rachel aldana Says:

    i would just like to say on behalf of myself if those other three girls lost weight….. they wouldnt be half the size they are, i weigh 10 stone and a size 8 waist…. your boobs look disgusting my bbob section compered to yours look awful where you have had to pull them up, im very proud of mine

  28. Sean Says:

    Chloe, if you are reading this, please do not get a breast reduction as your breasts look wonderful. Most people love bigger breasts and they are something to be proud off. I think they llok awesome and I really love your look. You are such a pretty young girl and I am astounded with what nature has given you. Have you thought about modelling as you would make so much money. Please keep those amazing breasts and how about appearing on British TV, like Trisha or something, so all us guys can judge for ourselves. If Chloe or any of her friends read this, please respond Thanks

  29. joery Says:

    Word Sean. Go Chlo-ee Go Chlo-ee

  30. joery Says:

    Why so spiteful Rachel?

  31. Sean Says:

    Once again, Chloe please get in touch if your out there. Your breasts are simply too good to go to waste. You could be the next Linsey Dawn Mckenzie honey!!

  32. joery Says:

    You don’t have to be a pin-up girl Chloe.

    Explore the benefits of your heavenly body befor you permanently deprive yourself of that.

    Don’t let them mutilate yourself.

  33. Sean Says:

    Chloe you are a dream. You have breasts to die for!!

  34. Davey Says:

    Is this really Rachel Aldana who’s replied to this or someone just trying to stir up trouble?
    Of all of the 4 girls Rachel looks the most naturally beautiful, and I am aware of how journalists can manipulate articles but of the four Rachel came across as extremely down to Earth and its a shame people have been so spiteful to her.

  35. Joery Says:

    I was also wondering about that, Davey. Perhaps “A Friend of Rachels” can tell us if that was really Rachel. Her apology was pretty convincing…. with this posting system it’s too easy to manipulate things.

    I guess the only way to be certain that the 4 girls are réally joining us, is when this becomes a User Registration Forum, and that the girls would send a unique picture with their identity to ensure it’s really thém speaking to us. (not because I want the girls to be sending naked pictures or something of themselves. A fully clothed picture would be excellent; it’s just to know it’s réally them.) It would give them a solid platform to speak and their presence would do all of us booblovers a great service.

    Administrators, work on it.

    ps. see how I altered my name from joery to Joery.

  36. Davey Says:

    No problem Joery, point well illustrated.
    The reason i question whether that really is Rachel is the spiteful nature of her message (as you pointed out yourself Joery).
    I mean i could be totally wrong here, because a few lines of text don’t exactly project a persons entire personality, but when i saw the People article with Rachel Aldana she came across as down to Earth and intelligent. It was almost as though she was a reluctant “record holder.”
    Rather than boasting about her natural chest size and her obvious good looks she seemed to be saying “yeah thats all good but theres more to me than a pair of tits.”
    Like I say, I could be wrong, the journalist could have worded the article to suit how he wanted it to appear, but after reading it I was as impressed with how she came across verbally as how she was physically.
    Then we get a slightly bitchy and miss spelt post on here that didn’t make a lot of sense, I am just a bit sceptical that Rachel herself would drop to that level.

  37. Joery Says:

    I hereby call on everybody to participate in freezing this most interesting thread and collectively insist on the Administrator(s) to create a User Registration Forum (if there is a proper web-term or abbreviation for “user registration forum”, please enlighten me) so we can continue this open discussion on a much more reliable basis. (I realize there are downsides to this system, such as the possibility of elitism, but I’m ok with that).

    Or at least elaborate on it.
    Administrator, if you have deliberately avoided this kind of a posting system, please tell us what you think of it anyway.

    I’m saying this because I think we have reached a dead end, where someone will only occasionally shout: “please Chloe, don’t have the reduction!” (which I’m pretty gutted about) and “I like Rachel more” and possible topheavy women won’t bother to join in with the discussion because people will constantly wonder if it’s really them.

  38. Joery Says:

    Maybe it was a bad idea.
    As I once more read my own post I more and more am overcome by the same nauseating feeling I get from visiting the Anekee-forum.
    To be totally honest it was an attempt to ultimately try to change Chloe’s mind about having a breastreduction, about which I’m probably equally messed up as Sean. (great passion man)

    But WTF, one last attempt; Leanne Darnley, I’m pretty sure your post was genuine. So if you read this; you must be able to get in touch with Chloe (and Natasha, sorry…). I do realize topheavy women face backproblems, but apart from back/breast-support I think a lot of them just need some moral support to compensate for the terror they receive and makes a lot of them decide to have their astounding features taken away forever. I know maybe you can’t be bothered to do this, but if you have for instance her (their, sorry…) e-mailaddress, you could at least send her a link to this webpage or something, it will only take a minute or two. She’s only 16, probably very insecure as all teenagers are and therefor much too young to make such an irreversible decision. Thank you.

  39. Joery Says:

    Ah! Administrator is Reese right? How silly of me. Reese.

  40. Sean Says:

    Yeah, Chloe should get in touch. As far as big natural boobs go, I admit I am messed up!! Chloe has the best set of natural boobs I have seen in a long time and I include such greats as Linsey Dawn, Chloe Vevrier and Bea Flora in relation to that.

    Chloe, please reconsider having a breast reduction as your god-given talents are astounding!! If you are reading this or if any of Chloe’s friends are reading, please get in touch with us. Chloe, you are amazing plain and simple!!

  41. natasha Says:

    hi this is natasha here,
    first of all i would like to say we never said anything horrible about rachel, we never mentioned her the reporter did, the reporter also twisted things round too. yes chloe said hers were obviously bigger but she was speaking the truth she was not trying to hurt anyone.

    Im not a 36jj im a 34 and chloe is not a kk just a k, we also never claimed we were the biggest we were just the biggest to get in touch with the paper, and no diesrespect to chloe or leanne but mine dont look as big as i was holding them properly i have the original picture where you can clearly see all of my boobs the scanned picture washes them out.

    im not having mine reduced because of pressure or bullying i couldnt care less what others thought of me thats there opinion, im having it done as i dont want to live the rest of my live with back ache shoulder pain etc, its ok for all you men to say oh you should keep them there lovely try living with them you would get the idea of what we go through then youd see why we are making this decision.

    also the reporter estimated the weight of chloes by what was written about rachels weight.

    just wanted to have my say Rachel if you read this good luck to you if i was`nt ill i would be trying to carry on doing modelling as i loved the day it was great, we never said anything bitchy, i know im certainly not like that.


  42. Reese Says:

    Tasha: Thanks so much for sticking it out and finally being able to respond. Vix & I are well acquainted with the press because of her Tits Out for MS charity, and we know how words can get turned around. Best of luck to your in your health and whatever you pursue.

    Joery: Yes, I’m the sole administrator of MyBoobSite. I’ve stayed away from a registration-only forum as many visitors, like Natahsa, were having trouble posting their thoughts. I want to keep things as open as possible…and if that means not knowing someone’s true identity, then so be it. I respect everyone’s right to express their opinion, even if they choose to remain anonymous.

    As for the women featured in the articles who have posted comments here, the only one I can vouch for is Natasha, as she had corresponded with me prior to posting. As administrator, I have access to the unique IP addresses of everyone who posts here, and hers matches that of her e-mail address. Thus, you are left to decide whether or not the others are genuine on your own.

    I wholly support any decisions that Natasha, Leanne, Chloe & Rachel make regarding themselves. After all, it’s their bodies, and they have to live with that each day. As much as I love big breasts and find each of them stunning in their own right, whatever they decide is best for themselves is, truly, entirely up to them.

    ~Reese! :~)

  43. Joery Says:


  44. Davey Says:

    Well it’s good to have heard from Natasha and that she has shed some light on the whole article.
    Its a shame that her health problems are getting in the way of her dreams as she seems a nice lass and she definitely has the looks and body to be a model.
    Fair points about the registration Reese, my only worry about it was the person posting as Rachel Aldana just seemed a little bit too bitchy to be real, you’d also think that if it was genuinely her trying to make a point she’d have at least checked the spelling of her post.
    Like I said, despite the fact we know the People are good at twisting and manipulating comments in their articles, Rachel came across as a decent young woman and it was refreshing compared to some of the usual airhead bitchiness you get from people who have been well blessed in the looks/body department.
    Unfortunately she’s had to endure a lot of stick because of her boob size, the fact she was even in the article and it would just be an even bigger shame for someone to make it worse by posting rubbish in her name.

  45. Joery Says:

    I still wonder where Chloe stands. In the article she says she can’t afford a specially made bra, a very dubious argument for such a radical operation…ok, not entirely fair…
    The fact is, she’s still growing. Many 16 year olds have fysical problems which are gone when they’re 20. Maybe in 4 years she has a strong back. Also, when I look at Chloe, I simply think she is perfectly healthy and therefor needs no operation.
    Natasha, can you ask Chloe to give a bonafide reaction like you did in cooperation with Reese or at least send her a link to this page?
    Thanks anyway. And if we don’t hear from you anymore, all the best.

  46. Julie Rogers (Chloe's mum) Says:

    I would like to reply to the comments on this site, as I am Chloe’s mum.
    I went with Chloe for the photo shoot at the Sunday People and met Natasha and Leanne. At no time did any of them say anything nasty about Rachel they were all there for the experience and a fun day out. Chloe is having a reduction due to the problems that having a bust this size is causing her. This includes back pain and shoulder which are very red and sore, at times the bra straps even break the skin causing bleeding.
    The reporter twisted a lot of what all three of the girls said. We have no idea how much chloe’s boobs weigh, the reporter guessed. Also it says that Chloe comes from a family with a history of large boobs, again this is not true. none of us can work out where they come from.
    Buying a bra is impossible as the biggest we can get without having it hand made is 32JJ which costs £36 Chloe is only 16 and a student so she cannot afford this and neither can I. When all of her friends are buying pretty bras for £5.99 and she has to pay a fortune for what looks like scaffolding, you can imagine she gets quite fed up.

  47. Marc (Chloe's fiancee) Says:

    This is a further reply from the comments on this site. I can back up Julie (Chloe’s mum) with what she has just said, I have seen the damage that having a big bust size can cause. I am truly ashamed of some of these comments on this website, chloe has done this photo shoot because she has taken an interest of modeling.

  48. Joery Says:

    Hello Julie. I can’t believe it’s actually true that she might get her beautiful breasts taken away because she or her family never had enough money to buy a custommade bra to try and find out if that is the solution to her problem. And what I don’t understand is: the People made a lot of money from publishing the photos of the 4 girls, believe me. Are you saying Chloe didn’t even get enough money for it to buy her a specially-made bra (100 pounds)?

    Are you saying it takes a hundred pounds to find out if the operation might not be necessary?

  49. Julie Rogers (Chloe's mum) Says:

    Joery, In reply to your last comment…….The bras that Chloe wears at the moment are too small as they do not make off the pegs sizes to fit her, this means that they are very uncomfortable. A custom made bra starts at £80.
    None of the three girls were paid anything for this photo shoot. We were paid our travel expences only.
    You try walking around all day with 2 5lb bags of potatos strapped to your chest… may begin to think differently about the pain side of this problem.

  50. Joery Says:

    Yes, but 80 pounds for a chance to keep your daughter as beautiful as nature intended, it’s gotta be possible. Try it befor she has a reduction.
    And how can this Marc be Chloe’s fiancé, she’s only 16. And what kind of candidate for your gorgeous daughter is he if he can’t afford to buy her a custom made bra (that might keep his wife as sexy as she is now)?

  51. Joery Says:

    And Marc, what kind of damage is that precisely and what comments are you ashamed about?

    Really. To be Chloe Rogers (16 years old!) fiancé AND not being able to buy her something so important for only 80 pounds. It’s just too absurd.
    (I don’t want to trivialize poverty)

  52. Outlookman Says:

    I had a good laugh at some of the comments on here, you can not be serious about your last comments Jorey, I’m not….. check my ip address.
    By the way good luck Marc and Chloe….hes a lucky guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Joery Says:

    How old are you Marc?

  54. Outlookman Says:

    To smart to fall for your hook line and sinker lolol

  55. Expressman Says:

    I think this blog has run its course on this subject, give the girls a break and let them enjoy 2 minutes of fame.
    Good luck to them all

  56. Joery Says:

    You say “hes a lucky guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!” because he has a girl with such big boobs. But they will be reduced in the future so calling him a “luck guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

  57. natasha Says:

    joery: you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. my bra is the right size for me but it no way eleviates the discomfort and pain from my boobs.

    Marc is a lucky guy cause chloe is a great person being with someone just cause they have big boobs does not make anyone a lucky guy it makes them very shallow and a jerk.Just like you sound.

    Why cant chloe have a fiance at 16 and why should he chloe or her mum have to spend all that money on a bra when it wont make much difference. Bras may well hold breats but to hold them the weight is on the shoulders, and strains the neck back etc so having a well fitted bra still wont eliviate the pain.

  58. Joery Says:

    Look Natasha, my reacting to Outlookman was just to point out the illogicality of his statement. If you’re saying that I back that statement (guy is lucky ’cause girl has big tits), that’s not true.
    Furthermore I wasn’t trying to change YOUR mind about having the reduction. Just because YOU still have back problems DESPITE a well fitting bra doesn’t mean that also goes for Chloe, who is another person with another body. She until now never seems to have had a proper bra. I think the least she can do is for once get a proper bra (save up for it) and see if it works before she has her breasts reduced.

    And about the intruding questions for Marc and Chloe’s mother, sorry, sorry.
    I just thought that deciding to marry at age 16 is something of 2 centuries ago or for 3rd world countries but I guess it’s a free world. It’s very romantic Chloe found the love of her life and I wish both of you all the best.
    I will now follow Expressman’s advice.

  59. natasha Says:

    Ok but just because she has a well fitting bra does not mean it will take away the pain believe me, no matter what size you are a bra is still the same, the straps take all the weight and when you have heavy breast like me and chloe all the weight of the breasts are on the shoulders, so even if it fits well over her breats it will still cut in her shoulders theres no avoiding that. The only way to stop them being heavy is to have them reduced. its also not just when we have bras on its also very painful when you take the bra off, the weight of them pulls on the shoulders pulls the skin above the breasts which is very painful, i also am hunched over when i sit, and you may well say wel just sort your posture out, ive tried sitting up straight and it also hurts my shoulders. i dont just talk for myself i think i talk for quite a few women out there.

    i would like to see men even for one day carry the weight around we do on there chests they`d soon respect us for what we go through then oggling them thinking there just pretty things for you to admire.
    (im not getting at anyone directly)

  60. Joery Says:

    Sorry Expressman, one more time.
    Natasha. Do you know Milena Velba. ( She is just like you and Chloe and at age 35 seems to be perfectly happy with her natural boobs, obviously you not and POSSIBLY Chloe neither.

  61. Davey Says:

    Natasha, Chloe, Leanne and Rachel, you’re all beautiful lasses that have had to suffer in one form or another because of your breast size.
    I personally think you all look great and you all come across like decent and intelligent lasses, and I hope whatever course of action you take regarding your breasts is the right one and it makes your struggle somewhat easier.
    Maybe it’s time to put this discussion to bed, so i wish you all well and hope that the comments on here were a fair represantiation of who you really are (by that I mean I don’t believe the person claiming to be Rachel Aldana was really her but the rest of you seem very genuine).

  62. Julie Rogers (Chloe's mum) Says:

    Oh dear Oh dear
    I thought this was an intelligent conversation, how wrong could I be.
    Joery said in a previous post that ….. [Edited out by Moderator]
    Just who do you think you are to make judgements like this on people you have never met.
    My daughter is beautiful and intelligent and I am very proud of her. I do not have to justify myself or her to idiots like you.

  63. natasha Says:

    some people just have no live do they? and yes i posted a real comment but to you this all just seems a joke.

  64. Outlook among many Says:

    Julie they are throwing you a hook, don’t get caught up with these comments. S.W.

  65. Sean Says:

    I respect Chloe’s decision. I just think it’s ashame that she will go through with the reduction as her breasts are beautiful, as is she. I can understand how annoying it must be for her and it’s her decision. I just wish her the best. It is so sad as I think she has a gorgeous chest that she could make a lot of money from.

  66. Joery Says:

    The only one who’s throwing hooks is you Outlook, it’s so sad, you’re truly what I just called you. I díd believe Julie’s post was real and Natasha’s too and I damn you for posting that fake post by “Marc” that temporarely made me lose my mind. For what it’s worth, Julie, I was indeed wrong for judging you and your daughter without knowing you two and I wish you would have dismissed Outlooks TRAP befor I was foolish enough to step in it (I don’t know what your game is Outlook, but apart from your posts and the “spiteful Rachel post” all the other posts might all be genuine to me, who is “they” man, apart from you?) The notion that indeed beautiful and lovely Chloe was engaged to this Marc filled me with blind rage, of which I’m terribly ashamed.
    I’m a great admirer of Blackadder, Bottom, Beatles, the Police, Pink Floyd, English humour in general, really loved HBO’s and BBC’s Rome,etc.

  67. Outlook among many Says:


    The notion that indeed beautiful and lovely Chloe was engaged to this Marc filled me with blind rage, of which I’m terribly ashamed. YOUR WORDS

    Your comments enraged me about Marc as you spouted contempt.
    You don’t live in the real world and you judge people by your standards thus i wanted to expose how this site can be manipulated by false postings.

    It does not matter if Marc exsists or not, but Marcs posting exposed your pathetic attitude and enraged me as his father.

    ps Marcs Father …….Yes I am real .

  68. Outlookman says Says:

    I Quote
    Joery Says:

    January 5th, 2006 at 4:37 pm
    I hereby call on everybody to participate in freezing this most interesting thread and collectively insist on the Administrator(s) to create a User Registration Forum (if there is a proper web-term or abbreviation for “user registration forum”, please enlighten me) so we can continue this open discussion on a much more reliable basis. (I realize there are downsides to this system, such as the possibility of elitism, but I’m ok with that).

    Or at least elaborate on it.
    Administrator, if you have deliberately avoided this kind of a posting system, please tell us what you think of it anyway.

    I’m saying this because I think we have reached a dead end, where someone will only occasionally shout: “please Chloe, don’t have the reduction!” (which I’m pretty gutted about) and “I like Rachel more” and possible topheavy women won’t bother to join in with the discussion because people will constantly wonder if it’s really them.

  69. Sean Says:

    Guys, just admire the amazing boobs on show here. Chloe is simply stunning, no question. If she chose to, she could be bigger than Linsey Dawn Mckenzie. Rachael and Natasha are also hot. Lets not get abusive about it. In short, I wish Chloe all the best but I also wish she would reconsider the reduction. At least put it back a year or two and do some glamour modelling or go on Trisha so all us big natural boob lovers can admire you. You are a stunning girl with boobs to die for. Boobs as unique as your deserve to be shown.

  70. Reese Says:

    “Joery” (not the real one, mind) said:

    Why OH Why don’t people grow up see the false content on this site?
    The postings on this web blog are all made under FALSE IDENTITIES just to keep the flow. Don’t be sucked in!

    Jorey get a real message board, not this pile of crap when anyone can write and post rubbish under several names. check my ip addresses.

    I have posted to prove a point under the names

    The site owner or moderator hould have a better control on the content posted.

    PS. If any of the people posted a real comment ……..sorry

    Dear Expressman, Joery Says, Me, Myself & I, Moderator, Outlook among many, Outlookman, JOERY (not the real one), REESE (also, also wik)~

    Your feeble apology is not accepted…especially in the light of your subsequent, piss-taking posts. I come back from a pleasant weekend away to this. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself, ruining a reasonable exchange of ideas between individuals who feel strongly about a topic. Your IP address – (for those “in the know”, who can track it to a physical street address) – has been banned from this site. So far in this discussion, you have been the only one to attempt impersonating other visitors in your comments by issuing such from the same location. I apologise to those genuine people who have posted heartfelt comments here and have seriously considered closing down the comments section due to this gross impropriety. HOWEVER, there’s no reason why I should penalize all of MyBoobSite’s visitors for the ignorance of one. Thus, I shall merely have to redouble my efforts to ensure that this does not occur in the future. You have abused the liberties afforded to you upon this open forum, and I shall not tolerate this any longer. And here I am naively thinking that the concept of “freedom of speech” is a good thing…


    P.S. to “”: …if you take issue with this, please e-mail me personally (as your IP address has been banned from this site).

    P.P.S. also to “”: As an American transplanted to England, I am greatly saddened that a “fellow Brit” would stoop to such deviance.

    P.P.P.S. to the real Joery: As much as I respect the good people of The Netherlands, be careful of what you say about Brits and Americans. ;~)

    P.P.P.P.S. to Sean: I couldn’t concur more.

    P.P.P.P.P.S. to Chloe’s mum: I am deeply sorry for what has occurred here, and I do appreciate your genuine efforts to “set the record straight” on so many levels. You deserve the utmost respect for coming forward with your thoughts and insights…if only someone hadn’t come along and ruined it for everyone. :~(

  71. Reese Says:


    No, thank you for your understanding.

    To All~

    Because of the issues raised in this post, I have restructured the discussion section a bit to require that all new comments be approved prior to appearing here. A name and e-mail address is also required to post from now on. It’s sad that things have disintegrated into petty abuse, and I must say that this particular entry is wholly responsible for that (check the replies to some of my other posts to see what I mean).

    As for the reason I’ve not made MyBoobSite a registration-only forum: First off, it’s not a forum at all, it’s my personal weblog in which I share whatever big boobs I might come across whilst surfing the ‘net. I merely opened a “comments” section to allow others to express their opinions about what I post. Secondly, I used to believe in free speech…that is until I encountered the unfortunate ‘net subculture who saw fit to abuse my trust.

    Honestly, I spend enough time seeking out and editing new material, not to mention communicating with webmasters and models, in order to provide quality photo and video content for the genuine fans of this site. I have neither the resources nor the inclination to run a full-blown “message board” as well. However, because of recent events, I find that I’ll at least have to moderate every single post that visitors make on this site, and this will be at the expense of those who come here for MyBoobSite’s intended purpose: the admiration of and respect for large breasts (so my humblest apologies to them as well).

    That said, there’s a secondary purpose to this site as well: That is to help promote the appreciation of women of all shapes and sizes – provided they’ve got a lot up top, of course ;~) – something I’d mentioned in my “Virtue of Selfishness” post shortly after I’d first begun blogging. I had hoped to encourage the same through this post, but, to my dismay and disillusionment, the discussions quickly degenerated.

    A big THANK YOU to those visitors who have been respectful in their posts here, to the four stunning girls who’ve shared both their beauty and a moment of their lives with us, and to all of MyBoobSite’s regulars who make my continued efforts worthwhile.

    ~Reese! :~)

  72. Davey Says:

    Nice one Reese, good idea. This thread was actually quite interesting until the joker started to ruin things.
    The saddest part is Chloes mother, leanne and Natasha have taken the time to visit and contribute but yet were exposed to the rantings of one sad individual.
    Now as much as guys like us admire big chested women, they have also pointed out how much they have suffered as a result of their breast size. Its just a shame that they had to see more of that kind of attitude on here by people pretending to be Chloes fiancee etc.
    I just want to assure these ladies that not all guys are complete shallow idiots, and there are some people who can appreciate a persons natural beaty on the inside, because as beautiful as the four girls are, there’s so much more to a human being than big tits.

  73. Outlookman Says:

    Dear Reese

    Thank you for at least changing your system posting although you did not have the guts to leave my final reply on the board.

    You should have at least explained why and moderated all the other suspect postings.

    The irony is that my intentions were honourably trying to protect my son and his girlfriend Chloe, from the type of insults displayed.

    People need to protect their identity when posting and not cloned as on your board.

    I have no hard feelings to you and you work hard on your site.


    PS and yes my last contact to you

  74. Reese Says:

    Dear Westy~

    No, I did not post your previous reply to the board, as I found it to be abusive. I do intend to weed through the responses to this thread so far, whenever I can find the time, and delete those which are found to be either objectionable or disrespectful. I do, however, appreciate your position in trying to protect your son and his girlfriend from any untoward remarks made here.

    That said, the only way that I could genuinely verify a given poster’s true identity, even in a registration-based forum, would be to either go through credit card verification (as they use on the iFriends adult webcam site) or require a full photo ID documentation package (not unlike the U.S.C. Title 18, Section 2257 data that must be maintained on every professional model who appears here)…and that’s simply not feasible.

    Thus, I must still leave it up to each and every visitor to discern for themselves the integrity of the comments they read.

    All the best to you and your family…

    ~Reese! :~)

  75. Sean Says:

    I just want to see Chloe’s amazing puppies. She should join Score or something!

  76. Johny milan Says:

    wow ,i love know it mmm baby

  77. Sean Says:

    More Chloe, more Chloe!!!

  78. Adey Says:

    I think we should try to discuss ways to be more constructive and help these girl’s situations.
    This thread should be aimed at Bra Manufacturers to improve Brasier design and leave potential surgery, which carries risks, as a last resort. Perhaps bra straps could be wider and cover more of the shoulder, and the back straps more substantial, spread the pressure around the torso and shoulder more than those skinny bra straps, or perhaps use of new fabrics.
    The ladies may say that these may not be as pretty as more ‘conventional’ bras but I disagree. As an admirer of very large breasted women I would like to think women would be proud of being well-endowed, and be proud to wear one.
    I do sympathise with these girls, but I would hope that bra manufacurers would take note and try to help avoid drastic surgery when a much simpler and less risky alternative were available like a new design of lingerie. Theres a challenge to you Bra manufacturers! Would it be better if the ladies wore 2 bras until someone comes out with something better?

    I must say one thing that saddens me was something that natasha said:

    Natasha, as admirers we DO, and I think I speak for most of us, respect you lovely ladies, and we sympathise with the practical problems of having such large and heavy breasts. But when you said ‘they’re not just pretty things for you to admire’ , I guess I just wanted to say that it is a sad day if men are made to feel guilty for admiring such a beautiful and feminine part of the female body, I dont mean ogling and leering or making lewd comments, I mean admiring discreetly.

    I hope that these young ladies dont get breast reductions, I think they are goddesses and are beautiful just the way they are, and perhaps you should consider strongly ALL other alternatives, perhaps back excersises, swimming for example, will strengthen the back and the pectoral muscles which may help provide more support, together with buying a few good bras to avoid surgery has got to be worth a try?? But whatever decisions you make I wish you all the best.

  79. Sean Says:

    I still want to see Chloe’s wonderful pppies!!

  80. Lee Says:


    Has anyone thought of actuaqlly doing something constructive? What about offering to buy Chloe a decent bra? Or offering a modelling assignment / photoshoot to this gorgeous girl?

    My ex had a breast reduction because of bitchiness from other people and nearly died when the surgeon made a mistake and cut a major blood vessel. I would be prepared to offer the price of a decent bra if this is all it takes to stop Chloe doing something she might regret later.

    I realise this may not be a long term alternative to surgery, but as all surgery is potentially dangerous, surely it’s worth considering?


  81. a friend of rachels Says:

    i aqm a friend of rachels.. rachel didnt evan know about this site untill recently, she is very down to earth a really nice person over all really nice, she would never say anything bad about these girls – she`s in the same situation as them. rachel doesnt like her boobs at all but she deals with what she is given and to be honest these big assetts make her who she is and myself and eveyone of her friends and who else knows her – loves her so much because of them

  82. Sean Says:

    Chloe shouldn’t get a breast reduction. Those natural wonders of hers are spectacular and should not be tampered with. Chloe, you are stunning with a great figure!! Please get in touch with us.

  83. jalabi Says:

    I agree with Lee, in his post of 2/19/06. If I could send Rachel and the other girls featured in the People article a nice solid bra and vouchers to get them proper bra fittings, I definitely would. I think it would be a nice gesture if we here could pool some money together and do that for these ladies whose figures we so admire and wish to preserve. It would not be charity, it would be equivalent to doing something nice for someone who deserves it, and as far as I am concerned, these gals deserve all the breaks they could get.

  84. juggman Says:

    chloes breasts are huge.All i want to know is are they bigger than Linsey Dawn Mckenzie’s

  85. Sean Says:

    I would love to know the same. I think we should start a petition to make Chloe a star! With a chest like that, she could go far!!

  86. Stuart Foley Says:

    i read this article and found it very fascinating aspecialy about the larger breast being in the genes bit, could it be that these three ladies families have a gene that instead of distributing the fat evenly around there bodies i.e bum, bust, thighs, and tummy as ladies most often complain about when putting on weight, their bodies simply pile most of the fat of there every day diets into there breasts(Storing it for some reason). Maybe I am completely wrong but i am very sure that they are not overweight and the only time I’ve seen Breasts that big are usualy on very obese woman (i have a friend who was easily and she admitted it herself double J and she was very overweight) please if anyone can enlighten me about this fact feel free to give me your comments.

  87. juan Says:

    It’s such a shame that any of the girls wish a breast reduction, but it’s their body, and they can do what they liek with it. That said, they all have the opportunity to model for a couple of years, make a LOT of money, then have the operation, like Linsey Dawn McKenzie has just done.
    I’d ask you all to reconsider for a few years yet!!!

  88. Rich Says:

    you know I’d be more than willing to financially assist to some small degree any of these girls. My first g/f was a G cup; and I do have some second-hand experience of what it’s like.

  89. Nicola Says:

    I really do not know what people are making such comments about a young girls breasts. do you not understand that being so young and being pressured either way into a reduction or not is not doing her any favours. I, myself am a 34JJ and being 28 years old have had the experience of people leeching over them and people assuming you are a particualar kind of person based on the size of your breasts. I say live and let live. If these girls would like to be more socially acceptable and not feel like freaks walking down the road I say go for it. Good luck to you all. XX

  90. johnny milan Says:

    rachel get in touch with me johnny xxx

  91. Sean Says:

    Rachel has just appeared in the latest issue of loveit magazine here in the UK. She is featured in one pic wearing a light coloured bra. Bliss!! Rachel, get in touch with us please babe!!

  92. Jo Says:

    It also states in ”LoveIt” Magazine that Rachal has done a topless photoshoot for her local newspaper.

  93. Philip Hank Says:

    Has anyone actualy seen her in this magazine? If so, can someone please scan and post such photos? That would be really great. Thanks.

  94. jinx Says:

    who have a picture of this article in high definition?
    and other picture?

  95. johnny milan Says:

    this girl is mine i was seeing her b4, now i know what ive lost so im going to have to win her back

  96. anonymous Says:

  97. johnny milan Says:

    where are those pics from,are they the ones from love it magazine.

  98. Carl Says:

    im still in shock from the fact that britains 3 biggest sets of breasts are from teenagers!! absolutely amazing and a good thing for 18 year olds like me haha.
    Chloe, im sure the surgeons would have to wait for your boobs to stop growing before they operate, its far less dangerous that way and you wont have as bad scars. If thats the case, wait till ur 18, try modelling for a while, with a body like that (not jsut your amazing breasts) you could definately go far!!!
    The same goes for you other 3 girls, and i know you ust have very sore backs, but try a masseuse or physio for it, there are plenty of good exercises you can do to prevent sore backs n shoulders, trust me. my mums a masseuse.
    Please dont butcher yourselves, if not for us big breast lovers, then for your unborn children, imagine if you couldnt feed them, im sure you wouldnt feel like a “real” mum then!
    anyways, please get some more pictures done soon!
    hope your recoverd well now tasha =]
    much love to all of you!

  99. Philip Hank Says:

    Have there been any new developments on this story? Are there anymore pictures? Maybe this is all there is, but if not, I would like to see more.

  100. Mr. 100 Says:


    I’m the 100th poster in this list…


  101. natasha Says:

    HI just to let you know i had my op in feb and have never felt better, i feel so much more confident now (i know if people are looking at me now its for me and not my tits lol) Also i get much more pleasure from them now as there much more sensitive hehe. I would say if anyone is considering go for it.
    Love natasha x

  102. johnny milan Says:

    yummy yummy sexy

  103. david chamillionaire Says:

    rachel aldana is the sexy’est buer i would shag her

  104. $50cent$ Says:

    yor rachel du u want to hook up sum time u can cum to my crib in new york if u want to. i will buy u anything u want to cause im a p.i.m.p

  105. ROGAN J0SH Says:

    Rumour has it tht chole is on [myspace] …dats all aim gonna say good luck

  106. HassleFree Says:

    Well its been a year and I’m still desperate for more Chloe Rogers pics. Her boobs don’t even need to be out, just anything will do. For God’s sake some one must have been to school with her or something. I’m really not sure about the other 3 girls but I’d be prepared to believe that Chloe was the biggest titted 16 year old when that was taken, and presumably the biggest titted every age before that as well. She looks like a really sweet girl and I’m dying to know what a girl with such massive young jugs looked like when she was out and about.

  107. Sentry Says:

    Hi, If anyone on her represents or has contact info for any of the girls featured in the People article we would love to hear from you.
    We would like to offer any or all of the girls a paid photoshoot. The girls don’t have to be fully topless in the shoot if they are not confident to do so.

    Please drop me an email at

  108. Sean Says:

    Was on myspace but couldn’t find Chloe anywhere!! Wish she would get in touch as her breasts were phenomenal!!

  109. Carl Says:

    Hey natasha good to hear =)
    bummer that u made them smaller, but if ur happier with them, thats all that matters.
    at least ull always have this page as a reminder of wat u once had haha.

    carl xx

  110. keef1 Says:

    I just found this site, it’s nice to know my scans have been used and I have been credited.

  111. the boss Says:

    two words for you guys……..Jenny Hill. whos bra size i believe to be something like 40Q!! thats right i said Q, no mistake Q!!! as far as i know she too is british and has been a score magazine model for a number of years.
    she has these three beaten hands down no matter what confusion there may be about bra size conversions.

  112. jalabi Says:

    To Natasha: good to hear from you after a long while. Also glad to hear that you are feeling OK after your breast reduction surgery (even though I wouldn’t have wanted you to do it, it’s your body and your life, you can do as you please).

  113. Sean Says:

    I would just love to know the status of Rachel and Chloe. Anyone know these girls or what they are up to. I saw Rachel on British TV a few months back when she was briefly on a show presented by Vanessa Feltz and she looked HOT!! Seriously, I hope she strongly considers a career in the big boob industry as she has the potential to be the next LDM!!!

    As for Chloe, any info regarding what she’s up to would be great. The girl has a fine pair of naturals, although I have a horrible feeling she may have gone throught with the reduction!!

  114. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Rachel Aldana 32JJ - Biggest Breasts in Britain Says:

    […] MYBOOBSITE NEWS FLASH: Remember my “Biggest Boobs in Britain” post way back in December 2005 within which I mentioned 32JJ Rachel Aldana for the firs time ever on My Boob Site? Well, it’s been almost two years since that particular boob blog – which, to date, has been my most popular with 113 comments at last count – and I’ve just received breaking news that JJ-cup Rachel has at long last relented to the countless boob-lovers’ requests and gone totally topless for PinUpFiles!! :~D […]

  115. Joe Says:

    Yes it’s great!! I’ve just seen her in a couple of topless pictures!! Now we are going to wait for Chloe’s debut (who is today 18 :D)

  116. Gavin Says:

    Hey Rachel if you read this, just to say hi and i am still living in the Florida keys and showed all my yankie buddies a pic of you to remind them that they havent got the best, we have. I hope to see you soon, get back to me at my email add…

  117. Gav Says:

    Hey gorgeous, i am back living in the florida keys. You are famous here now, so take care and see you back in b_______ sometime.
    have a great xmas

    love gavin

  118. More Rachel Says:

    More Rachel Aldana!!!

  119. Godfrey (Chloe's grampa yeah right) Says:

    All this family talk is funny,all you pretenders should get a life. What do you peeps expect from tabloids papers,they are like toilet paper.

    One thing is good is the gorgeous Rachel is now known and models for PinupGlamour,so the boob fanatics can see what true youth and beauty is all about.

    Rachel is a true gem,how many gorgeous young ladies can you name that look as good as her and sport a wonderful pair? I can name no other,but Rachel.

  120. Godfrey (Chloe's grampa yeah right) Says:

    Rachel Aldana is a trailblazer, PinupGlamour better treat her like a queen.She is THE most delicious lady they feature,and I know quite well they have a few beauties to show !

  121. tgreek Says:

    it is unbelieveble that in England there so many girls with big boobs and especially at this age.I really really believe that its a CRIME to make them smaller,every guy wants his girlfriend to look nice and 99 percent of them would like them to have big breasts,its the truth.We dont love the breasts,we love the girls having them.I really hope to see photos of chloe or to the girls and merry christmass

  122. Anonymous Says:

    As busty and stunningly beautiful as Rachel, Chloe, Natasha, and Leanne ALL are, I can guarantee you that NONE of them have (or had, prior to reduction surgery) the biggest (natural) boobs in Britain. In fact, none are (or were) even close. But you are not going to here about the women who are much bigger, because the last thing those women want to do is to draw that kind of public attention to themselves. Out of respect for those women, and their desire for privacy, I will not elaborate. I entered this response only because I thought those women would at least want their existence to be acknowledged.

    I frankly thought that the “Guinness Book of World Records” would be much more meticulous in their research and claims. Obviously I was mistaken.

  123. Matthew Says:

    Well, I found this post thoroughly depressing. I find it disgusting how some people think that these women have some sort of obligation to keep the boobs but it makes me very sad that Chloe got the reduction and only left us with this one photo (correct?). I find it ridiculous how guys on this thread say that they like these models for their brains and personalities. They may be equally gifted in those areas, but I will never meet them to find out. Get real guys, we’re all shallow. I am completely shallow when it comes to looking at photos of women online and somewhat shallow when it comes to real life. When it comes to actually looking for a girlfriend, first she would have to be not unpleasant to look at and not be flat as a board (this would only exclude about 10% of women), but I would have nothing to do with her if she was a b$#%. That said, I do see Chloe as more than just boobs (she has the complete package). I have no problems with breast reductions if they are done for the right reasons (although they still make me sad), however having trouble finding bras that fit or worrying about what other people think are terrible reasons. If it’s not boobs, people will always find another reason to discriminate against you. I can’t get surgery to make myself taller. Clothing manufacturers only make clothes for the average 20th percentile or so when it comes to all measurements. I have unusual measurements and have an insanely difficult time finding clothes that fit. While I don’t for a second say that it is anywhere as difficult as carrying around a huge set of boobs, the male genitalia can be quite a burden. A message to pants manufacturers: make the crotch lower! I have to wear pants that are three sizes too big so as not to experience extreme pain while running or sitting down. To the guys who say that they like the models for more than just their boobs and make repeated requests for them to take your gig offers, leave them alone! First of all, you don’t have a shot of getting with them so don’t try. Furthermore, this unwanted and excessive attention from strangers is what drives them to get breast reductions in the first place. If I see a well-endowed woman in real life I will stare at her breasts for about three seconds, then I will snap out of my daze and try not to look directly at the breasts afterwards. I am generally scared shitless of these women and humbled in there presence. I will not speak to them unless they speak to me first. I have been guilty of making comments on a woman’s breasts with my male friends in public places (although hopefully no women overheard) on several occasions. I will do my best to use the utmost discretion from now on. For all of you women who keep the boobs I am eternally grateful. I love them as does the entire human race (those who claim otherwise are just jealous). They make the world a better place. I think that it is disgusting how doctors push breast reductions for non-medical reasons (kind of like those bastards who took my foreskin. I could kill!). This is part of the larger trend of a distorted body image that comes from Hollywood and from the church. There is a general fear of feminine women and masculine men. So why do I like boobs so much? It’s evolution. I can’t help it. In biology class the topic of sexual selection was covered. Some species of deer grew antlers so large that they couldn’t support their head and went extinct. This species of bird grew a tail that was ridiculously long, making it more vulnerable to predators, however the trait was selected for because the female could be sure that the male was in good shape if he managed to carry that tail around for his whole life. In the larger animal kingdom, it is usually the male who evolves this elaborate ornamentation. Men: Big boobs are a privilege, not a right. Women: Your body, your choice, just make sure you choose wisely (In my opinion, the young and insecure age of 16 is too young to make such an important decision).

  124. Matthew Says:

    P.S. If Chloe hasen’t gotten the operation yet, I can pitch $15 Canadian for a bra or whatever. Tits out for MS is great, but maybe we could get a charity going and get pay some tailors, engineers?, counsellors?, physiotherapists?

  125. Mark Says:

    Man. 34kk at age 16? i don’t envy the attention a child with that kind of body would get. However, that being said, call me when you’re 18!

  126. Dave Says:

    Rachel or rachels mates?

    is she planning on going into modelling or is the brief shoots she did a one off thing as she could certainly be sucssesful

  127. Zagnut Says:

    Rachel Aldana all the way. Dam, I gotta move across the pond.

  128. Patrick Says:

    if only someone would take pic shots (close-ups) or from distance of chloe and put them in the internet. i have lots of friends admiring her. i’m not gay but they do look good. why don’t somebody offer her a well-payed modelling-deal ? she would become a guaranteed star and make a fortune! why should she be ashame?! she’s a beauty!

  129. Rose Says:

    yes at least try a modellig career ! if i had those naturals i would ! she can reduce anyway anytime ! we won’t be born again the same way we’re now.

  130. jimmy Says:

    Wait, she’s 16 and a 34kk….imagine how much attention she gets at school!

  131. Emanuel Says:

    Greetings ! I live quite far away from Britain, however all these oppinions presented above kicked me to a bit of action : people, kindly realize it’s the same all over the world. I have a very good friend who really sufferred and is still sufferring because of her amazing looks. No, she isn’t as great as these nice girls and yes, I was lucky to have her as my friend because I also got shattered when I saw her, but try to get a job without the whole company suspecting you got it because of… and try to walk in the street without some nasty bottom spanks, from people you’d never thought would do that and try to pass by a self righteous ugly ( in her oppinion ) woman without getting ten tons of scorn thrown at you and try to do that on a daily basis.
    Believe me, guys, I didn’t believe all this at first, but all she had to do was to invite me to walk not next to her but five meters behind.
    Absolutely unbelievable and not men, but women were the worst.
    Bottom line : I love beauty and the breast :) but maybe we, insatiable men, simply have to consider also hearing the other side and bow to ladies’ decisions, however tough and against our basic instincts that may be. And, having in view these beautiful creatures, it’s damn tough.

    Greetings again and all the best to you !

  132. Nadir Says:

    Good post, Emanuel. Society is very hard on unusual body types, even relatively common deviations from ‘average’ like being overweight earn disrespect and rudeness. It’s endemic.

    As far a reduction surgery goes I’d say the doctors/surgeons know what they’re doing. Unlike private plastic surgeons (esp in the US) they aren’t making any more money doing these kinds of operations than doing appendectomies and they have a duty to do what is medically the best thing- the wonders of a universal health care system. :)

    Oh and the Guiness Book of Records has always avoided sexual and body part categories (except one time they give a record to Norma Stitz which they quickly withdrew).

    According to Chloe Vervier, being an unusually well developed teenager means you get to go out with the boys you like (hehe). I’m sure she was making light of the negative aspects.

  133. Pete_UK Says:

    Whew! What a bad tempered thread this has been. I adore all women and greatly admire those with larger than average breasts and have the bottle to be proud of them.

    And Julie (Chloe’s mum), I just want to say I understand the problems. Many of us men who have large breasted wives are very sympathetic.

    I find it sad that 34J cup teens Natasha Weston-Mayes, and Leanne Darnley are considering having their magnificent mammaries reduced!

    The girls say that they have constant back pain and unwelcome attention. Girls, – and (Chloe’s mum),if you see this, there ARE solutions to these problems. Firstly, you are probably wearing the wrong bra. My wife is a 38H cup and for years she suffered back pain and the weight of her boobs eventually gave her a stoop, but when I married her I made it plain that I LOVE big boobs and I undertook to search out and buy the correct bra for her. We eventually settled on a Soft Cup Nursing Bra; e mail me for the brand and address, or leave a message on this page. Nursing bras are designed to support a huge, ever increasing weight and, for comfort, there is NO underwiring. Some high-tech Elastine is used instead. My wife says that these are THE most comfortable bras she has EVER worn. Her posture has improved, she now has NO back pain, and stands straight and proud. And these bras DO NOT cost a £100.00. The problem is that we can’t get these bras in the UK. No problem, I buy my wife’s bras online as imports from and you can get these for less than £20.00.

    As for abuse from jealous girls? You have to deal with it. In doing so your strength of character will grow, you will become more confident and more assertive. You know you have brains beyond that great bust, – just use ‘em and prove your critics wrong. You are young yet, you could capitalise on the fantastic attributes Mother Nature has given you, – and it has cost you nothing! I know numerous girls who long for a bigger bust, some almost suicidal because they feel ‘less than a woman’ and lack confidence.

    And anyway, none of you has the biggest natural boobs in Britain. As far as I’m aware Christina Jane Small is still alive and she has a 74GG” bust!!! A result of her lifelong medical condition Virginal Breast Hypertrophy. I’ve just read her autobiography. The tragic circumstances which have conspired to create Tina made me literally weep in sadness for her and my growing empathy endeared this gentle and lonely soul to me. I now have a deep respect for her and hold her in high esteem.

    So Natasha and Leanne, you are utterly gorgeous, so PLEASE don’t have your magnificent mammaries reduced! Why not open a web site and make money out of them instead?


  134. Talia Says:

    Hi!! Found you guys by accident. I am a 38G and wanted to add piks but didnt know how??? Greetings from NYC and Boston USA :)
    Not sure if its ok to post my web site here? I have a link also.

  135. allen Says:

    just wanted to throw in that Rachel Aldana is now huge compared to those girls cause she is still growing and is now an L cup

  136. casin sicuri Says:

    Spent some great time in your site, really enjoyed it

  137. Bennyboy Says:

    I think we should start a campaign to get the beautiful Rachel Aldana into the FHM 100 Sexiest Women. Would be great for her to break into such a mainstream thing. Anyone know how you get nominated?

  138. ANTHONY SMITH Says:


  139. tashmi Says:

    good bu’ not as big as me………..! i’m gonna show it soon…….

  140. Induna Says:

    Is there an update on this story seeing as it’s almost 3 years old now? Did any of them get breast reduction, hope not.

    Also to the guy who said Rachel Aldana is a 34L now, are there any new pics of her?

  141. My Boob Site Big Tits Blog » Blog Archive » Rachel Aldana at Says:

    […] STOP THE PRESSES!!! MyBoobSite reader Guy Adonis has just informed me that super busty K-cup British beauty Rachel Aldana has just got her own personal website:!! It’s been nearly three years since Rachel was recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the biggest breasts in Britain, and I was thrilled beyond belief as a big breast lover when, a scant two years later, Ms. Aldana formally started her professional topless modelling career with the good folks at PinUpFiles and I got to see those massive tits exposed for the first time ever. […]

  142. My Boob Site Big Tits Blog » Blog Archive » Biggest Breasts of Britain Record Broken Says:

    […] Well, it seems 32K Rachel Aldana’s record for Biggest Breasts in Britain has been broken. I learned this from some mysterious MyBoobSite reader who anonymously posted the following photo and story link in my forum blog… […]

  143. BOOBLOVER7 Says:

    Heres the link!!!
    Spread the word a NEW UK RECORD!!!

    Get this chick to model!!!

  144. Martin Says:

    I know this is off topic but who cares if Natasha is having her boobs reduced, not to disrepect her boobs, their beautiful but she has such an intense face, her eyes are deep and penetrating and her lips and naughty grin is so sexy I haven’t even taken my gaze off her face :)

  145. victor Says:

    oh crap those juggs are fine as he’ll I wish I could shuve my cock betwen those tits.please send me your email address.

  146. Chubber Dawg Says:

    Does it really matter who’s is the biggest!?! I haven’t met a boob that I didn’t like!

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  150. stacey Says:

    I am a 36K and am 18 years old, i have been this size since I was 16. I am on the NHS waiting list to get them reduced, if anyone can put me in touch with anyone that could get the reduced i would really appreciate it !

  151. claire Says:

    I am a natural 36KK (at last measurement, but am already bursting out of this size) and have been big boobed 4 years and years! Yes, big is beautiful but big boobs also mean BAD back pains, bras that don’t fit, clothes shopping nightmare and an almost inability 2 breast feed my babies when they were born ( i was unable 2 wear a bra as I could not find 1 to fit). I do get stared at a lot and asked if they r real but I am still proud 2 b one ov Britains Bustiest! Plus my husband loves them 2 bits!!!!!

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  154. Josh Potts Says:

    Rachel you look hot,Will you be my girlfriend?

  155. E. Blackadder Says:

    I would urge those seeking a reduction to be extremely cautious, one thing that they don’t often if ever tell you about reductions is breasts don’t always like to stay reduced and can grow back in a BIG way… A somewhat foolish friend of mine decided to go from a reasonable F-cup to a C (she didn’t like her figure for some reason she wasn’t really that big all in all) now she has the misfortune of being lumbered with a pair of double J boobs, after the first reduction they grew to G-cups she thought that maybe a second would help but instead they have now regrown even bigger than before.

    She definitely wishes she’d NEVER gotten that first or second reduction.

    If you do decide to have a reduction and they grow back DON’T HAVE ANOTHER REDUCTION.

  156. john fox Says:

    love the site if any girls want me to photograph them do forward my details thanks

  157. sabastean *** the car trimer Says:

    see you are all haveing fun out there how,s ddd daphne ddd brandy and yore self,s

  158. My Boob Site Big Tits Blog » Blog Archive » The Other Side of Rachel Aldana Says:

    […] …but that’s just her Rachel Aldana professional topless model persona shining through as ultimate unattainable glamour goddess of breasts whereas, if we spend a few massive mammary moments with the very real girl behind the big boobs for a bit, first impressions can change immensely. In fact, if we but hearken back to when an amateur Rachel Aldana won her Biggest Tits in Britain award, we can behold the busty girl next door our huge hooters honey once was well before her truly massive tits turned pro in their long-awaited topless PinUpFiles debut. […]

  159. John Thomas Says:

    I would be very suspicious of all of the posts allegedly by Natasha and Chloe. Breast reduction ‘shills’ frequent websites such as this, to try to convince us all that having beautiful, naturally large breasts irreversibly mutilated is somehow a ‘good’ thing, and that large breasted women suffer from ‘pain’, which is all a blatant lie.

  160. Says:

    searching foe women with old lingerie like to sell $200 dollars any lingerie that is too small like to sell at yard sales ask to buy lingerie

  161. Another Rachael (no not that one) Says:

    It’s all rubbish, I today got measured as a 32L and came across this sight looking for bras! Seems impossible to find any my new size that arent nursing ones grrr!

  162. kelly Says:

    I am a 34kk size 12 and it is a nightmare trying to find bras that fit… the only bra that fits me properly is the panache harmony bra, i often end up having to buy bigger back sizes so that the cup will fit and having the back altered!!

    When I had my kids breast feeding was so painful I cried and kept getting blocked milk ducts as for finding clothes FORGET IT!! LOL

    In the summer people literally gawp at me and often ask if they are real lol girls can also be really catty!!! But I guess this is what god has blessed me with, but i just feel sometimes it is more of a curse than a blessing :(

  163. SupermanReborn Says:

    The Other Girls are FAT… Look at the Majority of all the other Big Breasted models. They are All Fat… Get them to drop 20, 30… in some cases A hundred or More pounds & then see how big they are… Rachel, Is A size 32LL now, All the other girls are usually shorter, and Fatter. Rachel is 5’7″ & weighs 125lbs each of her Breasts weighs 5.5 Kilograms, that’s almost 10 pounds each, on A 105lb frame… She has A 28 inch waist line, she’s petite with a Rack twice the size of Dolly Parton… Also, Tina Small is Fake, the Former biggest in europe, Was A Fake. It was prosthetic like Zena & Cindy Fulsome and Dixie Dynamite. the only Big Natural breasted girls who can compete with Rachel, is Nelli Roono, Miosotis Clarabel, & Leanne Crow. However, all of them are still 20 to 40 pounds over weight, with or without their breasts, & I love Nelli Roono, Just as much as Rachel Aldana, but even she is still a bit chubby, A BBW compared to Busty Rachel, A Petite Massively Breasted Woman. You get all of these other girls, including the Cow of the the industry Norma Stitz’s inordinately Fat ass, along with all the other lazy fat hoes screwing everybody in the industry trying to get the kind of fame Rachel has…. to lose some damn weight, in Norma’s case about 250lbs considering her and most of these girls are under 5’3″, then, only then, they can try to compare to Rachel, but until then, My Girl, My Angel, My Wonder Woman, Rachel Aldana, has the Biggest Breasts in the World… Let alone Europe. Next time the Sewing circles start getting together to talk crap and gossip about women you most likely would never have the opportunity to even take to bed like all of you would do, regardless of what you think of Rachel… You might want to get your information straight, take a deep breath and think twice about what ever patronizing scrutiny & oblivious commentary you have to spew… you might even think the same of me, may even think, gives a damn what I say…. But considering the fact that a lot of her work is spread out all over the internet, FOR FREE, might I add & just about everyone keeps either spreading rumors or just annunciating what they’d like to do to her and her boobs… I’m a hell of A lot more justified in defending her, as apposed to those who just want to get in her pants or cut her down for their cheap amusement… As for those of you who Support her, understand the burden of such a weight to be carried around, Respect her, and Love… I, speaking both on my own behalf and hers, Thank you, and wish that God Bless you All…. In Case i don’t see Ya… Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good Night.

  164. Ian Says:

    My GF has 34FF boobs and they’re really firm still at 39. I love it when she pushes them together and I can park my face in them! – I think FF is as big as you should go, any bigger just looks a bit silly. I saw some on another site and thought they looked photoshopped. Big boobs are sexy, but only if they’re as nature intended!!

  165. xander Says:

    For the record, the beautiful Rachel Aldana now supported 32L! And who has heard from the other three blokes since? Seems to me they just stepped in to steal poor Rachel’s thunder for 15 minutes of fame while our girl is out there letting the world know she has a beautiful body (and rack)!!! Rachel fan til I die!!!!

  166. PeakWarrard Says:

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  167. BuffBouch Says:

    April 8 is the 98th day of the year (99th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

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