Ashley Sage Ellison at Scoreland

Although I’m perfectly content revelling in my latest extreme sexual obsession at the moment (for which I blame Score as, if they’d just got this gallery out a couple days earlier rather than announcing Ashley’s new site and then going schtum on it for a month, I probably wouldn’t have been looking elsewhere) and considering that these photos do take me one step closer to my dream of seeing Ashley naked (save for her hands obstructing access to the critical point of entry), I’d’ve been remiss if I didn’t post a link to lovely 32JJ busty voluptuous blonde Ashley Sage Ellison in her first gallery for

Ashley Sage Ellison at



22 thoughts on “Ashley Sage Ellison at Scoreland”

  1. Yeah, I’m with ya. These are sume huge meaty flesh bombs. Very cute also. Looks to be in Rachel Aldana’s league! Well look what she’s got going on with her hair: this layer of black dye underneath. Kind of interesting.

  2. They are definitely building up to her first photo shoot on Scoreland. She is the covergirl of the April ’09 issue of Voluptuous magazine. Who knows what we’ll get to see of her on Scoreland. Ashley could be one of the all-time greats.

  3. Ashley Ellison, if there is any justice is the world, will be up there in the pantheon of greats. She has the smile, she definitely has the bustline, and she has that X factor (no, not “that” X factor), that unique intangible something, that je ne sais quoi, if you will.

    Hopefully she won’t squander her opportunity, or her naturally bitchin body, on trite, boring, over lit photoshoots where she oscillates between looking bored and inviting the world and his brother into her va-jay-jay.

    Yes, Christy Marks, I’m looking at you.

  4. Although I don’t mind a little extra curvyness (à la Rachel Aldana), Ashley has a little too much for me. Of course, that’s just my taste and I do agree that she is quite cute. I’m also afraid that she might lose that innocence quickly shooting for Score. Not many softcore only models left over there.

  5. Ashley is absolutely perfect now just the right proportions. Can’t wait to see what score have in store as her shoot are already superb. Not sure about the name though

  6. well i just learned about ashley and i think she is the most georgous woman on the face of the planet. i would love to meet her.

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