Boobs for art’s sake…

In the interest of big boobs in art, I’ve decided to devote the first portion of today’s blog to – *gasp* – a public service announcement. I received an e-mail a while back from Portland sculptor Dale th’Nail detailing an ambitious project in which he intends to construct “life-sized, Neolithic Goddess images from plaster life-casts of life-sized, terrestrial women”.

Thing is, he needs breasts – very large breasts at that; G-cup and beyond – in order to commence the task (he’s also looking for small framed, small chested women, but we shan’t speak about that here). Thus, if you’d like to contribute your generous endowments to the arts (or know someone who might be interested), click here for further details.

Here are a couple examples of Dale’s work…

Plasterotica by Dale th'Nail    Plasterotica by Dale th'Nail

…speaking of artsy tits, the latest series from Aneta Buena at BoobsGarden struck me as being particularly artistic in nature. Then again, Aneta stikes me as being a particularly classy woman. It doesn’t matter whether she’s having a game of pool or letting her big boobs bounce buoyantly beneath the water, Ms. Buena maintains an alluringly elegant air about her.

This series finds Aneta basking her big boobs at the seaside, which explains how she maintains that glorious tan of hers. Although my preference is for naked breasts unimpeded by the confines of clothing, I found the first few shots with Aneta’s cleavage plunging into that loose-fitting wrap rather enticing (second only to the photo of her sleeping in the sun).

Here are a few highlights, courtesy of

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from


11 thoughts on “Boobs for art’s sake…”

  1. the girl with the plaster on her tits looks really nice. nice slim body with lovely big hanging tits. it would be nice to see more pictures of her.

    also, aneta is looking as hot as ever. she doesnt disapoint :)

  2. I am just going to add to the rest of the guys chant to see the rest of the beautiful girl being plastered up. That is what I call a big brested girl curvy, slim and loads of full pendulus breast. Is there any chance we can get her to show some more? I think you should pull some strings fella.

  3. nah aneta is what i like
    full figured beauty wit a great attitude and style
    and she look like she would fuck the shit outta me!!
    i love that!

  4. I’m with D, I looove Aneta. She looks great as always. Wouldn’t mind hearing, and especially seeing more of the plaster girl too. Thanks for the Aneta pix, could stand a lot more of them, vid clips too.

  5. Please for the love of all things right in this world, can you find some more pics of the Plaster girl, I cannot survive much longer!!

    Awesome Blog !!

  6. Plaster girl could have the BEST bod on this whole blog- we need more information! Is she a pro model? If so, what kind of modeling? Or is she a bored houswife? If she’s just a kind, huge-breasted art lover then why are her pants off? Investigate!!! At least get images of the results of the casting that was being done in that pic (and all other castings she sat for). I would guess the second pic is of her physique, but is definitely a different cast.

    Thanks- great site.

  7. I publish a “boob casting manual” on

    This booklet tells everything one needs to know to make a beautiful, realistic and durable plaster sculpture replicating someone’s chest. Most importantly, the manual tells you exactly where to go to buy some of the special materials needed, this will save you much time and guessing.

    Perhaps of interest to you and your readership….

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