Desperately seeking Maria Moore…

Does anyone perchance know how I can get ahold of Maria Moore (*wink wink, nudge nudge*)? No, seriously, I only ask because there’s another rather popular big boob model that I know quite well who’d love to set up a photo / video shoot with her (and, of course, I could get in her even better graces if I were able to provide some contact info!)!

We just don’t get to see enough of the stunning, voluptuous Maria and her supposedly 34FF breasts (I say “supposedly” because they just look so much bigger than that in her later work – I’d easily give her at least two cup sizes larger). So, in order to rectify this, here’s yet another video from the luscious Maria Moore; this time from Score Videos:

Maria Moore at    Maria Moore at

Maria Moore at    Maria Moore at

(note: video downloadable from the site is 640×480 resolution)



19 thoughts on “Desperately seeking Maria Moore…”

  1. Hey Reese!!

    i’ve been visiting your page for quite some time now, but this happens to be my first reply……and honestly, it’s got nothing to do with the post :P
    The thing is that i don’t really share your taste for chubby women, but i do LOVE huge tits…specially on skinny chicks (Merilyn Sakova is the love of my life).
    That said, i just wanted to ask you about another “stick with tits” named Yulia Nova…she’s a russian slim, huge boobed babe that mostly works for japanese pages, so it’s a bit hard to get a hold of her pics…so i was wondering if you, my boobs Jedi Master, can do anything about that! i think she deserves at least one post ;)

    Nothing else to say, but thanx in advance!

    Diego (from argentina)

  2. Actually, yes. That’s just one of her performance names. She is a good friend of another big breast model who goes by the name of “Eden Mor”. You can find a number of sets with them together.

    They’re all regular contracts with and their affiliates. You can call their affiliate customer service and pass along your info at [mod edit]. Good luck.

  3. I see you know Eden Mor well 9thank god, had me worried with a big boob blog and all) either way, try this number too. It’s a direct modeling contracting line for their offices in Miami. [mod edit]

  4. Love your site. However, and not that I’m complaining, but…

    Why no Lindsey Dawn Mackenzie???

    She has got to be the hottest, most creative, and addictive woman out there. Her pin-up work is definitely my all-time favorite. I saw one of her earlier pics and was instantly hooked.

    You have to have seen her. What do you think of her?

    Jes in the Deep South

  5. Maria is okay–great breasts but as an affecianado, her nipples seem a bit tiny and I’m not a big fan of overly flabby women either…although it would be nice to see her wandering around in lingerie instead of the obligatory masturbatory poses with the perfunctory dildos–ho-hum, boring. On the other hand, Zina from Siliconefree, we need much more of (and I agree, Yulia would be fabulous–especially at full resolution–but her stunning exotic Russian beauty is being tightly controlled). Anyway, it’s too bad Zina doesn’t have all that much out there even with SiliconeFree…and Maria Swan and Merilyn would be much hotter showing some deep beautiful womanly “pussy” for a change. Sorry if it sounds redundant…

  6. 7: Thanks sooo much for the contact phone numbers! I’ve passed them along to Sam and, if anything comes of it, you’ll definitely see the results here first!!

    Diego: Apologies, but I can’t blog Yulia Nova here for the same reasons I’m unable to feature Nadine Jansen. In fact, I’d heard a rumour that Yulia’s photographer was actively seeking out sites with her pictures – including – and taking “appropriate action” against them! Like yourself, I think Yulia’s great, but it’s just not worth the risk. :~(

    Jes: Oh, but I have blogged Linsey Dawn! ;~D

    Just Kicking: I love Zina and wish there was a lot more of her as well. Perfect breasts, perfect body. Hmmm, methinks it’s time to scare up more photos for another Zina blog!

  7. Hey does this mean you are planning to do some work with Maria??
    Thats awesome news. I agree with yu Reese. Maria is my fav and its a shame that we havent seen much from her. Well doesnt matter i hope you will post some great pics and vids here for fans like us

  8. Maria is flat out gorgeious….er I mean not flat-out but way-out gorgeous period. She;s not a friend of Eden Mor however and they don’t appear together although that’s a great fantasy that I have too.

  9. Ricky: Absolutely! And, if and when we get anywhere with it, I’ll let everyone know here!

    OAM: Thanks for that! I’ve updated her stats on the model directory to 36GG!

  10. The latest Maria photos are breathtaking…see Juggmaste’s site. She has gone above 36 GG in a recent growth spurt as it’s been called by some.

  11. I adore Maria, but can’t figure out why she doesn’t have her own site. Is there any way of finding out what movies she has made otuside of those mentioned here? Let me know what you find out. By the way, fantastic site Reese!

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