Britain Weighed Down by Biggest Breasts

You’d think the fact that British girls have been statistically shown to have the biggest tits in Europe would be a good thing, right? Well, as much a I am one to take pride in my country of residence for growing in bust-size from a mere 34B ten years ago to somewhere between a 36C and 34E on average today, a recent e-mail from my mate Jazzman has illuminated alarming evidence that not everyone feels the same…

Hey Reese,

I sent you the pictures of the beautiful Denise Milani a while back. Now, I have bad news to send. I just saw an ad on BBC America that a documentary on british women looking to reduce their boobs is going to be on Sunday night :(

Tell me it isn’t so that their facts listed bottom left-corner of this article are right!?!?

Reduction of boobs should be criminal. That’d be like me saying, “Hey Reese, my penis has been hanging down so much lately I keep sitting on it and the weight is giving me back pains….” Ok, so it’s not the same. But you get the joke. A blog about this unfortunate topic could be in order to please your American friends like me.


…well, sadly, Jazzman, everything in the article is true. Let’s take a look at two simple facts that, when taken together, paint a most disturbing scenario: 1) The average British teenager’s breasts are 36D in size and 2) our National Health Service here will consider free breast reduction surgery for anyone who is an E-cup or larger. Therefore, any teen who happens to be “above average” in the bust department could be eligible to go under the knife to get their big boobs butchered courtesy of the NHS! And, although I don’t know whether or not all of the cases in our third alarming statistic have been NHS-funded, but thousands of teenage girls here in Britain – some as young as 13 – are now opting for breast reduction merely so they can “fit in”.

Granted, it’s not that easy. As 36J Ann Mullard found in her own breast reduction experience with our NHS, her GP first referred her to a psychologist to assess the significance of her body-image issues, then to a bra-fitter to make an accurate determination of her size (nearly 80% of women in Britain wear the wrong size bra, which can have a significant impact upon appearance and comfort) and finally to a consulting surgeon. Then, it was a matter of being put on a 5-month waiting list which gave her time to weigh up the pros & cons of losing her boobs.

Still, the fact that 4,027 women had breast reductions on the NHS in 2006/7 remains a sobering statistic. Even busty blonde Page 3 superstar Katie Price aka Jordan showed off her 32FF chest for the last time before having her boobs reduced to a meagre D-cup during this period (although it’s interesting to note that Jordan’s sister, Sophie Price, wants her own boobs bigger, albeit only by one cup-size). All of this makes me wonder whether the lovely 34KK Chloe Rogers actually went through with the op as she’d alluded to in the article accompanying my Biggest Boobs in Britain blog (and, if anyone out there knows Chloe, I’d love to get in touch with her to find out the status of things).

It all makes one want to join in and support Cherry Brady’s somewhat militant campaign to ban breast reductions. While I can see some sense in allowing this admittedly extreme surgical option in the case of serious medical issues, to have your beautiful breasts butchered in pursuit of the physical acceptance of your peers is, well, totally unacceptable! The trouble is, young girls who are naturally well-endowed often find themselves subjected the psychological sting of taunts and bullying by those around them whilst growing up. One girl whom I’d dated in high-school – the one 36HH Sapphire had reminded me of – was cruelly branded a “slut” simply because she had big tits (and this was by an adult and not one of her classmates)! :~(

Indeed, the overall ignorance astounds me. It also leads me to believe that the underlying problem is not with the busty girls themselves, but with the society in which we live and, considering the growing breast-size here in Britain, I fear that it can only get worse. So, rather than deriding these girls or blaming the NHS for their decisions, we need to instead put an end to the societal pressures placed upon those blessed with big breasts and encourage everyone to treat huge boobs with the respect they deserve.

I don’t know. Perhaps some manner of breast-acceptance movement is in order to promote public recognition of the beauty of naturally big tits and eliminate the prejudice well-endowed women sadly face every day. And, lest ye think that we – big breast-worshipping lot that we all claim to be – are exempt from such deplorable behaviour, I have to say that not a day goes by that I don’t have to moderate out a handful of shameful comments within which some cruel, demeaning sentiment is expressed about the featured busty model. To those sad, thoughtless few, I can only reiterate MyBoobSite’s motto that it’s all about the tits.

Breast-acceptance begins at home and we, as big breast lovers, should take it as our duty to spread this idea within the wider community. Granted, everyone has their own personal preferences with regard to big tits: Some like large breasts standing out proudly in stark contrast to the slender frame of a slim-n-stacked woman. Others prefer to see big boobs balanced out by a more voluptuous figure. Big nipples, small nipples, large areolas, veiny breasts, perfectly pert or pendulous pontoons, there’s indeed something for everyone. And those who harbour a particular preference should make it known to those women who strike their breast-fetish fancy to promote positive body-image reinforcement for all. Only then can we hope to put an end to breast reductions undertaken for purely cosmetic purposes.

One busty British girl whom I consider to be a major success story in this regard is 32JJ Rachel Aldana from PinUpFiles

Rachel Aldana topless tits at

…while several of the other girls in my biggest British boobs blog were seriously considering going ahead with the horror of breast reduction surgery, Rachel came to accept her big breasts for the natural wonders that they are. I’ve no doubt that the feedback she received from boob lovers like ourselves played a not-insignificant role in providing encouragement (if only we could now find KK-cup Chloe Rogers in hopes of doing the same – if we’re not already too late, that is).

Sometimes, it’s the little things about big tits that deserve recognition. If you’ll allow me to linger on Rachel Aldana’s gorgeous JJ-cup breasts for a moment (mmmm, how glorious would that be IRL?), I did find something in the above photo that stood out to me moreso than even her erect nipples in terms of its intensely erotic appeal: the cusp of her cleavage. The overlapping cleft where Rachel’s cleavage comes together is just absolutely amazing, giving a true measure of just how heavy her huge tits really are as the skin stretches under their immense weight of her bountiful breast-flesh (special thanks due to PinUpFiles for their ultra-high-resolution photos which allowed me to provide a near-life-size cropped image from the original). I just have to wonder if anyone who’s had the unbelievably good fortune of encountering Rachel topless has complimented her on this fantastic physical phenomenon?

Anyway, apologies for the length of my impassioned rant and, as a reward for enduring said diatribe, here’s a bit more of the model whom you may have noticed from my sidebar has been voted official bunny & mascot of the newly-emerged 30JJ Gentleman’s Club (despite her actual band-size being two inches larger), 32JJ Rachel Aldana from

Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at    Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at    Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at

Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at    Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at    Rachel Aldana 32JJ from Biggest Breasts of Britain fame at

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site and 1796×2680 high-resolution)


[Remeber: If you sign up as a member to, you can get a membership in the other site upon which Rachel appears – – for only $10- more! Check out the joint membership option on their join page for further information on registering for this 25% multi-site discount.]

24 thoughts on “Britain Weighed Down by Biggest Breasts”

  1. Reese & Guys,

    I want to make a comment but I’m truely lost for words. What can you actually say that will convey the way I feel right now when I see the pictures of Rachel? Human language just isn’t that sophisticated enough to capture and convey such emotion and reason…….

    I’m going to make up a word not explain it in reductive terms and hope that those that are actually experiencing this themselves will understand exactly what is meant by this word..


    Reese you’ve raised the bar that high in this one post I’m worried for the expectation of future posts!

  2. Hey guys, I saw that documentary on BBC America the other night. I was sitting their speechless as the cute blonde girl was seriously contemplating a reduction!! Thank goodness she chose not to.

    I’ve always thought of that same analogy by the way. Yes I know it’s not the same thing but I wonder. What would a typical woman be thinking if a guy told her “Yeah, I used to have a thick 9 inch schlong – but it was such a pain, always getting in the way, so I had it thinned and shortened into a nice manageable 2 inches.” I hope that doesn’t come across as too insensitive. I realize I’m not the one who has to put up with back pain, bra strap pressure, ridicule, unwanted sexual comments, and so forth. Like it or not I guess a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. I will add, however, that whilst watching the blonde girl on that show I couldn’t help but thinking “Well if her back hurts I’d be happy to give her a massage…” ;-)

  3. On one hand I am angry and disturbed by the main point of the post: Breast reduction. On the other hand I am happy as pigs in shit that there are new pictures of the amazing, gorgeous, sexy, perfect, beautiful Rachel to look at! This post got me at both extremes!

    As far as the reduction issue goes, all joking aside. It makes me feel sick. Really. For a woman to be blessed by whatever god that may or may not exist (take your pick) with large, wonderful breasts and PURPOSELY do away with them for any reason other than extreme medical conditions is deplorable. I say this without an ounce of hyperbole or exaggeration. I know I cannot put myself in the shoes of these women. I do not pretend to know what their day to day life might be like. That said, I, as an admirer (bordering on worshiper) of big breasts can say that whatever the reasons may be to have a breast reduction, there are ten times as many reasons NOT to.

  4. One other interesting note: I read an article about how in the last decade the obesity rates in the UK have soared (granted, mostly by those over 30). We all know that there is often a link between big women and big tits. So I thought this was an interesting companion to the growing bust-size in the last decade.

    Here is the article in case anyone is interested:

  5. Thank you for this important post, Reese. And to Jazzman for inspiring it.

    It’s an unfortunate truth that people who stand out must endure such abuse.

    I went to high school with a girl who at 16 easily dwarfed most of these women, in the breast department. Both students and teachers assumed she was dirt stupid, and didn’t take her seriously.

    I think it comes down our base animal roots, and searching for ‘Alpha’ status. You can either build yourself up, or tear others down. The latter is usually the easy road.

    It’s the same thing for anyone with an excessive anatomy, like fat people (from where I draw just about all of my personal experience). They pass laws to protect people from abuse for reasons of race or religion. But no one passes laws to protect people who are considered fat or unattractive. And, nobody wants to. The democratic society is ruled by the winner of the biggest “Popularity Contest”.

    You can’t force people to change the way they think, anyway (much like with the abolishion of slavery and the institution of equal rights). Thoughts propogate according to the laws of evolution, they adapt with time. Although I question the wisdom of the NHS for making surgery so readily available, I greatly respect the pro-activeness in favor of the emotional stability of a needy minority. Even though the daughters of these women will still face the same abuse 12-20 years later.

    For most people, wanting to fit in with a particular group or culture can have very powerful influence over them. Not too many people dare to change the way they see the group, or search for other, better fitting circumstances.

    Oh, and the girl….

    She had the reduction. Although many of us, here, would feel some sort of loss; I had never seen her smile until some time after the surgery. So I suppose it comes down to “her body — her happiness”.

    Thanks for the patience from those who read this post.

  6. The Penis analogy doesn’t work at all. A nine inch penis erect might not be nine inches flacid, and would only be awkward when an unwanted errection occurred. This would happen, and has been the cause of embarressment for many men, even those of a smaller size. Likewise a long penis is still not as in the way as a large chest would be as the total surface area of even a D cup (which is hardly in the way) is much more than that of a long penis, and not in as quite an awkward area. a pair of head sized objects on the front of your chest is much more awkward than something the sie of a carrot dangling between your legs.

    It is a crying shame when teenagers go to such lengths to obey peer pressure, I always think. Unfortunately, the rules of normal society doesn’t quite extend to teenagers, and not many of them consider thinking what they might feel once there older. However, it is the choice of the individual to have a breast reduction. While you should be proud what nature gave you, it’s not always the case. It’s upto the individual what they do with there body. You cannot just force people to do what you want unfortunately. Thankfully we do have naturally busty ladies who wish to stay busty for our pleasure, but not all busty ladies particularly want to be admired for there bust.

    Telling someone with a big bust that they shouldn’t get it reduced just so men with a big breast fetish can enjoy the sight is rather unfair. In an ideal world for a big boob man all women would be a minimum F cup like the girls on this site (though that might make it less spcial, and desensitise a man to the sight of a big bust, but I digress). What is being suggested with banning of breast reductions would be like telling someone not to get botox because someone with a thing for older ladies might be annoyed. Looking at it in that context it sounds preposterous doesn’t it?

    You can’t take away people’s right to be happy with there body just because they have big boobs. While it is a shame that it would be a tragic waste from our perspective, the person who is having the reduction an get a tremendous psychological benefit from not being an object, and becoming a person. After all, if you don’t want people to change there bodies, you’d better stop the amount of breast enlargements too. Those who might like small boobs might think it’s a shame.

    Yes it sucks to loose such magnificent mammeries this way, but there are plenty more where that came from, and who knows maybe it will be cool to have a large bust, and then our fetish group can reap the rewards. Until then though we shall just have to dream, and do what we can to make women with a large bust feel valued, not just as something of beauty, but also as a person so they don’t become paranoid that we only want there boobs. After all, it’s not just about being happy with your body, but also being happy that people don’t want you purely for your body.

  7. Guys,

    I do not want to sound insensitive or ignorant at all but, let’s be honest. The main reason woman require Breast reduction, and the psychologists concur on this point, is psychological. It is all psychology! And you know what, I am going to agree with the experts here.

    Lets look at the reality! There are groups of women prepared to kill themselves to augment their breasts as well as women also willing to kill themselves to reduce their breasts- surgery. Now, if it was one way traffic then I would say yes there is a problem that goes beyond the mere psychology of the situation. We all know that psychology is a more powerful motivating factor than any other factor even more potent than instinct or just as potent. I do accept that there are woman who find the situation so unbearable that it affects them and distorts their perception of reality- which is framed in the (mental sphere). The only way I am going to even consider a claim of physical distress to be near geuine is if a woman has a cup size of L upwards any less than that can be dealt with by treating the psychological issues. Usually self-steem factors and peer-pressure to fit in and look a certain way- be accepted- so called. Now, I base my opinion on the reality stated above- two way traffic not just one way. Women trying to (fit) into a social ‘norm’ usually determined by the social group or aspired social group.

    The problem is usually pyscho-perception rather than physical abnormality. Because when we say that we want to change something in the physical realm what we are actually saying is that it has become unnatural OR WHAT IS EVEN MORE COMMON is that it does not fit in with the idea that I want it to look like. Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes. So, what is unnatural or abnormal? That question is immpossible to answer because there is no unnatural or abnormal because there is no natural and no normal and , the variations and manifestation are as numerous as there are women on the planet. I would suggest that it is the warped mental projection perception of any given sections of society and peer pressure that needs to change rather than the physical bodies of these woman whom are victims to this warped mental projection of body-reality. It is the perception that has become unnatural and abnormal. What is my evidence for this? When the surgery has occurred the women are in such great pain physically but, it is the psycological pressure that has lifted that makes them feel able to suffer and take life threatening risks in this manner. Now the rational thinker would say it is safer just to alter the mental perception rather than the physical reality. It is safer, cheaper and has no side-effects whatsoever besides making the person more confident and able to appreciate the body they live in. This has to be more rational than the status quo.

    This is the one exception that proves the rule– matter over mind NOT mind over matter.

    I am willing to be proved wrong on this in such rational terms as I do not have breasts but, I’m going to stick my neck out on this one and say I don’t think I am too far off the mark. BTW my beautiful wife who is a natural 34i with a slim ‘n’ stacked build has never complained and has actually admitted that she loves her breasts and finds it almost unbelievable that women would do such a thing to themselves. She loves her body image because it is hers. The only thing she doesn’t like about her breasts is the parasite husband always attached to them.

  8. I live in the US, but I downloaded this off of the PirateBay a few months ago and wasn’t impressed at all. None of the women in the documentary are particularly busty (maybe a D cup, at best) and most of them seemed like attention whores.

  9. Sam

    I have to say that you are one of the lucky ones to have a wife who is so compatible with your desires.

    But I must say that your argument only proves the point of the extreme nature of body-image and body-modification, both of self and of others. Just from the other side. I would uphold your comments in regards to any woman of cup sizes between B and FF.

    But outside of those ranges (approximaly speaking, of course), girls have outside views and opinions hammered into them. Even from the visitors of this site! As evidence, simply go back and read the comments posted in address to Rachel Aldana and Chloe Rogers.

    How does one apply terms like ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ in such a forcefully opinionated world?

    How can a girl accept the argument to ‘work with what God gave you’, when at the same time some men send kudos and attention to girls who have had augmentation?

    I know those are both rhetorical questions which lead to establishing better parenting parameters. But, aren’t we responsible for the pressures we apply on the other side?

    And I’m not really disagreeing with you, here. Just exploring the topic.


  10. This programme was on BBC3 a few months back, with 28K Jodie stealing the show.
    Anyone who doubts the girls’ bra sizes should look at it again. D Cup? Do me a favour…

    The pink bra she’s trying on that’s too small on the cup and too big round the back is a 32G

    The other girl Maddie was measured in Rigby and Peller, so it’s hardly likely to be inaccurate.

  11. Females need to learn to love their female form for the beauty it represents. Big boobs, small boobs. Beauty all the same, they are all beautiful in their own special way. Be happy with how God made you.


    I hear what you’re saying I even hold my hands up to involvement in distorting the image as my obvious affinity to large breasts at the extreme on small frames. But, my point still stands, I think.

    Rationally, my argument leads to outcome which is most sound. Get rid of the external pressure from the immediate social group change the self perception in regards to the reality and you have a better situation all round. Not forgetting the self-esteem issue.

  13. To Jes:

    That wasn’t something I had considerred, nor had I actually heard of. A routine Wikipedia search for “Testicular Elephantitis” threw the following suggested pages however:

    “* Jack Osbourne
    Relevance: 100.0% – –
    * List of people who died young
    Relevance: 94.4% – –
    * Garlic
    Relevance: 94.4% – -”

    After googling I see your point, but Testicular Elephantitis is a medical condition, while a large bust is nature. “The commonest form of elephantiasis is the tropical variety (filariasis) caused by infestation by parasitic roundworms (filaria); the enlargement is due to damage of the lymphatic system which impairs immunity” ~ from Hutchinsons Medical Encyclopedia.

    Anyone whom naturally has testicles the size of those found in photo’s of people with Elephantitis would indeed have serious problems, but I’ve never heard of such a thing, and I doubt anyone can prove that people can naturally get testicles of those proportions.

    Though this does make me wonder what would happen if some of the women shown on this site would look like if they caught Elephantitis of the breast… :P

  14. Surplusexistance – sorry, I wasn’t trying to be a d*#k. I was just trying to illustrate a point. You can skip the rest of this, if you’re uninterested in the details.

    True, elephantitis is very rare, indeed. But, I think the core issue here is, as Sam has rightly pointed out, a psychological one. So basically, my point is imagine having to live with 2 softballs in the front of your trousers for a minimum of 7 years. (I say 7 years because my understanding is the doctors have to wait until a girl’s breasts stop growing before a reduction can be performed.)

    And, those 7 years just happen to be from the ages of 11-18. The MOST important years for social development. This is when you start becoming the person you will see yourself as for at least the next 20 years to follow…

    Whether the occurrance of something is 1:1,000 or 1:1,000,000,000; that 1, after living for years with a specific body image, may not lose that self-image. Even after exercise, diets, or surgery.

    They say it takes 30 minutes to undo a 30 second first impression. So, imagine how long it takes to overcome the feelings one has lived 7 years (220,903,200 seconds).

    So, I suppose, to change the nature of how someone views themself; we may have to change the way we nurture them. If we start now, the young ones will get the message.

  15. Thank you Reese for posting the Great Rachel Aldana!!! Does anyone know how to contact these women who are considering breast reduction, because they need to look at this site and all the other pro-big-boob-I-hate-breast-reduction sites! They just need some reassurance thats it!

  16. I wish that Pinupfiles and PinUpGlam would stop putting so much makeup on their models.

    For example they caked Denise Milani with 3 1/2 lbs of makeup in that red shoot and she looked like she was doing a scene for ” What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” as Bette Davis.

    Geez, the gal looks terrific as ” a la natural” like in her vid with Jaimie Hammer on that site.

    Guys, shes 27 years old and I don’t need to see her as a 58 year old

  17. This girl is amazing…. wow those massive breasts are great to see and slim too . Great she is nearly perfect actually. I dont think she needs to be any bigger she is just right. Every credit to her for gettting those tits out and giving a lot of pleasure. She has been blessed with tits like that. just about big enough i think! she makes other girls look pretty boring and average really! Lovely more please … well done girl!

  18. I wholeheartedly agree with Sam on this…where its all in the freakn head and I for one worship huge natural breasted women who might even be a bit over weight but slim n stacked is da best nature can offer. I HATE plastic gals n even find flat gals disgustn. To me if you other deluded guys who deny the human evolution of preference for big chested women then you are fools as much as the women tho seek breast reduction for mostly cosmetic reasons. Plastic surgery was originally for either accidents where you couldn`t live without fixing to live a normal productive life or emergency life and death cases or birth defects that an avg person doesn’t have normally…Here in human created hell, earth..society n its social n mind aspects work by seeing anything that isn’t normal or acceptable by most of ppls would be seen as abnormal. Maybe in UK da avg size is 36D or such and maybe here in Canada and the rest of North America is similar but I for one find the so called avg …in terms of Asian gals B cup or smaller and white and non asian gals as C up kind of small. I LOVE huge natural breasted women preferably the slim n stacked kind. I find plastic and FLAT disgusting. You mind as well go for lil boys or girls or even animals since they got nipples too. lol Ya surgery industry is soo screwed up like the way hollywood is where its considered as ‘normal’ and acceptable just cuz most ppls are doing is is soooo WRONG…same goes for breast reduction…PPLS misconceptions of reality just cuz most ppls believe and see that the avg gal is sml titted that means anything bigger is excessive or over developed or not normal is full of BS and it is because they are jealous, envious, demeaning, low self esteem, self image and lack the hereto accept that they themselves lack the voluptuousness and endowment of what a TRUE woman is! To me a women is defined by having a uterus, menstrate, attractive features, hour glass shape NOT from back or front like most society defines the term but from the SIDE meaning must have hips and naturally born big BREASTS as in bigger then or equal to D and not overweight much. You can give birth with a uterus, lactate and feed babies and such than you are technically a REAL woman. I would fully support the movement for BANNING breast reduction but that won`t help the underlying cause, which some has stated here already, it`s a mind issue and general society at large and its conceptions of what is so called NORMAL. I DON’T like avg much less the norm ..that is FLAT or sml tit. Humans are always following a set mind psychology procedures such as whatever one is conditioned into in life for long periods of time n taught what society deems as normal then anything else not in that field is called and seen as Abnormal. If all females were TRUE WOMEN and had big as Rachel, any gal who got smaller would be considered as a freak lol. See what i am trying to get at?. Its call in the head and what society deems as normal. After all this I want to just spit and torture and disembowel all fools who believe otherwise and wished that these TRUE women didn’t have to go thru life with such ridicule because they didn’t fit in with the majority of what society believed as normal…the majority of FLAT or sml titted GIRLS. Personally my first exgf was asian and lucky for me I had her for over 3 yrs and enjoyed her big nat. tit size even tho she was a bit chubby but she still had the hr glass shape. It was probably a 36DD min cuz she wore a 36C n was brainwashed n pressured by others typically other asn gals of being huge breasted. Knowing with my yrs of experience in observation and such I for one know that asn gals tend to be flat chested or if lucky have a B cup. No freakn wonder ppls thought anything above that was considered not normal. She ever was thinkn of having reduction to and that was the only big argument I ever had about her body. Even back then I told her all this but she didnt believe or use much logic to see that its all in her head. that and cuz of pressure from society to be AVERAGE, In this case avg SUX! No wonder I now prefer non asns than asn gals even tho if I saw an asn gal who had big as rachel or bit smaller but still huge…I would jump for her. The way i see it..since stupid society avg size is puny and da norm, then the ones whoa re on this site and are bigger than avg are the ones who’s more rare and special cuz they are the ones who are the REAL women and harder to find so should be cherished and desired more! further more I have been accused and labeled a perv cuz I like and prefer REAL WOMEN who are huge naturally breasted rather than the avg flat or sml titted girls. I think defn of perv is such that it shouldn’t exist and that all ppls who use it and believe in the societal norms are just sexual prudes and traditional folks who are sexually depressed. I have done quite a lot of research in finding articles that have been done by university researchers as to why humans are the only mammals in the world who has permanent breasts and why males preferred large breasts compared to small or flat gals… its mostly to do for providing for family potential..keeping men around for protection and food resources attainment and I have even read a study that showed that big breasted natural women were higher in IQ than smaller chested women and there are NO studies that show breast size as a factor in having more chance of breast cancer. All the CRAP i have heard over the yrs from gals n some guys who say such BS as to further their views that big tit women are not normal includes such crap as…more chance for cancer, disgusting, out of proportion, back pain, not normal, freak, dumb bitches, sluts, and such are totally BS!. and isn’t it convenient that most of these said complainers that women with such huge breasts aren’t nice are from sml or FLAT ladies!? Talk about unsaid insecurities in being flat or sml chested and no wonder they find it as some1 else has mentioned that its much easier to insult and denounce some1 else who’ve got what U wished that your mom had given you in terms of breast dept. ! lol To me such WOMEN are PROPORTIONAL and any1 who’s less are NOT. And I read that back pain mostly was because of WRONG bra size and fit! All my facts come from ppls with experience such as bra fitters in bra stores that I have read from net or the numerous studies that research has produces regarding anything about women and large natural breasts. I think I have covered most of my pts and what I have been having in my head since over 10 yrs! It freakn makes me supa mad that such women are treated and have been and will be and still re treated in this day and age and that to the pt of women of these lovely TRUE women go and get breast reduction.
    I pity the ppls who degrade them in all our eyes and feel sorry that the gals who do go for reduction never will have FIXED the real problem, the repair of their mindset and therefore feelings of how they see their own naturally gifted voluptuous bods and where also society in general thinks and believes that sml tit or FLAT is the NORM and anything else is to be looked down upon and made to be same as them…FLAT avg lil UNDERDEVELOPED girls.
    This is my rant and any1 who still believes like the rest of deranged blind society and their obsession with flatness, continuation of ethnic bias towards flatness such as asian ppls marrying within own ethnicity therefore continuing the 10000s of yrs of flatness and bad genetics regarding BREASTS more like LACK thereof, can go to HELL. lol
    I for one do NOT find flat much less sml tit gals attractive or sexy or NORMAL in my terms of what WOMEN actually is defined.
    The world would be soo much better off if all read this posting and this blog page and where all FEMALES are huge breasted naturally.
    END to discrimination, norms, conformists, FLATNESS and the continuation of ethnic biased inbreeding of sml tittedness and the demeaning of these voluptuous WOMEN by ignorant and blind unknowing FOOLS!
    enuff said! :P

  19. I’m a girl, but I’m lesbian so I can comment on this.
    I think it looks so horribly out of proportion for someone to be so skinny and to have such big breasts. It’s sickening! I love boobs, don’t get me wrong. But that is just SO gross! Proportion means everything!

  20. If you think breast reductions are good/ cool/ socially imperative or whatever – consider how foot-binding was considered the same up until just a century ago in China; yet we look back at that and go: “Oh, horrid”

    It’s really sad that so many beautiful girls have such major self-image problems.

    I have a friend who hates her breasts so much, that she once slammed them in the refrigirator door, in the hopes of getting a tumour that would qualify her for a state-funded breast reduction. Her size? Not even that big – 34C.

    The real problem is not the girl’s breasts, but what the media promotes, and the subsequent psychological imbalance. The one girl is a 32A , and can’t wait to have implants so she can be a 32D, while the other girl is, let’s say, 32E, and can’t wait to have them reduced to B or C – moral of the story? Learn to love YOUR body, and screw the rest!

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