Nicole Peters 32J, back by popular demand…

As you may have gathered by now, I do try my best to feature the models that you all request here on MyBoobSite (as long as they’re not Nadine Jansen or Milena Velba, which I’ve sadly explained time and time again *sigh*). In fact, that’s been my greatest source of new big boobs talent. If it wasn’t for you guys (and I mean that in the most gender-generic sense of the word), I wouldn’t have known about models like Alessandra Derya or, one of my latest favourites, Wanessa Lilio!

The most recent requests I’ve received (Nadine & Milena notwithstanding), however, have been for MBS veteran Nicole Peters: Very Free wrote, “So now that we’ve had a dose of Brandi, let’s have someone a lot more womanly: Nicole Peters. We haven’t seen anything of her in a while. :–) Gawd, I love to see those melons of hers!” It wasn’t long before BigBoobFan jumped on the bandwagon, saying, “VF you are sooooooo right – we most certinly need more of Nicole Peters around here. Sooooooo sweet, so fine.”

Sooooooo (to quote BBF), I wandered over to her website to find something to fulfil your desires (personally, in terms of “Score girls“, I lean more toward Autumn-Jade than Nicole Peters, but there ya go). And it’s funny that Aficionado should mention the “too tan” Ines Cudna in his comment on my last Eden blog, as she’s coincidentally featured in today’s entry as well! Granted, Ines’ 36EE endowments aren’t quite as substantial as Nicole’s J-cup jigglers (as is most clearly evidenced in this photo), but that and the tan does provide for a nice contrast…

Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from

Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from

Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from

Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from

Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from    Nicole Peters 32J & Ines Cudna 36EE from

…as for the video, some of you may also be aware that I have unresolved issues about wanking over one’s own porn. But it seems that our Nicole is doing precisely that, making masturbatory use of a Voluptuous magazine starring none other than herself at cover-girl! It’s all a bit narcissistic, if you ask me – then again, if I had a pair of J-cups protruding from my pectoral region, I might be wont to do the same (although, in my case, the beard would be a real turn-off). Be that as it may, here’s Nicole Peters…from where else but

Nicole Peters 32J from    Nicole Peters 32J from

Nicole Peters 32J from    Nicole Peters 32J from

Nicole Peters 32J from    Nicole Peters 32J from



32 thoughts on “Nicole Peters 32J, back by popular demand…”

  1. Reese – you are the best! Delivering the goods as usual. I just love Nicole Peters with her creamy white skin and massive breasts. What a contrast betwen her and Autumn-Jade. Nicole’s really got her head down in the 69’er shot. Sweet!

  2. Too bad with that Nadine/Milena thing. It’s a shame they have such a jealous webmaster.

    But I won’t complain, with all the quality stuff ’round here. Did i say Alicia? ;)

  3. Well, this is really strange…last few days I have been fancying Eden and Nicole in my Summer daydreams, specifically in that order, and here they are–same wavelength. Thanks.

  4. I’m going to say something critical here. Now, don’t get me wrong, all these ladies with bras big enough to tent in would get a red carpet treatment from me at the finest restaurant in town! But comparing them to each other, I have never know what the Nicole Peters ‘thing’ is. In this set she TOTALLY looks like the kid sister! She looks like a cat that got caught out in the rain half the time. I think I would take Busty Marilyn any day.

  5. I’ll take Ines in second. Nicole is too friggin pale…jeez get some sun! I love to think about Ines laying out in the sun naked….probably a tanning bed….but the thought is nice.

  6. Charles – I’d have to say it’s the “GirlNextDoor” look Nicole has that gets me. I tend to prefer “natural looking” women as opposed to some of these scary women with too much makeup. Busty Merylin doesn’t do it for me at all, neither does Kelly Madison and the like. I much prefer the Faith, Wifey and Chloe Vevrier types that look good naturally… and have gorgeous tits. :) But that’s just me.

  7. Nicole Peters is my all-time fav. I love her pale skin and her general look, overall. She just seems more real, as BigBoobFan says. Plus, really, the J’s. The only thing that sucks is that she hasn’t done too much new stuff. Believe me, I’ve searched and searched because of how awesome she looks, but while she does have a lot of photo sets and a handful of vids, she hasn’t done anything lately and no one has any news on whether she’s doing more. And saying that she was in the latest Score or Voluptuous doesn’t count because those are just from sets that have been on her website for years already. Mind you, I’m not entirely complaining, either. I’ve got all her sets as my sceensaver, and I NEVER get sick of watching her. She will always be hot. I don’t even care if she never does hardcore. I’d just like a steady flow of pics from her. If she’s actually finished, I’ll still be happy with what she’s done, though. *sighs wistfully*

  8. I also love both Eden and Nicole, mostly because they have that no-makeup – girl next door wholesome image look to them. I like Nicole’s fair skin, and heavy boobs. Now Eden and Nicole together- whew! That would be something!

  9. Nicole Peters’ boobs are divine, but it is that deliciously hairy pussy that really does it for me! Wow, you see so many shaved pussies these days, to me it is the ultimate turn on to see a nice, natural pussy with hair!! Yum, that video clip with a close up of her pussy made a tent in my pants for sure!!

  10. Nicole has always been one of my favorites, if not THE favorite, but as Silent55 says, there hasn’t been much NEW material of her for quite some time. I’ve seen a couple of her movies but not much else, despite her Score-based website, but well, any chance to see her( even more tit-to-tit with Ines Cudna) is more than welcome,thanks again Reese, ¡¡¡you’re most definetely the man!!!. And about the Nadine/Milena item, it’s not just you, in the Yahoo! groups there has been a lot of “incidents” regarding Milena/Nadine’s webmaster…..

  11. I agree with Nwayy, since when has shaving the honey pot become the norm while keeping it natural and a bit furry a fetish? Weird, I love Nicole’s bush too. What a woman. Especially in her bra and panties. She generally keeps things feminine and sexy. Whereas, when you look at Merylin and “think, d_mn, she’s hot!”, those full breasts, mouth and big eyes seem impossible but then it all fizzles by the time you get down to her peach–the instant she takes her panties off, I just wince. She has no business looking like a little girl down there–who told her that a bald spot looks good anyway?

  12. I have never really paid much attention to Nicole but I will from now on! I like the “little sister” look. The fact that she is cute, not gorgeous (like say, Ewa or Eden) but has those amazing breasts is a huge turn-on. Her tits are so SOFT looking! I love to watch them move… Thanks SO much for the vids!

  13. nice one for the Nicole videos. great tits. nicole you have a look of naivety that is sexy as fuck. not sure you realise you have but don’t change. the pictures are a bit old but they show Ines Cudina.
    Ines is a real top looking girl. Who seems to end up in the ‘out of your league’ category so is therefore underappreciated. Come on. We all know that the main thing with most of the girls we view (view???) is that we think we can pull them them if we were to meet them. Ines is different. She really is a gorgeous model who probably doesn’t even get chatted up because of her striking looks … as well as the lack of balls from most of us men.
    (i’m open to debate about this).

    but here is a vote for her as one of the best busty models of the past five years. and she knows how to use her toys. how about getting in touch with busty pl (i still have unresolved issues with them) and see if they can give you some goodies such as the girls dancing round the pool. it shows Ines dancing and working that fine body. hardcore has to be soon though she does like her girl / girl stuff.

  14. Like I said, I think Ines is way hotter. She’d be hot looking with average size tits. I guess we are all different, but I love shaved pussy. Far cleaner looking, plus easier to see all the nice folds and crevices in those wonderful lips…especially Ines who has such huge pussy lips

  15. Sixteen responses, wow. Lotsa positive input about Nicole. She’s so sweet looking, even next to that blonde bombshell, Ines. Reese, you can add Nicole to that list of non-blondes that you want us to decide for you.

    To Charles, all I can say is you can _have_ Merilyn/Anya, she’s nothing but a stick with big tits (but we do like those big tits, though). Gimme Nicole any day.

    And as far as I’m concerned Reese can blog her again in, umm, lemme look at my watch.. ;-)

    Who’s concerned about Taylor’s makeup? I’m watching her boobs bumpin’ each other and her body somewhere between her chin and her bellybutton!

  16. VF – ha ha! Taylor’s boobs are certainly amazing and man does she love to bounce them for her fans. And she lives in my city… I wonder if I’ll ever BUMP into her. :) Now that would be sweet.

  17. Gimme Tay without make-up!! Who wouldn’t want to wake up next to (and immediately shag) such an incredible, raw beauty?

  18. BigBoobFan:You’re right, that’s quite a difference,¡¡¡not that i mind with the boobs she has!!!
    VF:¿Again with Merilyn/Anya? jajajaja,mate there’s something for everyone and is clear you don’t like Anya/Merilyn but at least you gave her credit for that hypnotizing pair of breasts she’s packing :). That’s a start, i think but then again, you’re one of the most well-versed in the “big-boobs” field, so your opinion is always welcome.
    Reese:Keep up the terrific job mate, you really give us a place to be, one question though:¿any news on Jana/MariaSwan?, thanks again………

  19. Nicole has the look of someone you might know or meet. Everyone correctly uses the word “natural”. She never seems to do really tarty pics, but always looks super sexy. Her breasts are my all-time favorites (the nipples are superb) and I’d cry if she ever shaved that hairy pussy of hers.

  20. I agree with GoneGoneHere, without a nice hairy muff there just ain’t no mojo. I suspect that there’s some weird troubling little pervy fetish with the boys that like their “girls” unshaved—-no f_cking thanks. Give me a real woman. And I’ll bet in real life, Nicole is so hot that she probably would make you turn around and drop your jaw even if you were already out with your very own hot, jealous girlfriend. Everything tells you don’t look but you’ve just got to…walk the tightrope.

  21. Reese – looks like you’re going to have to blog about shaved vs unshaved. HA HA! Quite a discussion. Personally, I prefer it trimmed pretty short, but not shaved. Keep it nice and tidy enough so that you can see all the goodness and not have to worry about too much hair when you’re down there. Then, everyone will be happy in the end. :)

  22. if Nicole has quit , maybe it’s because she has a bf who wants her to quit? my guess is she’s taking a break because she’s got other things to do . Besides , she’s got her website to run so she’s not about to quit. Anyway, the more i look at her the more i like her . It doesn’t bother me she’s so pale and she doesn’t shy away from maturbating on film with dildoes, so she’s the best !

  23. I don’t understand you Very Free. Nicole is ok but Anya isn’t? They’re pretty much the same give or take a few inches off particulars.

  24. I believe Nicole has quit, nothing new for years. In one of her last videos
    she showed her bra label, which read 36ff, magnificent.

  25. Yes, it looks like sh’s quit. What a shame. Can’t get enough of her photos. Videos are usually clumsy, she deserved so much better! Anyone know what she’s doing now?

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