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Before I started surfing porn exclusively on the internet, one of my favourite magazines was Score’s “Voluptuous“. I could always count on them, month after month, to bring me the biggest all-natural boobs on the planet. Nowadays, though, I no longer have to wait for my monthly fix of the best breasts or root through a box of back-issues…they’re all right there in one place!

However, I’ve got a bit of an ulterior motive for blogging today. As many of you have rightly pointed out, there’s one wonderful model who’s been conspicuously absent from MyBoobSite since it’s inception. I’m speaking, of course, of Nadine Jansen. Despite my efforts to convince her photographer and webmaster to set up an affiliate program whereby I’d have the legal right to feature her photos and videos here, it’s all come to nought (and, to be honest, the less that I say about that, the better). Unfortunately, this also means that another of my all-time favourite boobie queens, Milena Velba, remains off-limits as well, since they share the same webmaster. Alas.

That’s why I was so pleased to receive the following photo galleries, as it meant that Nadine could finally be featured here. But she’s not the only one. Indeed the model roster at Voluptuous reads like a big tits top-list: 34I Autumn-Jade, 32J Nicole Peters, 34FF Bea Flora, 36EE Ines Cudna, 36G Susie Wilden, 36FF Joanna, 36DDD Brandy Taylor (who needs to be re-fitted, imho, as she’s easily at least an F-cup), 42FF Kelly Kay, 34H Kerry Marie…and the list just goes on and on. They’ve even got the lovely Marketa, whom I’ve always thought we should see a lot more of.

But, rather than rambling on incessantly about the virtues of Voluptuous and the host of massive mammaries maintained in their archive, let’s just get on with the galleries, shall we?

Nadine Jansen at

Bea Flora at

Sam Spriggs at

Brandy Talore / Taylor at
Ava at

Nicole Peters at

Veronika at

Angel at

Kelly Kay at

Joanna at

Kerry Marie at

Ines Cudna at

Cherry Brady at

Luma at

Autumn-Jade at

Susie Wilden at

Princess at

Carmen at

Iva at

Cassitty & Africa at

Gemma at

Romina at

Florri at

Marketa at



23 thoughts on “Nadine Jansen and more at…”

  1. Maybe I’m just missing something, but aren’t a DDD and an F cup pretty much the same thing? What I’d always gone by is a linear progression.

    For Example:

    E (DD)
    F( DDD)

    So Miss Taylor wouldn’t really need a refitting, as she’s already wearing an F cup by another name. Of course, if you go by the European system, then this changes.

    In Europe, the cup sizes appear to be:


    Reference: HerRoom (plus-size lingerie)

  2. Nadine Jansen, indeed she’s definitely the Queen Goddess uber alles! I have been a member of her site since the beginning and I’d say it has been money well spent. Although she doesn’t do hardcore (which is shame). However, Nadine is SO beautiful and her tits are just perfect, I never get tired of watching her pictures.

    I think Nadine looks better on the pictures on her own site. Of course she’s gorgeous on the Scoreland pics too, but I think she’s always got a bit too much make-up there. And too much pussy hair. On Nadine’s own site there have been incredible pictures of her naked, with those enormous tits and a clean-shaven pussy. Just wish I could see more pics of that beautiful pussy, of course the tits are most important but still!

    Anyway, Nadine is Nummer Eins!!

  3. Nicole Peters, with her shorter haircut, totally blows my mind. She’s my fav…along with Fairy, of course.

  4. Judging by the number of pics out there on the web, Nadine is very popular, right up there with such biig boob favorites as Eden Mor. I must have more than a hundred megs of her pics. But I think Nicole Peters is my fave of the choices in the above blog, although I don’t have that many pics of her. I think that’s because Nadine just is a whole lot more prolific than Nicole when it comes to pictures.

    As for Proto’s bra size Q’s, here’s a bra size conversion chart. I’m not sure where I got it, might’ve been from Reese’s blog.
    I just wish there was an extension to these charts so they would go higher than JJ or K or so. Or are these considered custom sizes, and not made commercially?

    Back on May 9, Reese blogged I visited the website and found it a mess. Among other things, they have two models named Carmilla(sp?), and I’m not sure if Gloria is named Kitty or Gloria! It looks like they need to spend a lot more time at the computer and less time fooling around with the models.

  5. Nicole Peters, Nadine Jansen,Kelly Kay,Kerry Marie,Ines Cudna,Autumn Jade,Brandy Taylore,Bea Flora sorry if i let anyone out, all of them big names in every way. And some newcomers like Romina Lopez who are so gorgeous, no wonder why Voluptuous is such a great place to be if you are “breast obsessed” :)

  6. Nadine has always been my favorite because her face looks a lot like my girlfriend in high shcool, that I lost my virginity to. Unfortunately the face is where the comparison ends as she barely had B-cups (though she did have big, thick nipples).

    Thankfully my Wife is much better endowed.

  7. Do you knkiow where i could find a breast chart that shows the size of the breasts compared to cup size.i.e aa cup is 0 to 10”.If someone could help me with this that would be greatly appreciated.


  8. Voluptuous/Score has beautiful models but their photos make the most natural girl into a glam porn queen. Blecch. Look for the same models elsewhere.

  9. Wonderful!! I’m glad someone else is extolling the virtues of Milena Velba.
    For God’s Sake man what’ll it take? She’s gorgeous, has huge natural J cups that aren’t taking a screaming nose dive at the floor. She’s amazing!! Kick down bro, put her on the site. Please, please please!!!!!

  10. It’s a shame that Score/Voluptuous has to spoil so many pictures of beautiful women by excessive use of the air brush. None of their pictures look natural, I’d rather see the natural beauty and personality of the woman come out in the picture than see the editors idea of male fantasies. More pubic hair would be nice too!

  11. I hit the link from the latest Sapphire blog just to stroll down memory lane. Reese explains why Milena can’t be on the site and there I am still begging for pix. Guess it really does help to actually read the text that Reese takes the trouble to type for us. Obviously I had forgotten to do that on this particular post. Oops, live and learn, hopefully.

  12. I was wondering if you could use your super searching powers to Find a photo set of Nadine Jansen as Lara Croft?

  13. i see brandy taylor is the best ever !!
    but i hope u will change her picture here to show here tits clearly
    their breasts are perfect …

  14. Proto is right. A DDD-cup and an F-cup are the same thing. The link that VeryFree posted with cup sizing information doesn’t even list a DDD-cup under UK sizes, so Brandy’s DDD/F cup must be a US size. That would mean that her bust measurement is about 11 inches greater than her band size. In other words, if she’s a 36DDD/F then her bust measurement is 36+11 = 47 inches around.

    Useless information for those obsessed with breasts!

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