Confessions Of A Thick Blonde.

Hey there, guys.  This is Vix.  Reese’s wife.  You may remember me from such pictures as these:

Vix with her tits out in the sun

Vix with her tits out in the sun

Or you may not because it has been a while since we did any photographs.  Why is that?  Well, there are many reasons, a lot of which have come up, in recent days, via the comments left by readers of this very site.

Would you indulge me by allowing me to express a female point of view on things?  Well, I am going to, so if you don’t want to know, fine, just wait a wee while and Reese will be right here with some more boobie booty.

I was an unfortunate child:  Stick thin, specs, asthma, the works.  I studied physics and computer science.  I was into heavy metal & prog. rock.  I read horror & sci-fi.  I was plain looking and had no breasts.  Funny, articulate, intelligent, verbally astute to the point of precociousness – all these things too, but none of those were making me popular with anyone.  Those things do not count when it comes to making friends and being “in” when you’re a girl at school.

You know what?  They don’t do much for you when you’re a grown woman, either.

You learn at a fairly young age that what counts is how you look.  Yes, still in this day and age, that is how it is.

You learn, as a girl, from about age twelve, that you’re not up to scratch, looks wise.  Your peers will soon let you know that your hair is in need of a good seeing to and your face belongs behind a mask.  Your family will humiliate you further by holding up your new bra, freshly measured for and bought, when you get home and the shopping is unpacked, by exclaiming, with more than a bucketful of sarcasm “And here’s Victoria’s massive support!”  Cue the family falling about laughing, compounding the “walking ironing board” comments you get at school.

Your facial features are fair game for all to comment on.  You take off your specs and get told you have piggy little eyes.  You break the habit of a lifetime and smile a big, cheesy, genuinely happy grin and get told your chin looks like a cross between that of Bruce Forsyth and Kirk Douglas.

Bruce Forsyth Kirk Douglas

So, what do you do about this?  Well, you can retreat into your shell and become one of those women that no-one ever notices or you can try to salvage what you can.

I learned to be attractive.  I could paint and draw so I drew something pretty on the front of my head and stood tall (as tall as you can, when you’re 5’2″) and just exuded all the sexiness I could.  Absurdly, my confidence was high and I balled it all up and walked, crotch first, through every door I came across.

The tits?  They came much later.  When I had my children, I breast fed them both until they were each a year old and my meagre 34B bra size increased to something I didn’t even know existed: an E cup.

The attention I was getting with my new boobs was amazing and I lapped it up.  I was, however, quite devastated when I stopped lactating and my breasts fell, drained and tired, down my torso.  Like two paper bags, empty all bar a plumb at the bottom.  Sad, drooping and redundant.  Of course, you probably know, that this is why I had an augmentation, to fill up the empty sacks that my breasts had now become.  Why?  Because I learned that when I had tits, I was noticed.  People paid attention like had never happened before.  And I liked it.

For the first time in my life, I got chance to share myself.  To be listened to.  To utilise the mental dexterity that had gone unnoticed throughout my years on the planet.

Because I had tits.

Bullshit, isn’t it?

But it’s for reasons like these that you do not get to see women that are not attractive, or God forbid, actually “ugly” on sites like this.  These women have been conditioned, pretty much from birth, to think that they are not to be paid attention to.  Not to be listened to.  Not to be seen.

These women do not become singers, however brilliantly they may warble.  The do not become actors, regardless of their prowess.  They do not take their clothes off for magazines or websites.

Of course, there are exceptions.  Susan Boyle, Kathy Bates, Lexxi Luxe.  Yes, I said it… Lexxi Luxe.

Susan Boyle Voice of an angel, face of the DevilKathy Bates A rare commodity - a plain female actorLexxi Luxe pic from XX-Cel. A big, brave woman.

All brave women.  All of them women who have bitten the bullet and decided “To hell with you all, I am going to do this because I am good at it and you will notice what I do and show me some respect as a viable human being!”

It’s hard to overcome all the feelings that got implanted in your head as a child because you had no boobs and therefore were not a real woman, or had big tits and were therefore a slut (Oh, we all knew one of those at school, right?  What did she do to deserve that, except be masturbatory fantasy fodder for the boys and an object of jealousy for the girls?)

It’s hard to overcome the fact that they made you sing behind the curtain in school plays, while someone prettier and more socially acceptable looking, but who couldn’t sing for toffee, mimed along to your voice.

It’s hard to overcome your fears of going up for a job that you are born to do and have all the needed experience and qualifications, just to see someone thinner/more attractive/younger get the role.

We can’t all look like Sarah Nicola Randall.  (She is so my cup of tea, btw)

Topless photo of Sarah Nicola Randall from

And that is kind of why I have not done any photographs, of late.  I read what y’all say about models and I cringe.  How can I ever think I deserve to do that job?  My boobs are too small (36F), I am too plain, I am too old (I turn 42 on Sunday :) ), I am too disabled, I am only on MyBoobSite because I am Reese’s wife (here’s news for you, without me there would be no HardPourCorn at all!)

And I’m thick.

Now, to me, until quite recently, that word is an insult.  It means stupid.  It means unintelligent.  Combine it with “blonde” and you get “bimbo”.

But, being on Twitter has taught me that it also means “not fat, not thin, but flesh where it should be” which kinda describes me, I suppose.  Well it does more than BBW and I am obviously no skinny minnie.

I am not phishing here, I am in no way after any sympathy or ego-boosting.  What I am trying to say is that these women, these people, that some of you are berating for having the gall to try and make a living by spreading a little sexy fun, deserve a bit more respect.  They might not be your cup of tea, and to be honest, there are times when I see someone on Reese’s screen, when he is writing a BBW blog, that I have commented “Jeez, if I had a penis, it has just shrunk so far into my body that I have an innie!”, but, you know what – I know that I don’t like that stuff, so I don’t look at it.

Kali Kala Lina photo from PlumperPass - Just NOT my bag, baby.

Go look at BigBoobsOnCam, which I have been posting on for a while now and you will see that I try to pick different body types to share with you, but you will mainly see slim & stacked women.  Because that is my preference.  It is very hard to chose to share with others that which you do not feel passionately about yourself.

LuciousAss from IMLive - this is more like it, for me!

I guess I am trying to say that we are all different.  Not only in what we look like ourselves but in what we like to look at.  What floats our boat.  What we need to see in order to cum.  After all, that is why we’re all here, isn’t it?  It’s not to achieve world peace or to cure HIV/AIDS.  We’re here for personal gratification.  That is all.

Reese and I do our best to help you achieve this and have a selection of different sites that cater to different preferences.  The models that work in this business are hard working men, women and trans- people.  PEOPLE.  I think some of you forget that sometimes.

Ok, I’m done, but please remember that this is Vix writing and not Reese.  These are my views and opinions and not his.  Like I said at the top, he’ll be along with the big boobiness any minute.  (And give him a break – he has to put up with me and my views all the time, which can’t be easy. :lol: )

35 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Thick Blonde.”

  1. Not every model is going to be your cup of tea, but I’ve never understood people who post horrible comments about girls they don’t like. If you’re not a fan, just move on and keep quiet.
    I know the chances of the girls reading these comments is slim, but like the old saying goes, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
    Just because a paticular model doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t give you the right to slag her off and insult her body, its an incredibly brave thing to do, stripping off and putting yourself out there, and most of us don’t have the guts, so why should we pick on these girls who are just trying to make some money or turn guys on.
    Basically while online just try and follow Wil Wheaton’s law- Don’t be a dick!

  2. You go girl!

    I’ve learned in my 60 yrs that looks don’t mean very much. Sure its nice to look at a well put together body. But without some brains, common sense, humor, personality, and so many other verbs/adverbs
    that additionally describe desirable individuals you might as well have a Living Doll (TM). Pleasant to look at and maybe have sex with; but what is sex if you don’t have a relationship. Even if that relationship is just a fuck buddy.

  3. I agree with Vix 100%. As said, everyone has their preferences as far as what they consider attractive, but making fun of/belittling people who one doesn’t find attractive is so high school (if not grade school).

    Speaking just for myself, I love variety. Women of many different sizes and shapes have rocked my world. Not every woman can be ultra-sexy, but all women can be beautiful.

  4. I don’t understand why some of the guys that post here have to be such douchebags either. I understand that by it’s very nature looking at pictures of naked women is a bit objectifying but still if a particular lady is not your cup of tea just keep it to yourself. I’m not a huge fan of breast implants – okay, fine, I don’t wank to those girls.

    For what it’s worth, I think Vix and Lexxi are sexy as all get out and love to see more pictures of both.

  5. Well said, Vix.

    Some of this is primal, instinctual. Some of it is a learned aesthetic through, frankly, social brainwashing (and yeah, I’m a sociologist, so I can say that with high confidence).

    What passes for an object of desire (and I hate the “object” part; these are people, not furniture) changed from one age to another, from the erra of the Venus of Willendorf up to today’s other extreme (think Kate Moss or Kiera Knightly). But, I defy anybody to explain to me why the extremes or anything in between is some sort of ideal of perfection. What is the idealistic baseline for comparing one body type to another?

    I certainly don’t have a baseline. I did, being brainwashed like everybody else. But, I changed my sense of aesthetic early on in life when I decided society is a liar about darned near everything. In time, I came to cultivate a wide aesthetic and find most body types appealing (including female bodybuilders).

    What’s the advantage of that? Well, it allows me to enjoy looking at that many more types (again, I hate using a taxonomy, as though women are objects) of women. I get to be turned on by a whole panoply of paunches. And that, dear friends, makes me feel like a pretty lucky guy.

    To each his or her own. The only concern I have about weight is for health, my own included. But, for fuck’s sake friends, these are people like you and me. They come in all shapes and sizes. Why are you treating this like it’s a moral imperative? Do you really think we are best served by your insulting women who don’t meet your own sense of aesthetic, one mostly learned through social brainwashing? How could we be?

    I like Anorie’s look just fine. And, I like Lynn McCrossin’s look (aka Pec Panther, for how she bounces her implants with her pecs). But, that’s me. Nobody else has to like it. And, I’ll be darned if I’m going to let anybody tell me what I should and should not like, as though the fate of humanity depended on it.

    Don’t like the look? Then, pass on reading the article that day. Pass on Reese’s generous, free offering. Also, spare everybody else the cut of your unkind words. Move along. For you, there’s nothing to see here.

  6. Vix, do you not see the irony of lamenting about the way women are treated based on looks on a site called “myboobsite”? How do you think less endowed women would feel around these parts? The fact of the matter is that the very thing that you are condemning, you and Reese are guilty of. None of these women on this site, whether they are slim, medium or BBW represent the vast majority of women, and they will all make most women have a complex about their bust size.

    Everyone comes here for one reason, and it’s humongous tits, not to notice women for mental dexterity or charm. If it was, the site would be called “mycharmingmentaldexteritysite”. Let’s see how many affiliate bucks you get with that one.

    You can’t bemoan something you actively participate in and probably earn money from. I suppose you could, but that is hypocrisy.

  7. Joey – yes and no. I am one of those women that felt/feel inadequate because of what the various forms of media depict as “ideal” body types. However, my whole starting point in this game was my charity site. I was making the point, with that, that despite being disabled, one can still feel and be sexy. That it is all down to how you perceive yourself and not down to others to decide.

    Everyone else – Thank you. I was so very worried about saying *anything*.

  8. Vix has hit the nail on the head, and Joey misses the point completely. We all come here to admire gorgeous busty women, but reading the comments, most guys feel similarly to me, that we admire these women not just for their looks, but their bravery, sexuality, character and charm.

    Any one who doubts it only has to think of Anorei/Lexxxi. There are thousands of models with juggs as big as hers and many with smaller bodies, but she exceeds them all because her charm and character shines through the lense.

    First and foremost I love women of all different shapes and sizes. I visit this blog to admire the best busty women on the net, but I visit plenty of other sites that cater for different tastes. There are plenty of models I’m not keen on, but there is always something to admire and I never arrogantly assume that because I may not like a particular model that everyone should agree with me.

    How boring would it be if we all liked the same thing, but some contributers need to grow up a bit and stop leaving vulgar and insulting comments just because they don’t like the model being blogged.

  9. Vix, well said. Also Reese, tell ’em f*** ’em. If I don’t care for one of the woman you post, I don’t click on her. I don’t get on and act like my taste is God’s gift to the rest of the ignorant buggers who come here to find out from me, what they should like.

    Abbi? Oh yes. Lexxxi? Bit tough. I love her breasts and her cute face when she doesn’t paint it too much. I’m afraid if I were xx years younger and knew her, I might not want to be seen with her because she’s way out there on the size charts. I hope I’d be more sensible. If not, f*** me too.

    Vix, you will never, ever, be too old or too disabled to be the beautiful butt-kicking woman you are. Carry on, and the very best to you.

  10. Well said. And yeah, Joey, you miss the point. The point is simply to be respectful of the women; the idea that if you don’t like them, just don’t look, extends to the very concept of a ‘my boob site’ itself.

  11. I think that foul stuff they post or say is just their perverted way of getting off. Sex and violence, abuse of women, disrespect for women is common enough. No big thinking required to figure out where their perverted heads are at. I bet at least 90 percent of the ones posting those foul things are jerking off at the same time.

  12. Great post, Vix. I am all for free speech and letting people speak their minds, but I do believe that Reese could easily install a no-bashing rule in the comments. You all moderate them anyway, so might as well implement that basic element.

  13. You words are always welcome here, Vix.
    Love those pics of your in your garden

    I know many women who are essentially beautiful, but their apprehension would always gravitate to that part of them they felt insecure about. It’s like: they couldn’t appreciate the larger package, and feel good about themselves, but would pick themselves apart.

    Speaking for myself, if I may (Men do get insecure about their looks), in getting older and losing much of my looks, it’s like becoming invisible. I used to find women looking at me, from across a room… And now they don’t.

  14. Peeb, where did I say you shouldn’t be respectful to women or that you should abuse them? I never denigrate anyone. A woman baring her body is a privilege we all enjoy. You’re building a straw man argument here. I’ve been on this blog since its inception, longer than a lot of you folks. I’m in no way saying disrespectful behavior is good, or that I endorse it. That is wrong. It always is, and that goes beyond women with big tits. It’s wrong against any human being.

    However, it rings a bit hollow for us to act like we aren’t here for selfish reasons, or that we’re a big bunch humanitarians. Tits are fun like Reese’s latest post implies, but please lets not act like you’re here for any other reason other than seeing women topless/free big tit porn. You wouldn’t be here otherwise, so please save it. Reese is a charming, witty chap, but you aren’t here for his quips, because if he stopped posting tits, you’d all vanish. From the way some of you are responding, you’d think you came here to hold hands, form a circle, champion feminism, fight discrimination and sing kumbaya. Nothing is more disingenuous than phony behavior. Cut it out, be honest with yourselves. Treat women with respect, yes – but please, stop acting like you’re on a peace mission, when the only thing you care about is in your pants.

    Reese, I respect you. I dig what you do 90% of the time, but like all things, you need honest criticism, and I’m afraid if you listened to some here, you’d just be around yes men. You certainly don’t owe me or anyone anything as this is a free site, but it’s a site that you want to get traffic, visitors and comments from, because it would be a giant waste of your time if no one came here. Myboobsite doesn’t exist because of benevolence.

    In my honest opinion, blogging about the same model all the time is boring. It doesn’t matter who it is. There are a lot of tits out there, so seeing the same woman all the time defeats the purpose. I think this was the main backlash towards Anorei/Lexxi. I’m sure she’s a fine lass, I have no issues against her. Anyone who attacked her personally is a barbarian and a jerk. If I see something I don’t like, I don’t say anything. That’s my motto. But it just got to be a bit much. Look back at your previous blog posts. At one point Anorei was almost all the topics on the front page. C’mon. Even you can admit that it was a bit much in hindsight! I’d feel the same way if it was Venera or Merilyn. I’m not really sure why saying that you’re focusing on one model too much is so controversial, or hard to understand. Oh well, c’est la vie.


  15. Oh, I love how “I agree with your criticism of those assholes making rude comments” is an excuse to make further rude comments.

    Some people need to learn some fucking respect. It’s too bad it can’t just be drilled into their heads with a scathing blog post.

  16. I always thought that this site was a place that was trying to show the wonders of a particular physical feature of the female body that many people find enjoyable to look at, feel and fantasize about. It’s not just about one type but all sizes shapes and colors. The human body is a work of art created by (please forgive the religion) God. To criticize the beauty of that is to deny a person their right to be themselves. I would hope that the women who choose to grace us with their bodies feel no shame.
    So thank you Vix for speaking out, knowing that there is a woman of your caliber helping to drive this site only makes me want to come back and I hope you will too!

  17. In my opinion, a lot of people assume that, since there is a BBW site under this umbrella network of sites, that all the chubby girls go there, and that this site is just for the “slim & stacked”. Which, in some ways, makes sense.

    The complete list is:
    My Penis Site – Big cocks
    Big Tits Transexuals – Busty guys/girls with penises, no vaginas
    Hermaphrodite Heaven – Busty guys/girls with vaginas and penises (forgive me if neither of those are PC terms)
    My Vagina Site – Big pussy lips
    Big Boobs on Cam – Busty webcam girls
    My BBW Site – BBW’s, small or large breasted
    My Boob Site – Big boobs, Skinny, or BBW

    However, the assumptions for the last two tend to be:
    My BBW Site – Busty BBW’s
    My Boob Site – Slim & Stacked

    This is probably what causes a lot of the hate. The false assumption that this site is for the slim & stacked only, hence people come here just for the slim & stacked, then start to get annoyed when certain BBW models get posted, because they assume that they should be on the BBW site only, and are annoyed that yet another update doesn’t cater to there own personal preferences.

    Which I’d guess is the problem. People come here expecting new wank material, but because they only like slim & stacked they’re annoyed when an update doesn’t cater to them, citing the argument “it’s not fair that those who like BBW’s get to see BBW’s both on this site and the BBW site, when we only get to see Slim & stacked on here, and it’s mixed with other porn that at best does nothing for me, and at worst, turns me off.”

    In a way they have a point, even if it is flawed as the BBW site includes both busty BBW’s and BBW’s who don’t meet the G-cup and up criteria, but the people there are going there for the BBW’s. not exclusively for the big boobs, while those who want the slim & stacked don’t get that option. You could always launch a “MySlim&” to counter these complaints, and put all the skinny girls there, including both those who fit the G-cup and up criteria of this site, and maybe some of those who don’t quite fit it, but have often been on here because there slender frame makes there smaller breasts look proportionally larger.

  18. I thought this comment was hilarious in its hypocrisy,

    ” Vix, do you not see the irony of lamenting about the way women are treated based on looks on a site called “myboobsite”? How do you think less endowed women would feel around these parts? The fact of the matter is that the very thing that you are condemning, you and Reese are guilty of. None of these women on this site, whether they are slim, medium or BBW represent the vast majority of women, and they will all make most women have a complex about their bust size.”

    I wonder how often he enjoys porn featuring men with humongous dicks? Those large appendages certainly do not represent the mass majority of men in this world. How man men watch porn and are too distracted by thoughts of the inadequacy of their own equipment to not whack off?
    The name of that site is a dead give away as to the content, so if pictures of large breasts on beautiful women make someone feel self conscious then they need only be upset at themselves for punching in and clicking that url.

    Frankly, I love looking at pictures of gorgeous women with large breasts. I don’t feel the need to compare myself, instead I just enjoy looking at them. Of course, I desire larger boobs of my own, but a picture of a woman with bigger boobs than mine doesn’t make me feel bad…I instead of naughty thoughts of playing with said larger boobs. I am a happy pervert. :)

  19. Here comes a confessional one…

    I think the most important part of Vix’s post, which was well worth a read in it’s entirety, was about intelligence not meaning squat in most cases, looks seemingly the be-all, end-all. An attitude that seems intrinsic to human nature, and sadly reinforced by culture instead of being taught it’s just one of many great qualities a person can have.

    What worries me the most is that the way most people are, intelligence is actually an undesirable trait. I was having a fascinating conversation with a good-looking, witty, well-read woman the other day and we mused on the fact that you can clear space in a room – or indeed the whole room – by avoiding the banal chitchat and skipping straight to the intellectual stuff. So even though a person might be stunning in terms of looks, if they suddenly reveal themselves to be erudite it might somehow detract from it and make them less attractive! For shame that society can be like that. So much for being evolved and tolerant.

    The thing is, in real life boob size doesn’t matter anywhere near as much to me. In fact, most of the women I’ve dated were slimmer and not at all stacked than the kind I’d like. Why? Because they were fun people with great personalities, and that’s what I go for first. But in porn, you have nothing but looks, there’s no direct interaction, so I prefer everything to be exaggerated. Big framed women, big tits, big dicks, that’s the point. Like going to see a movie or a great performer in concert, it should be larger than life, almost unobtainable in a way.

    Regardless of preference, being rude is pointless. To go back to the “problems with culture” argument, this instant gratification culture which has run riot with the mass acceptance of the internet, so people are losing their self-control and get pissy and whiny when they can’t get what they want in seconds flat. I’m not even thirty yet and I’m sickened to see people tied to their smartphones for all manner of things (yes, even porn) seemingly unable to tear themselves away from this instant gratification. I’ve written literally thousands of words on the subject, how the human race is becoming an unwitting slave to technology, especially in light of the fact a broadband connection is now considered a “basic human right” next to eating and having shelter.

    What I’m driving at is, learning self-control in real life should transfer to self-control on the internet, but behind a wall of anonymity where people are free to show their sometimes dickish true colours, that sort of stuff falls away (see Greater Internet F***wad Theory) and it’s a shame that so many of those colours are a disgusting shade of vomit.

    Self-control should exist everywhere, especially in places where people bare their bodies for the enjoyment of other people. It’s such a shame it doesn’t, and if the silver lining of all the hate directed at Anorei is that a few people step back and learn some lessons in politeness rather than being trolls, it was worth it.

    Excellent piece Vix, and the same to the more sensible, well-adjusted people who have posted polite responses to it.

    …so when can we get back to the mutual enjoyment of big breasted women, eh? :D

  20. Joey- There are no contradictions in Vix’s post, no matter how simple your reason for looking at anything, all types of politics come with it. ESPECIALLY in porn there is lots of political/human issues to be debated. I come to see big breasts and big bodies but there is also a wealth of insight and discussion I’ve gained from going around these places to do with the women who pose in the pictures, which branches out into consideration of all types of people. I’ve read countless accounts of these women speaking out about how it is to look like this and how people treat them because of this. I’ve learned a lot from what began as a simple desire and I’m grateful for the knowledge. I’d like more discussion of this type.

    Vix- Dont be afraid to show yourself, you look lovely, and a person who reads horror & SF, listens Prog and Metal sounds cool to me. Who are your favorite authors and bands?

    I think there are a lot of beautiful women who are disabled, have a scar or a missing tooth or something and just feel too insecure to show themselves. I’d like them all to come out and show themselves but I acknowledge the fear of abuse from trolls. In a score magazine I once saw a model with a blatant lazy eye and the magazine didnt make a big deal out of it. I was impressed.

    Lexxxi has a gorgeous friend called Maggie Dubonet, you guys should get her on.

  21. What’s with all the self analysis and long winded responses on here, lately?

    I would think 99 percent of us look at the pictures, masturbate, then move on to our “real” everyday lives.
    Why are we debating the merits of Lexxi and the effect on women’s self esteem?

  22. I am in my 70’s and many many years ago, i would look at photos of the slim women and dreamed. The the MENS magazines showed up on the newsstands, that showed women with a few more curves, a bit chubby, and some with bigger bosoms, and I had to admire their courage to pose for, mostly guys, to learn the fine art of masturbation. Some of the women were not very pretty, but still showed their naked bodies, albiet for money, but it was something I could not do. So for all this rambling, my point is, I learned to respect all women People that make comments about others, should look in the mirror and see if that image would would bring the same nasty comments from others. Love and let live. To all the women that haveosed for me to enjoy, I say THANK YOU.
    PS. I had a huge crush on Candy Samples and imagined what a “loose woman” she must be, until I met her. She was so nice to me and took time to listen to my obvious stammering, and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. She was no longer a J/O object to me but a sweet woman, that changed my perception of all women.

  23. As far as I know,this is YOUR site,too! Feel free and indeed encouraged to make comments about YOUR site.Reese listens. We listen,judging from the responses,here.
    I will welcome your comments. We all do.
    I know what I like and I like this site!
    You can write well also,Vix. Do a blog,yourself.

  24. Thanks for all your comments, chaps.

    ddd228 – You do know, I DO write quite a few of the blogs, right? As well as which doesn’t really count, I am the fingers behind, &

    It’s both of us on Twitter as @Hard_Pour_Corn, where we post whenever there’s something new to look at on any of our blogs.
    It’s just me as @Vix_Pix though. Come read about me making gravy. (Not a euphemism)

  25. Honestly you can’t let a few trolls dictate to you how you feel about yourself.

    The trolls are angry because they don’t have the social skills to get laid so they hate on random females who do love their own bodies & sexuality enough to get paid for pics & videos or those who do it for kicks.

    Why would you let a few troll have that kind of power over you, to upset you?

    A successful, confident man doesn’t need to hate on others in order to feel good about his life.

    You are giving the trolls to much power over your life. Life is a celebration, we all should be happy to be alive, present, with ones we love. It is their opinion that matters most. Not some random hateful stranger on the web being a bully because he is not happy in his own life.

    I am fabulous at any size. Love me or hate me, at least you know my name.

    Haters do more for me in promotions than the ones who say they love me. :) I use them to my advantage.

    Love you,

  26. Shit,maybe you don’t have time to sleep,Vix!
    You both have a full time job keeping us perverts entertained.
    The Internet is a global communication network and that is just what we need.
    Happy to be here and with you two hard-working people that make the internet so diverse and desireable. WE NEED THIS!
    We love you,Sam. We love you Reese and Vix.
    Happy Easter,soon. Dave.

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