Anya 32G, Maria Moore 34HH & Cassidy 32H from TopHeavyAmateurs

I’m well aware that I gave 32G Anya a mention two blogs ago, but I’ve just taken a closer look at her most recent series on and it suddenly struck me that this was the most down-to-earth photo series I’ve seen of our Anya in recent times (erm, despite the fact that she’s putting on makeup)! It just brought to mind how much I used to complain about Anya becoming a parody of herself over on her Busty Merilyn website, but now I’m seeing her in a far more natural light.

Indeed, my very first Anya blog ever was penned amidst her early days of relative innocence at TopHeavy Amateurs, so it’s nice to see her return home to recapture some of that G-cup girl-next-door quality that first found me attracted to her. Big kudos to BreastFinder for getting Anya back on form (who else would’ve thought to include Busty Merilyn foot fetish photos in the series?!). Here’s a selection of my favourites from Anya 32G’s latest photo set on

Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from    Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from    Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from

Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from    Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from    Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from

Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from    Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from    Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from

Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from    Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from    Anya 32G (aka Busty Merilyn Sakova) from


…in other news on the top-heavy amateurs front, we find that the amazing, expanding breasts of Maria Moore still appear to be growing! Back when I blogged Maria’s hardcore video over at BangBros, her bra size was being cited as a mere 34FF. Later, I learned from MyBoobSite’s alert reader One Among Many that her stats been upgraded to 36GG by the JuggMaster. Now, in Maria’s most recent pictorial update on the TopHeavy Amateurs website, she’s reported to have grown to a whopping 34HH!! Either that, or perhaps she’s just started buying bras in the right size…

Maria Moore 34HH from    Maria Moore 34HH from    Maria Moore 34HH from

Maria Moore 34HH from    Maria Moore 34HH from    Maria Moore 34HH from

Maria Moore 34HH from    Maria Moore 34HH from    Maria Moore 34HH from


…and, last but certainly not least, we have the latest amply racked & stacked recruit to the venerable TopHeavyAmateurs team: 32H Cassidy. Clearly not yet comfortable enough with her career choice in topless modelling to begin showing her face, THA’s erstwhile mystery model with H-cup boobs has said that she might do so in future shoots, but, for now, wishes her identity to remain a secret. I guess until BreastFinder can convince his new pixellated princess to reveal her concealed countenance for all the world to see, we’ll just have to be content to stare at her tits (oh, the trials!). And so, here’s a sampling of the semi-anonymous amateur breasts of Cassidy 32H, made available for our viewing pleasure at

Cassidy 32H from    Cassidy 32H from    Cassidy 32H from

Cassidy 32H from    Cassidy 32H from    Cassidy 32H from


24 thoughts on “Anya 32G, Maria Moore 34HH & Cassidy 32H from TopHeavyAmateurs”

  1. Well, I have to admit that Anya looks very beautiful in that photo set. What a rack, especially when considering her petite waist. Likey. Would like to see her go shaved rather than completely bare where her snatch is concerned.

    As for Maria Moore, well what can I say. I have always had a thing for this beautiful lady, she looks as great as ever in that recent set. Maria oozes sexuality.

  2. Cassidy is totally fucking amazing. I’m letting my THA subscription run out and will only rejoin if she unmasks. I just can’t get into pixels and blurs anymore. I did it with Maxi but no more.

  3. I don’t see putting nailpolish on Anya’s toenails as sexy or sensuous. It’s pretty ho-hum boring. The exception is when she’s putting makeup on her nipples — now that’s sexy. I D/L’d a few clips of Sapphire’s latest from and all I saw was her putting on her makeup. Udderly boring even though she was bare breasted. I’ll have to D/L a few more to see if she actually gets around to fondling those big melons. Oh, well.. There’s always Alicia’s devinely delectable JJ cup delights. And Anya/Merilyn is there too.

    At first I thought Cassidy was the one with three S’s in her name, but it’s nice to see that she’s a new Cassidy, a ‘fresh’ face, even if you can’t see it for the digital mosaic.

    And then there’s the magnificent Maria. She’s built like the proverbial brick shithouse! Watch out! Dangerous curves ahead! And those awesome expanding tits! Go to‘s guest store and click on Vol. 10, then download the previews and you’ll see what I mean. Give me Moore! :-)

  4. My God, Maria Moore just gets more and more (sorry) amazing every time I see new pics of her. I’d probably join THA just for her- does she have quite a few pictorials up on that site? Here’s hoping she does more hardcore some day- she seemed to enjoy it!

  5. I’m convinced that #2 shoot of cassedy was taken in The Netherlands. In the bookcase behind her there are bookcovers with Dutch names on it. But also one book with looks like czec..something. Some clues but that doesn’t mean anything…

  6. mmmmaria is a real fav of mine, especially when we see all of her, ive always had a thing for breasts but hips and bellies r becoming dear to my heart/penis also


  7. God bless Anya…but grow your peach out for chrissakes! That bald spot is the biggest buzzkill. I’m sick of the shaving fetish dominated by a porn industry hellbent on turning college boys into pedophiles and twisting something that is naturally beautiful inside-out. It’s sad to see that a woman in her natural state has now become the fetish while shaving has turned our beautiful women into something resembling pre-pubescent little girls.

  8. Anya and Maria look great in these sets. Maria looks a little somber though, she’s usually more personable. Maybe she was having a rough day but she certainly doesn’t look as charasmatic as she does in all her other sets. Maybe she’s trying a different kind of sexy?

    I agree Anya needs to let it grow a bit, there’s nothing wrong with a little hair down there, not everything in life is smooth so why should her snatch be? I think she’d ooze sexuality even more.

  9. Speed Racer made an excellent point. Ponder this one, too:
    Why does a woman shave off all the hair to expose her beautiful, expanse of skin, then fuck it up permanently with tattoos?

    I’ve noticed that most of the more popular models don’t have noticeable tattoos. or have them in a more out-of-the-way place such as the ankle.

  10. All you hecklers who been yelling ‘tits on a stick’ can just give it up! Anya is a sight to behold! In all fairness I must say that her erotic power is totally related to her facial expressions. Sometimes she just does not seem to be having fun or feeling hot. But she seems to be ooozing with it in this set. Great stuff! I will have to echo what speed racer is saying. A bald beaver on a bodacious broad is one thing; but going bald at Anya’s fit svelt weight is indeed reminiscent of a young girl. She needs to grow that landing strip just as much as she needs to keep her visa valid when in the States.

  11. I agree that Anya that Anya should trim her bush, as opposed to shaving it all off like she does. She is a woman and women have hair down there!

  12. You just have to love women like Cassidy. Just as the good lord intended her, not a stick with tits, but a nice cute tummy under those glorious breasts……….too bad she hides her face, but Ill survive :)

  13. Maria Moore does look GREAT. She is a very voluptuous woman and she did do hardcore on an old Bang Bros website called Mom’s Anal Adventure

  14. Can’t stand the ol’ pixel-face stuff. Great bod, really nice. But, if your so worried about being recognized then just don’t do it

  15. Anya/Merlyn is absolutely flawless in every way.
    i thought the toenail painting was very sexy.
    Maria Moore is the epitome of voluptuous.
    Why does Cassidy hide her face?
    Like how many women are a 32H anyway?
    Surely someone knows her true identity!

  16. Cassidy looks strangely familiar…almost like Maxi with a breast reduction and a tummy tuck….hmm………..

  17. my rod was drpping, having fun at work, looking at big boobs, Anya,Maria, Wanessa, almost lost it on Wanessa, then wham Cassidy’s huge tits and shot a huge load so fast in my pants, I’m soaked and spent

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