Denise Davies 36JJ in Simulated Sex Scandal ?!

Okay, so perhaps it’s not so much a scandal as a mere curiosity, but I was perusing hardcore porn galleries the other day and came across one in which 36JJ Denise Davies didn’t seem to truly embrace the essence of “hardcore” at all! At best, I’d call this one a “simulated-sex” session, wherein no actual penetration takes place: Although bold enough to probe her partner’s penis with her tongue, there’s no blowjob. The doggy-style shot is a no-brainer, as his cock could be anywhere. Lastly, the full-penetration pic appears to be nothing more than penile insertion into Denise’s hand! I don’t know, I could be totally wrong on this, but here’s the evidence as I see it…

Denise Davies (not) fucking at    Denise Davies (not) fucking at    Denise Davies (not) fucking at

…that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of actual fucking going on at XLGirls, just that Denise isn’t one of the XL girls doing it (or so it would seem)!

However, if we take a jolly jaunt across the pond to Busty Britain, the fucking is indeed genuine where Denise Davies is concerned, and she does it all: Licking her JJ-cup tits whilst her partner sucks her nipple and deftly slides a digit into her pussy. Tonguing and rubbing his uncircumcised cock to erection on her saucer-sized areolas after taking his man-meat into her mouth for a legitimate blowjob. Having him go down on her for a bit of lubricating cunnilingus before sitting on his cock for some full-penetration fucking as he reaches around to cup one of her big tits in each hand. And, finally, taking his cum on her tits and letting it dribble down her cleavage as an apt conclusion to this genuine hardcore session (but the way she’s still fingering her pussy in that last shot leads me to suspect she’s not quite finished!).

Despite this gallery being an epitome of big boobs hardcore porn for me (although a nice titfuck wouldn’t have gone amiss), it still left one lingering question in my mind: What’s with the TW pendant on her necklace?! Apart from perhaps being a shout-out to that mysterious busty babe who stormed the internet in the late-’90s and is now the topic of contentious speculation, I haven’t a clue. Is Denise Davies trying to tell us something??

All speculation aside, here are a few photos of Denise Davies fucking for real, courtesy of the wonderful

36JJ Denise Davies fucking at    36JJ Denise Davies fucking at    36JJ Denise Davies fucking at

36JJ Denise Davies fucking at    36JJ Denise Davies fucking at    36JJ Denise Davies fucking at

36JJ Denise Davies fucking at    36JJ Denise Davies fucking at    36JJ Denise Davies fucking at

36JJ Denise Davies fucking at    36JJ Denise Davies fucking at    36JJ Denise Davies fucking at

…as for today’s selection of videos, not only am I feeling particularly lazy, but I also need to get ready to head off on a typical British “dirty weekend” and haven’t even begun packing! Thus, I shall once again bow to BustyBritain for their kind provision of hosted hardcore video galleries with which to flesh out today’s blog, starting and ending, most appropriately, with the ever-horny Denise Davies (oh, and we do get that nice titfuck this time, too!):

Denise Davies 36JJ hardcore videos at    Mellie D 32G & Jessica Monroe 34G hardcore videos at

Cherry 36E hardcore videos at    Marni 34E hardcore videos at

Mellie D 32G & Alexis May 30FF hardcore videos at    Nicole 34F hardcore videos at

Michelle Monaghan 32F & Redd Adaire 36GG hardcore videos at    Denise Davies 36JJ hardcore videos at



9 thoughts on “Denise Davies 36JJ in Simulated Sex Scandal ?!”

  1. Maybe TW = ‘tit wank’ ?? LOL. Who knows? I’ve always liked Denise. She is like the tallest big breast porn queen I can think of. Huge nipples! Awesome bod. Very pretty. Is she covering her abdomen? She had very intense stretch marks when she had her baby. I wonder if they went away.

  2. I just noticed in the post about Denise Davies doing hardcore that you left out Scoreland videos. She did several hardcore shoots (“Voluptuous Extras”, etc). And oh yea, they are soooooo good.

  3. I have to say, the simulated sex photos were some of the most uninspiring (and fake) I’ve seen. The picture where he’s going down on her – check out his face, he looks like he’s about to vomit! Hilarious stuff!

  4. Denise has also done anal and DP. She’s quite a hot lady!

    I think Denise was a housewife when she started posing for Scoreland. Wonder if she’s still married to the same guy? :)

  5. Hello – my 1st ever comment on your excellent site! Which myself and my girlfriend have been looking at for months!

    The set you mention as being of Denise doing fake hardcore isn’t fake at all. The photo’s possibly give the impression it is – but that very scene is available in the UK on one of Score XL DVDs – there’s a great shot of Denise laying back on the bed when the guy first removes her panties and she’s clearly enjoying the serious tongue action she’s getting. It’s horny. I think the guy in question is someone she seems to know. The actual sex scenes probably arent the best I’ve ever seen, but hardcore they unquestionably are…….

    I’ve got to say the sets I’ve seen of Denise at Busty Britain, she’s not looking her best by any stretch of the imagination. If being honest, if it wasnt for the fact I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, I doubt you’d be particularly impressed. Quite frankly, there is NO excuse for horribly chipped painted nails – that clearly have been touched for weeks!

  6. At Score Group when they do pics for the hardcore stuff, some stuff is covered by a hand or angle, and some actually show the insertion. In this atmosphere of the gov. coming down hard on the content exposed on the internet. Many companies are not showing insertion shots. I personally do not know if this is their reasoning, but just an educated guess. I predict free porn, free hardcore pics and videos are going to get even more scarce.
    By the way guys. I just did a shoot for the Score Group. No, I do not know when the new material will come out. So please do not email me, but contact them. Have to say some of the hottest b/g action I have ever done.


  7. I like Denise….she’s hot!! She has a very sexy look on camera….it does her well. The only problem I have with her, is for some reason, she doesn’t do a lot of tit “wanking” in her movies!!

    She’s got an amazing rack, and she does “big-tit” movies, but the ones I’ve seen, it’s like she doesn’t really enjoy doing it, or the dude in the movie doesn’t know what he’s doing….just a thought.

  8. I find these sites quite amusing reading all the guys seem to asume alot.I have never faked anything on film just to clear that up and no i dont have stretch marks and no im not covering anything up.I do cam shows every friday through my website where i do go uncoverd.As for the chipped nail varnish it was a one of and I forgot to take it of before the shot but hey know ones perfect.Im the first to admit that alot of my older stuff was crap through no fault of my own just crap photographers but the brand new stuff on my website you can notice the difference

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