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Following on from my tits & ass post yesterday, I realise that today’s blog may seem ever-so-slightly contradictory. However, as I was reading through the comments on my last THA2 blog, I discovered that a handful of visitors seemed totally besotted by a skinny chick! Among these, “Concerning these pictures [7, 8 & 9], Who is this lovely woman?”, “Yeah who is that stunning girl!!?” & “Yes! Who is she??????? NEED MORE PHOTOS!!!”

Well, first things first, her name is Liz and, as far as I’m aware, she’s totally exclusive to the TopHeavyAmateurs2 site. Second, a helpful hint: If you hover your mouse over most of the photos that I blog, you should get a little pop-up with the model’s name. I’m not sure if it works in all browsers, though (I usually use Firefox, and it works for me). Third, what’s up with so many people gravitating toward the skinny chick?!

I mean, with a 32EE bra size, Liz not only is among the smallest girls featured in that particular blog entry, but perhaps one of the most minimally endowed on the whole of MyBoobSite! Those of you who know me are well aware that, given the choice of all the models on a site like THA2, I’d be more prone to choose someone not only with bigger boobs, but more robust in general; girls like 36GG Kerrie Marie, 32G Rachel or 36FF Surreal…

Kerry Marie 36GG from    Rachel 32G from    Surreal 36FF from

…so what is it about 32EE Liz that makes her so attractive? Is it the contrast between her lithesome, slim frame and reasonably-sized rack? Is it the fact that she’s only 19 years old?? Is there some other innate essence of sexiness that I’m overlooking?! Honestly, I’m just curious. Thus, in return for the following photos of Liz, I expect some answers. With that in mind, here’s the diminutive EE-cup Liz from

Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from

Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from

Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from

Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from

Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from

Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from    Liz 32EE from


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38 thoughts on “Liz 32EE from TopHeavyAmateurs2”

  1. Well.. there are many of us who like women with big boobs and not big bodies…Merilyn Sakova cums to mind, others would be maybe Ines Cudna, Betty Ballhaus, bea Flora.. and oh yesssssss Jana Defi. We Like the BOOOOOOBS.. not so much the bellies , the shivering thighs and the rest of that.. Just my two cents.. cheers.

  2. The girl is just beautiful. So are all the other girls but variety is the spice of life so nowt wrong with a decent pair of boobs on a slimmer girl. I think for my purposes I’d go for a size 12 girl round about 5’3″ with F/FF cup boobs for my wife :) but I’m quite happy to look at pictures of bigger girls than that.

  3. I don’t know about any of that, all I know is that Rachel/Davina looks extremely HOT here! It’s about time she wore some feminine bits–she needs to wear lingerie more–sexy bras and naughty bits of undressing slowly. There just aren’t enough shoots of girls undressing from completely clothed to all the naughty sexy underbits that men like. Too many photos of just “here, I’m naked”.

  4. She’s actually very attractive for more than just her boobs. While those are great, her hair and eyes are equally enchanting.

  5. Why the soul searching? She is stunning, full stop! The prettiest face, lovely large breasts, thighs to die for (in?) – BBWs are great but so are beautiful young slimmer women with very large breasts. Infact I prefer the latter myself.

    Diminutive! You are joking Rees! One of the sexiest girls I have ever seen on your excellent site – pretty near perfection from all angles IMO.

    Shit, I hate being too old to even dream of pulling someone that gorgeous any more :-(

  6. Since I was one of those who posted about wanting to see more LIz, her is my two cents:

    Yes. the fact that she is so young is a huge turn on. I am just one of those guys (many of us out there) that loves young LEGAL girls! Also her face is just beautiful. Women like Samantha or even Lindsey are amazingly hot, and even pretty but don’t have at BEAUTIFUL face like Liz (or Ewa, Faith). And Dekkie is right. Some of us DO prefer slimmer girls with big tits and even though many on this board may not think so, because we are used to looking at someone like Eden Mor, Liz does have big tits!

    Slim but curvy body, amazing face, great big tits… THAT’S why I like Liz!

  7. Guys what’s the deal about. This is a big breast heaven but I have to agree that it isn’t a bbw heaven even though we do have them. Liz is a perfect example of the type of girl a big breasts lover actually likes in oppose to a bbw lover. bbw have big breasts mostly but I’m sure that if a bbw model didn’t have big breasts a true big breasts lover would lose interest or not find her attractive, true? I Like eden more too in fact she is one of my favorites but if she was flat chested I wonder if I would find her so attractive.

    Rees please confirm!

  8. Liz ranks right up there with the best. She is absolutely gorgeous in every respect, no questions asked.

    While there are some big girls I find attractive (Eden Mor for instance), I’m definitely in the camp that prefers the thin yet busty girls. Merilyn, Jana, and now Liz; these ladies are in a whole different league.

    And before anyone starts in about “sticks with tits,” there is nothing “stick” about Merilyn, Jana, or Liz. I’ve met plenty of girls who were in the stick range, and there’s no way anyone with eyes could register those three as super-skinny. They’re perfectly healthy and normal and very busty, and that’s why a lot of us like them.

    Or in Liz’s case, it might be the jeans and boots she’s wearing. Yowza!

  9. Breasts are the only wobbly bits of a woman I’m concerned about. I suppose it’s all relative but this girl ain’t skinny. A perfect body. Some BBW girls are great like Alicia Loren but others with chunky thighs and an over-hanging gut don’t do it for me. Sorry.

  10. Wow! looks like we got a barnburner here! It is almost like we (well, many of us) are finally admitting that we prefer slim women with big tits! I agree with Sam. if Eden or Samantha had B or C cups, I would not give them much interest. But if Liz or Ewa was a B or a C cup, there is still plenty there to drool over- amazing face, great body…etc. Hell, even C cups look great on girls like that.

    I guess its a realization for a lot of us- we are big tit lovers- NOT BBW lovers. In fact, many women who are considered fat have big tits BECAUSE they are fat, If/when they lose a ton of weight there they go down to a B or C cup! To see a woman who is ALREADY that size and has D, DD, E or bigger tits is fucking amazing and sexy as hell.

  11. I agree that not only is Liz a knockout, but she has a good photographer as well. So many of these great models get the short shift because of some horny dude with a camera. It takes talent in front of and behind the camera.

    That said, no way in hell is Liz a 32EE.
    Cute, busty, girl next door who looks great on camera yes.
    But not a EE.

  12. “Third, what’s up with so many people gravitating toward the skinny chick?!”

    Fascinating that you’re so obviously in the lardo-camp with this comment. Fascinating that for you, clearly, heavier is better when, breasts aside, Liz is ‘conventionally-shaped’. She’s only ‘skinny’ as compared to the quarter-tons *you* think are heavenly.

    And I agree with the previous poster about ‘without their boobs, would they be ‘attractive’?’ To me, Liz would. Many of your other gals…well, they simply wouldn’t be modelling.

  13. What really strikes me (in this conversation) is that Liz is the type of girl that, back in the ole school days, most of the guys labeled as chubby. Now she’s labeled smokin’ hottie.

    And Vadd…apologize to my Lindsey.

  14. I am wondering if Reese will start to feature more slimmer but busty girls now? I would not ONLY want girls like Liz on this site since (even though it may sound like a contradiction) think some of the big-girls on there are hot as hell too, but I think those are exceptions to my tastes- not the rules. Eden is (once again) a perfect example of this. It’s interesting that we all point to Eden as an example of a hot big girl. She is fat- not just chubby- but hot. Great face, amazing tits and nice round ass. If she was not as busty though, she wold not be as hot for most of us. I guess I am repeating myself here!

    Oh, and Jes, i apologize to your Lindsey! ;)

  15. Some very enthusiastic and interesting comments. She is a standout in every way, for sure. I predict she will be the next Erica Rose Campbell or Michelle Marsh. I bet she will even be a Playboy Centerfold before long. The reason? THE CAMERA LOVES HER. Some women are born to be models – Liz is one of them, and she’s only just beginning. She has the most erotic eyes, lips and yes, breasts – and she projects pure sexuality with her every look. Demand for her photos will only increase. This is a very special woman indeed. I want more photos – any further links out there?

  16. Hold the phone: who would’ve called this babe “chubby?” Maybe by Third World standards, but I don’t think that’s what you’re referring to. Exactly how old-school are we talking here?

    Also, Lacey, don’t be too hasty in your size assessment. She might just be tall. Either way I definitely think she fits the bill.

    Here’s hoping we see more of her in the future!

  17. Liz is hot. It’s really nice to see a slim attractive girl with boobs on this site again. They’ve been lacking for a while. Honestly, the whole “stick with tits” thing is on the verge of being a great annoyance. Girls like EWA, Merilyn ,Jana defi, Chloe and Linsey Dawn (before that horrible godforsaken surgery) are in a class of their own: Goddess. One could use another term: Perfection. This is why so many of us really want to see tons and tons of their pix and clips, because they’re absolutely radiant and cripplingly erotic.
    I love Samantha, she has some of the absolutely best breasts I have ever seen. She drives me crazy, same with Aneta Buena. Eden Mor, Kerry Marie and Taylor Stephens are nothing to sneeze at either. But, more often than not, the “BBW’s” are usually just fat chicks. It gets old. Oh well, eye of the beholder.

  18. Reese recently penned, “Is it the contrast between her lithesome, slim frame and reasonably-sized rack?”

    You have answered your own question. Along with the comments above, you can realize now that corpulent or rotund is not the current mainstream idea of sexy. Quite the contrary actually, notwithstanding a zeppelin sized bust. The blue eyes don’t hurt either!

    It seems that your blog draws a crowd with widely varied tastess, spanning from the Jana/Liz types all the way to the beached whale types. Kudos to you, not many bloggers can draw readers with that wide a range of interest.

  19. I think Reese does a pretty good job of keeping the slimmer models on this blog and the bigger girls on the BBW blog — sometimes they blend together, in the case of girls like Samantha, which is fine too. Not to stray from the topic at hand, but one of the reasons I check this site regularly is Reese’s sense of humour and writing style — sometimes I’m laughing out loud at the descriptions and such — he is truly a kindred spirit to all of us boob lovers.

  20. just a sidenote to Jaques…

    …not “old school”, but rather “school days”.

    Like what would be considered fat in a teen movie would be considered svelt in this blog.

  21. Absolutely beautiful from the top of your head, all the way down to your toes! Your what wild dreams are made of!
    Thx, Nobody

  22. I for one think the best and rarest of real 100% naturally born beautiful WOMEN are firstly judged upon their huge breast sizes. No sizable breasts that is proportional to hip size as in breasts not chest measurements is what truly defines a true woman compared to other underdeveloped ‘girls’. Liz is in the category of slim and stacked. Such as Jana Defi, Anya Sakova, Ewa Sonnet, Tyra Moore, Petra Verkaik, Yoko Matsugane, Mei Koboyashi, Natsume Rio, and to more slightly plumper ladies like Shoko Goto, Fuko, Brandy Talore, Gianna Michaels, Rin Aoki…you get the idea. I see the ‘PERFECT’ Woman as being slim and stacked like the hotties I’ve mentioned and ne1 who’s got more fat is considered chubby or if way fat…as fat or worse, obese. To me the ideal human female woman would consist of said characteristics and body fat, that means no belly, butt is nice and tight and no defined butt line under her 2 butt lobes like what u see on perfume ads of them skinny flat chested models. Flat chested practically disgust me like there is nothing to play with up there much less hold on to and look at. Even I find B/C cup small. It’s sad really when you think that women on these sites will have natural big breasts that say 10 flat ladies will never have in their lifetimes…I pity them for their unlucky genetics. I really do not see how guys can LIKE man made fake surgically enhanced $ paid girls who consider themselves women like natural huge breasted women when they got implants n whatever other surgeries to increase their ‘beauty’ because nature and genetics deprived them of such. I will never go for fake gals..body or mind. Maybe you and some men like a gal who’s a bit chubby n got a belly but to me that is not the ideal woman in my mind. Like I said, the rarest of a true natural woman is a slim and stacked 100% born and natural beauty and I would considered stacked meaning…min USA DDD+ cup but preferably a UK G cup as almost perfect.:) It’s amazing how guys actually like flat chested women and also think breast size as in if it fits one hand…its perfect…as nuts because that to me is small meaning about B cup size…lol Me 3 hands on 1 breast is min. Huge natural breasts rule and the rarest of the rarest…slim-n-stacked without any extra fat is THE standard that ALL women should be adhered to…of course if this was a true Utopian society but hey, we live in a crappy reality world so keep dream’n but at least we can find the jewel in the rough, TRUE 100% natural beautiful slim-n-stacked women in the sea of average and fake ladies out there.
    Nothing less will do lol!
    btw Reese thx for ur BBW site…keep up the work!

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