The ins & outs of anal sex with Claudia-Marie…

Am I the only male who finds anal sex distasteful? It seems that most every other guy I talk to about sex considers this to be the ultimate achievement with a woman (would that be 5th base?)! I just don’t get it. The anus in an exit, not an entrance, and, even if you’re the “any hole’s a goal” sort, there are other much more pleasant – not to mention hygienic – ports to pop your penis in apart from the pussy: I’m thinking handjobs, blowjobs & titfucks, of course. And, besides, how would fucking a woman in the ass be any different than buggering a bloke?! Still, I know a good many men who quite fancy “plundering the chocolate starfish” (and amusingly, until I moved to Britain, I only knew the latter part of this phrase to refer to a delicious raspberry-filled confection from Godiva…)…

Chocolate Starfish

…(…these used to come in white chocolate as well but, alas, not longer seem to be available. Perhaps these fine Belgian chocolatiers caught wind of the euphemism and took them off the market, unlike the American candy-making concern who has had to endure “ploughing the Hershey highway” for quite some time. ;~P).

Anyway, enough of lingering in the land of chocolate and back to anal sex. If the concept of a cock cavorting in The Great Cornholio isn’t enough to put you off your tea, just consider, if you must, the foreplay: The practice of anilingus, more popularly known as “rimming”, involves oral-anal contact with your partner (hmmm, would that be “The Hershey’s Kiss”?) and, despite one’s penchant for intestinal cleanliness, you can still expect some measure of unintentional coprophagia to occur due to the small traces of faeces that remain (Small Faeces – didn’t they do “Itchycoo Park”?!). Bleurgh (to the sexual activity, not the song).

[As you’ve probably gathered by now, this blog, like yesterday’s, is being written under the influence of drugs – decongestants, to be precise, supplemented by aspirin and a healthy dose of caffeine to help them along. So, apologies for the subject matter, and I promise to get back to the more tasteful topic of tits as soon as this cold passes.]

I do know some women, however, who quite enjoy anal stimulation as an adjunct to their sexual activities. I can also accept that the rectum may be tighter than the vagina for penile penetration, especially in older women. It was one such “older woman”, in fact, who inspired this particular blog – busty blonde mature MILF Claudia-Marie!

Having already witness Claudia’s ravenous appetite for casual sex as well as a few sundry outdoor & girl-girl lesbian encounters, why not take it to the other end of the sexual spectrum (that end, specifically, being the sphincter)? If Claudia-Marie is content to take it up the ass, then so be it – and that is precisely what she does (amongst other things) in this no-holes-barred series of videos that come courtesy of

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40 thoughts on “The ins & outs of anal sex with Claudia-Marie…”

  1. I like it ok in porn. seeing Claudia with a finger in her butt makes a great pic, but like you, I don’t care about it in real life. If I could have a woman like Samantha or Maria in my life I would be so happy just to be with her that I wouldn’t ever get bored with sex and need to pressure her for ass sex. If she needed it I would comply but I tend to think most women do it to comply with a fantasy of a man. Maybe I am ignorant about that. If I had a girl like that I could get a lifetime of thrills just holding her, looking at her, kissing her, making love to her.

  2. Completely agree Reese. I think it’s so overated. Give me a cracking set of boobs given the attention they deserve over ass sex any day.

  3. Another voice of agreement here. Glad to know I’m not the only one who finds the notion questionable. Different strokes for different folks I suppose, but I say, maximize the fun, and there are way better ways to do that.

  4. Are you trying to say anal sex and breast admiration are mutually exclusive? I enjoy fudge packing in porn as well as in my personal life. Its not for everyone I agree. Its not a regular ritual for me either. Its more like another position – variety. It a fun way to close out the act. Then shower time.

  5. Anal sex feels great. But it’s not something I’m like crazy about. It’s definitely a nice change of pace, or something nice to throw in there every once in a while. I don’t really get why Claudia Marie is doing it, although it is hot. I guess she likes it.

  6. It’s a power thing, I think. Doing something to a woman that is not… “natural” or that maybe she doesn’t really WANT to do, except to please her man. If a guy is into rough sex, he is most likely into anal. So there is the whole emotional psychological aspect to it.

    But I find it interesting that with all four comments (so far) as well as Reese has mentioned the obvious: maybe the WOMAN LIKES it. I have had many a partner who was really into it. A few didn’t even know they were into it until we did it!

    Also, Reese: the comparison of anal sex with a woman being like sex with a man is odd since you also mentioned hands and mouths- both of which men have.

  7. Like you, I find anal sex totally disgusting. I don’t do it and I hate watching it. For me, it’s an enormous disappointment to watch hot porn, and then see the stars change positions and enter “the wrong way”.

  8. Reese,

    As you know I have been in this, the best, blogg on the net since the beginning but lately we have seen the standard of blogger drop through the floor. I can not believe what I am hearing lately.

    Guys, if you don’t like porn and all that it entails then please keep your hang-ups and political correctness to yourself.

    Anal is only second to a blow job. Doing it is the most satisfying and gratifying thing during sex. There is an intimacy you just cannot achieve any other way. The act is a demonstration of trust on one sort of level. And yes, it is the most indulgent act.

    Love it! Bring it on! I’m sorry, I’m from England and I’m not too sure about Americans with your bible-belt crap. In England anal sex is right up there with football.

  9. Ha! Have to comment on the rediculous idea that anal sex is the same as having sex with a “bloke” because blokes also have butts. By that logic getting head from a woman is the same as getting head from a man, as they both have mouths as well. Give up your bjs, boys, lest you change teams in mid-field!

    PS: Anal sex is fantastic with someone that’s into it and as has been said before: “You don’t have to fulfill your partner’s kinky rdesires, but someone will.”

  10. Thank you Reese (and others above) for easing my guilt for not liking anal sex. I thought I must be wierd as, rather than a male power thing, I have been asked by several girlfriends to do this and I just wasn’t into it (pun sort of intended).

    It’s not a moral thing, as someone above suggested, just that I find the idea a bit repulsive. As for anal foreplay, no way!

    If others love it fair enough but I feel a weight off my shoulders that I now know am not alone in not being turned on by the thought of sticking my tongue or dick in a place usually reserved for unspeakable bodily functions.

    Ps Liked “The Small Faeces” joke!

  11. Georgio,

    Would you like anal sex, if it was on a bloke? Maybe you just don’t like women and coming here and having a comment you can pretend to be a hetrosexual male. You’re just overdoing it a bit too much trying to hide the fact that secretly you love anal- just as long as it is attached to any xy.

    Look we’re all friends here nothing to be ashamed of, be exactly the person you are, come out to the world. We love all sorts here, everyone is welcome…

    Love you & big pink kisses

  12. Sam, what a load of tosh. Anal sex is not right up with football in England, certainly not something I am aware of. Again, it’s a very overated act, but hey that’s my opinion and yes you are just voicing yours.

    Big pink kisses back atcha, mwuaaaaaaa

  13. Carlos,

    Thank you for the Kisses but like I’ve said on other recent posts, porn houses would not create and sell a thing if it doesn’t sell. Anal sells and sells best in the UK. So, not sure what part of the UK you’re from but where I am it is up there, so to speak, with football, beer and roast dinners MATE. Sam North London, (England).

    The only people who still use Tosh as a word for rubbish are those who live in the North. Are you a northerner, are you English to be more enquiring?

    Carlos and Georgio, eh. Now that does sound quere as folk! I can feel a song coming on!

    Good night big boys, sweet dreams!!!!

  14. I have no problem with anal sex- seeing it or doing it. But now I’m wondering- why do you reckon anal would be more popular in England? I’m tempted to wonder if there’s some correlation there with the prevalence of all-boys schools over there. ;)

  15. Sam

    Why would I spend every day on a big boobs site if I was gay?

    I think you must have your own hang ups my friend. I’m secure in my own (hetro)sexuality thanks but even if I wasn’t what would it matter to you?

    As for your logic that because I say I don’t like anal sex I must be gay, that is truly bizarre. Get a life.

  16. Like they say Peeb, “its tighter, its warmer and it d………. … …….

    But Peeb, I hope you’re not trying to infer that my countrymen and I are more inclined to anal sex because we’re repressed homosexuals or indeed homosexuals due to our excellent schooling system. How puerile! Do not judge a whole country by Carlos; he is the exception that proves the rule…

  17. Sam, I was right there with you, until you got into the nationalistic stuff…I live smack in the middle of the Bible Belt (and it does suck here!). I can tell you for certain that out of the 300+ million living in the U.S.; we don’t all think and/or act in unison. It just looks that way because the majority prefer their anonimity. People are generally the same all over the world, aside from some ritualistic differences. (Although I will admit that the fact that most states in the US criminalize anal sex is just fucked-up. But that goes off on a whole different historical tangent…)

    Anyway, when it’s done right, anal is amazing. It can (and has) provide a most intense poly-orgasmic experience for a woman (I can’t speak towards the male experience – what can I say? I’m a giver ;) ). Which is extremely gratifying if you care about whether or not she enjoys her sex. But it has to be done right and to her desires. But more importantly; if the woman doesn’t like it, it shouldn’t happen in any case

    And if the man doesn’t like it, guess what…it won’t happen!

    On a side note,

    Reese, I’m a little surprised at some of the comments you wrote in today’s blog. You’ve claimed in this blog to be bi-sexual, and have posted as much elsewhere. And, you write the big-tit transexuals blog. To not enjoy an experience is one thing. But for you to actively ‘put down’ a sexual experience in a public forum is, for me, quite unexpected. Does Vix have an opinion on this subject that she may care to share?

  18. Jes says:

    Does Vix have an opinion on this subject that she may care to share?

    Yes, Jes, I do.

    I deplore anything at my arsehole, during sex.

    And it does seem to be, amongst “straight” fellas, here in the UK, the ultimate goal. When I have expressed an opinion in a relationship, against doing it, the fella concerned seems to have taken this as a challenge. I am not saying all British blokes are like this, just seems that all the ones I have known have been.

    Jes says:

    You’ve claimed in this blog to be bi-sexual, and have posted as much elsewhere

    And this is not an erronious claim. I do not think that you have to do buggery to be bi. There are many men who would recoil at the thought of getting head from another guy… Reese is not one of them (thankfully ;) )

  19. Georgio,

    You said nothing that actually leads me to believe that my view of you or your ideas are incorrect in anyway. And, like I said you are just trying too hard. I have been here since the beginning but I don’t claim to come to the Blog everyday. I wouldn’t need to to prove anything most of all my sexual preference by claiming that! Gotch Ya!


    Again, I apologise for what seemed like an attack on your obvious good nature, rational views and cultured sensibilities. I was not meant to be demeaning in anyway. I just get sick and tired of people forcing their views on others whether that be in an overt or even covert manner. Jes, please forgive my frustrations.

    Saying there is something wrong with anal sex in this day and age is like saying gays should be stoned to death and women should be burned at the stake for being witches. I accept that people have different tastes but that does not mean I should accept that anyone has the moral high ground let alone the right to say that a practice is wrong as long as it is between two consenting adults. We just seem to be going backwards at every single step.

    I don’t like a few things but I wouldn’t dream of forcing my views on someone else. Where I’m from it is just not the done thing. This type of behaviour leads to some of histories more darker moments, I’m sure I do not have to mention them- I’m sure we all know the ones I am referring to. Wouldn’t you agree?

  20. Jes,

    By the way, I am unapologetic for being English, male, hetrosexual and from London. But, to many that would conjure up ideas of a nationalist thug from Britain. That could not be more further from the truth- in my case anyway. Not sure what it is like over there but over here being a male, hetrosexual Brit and proud of all the above is actually a problem. I do not look down on anyone, anything or any views. As long as someone does not seek to hurt anyone else or cause them harm in any way then you can have whatever views you like and carry out any practice you like. Live and let live I say. Share your view do not impose it.

    I may not agree with your view and may even challenge them because intellectually they may be week but I will not try to belittle you because of them or shame you into not having them- no matter how covert that attempt may be. I would hope that if your views and opinions are not widely accepted, depending on the reason, we could discuss them to the point of saturation then see if either they still hold water or whether one should revisit their opinion with the view of altering them.

    By the sounds of it I am most liberal and accepting person here possibly besides you. Anyway onwards and upwards!

  21. Sam,

    Yes i am from up north and I’m not a southern ponce such as yourself. roast dinners, didn’t realise there was such as thing in the sarf…. And as for your beer, well it leaves a lot to be desired.

    Where are you gettting these dodgy statistics from??? the guiness book of porn….

    Seems like you like anal to get the tighter fit you require, possibly due to equipment malfunction, might be the southern water system. For me I get what I need from the good old fashioned tried and tested ways.

    You cannot pull the gay card on me because I’m secure and I’m sure you are too, well you say you are, keep on saying it and one day it might come true.

    I have tried anal, but for me I don’t really feel the need for it, you knock yourself out and keep getting those stats up….

    Carlos, awaiting you well thought through witty reply (coutesy of your public school education, does it bring back painful memories??)

  22. Incidentally, the most bacteria-infested orifice on the human body is the mouth, not the anus. And we can all agree that blowjobs are fun, hey?

    That said, I’m soooo not a fan of the anal. I am definitely willing to admit my hypocrisy…

  23. Dear Carlos,

    Glad to hear that you’re a northerner, I love them and have notheing against them. Why, because I am the only southerner born to my family- much to their horror. Mother wasn’t taken back up the M1 quick enough, while pregnant, to avoid me acquiring the Thames estuary drol. So I can’t really put the boot in to score points againt my cousins Up’noooorth as I would be attacking my own roots- Yorkshire actually! When I was younger I used to get up 3 hours before I went to bed! And when it got cold in doors I went outside to fall asleep.

    As for Southern beer yes we all know its tosh, it always has been, possibly why I don’t drink any alcohol. As for my education, yes, I am a product of public school and Oxbridge but I do not see how that should go against me. The fact that I indulge some urges shows just how like everybody else I am.

    I am not going to try and prove I am not gay but I’d love men better if they had G cup, and above, natural breasts with bodies like Eden More and other types of bodies that are provided by our very own host Reese, on this, our very own blog.

    And Carlos, you know as well as I do that if there are 100 red bloodied young men in a room and they were surveyed as to their sexual habits or desired sexual habits, anal sex would be a hit for about 75% at least. I do not deny that many of the stats we get are usually from our own experiences and friends but, put it this way, so far even Vix has said that most hetrosexual males she knows consider anal sex the HOLY GRAIL. Now, I understand that these things can be considered circumstantial as a result of anecdote but Father Christmas doesn’t even exist but he gets around all these childrens bedrooms, roughly around christmas time, and the police never seem to catch him- the police are rubbish. (HE SHOULD BE ON THE SEXUAL OFFENDERS REGISTER) DIRTY OLD MAN. So do you see my point.

    As for feeling the pain of rectal love within the public school system, well, shit happens and you deal with it. I never used to take, I always give. I loved it. It builds character and prepares ones self for the corporate world. Maybe thats where I get the love of anal now. Most people were sooooo selfish always receiving never giving- I blame secular society and MTV. It is easier to do it on women because they are easier to hold down, with young boys they fight too much and it can get really messy. Only Joking Reese……..

    Anyway, I think that ends this blog. Carlos you’re a good sport! You big woooftaa!!!!! hahahahahaha

  24. My two pence;

    As a breast admirer the best position for anyone to get a good view of the breasts would be via normal entry into the vagina. Those who admire an arse more than a pair of breasts would probably prefer anal sex. Since not everyone is a breast admirer (infact it’s a minority fetish, though not quite as small a minority as Technophillia, Furridom, Vore, or Balloon fetishing put together), and the majority of fetishes don’t neccessarily require a person to be seen from the front, anal can be more sellable.

    A kink is a kink is a kink though. If you get it, great, if you don’t, go enjoy something else. As someone said, Anal is somewhat an excersise in dominance and submission, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dominant man. Infact it’s entirely possible for the man to become subservant during anal sex. It all depends on what people enjoy. Just because it’s conventional for anal sex to be rough, and full of the woman being at the mercy of the man (as is the common portrayal in porn) doesn’t mean it has to be.

    Thing is though, many of the people perhaps won’t have looked into anal porn as it’s not there thing to begin with. The stereotype isn’t always the case. You only have to look at some of the variety found in the conventional blogs on this site to see how varied the big breast fetish’s range goes. I assure you, many of the anal fans won’t have heard of some of the stuff we explore into routinely, because it’s just not there thing.

    Please remember, just because it doesn’t appeal to you, doesn’t mean everyone hates it. Reese himself said he wasn’t a fan of anal, yet here he is on a public blog discussing anal, for the pleasure of those who do enjoy it.

    For the record, there’s much more to gay sex than just bending over and taking it in the rear. Infact I’ve spoken to one (rather conservative) couple, who only ever give each other hand jobs, and rub against each other like a man and a woman would for missionary.

    Personally, I too have no desire for anal. In my own experiences, it’s a bit too tight a fit for me to find it comfortable. Having said that, I quite enjoy having my anus explored by a willing woman, and am quite happy to provide if the woman desires it. It’s not my cup of tea, but then there would be things which I imagine aren’t always what the lady desires.

    Sexuality is not set in stone. No-one is 100% hetero there whole lives. You don’t have to admit it, but I’ll bet everyone reading this has had at least one moment where they’ve looked upon another man and admired them. Sexuality moves about from time to time. It doesn’t swing quite so dramatically in some to crave penis one minute, and vagina the next, but most people do have some homosexuality in them, even if society encourages them to bury it to conform to standards.

    But enough waffle, No-one on the internet listens to rational, merely flamebait.

  25. Sam

    Thank you for your words. And, it seems to me, that we tend to agree on many things. And I don’t take offense at any of your states of being. I just believe it to be difficult to recognize and respect political borders over the internet. I also have a hard time respecting politics (and organized religion) in general. But, I shouldn’t make that your problem. So I, too, am sorry.

    Looking back, I was probably a little too unclear as to which comments, and who’s, I was addressing. I’ll try to “rectify” that in the future, as well.

  26. Vix

    Good morning to you.

    As per the anal; is the turn-off that men just want to get there?…or do you just not enjoy any sensations in that area?

    Because I strongly believe that the turn-off for some, not all, women is that most men try to “hit it” like they’re hammering through concrete. Where as I, succinctly put, am not prone to overt aggression or domination (in the literal sense, not the fetish sense); so I have a much slower approach. But I know that some women claim to need a dominating, forceful man.

    I am my wife’s second husband, and we spent last night discussing differences in our techniques. Before me, she wanted nothing to do with anal. She loves it, now. But even after 9+ years of our marriage, she’s still embarrassed to talk about it, due to her upbringing (that damned church, again :P ).

    As per the bisexuality; I don’t mean to sound as if I’m attacking Reese. It seems I assumed a different qualification for bi-sexuality than he/you do. I’m sorry for that.

    I’ve been involved numerous conversations with some of my homosexual male friends in the past. At the time, not many men would admit to bi-sexuality, even at college. We had left it with no great benchmarks, except to the understanding that a man should at least responde in kind to another man in order to adequately qualify the difference between bi-sexuality, and taking advantage of an opportunity to get-off.

    I just never bothered to question that, since I never felt the desire to explore such options, myself.

  27. Dear oh dear Sam, you really are a messed up nutter obsessed with other people’s sexuality and sexual preferences. I think it is pretty obvious you have some deep rooted guilt about your own.

    By the way, I didn’t get a chance to look at Reese’s site for 2 days – is this yet further proof that I am a homosexual?

    You don’t seem to be able to explain why I would look at the site at all if I was gay? For all the beautiful men with big tits that are on here?

    You are tragic and pathetic and probably about 12 years old.

  28. Georgio,

    I could be twelve years old but I doubt I would have got in into Cambridge at such a young age. I am good; but not that good.

    As for your ability to reason and apply logic to your arguments, jovial as they may be for me anyway, you seem not to have been able to keep up. So, even though I may act as a puerile pre-teen at least I am able to deliver an insult with the rational and mental agility that is befitting someone of my true age and profession. I read your reply and neither the syntax nor the statement made sense in two out of your four paragraphs-in relation to my comments. So, read my comments again and try harder next time. That’s a good boy. No rush!

    50% out of 100% D+

    You big woooooofta. Aaaaaaaahhhhh

  29. Jes,

    We agree on a lot of things sexually but by the sounds of it we might have different politics!

    You should lay off the David hume, Heggel, Satre, Neitzsche, Trotzsky and Marx. Those men were as confused as they were celebrated. Sorry, I made a mistake. I think Hume was a capitalist but he is just as confused!

    Jes, hopefully we can have a chat outside the BBsite.

  30. Jes-

    I deplore any kind of anal contact. It would not matter if it was someone touching my arse with a feather or trying to ram a red-hot poker up there.

    I dislike it intensely.

  31. Hi Jes~

    Don’t worry – I didn’t see yours as an attack at all – simply as stimulus for clarification. To wit: I whole-heartedly agree with you and would always be willing to reciprocate in kind. In fact, I just happen to be one who feels it is better to give than to receive. ;~)

    ~Reese! :~)

  32. Haven’t done anal yet, but sometimes I *really* like a sloppy lubed finger or two up my back when doing sex.
    I like to jack my bi friend every now and then, but it hasn’t come to anal (or oral) yet. He says he likes anal long and slow. Still don;t dare to do it.

  33. Hi, I know this post is years old but I just came across it by searching ‘anal’.

    I personally enjoy anal sex the best in my personal life. I’m blessed with a busty wife (not as super busty as these babes featured on here but slim and stacked with big enough Natural boobs to make my cock disappear in a titfuck: she has beautiful pair of 36 Ds). She shares her body with me and we practice anal often (two to three times a month, and every period). She is the only one I’ve had anal with.
    Some people have a story behind their fetish. I guess I’ve been in love with anal since it was my first penetrative sex without a condom. We met in college and dated for many months. She had been on the pill for the first time with me so we eventually abandoned condom use completely . However, the first time I came inside her was through anal. So you can say I have an actual emotional like to it.

    As for the cleanliness of anal sex, we take plenty of precaution with cleanliness and use of enemas etc. yes, it takes some work but it’s great when planned out. To compare it to oral, one does not suck dick with a mouth full of food and so it is with the ass.

    As for comparing it to the vagina. Anal sex is it’s own kind of feeling. It can be tighter but it can also be smoother. It really depends on her control of her ass and the live that you use. I can say that when having anal, I feel like I’m having sex with a ‘stranger’; it really is different and unfair to compare to anything else. It’s not better, just different and great for spicing things up.

    What I don’t like about anal sex in porn is how “fake” it is in many scenes. I don’t like seeing pain. Also, they always seem to start fast. I love slow penetration and easing into her and then slowly building up. Most of all, it has to be fun to enjoy.

    Which brings me to a point I want to bring up. As much as anal sex is common among porn, to me it seems it is more common among smaller booted and faked booted girls. The fact is it is expected among those type of actresses to compensate, at least it seems to me. The majority of the models and porn stars you feature on your blog can actually make a living without having to do hardcore, and then if they do hardcore, they can get by without anal. That is why when I do see a busty goddess, and even rarer a slim and naturally stacked busty goddess perform anal, it is a really rare joy to me to follow. I know anal is not your cup of tea, but do, if you may, cover news busty goddesses if they do a rare scene. Either way, I love your blog and your taste in big boobs. A really big fan. I find myself coming back more and more.

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