Big Blonde Boobs in the Bath with Bea Flora

After all of the shit stirred up by my buggery blog a couple of days ago and having overcome most of the cold that’s been plaguing me for the past fortnight, I though something a bit more light-hearted might be in order to bring us into the weekend. Besides, we have kittens arriving tomorrow courtesy of our steady couple which we’ll be watching whilst they’re away on a cat-free holiday next week (sure, Vix & I were invited to go along too but, if we did, then no one would have cat-sitters!).

Moving on to today’s topic, I was checking through the web stats on our sites earlier today and found an inordinate number of search engine hits from the key phrase “blonde boobs”. Whatever are blonde boobs?? While I am rather fond of blondes I nonetheless sincerely believe that breasts should be hairless. You don’t see any sites advertising “Big Hairy Tits” now, do you?! [Oh, and if you do, please don’t answer that.]

Perhaps the most amusing one from this particular search subcategory was a Google for “blonde boobs -huge -big -plump -shemale”. Okay, so presumably this intrepid porn surfer was looking for a blonde with boobs, obviously, but not particularly big ones nor a busty blonde plumper who was packing a penis as part of the package. Fair enough, but however did they get to this site?! I mean, there’s nothing but big boobs here!!

Thus, while I can’t really help on the small boobs front, I can provide more blonde fodder for the search engines with ease…and that’s why I’ve decided to feature Bea Flora from Boobs Garden today! Trouble is, despite my overwhelming preference for blondes as a rule, I’m still not absolutely certain whether or not I liked Bea better back when she had dark hair (especially that time she got all slippy)! It was indeed the dark-haired Bea who first captured my heart, and that’s how I saw her in my mind’s eye ever since.

But then, suddenly and without warning, Bea Flora went blonde! What was I to do, apart from revising all of my former fantasies? You’d think it’d have been a dream come true for me, but I just found it all a tad disorienting. Since then, however, I’ve grown to accept the blonde Bea – after all, she’s still the same person with the same big, beautiful breasts and sultry looks I’d come to know and love – except for the fact that her blondeness is now propelling her dangerously close to “ideal woman” status.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of the big boobs blogger. Anyway, I need to go clean out the litter tray in preparation for the impending onslaught of catlings …but not before we take a moment to join busty blonde Bea Flora and her big boobs in the bath courtesy of

Bea Flora photos from BoobsGarden

Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at

Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at

Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at

Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at

Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at    Bea Flora in the bath at

Bea Flora videos from BoobsGarden

Bea Flora videos at    Bea Flora videos at


17 thoughts on “Big Blonde Boobs in the Bath with Bea Flora”

  1. Reese fantastic post! I have always kept my eye on Bea, she is incredibly sexy, great breasts.

    Oh, glad to see that you’re all better now. Reese didn’t you forget something!!!! It is one of your national holidays therefore you should’ve posted the lovely vix. You didn’t, naughty Reese! You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself……

  2. Bea’s gorgeous but she’s never done it for me. I’m hit and miss like that with blondes. Ewa Sonnett on the other hand I’m crazy about. God bless Poland!

  3. GOD I love this woman. She is for sure in my top ten! I prefer her with dark hair (just looks more… “right” on her, ya know?) but she is F-ing hot any way you slice it. Great body, perfect tits, sexy as all hell. Thanks for the update!

  4. I’m usually reluctant to post anything negative about a model, but since others have already stated that Bea doesn’t do it for them I’ll join in. First of all, Bea is absolutely gorgeous and has the kind of body that I dream about. But something about her makes her uninteresting to me, and that’s the fact that she has an all-over tan. I guess it’s because I’m an American and it’s what I grew up seeing, but I typically don’t like nude models unless they have bikini tan lines–especially bustier models who have almost nonexistent nipples. Two great examples are Bea Flora and Faith. As gorgeous as those two women are, I’m completely bored with them because of their all-over tans. Bikini tan-lines are like permanent lingerie reminding you that you’re not supposed to see what you’re seeing.

  5. Hey….you wouldn’t complain if those all tanned bodies were in your bed begging you for more…..would you? especially Faith…wow, she’s a blonde queen and a big boob dream.

    It’s all good…..they all look good, some better than others. Some turn you on more than others but they ALL are sexy real women, even the slim and stacked.

    Some look like they love sex (Claudia) and are very sexy, some look bored and not into it. Those who look bored and not into what they are doing, I kind of feel sorry for. They might be modeling because they need the money and really don’t want to do it. Anya comes to mind and a few others who look a certain way, that’s a turnoff. Although Anya certainly is a great looking woman and has huge boobs on that slim body.

  6. I reckon she’s got the best body around. And I love the all-over tan- I guess b/c I think it’s a bit sluttier (“nude sunbathing for all to see” sort of idea, though I know in reality it’s probably a booth job). But I still can’t get used to the blonde- not just cos of the change, but also cos I prefer brunettes.

    That said, i don’t get the appeal of Ewa. She always looks bored to me.

  7. I am going with Vadd on this one. She looks better with dark hair! As for the tan issue well its not relevant but Poland isn’t known for its equatorial temperatures. So, we can safely assume that it is a booth job but it does look quite good on her actually!

    Do we have any stats on her breasts at all?

  8. Since it has already been tossed out there, I’m going to agree with Huge_Obvious_Name up there on this–

    All-over tans r teh sux. I’ve even been so bold as to send out e-mails to my favorite models pressing my concerns and requesting their response on why they tan the way they do. But in all honesty, I’m just a “keep it pale” kinda guy. I’d love to see a good poll on it. Yes,…

    More polls. Don’t question me!

    – Jermsey

  9. I so love Poland. I have to admit, as hot as Bea is, any post that has to do with Poland and doesn’t feature Ewa is a let down for me.

  10. I agree that Bea looks better with dark hair. However, she is still a stunner in my books. Beautiful, curves in all the right places, wonderful 34FF boobs… just perfect. Poland is superb for its busty women, and Bea is the best of the lot!

  11. Reese

    I must complain that this site offers very little for the homosexuals amongst us. It’s all just big tits?

    Why I ever look I just don’t know. Maybe a clearer title for the blog would stop me inadvertently straying on to it every day?

    I’m guessing, by what Sam says, that she must be pretty hot but no penis? This is nothing but homophobia gone mad!

  12. Is she retired now or not? I heard that she was so I was wondering whether this was a new set or a set they dug up from a few months ago to post now.

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