Dors Feline Breast Reduction on My Naked Secret

Special thanks to my breast mate Andy for e-mailing me to say the super busty KK-cup beauty we’d come to know and love as 34KK Dors Feline was having breast reduction surgery on TV last night here in the UK (having first aired in the ‘States some days earlier). Although Andy’s e-mail did arrive in time, we sadly don’t get the Discovery Channel that it was on here at home so I had to look it up on-line instead.

The program was called “My Naked Secret – Kelly” with a description which read, “27 year old Kelly has struggled for years with massive 34KK breasts. She goes to great lengths to keep her breasts hidden and masks how she really feels with humor. Kelly undergoes extensive cosmetic surgery to get the body she’s always wanted.” And, despite not having been able to see (for those who do get Discovery Home & Health here or Discovery Fit & Health in the U.S., the episode is being re-aired several times over the next few days), I was able to find a couple of video clips from the show.

In the first, entitled “Seeing a Woman”, we watch the interviewer encourage Kelly to look beyond the big boobs and see herself as a whole woman, not just a pair of breasts, by posing as a life model for a portrait…

Dors Feline as 34KK Kelly on My Naked Secret - Discovery Fit & Health Channel - Seeing a Woman

…in the second, we learn how Kelly feels trapped by her KK-cup breasts, feeling it’s ‘their’ body she’s living in, not her own, as well as the negative impact having such huge boobs has had on her health and sex life…

Dors Feline as 34KK Kelly on My Naked Secret - Discovery Fit & Health Channel - Trapped in Their Body

…in the end, our troubled and still uncomfortable KK-cup Kelly opts for the op, getting breast reduction surgery to go down from a 34KK to a 34C and, although this may seem a big tits tragedy for lovers of large natural breasts like ourselves, ’twas truly sad to see the poor girl’s boobs being the cause of so much pain and suffering, between the physical discomfort and emotional trauma she endured as a result of her enormous rack day in and day out.

In retrospect, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t get to see the rest of Kelly’s My Naked Secret story since, after all the countless Dors Feline blogs we’ve had on My Boob Site following that first fateful post, seeing formerly busty voluptuous Dors Feline with tiny C-cup tits might just’ve been too much for this big boob lover to bear. But, big breasts or no breasts, I still wish Dors the best and hope that she’s blessed with all the health, happiness, comfort and well-being she believes her new life without big boobs can bring. :~)

That, and I wish to thank Dors aka Kelly for sharing her tits with us while she had ’em, allowing large breast lovers to regale in the joy her gigantic juggs afforded our breast fetish fancy for so long. Personally, I shall always choose to remember this remarkably well-endowed woman for two particularly sexy series she starred in, the first being when Dors Feline went blonde for a bit at and, second, when she stripped totally nude and oiled up both boobs and body to show us her big tits on glass over at Plumper Pass

Dors Feline videos from    Dors Feline video from

…(although the one with her huge breasts being fondled in her sleep was pretty hot as well). Then again, I expect there still may be more favourite Dors Feline moments yet to cum BBR (i.e. before breast reduction, since I doubt we’ll ever get to see any “after” photos), especially considering my magic tits strip recently revealed the release of a “new” Dors Feline 34KK bikini boobs photo gallery from

Dors Feline 34KK bikini boobs at



134 thoughts on “Dors Feline Breast Reduction on My Naked Secret”

  1. Thanks for everything Kelly,

    While there is so much that can be said here, it is probably best left to Kelly to do most of the talking. Regardless of how or what we think, it is her body and her life. As an individual that has had the privilege of being allowed to have this incredible woman share who she was, and still is, with us. I can only hope that this community gives its due part to return this generosity back to Kelly by supporting her decision. Reese, once again under his unfailing understanding and generosity has already opened a door on his site to do exactly this.

    Thanks Reese. But above all, thank you Kelly

  2. I always had a soft spot for Dors/Kelly kinda drawn to those body types, it surely is a sad day to see those perfect breast gone. One of my favorite Dors videos was of here dressed in a supergirl halloween costume that was a few sizes too small.

    Brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it.

    But I completely agree with her decision and what Reese posted in retrospect. Hopefully this brings her some comfort in her day to day life. Everyone deserves to be happy.

    I wonder though if Dors is truely attractive or if her massive boobs brought a level of arousal? Interesting to see if she continues modeling what the end outcome is?

  3. I recall Dors mentioning that she struggled with her “dual life” when she was contemplating getting out of the porn biz and all. These videos certainly seem to support that. She seems like a totally different person than what we’ve been shown in her porn videos. I was quite surprised. Sometimes we have to remember that the person we see online does not always represent how they are in real life. We’re presented with an image that companies believe will sell and generate income, and this may or may not be in line with that person’s “real” life back home. Samantha38G has mentioned this many times here and the “My Naked Secret” videos by Dors/Kelly really make that clear. You can’t not support her in this as it’s clearly what she wants.

  4. You can watch the show online. I watched it, and it left me really confused. The show, as well as Dors, promotes this person who is ashamed of her body, who every time she gets naked she feels embarrassed. That somehow, she feels exploited for her breast size, and goes to great measures to keep them hidden from the public…. wearing layers upon layers of close to hide them.

    Really??? I can fully and wholeheartedly understand the reasons for breast reductions. Women with large breasts do have all sorts of problems, ranging from health to back pains, to front pains… etc. etc. etc.

    But don’t go around saying how ashamed of them you are, when you’ve made a lot of money being a nude model, showing them in full light, rubbing cream on them while pictures were taken, bouncing them all around and giggling…. with countless photos and videos presented where you fully accept and enjoy your breasts.

  5. hm…. am I the only one who finds this a bit hypocritical? “She goes to great lengths to keep her breasts hidden” …. um. yeah.

  6. hi reese,
    well i did watch it right to the end, they were reduced to a d cup and although she said she was happy and they were perfect for her, the nipples were uneven and she looked so bizarre, one thing that did annoy me was the hypocritical view the program made that she didn’t like her boobs making her a sex object, a fact she obviously overlooked while being paid for revealing them, which at no point in the filming was mentioned. i to wish her good look in the future but after seeing the program last night i was left wondering how much was for publicity of the fee for the program.

  7. The girl had incredible courage. In some of the Scoreland interviews you could tell she wasn’t in love with her figure. Even though I, and many others, were in love with it, it is her body. To go on a television special and air her baggage to the world makes me, at least, feel like I’ve done a fair bit of objectifying of woman. Sort of an eye opener. My hats off to you Kelly.

  8. Big boobs should be a joy, not bring pain, so can’t fault her for this. That said, she has always been a bigger girl, even before the recent weight gain. If she had a healthier body type, would she have had that much pain? Maybe being “slim and stacked” would have still had negative emotional implications, so maybe it was inevitable, but I just wonder if she had worked on her diet/lifestyle, maybe she could have avoided having surgery…

  9. I hope I am not the only that sees she manipulated those TV show people. I dont know if it was for money or for more attention, but she cant suggest that her breasts have been a constant nightmare.I dont doubt that her large breasts of brought her some discomfort and awkwardness. But for her to suggest that she is embarrassed of them is pure utter bullshit. The fact she has posed nude countless times for countless sites completely proves otherwise. I cant remember which blog I was visiting, but the one had a very strong convincing argument proving how much of a hypocrite she was. Something about how she essentially wanted to be a sex symbol, but not actually be treated like one. Like how celebrities want the fame and glory, but none of the responsibilities and the reality of the difficulties that come with it.

    And most of all, I’m disappointed she didnt take a nasty load on the face. That’d be alright.

  10. Plus I imagine all that money she made from owning her own site, Score and that gothic girls something or other site; none of that helps her sleep at night because she is so self conscious.

  11. A real shame she was driven to having surgery. With or without the massive knockers she is truly beautiful and that’s one lucky guy. :-)

  12. Sad news indeed for fans of big boobs, but it would be very selfish of anyone to expect her to remain unhappy for our enjoyment. Although we will miss seeing her on these pages, I hope Kelly is happier with her new body and gets everything she wants out of life.

    All the best Kelly, if you are reading this. xx

  13. perhaps a fitting obituary to the gorgeous humungous boobs of Dors. Such luscious tits and I have to admit to being a little shocked and depressed upon reading this news. However, if Dors/Kelly needs to move on in her life then I wish her all the best. We will miss you Dors and we’ve loved the pics and flicks you’ve appeared in to satisfy the breast obsessed. Xx.

  14. yea this whole thing is ridiculous.

    A. Odd that someone who hates her body and feels ashamed of her boobs and “hides” them made a living off of doing the complete opposite for several years. What, is she gonna say she got forced into it now?

    B. If hates her body so much and is so uncomfortable, she should try losing weight. Since she became a star, she has only gotten bigger, which made her boobs bigger, and probably made everything hurt so much.

    She could be a super nice person who is just confused or changed her mind- maybe something bad happened where she did a complete 180. BUT, if that were the case, I’m not entirely sure why she is doing a whole show on this, other than for more money or more attention. Seems like she just wants attention, no matter what the reason. What a flake.

  15. If this fuckin serious?! LMAO Ah the lies of scum television. Well, good for “Kelly”, she is a damn good “actor” for sure. Bet she (Dors) also feels bad over how much dough she made over the year because of those things. LOL

  16. Saw an article in some magazine awhile ago where she said that she was having problems with them, so this is no surprise. And it’s heartening to see that a lot of people are just as confused by this as I was.

  17. She is not the first, and won’t be the last to model there breasts to pay for a reduction. I hope everything goes well. It is after all her body. Thanks for the Mammaries.


  18. What a woman does with her own body is her choice to make, IMO. And while I do think breast reduction surgery is evil from a busty babe fan’s perspective, if it’s for health reasons or for the woman’s peace of mind, then it’s always the right thing to do.

  19. If it was causing her health problems and whatnot, then good for her for having the guts to go through the surgery. However, I don’t buy entirely the “ashamed of my boobs” act in quite the way it’s represented. I’m not trying to say she doesn’t hate them, or that she’s a hypocrite, perhaps the documentary was edited in such a way, and she needed to say certain things to appear on it.

    In that show, she comes across as someone who has a lot of troubles in life, not just regarding her breasts, but about herself as a whole, and I can’t help but think she’s done this believing her breasts are the problem after various things. I genuinely think this was her escape from the big boobed porn world, after all, without the big boobs, she can’t be lusted after by the men who like big boobs.

    As someone else put it, she didn’t like all the negative side of the fame and attention, and maybe this way she can return back to obscurity and not worry about what idiots on the internet think, or how she is treated. Being desired just for one physical attribute would be very unnerving when you think about it, and Dors simply never seemed like the type of person who could cope with that.

    I suspect that when Dors first went into porn she was thinking something like “this will get me some attention, and people will find me sexy” and instead, like a lot of big boobed models, all she got was people lusting after just her breasts, something that probably made her very insecure about herself.

    Either way, I hope she doesn’t regret her decisions, and maybe can finally get whatever it is she’s actually looking for, rather than just a bunch of internet pervs idolising her just because she has big tits.

  20. Good luck to her, hope she’s happy but……

    …..the programme not mentioning her modelling is like a documentary about a politician campaigning against fatty foods and doesn’t mention him/her being on the board of Maccie Ds.

    I note her Twitter feed is all how much she hated modelling and just did it to get the money for the reduction op but is still covered in big-boob pics of her and mentions her as being in XLGirls, Scoreland and Plumperpass. It also has links to her new website with the tagline ‘more boobs for your buck’

    If she’s so ashamed, change the Twitter page and take down the website.

  21. If I had to pick reduction scars vs implant scars; I’d take implant scars anyday. every single pair of post-reduction boobs I’ve ever seen look ten times worse than their post-enlargement cousins. Prime example: Autumn East. She has no shortage of great personality as a performer but the reduction scars are just horrific.

    I agree with a previous poster that she’ll probably be as unhappy with the smaller ones as she was with the larger ones.

  22. Does she separate the problem of her bust size from the issue of her weight?

    It seems to me that a more sensible & less drastic procedure would be to first diet down to the weight she wants, and then decide if she also needs reduction surgery.


    How many times do you think a girl hears before she feels she’s under attack? How many times a girl like Dors IS under attack by creeps like that?

    Sure, in private, in a photo shoot where everybody is nice and polite she looks like she is having fun. But on the street a girl like that gets more bashing than a gay in a redneck bar.

    What we breast lovers need to do is to attack those creeps who say that kind of thing.

    You hear that kind of thing holler back what a creep and creatin he or she is. Spice it up with any other invective and foul language you think of at the time. Just remember how many breasts have been lost because of those bastards.

    If the loss of such great tits like Dors had doesn’t anger you against those malevolent creeps then you are not a real tit man. Not a much of a man either.

  24. I agree with the naysayers here… Don’t say you’re ashamed of them, having flaunted them countless times for cash.

  25. I agree with a few of the other posters above.

    It is sad to know that we won’t have the pleasure of seeing updates for too much longer (any reserves will run out soon enough), especially since she was one of my favourite models, right after Micky and Rachel Aldana.. And I do hope she finds happiness with her new body, especially if it was causing her that much grief and distress.

    But like others said.. For someone to act like they are embarassed by their body and feel like it has to be hidden away, and then make money off it by doing nude shots and whatever else, feels quite wrong.

    I don’t like my body as much as I should (and with good reason ;D) but let me tell you.. if I could start bringing in the money by showing it off and being a model, I would learn to not be ashamed of it. You can want a new body without hating the one you have, right?

  26. “Sure, in private, in a photo shoot where everybody is nice and polite she looks like she is having fun. But on the street a girl like that gets more bashing than a gay in a redneck bar. ”

    I think this is a good explanation.

  27. I don’t meant to offend the girl but did she try losing some weight first? I think her body looks great but her tits wouldn’t be so big if she wasn’t so plump. Anyway, all the best to her.

  28. What a shame, as now she’ll be just another cute, chubby girl with regular boobs.
    Her breasts made her money & gave her notoreity, so getting back into modeling (if she decided to), would be a challenge with the reduction.
    Certainly Score & Voluptuous & PP, couldn’t use her, and she’d be to ordinary
    for the other more standard sites.
    Financially, it wasn’t a smart move.

    I also think Dors tends to be a bit hypocritical & manipulative.
    Any woman that is truly ashamed & embarassed by her body, would strut around in baggy sweatshirts or sweat pants.
    Dors was, obviously, letting it all hang out for the world to see.
    Here, she was playing off the cameras, creating this sort of “innocent” persona that was nothing like her “adult” persona.

    I thought she was extremely sexy, even with the more recent weight gain.
    In the Score vids it seemed like she felt even sexier & confident with her curves and enormous breasts.
    It’s unfortunate she decided to remove what she was naturally blessed with.

  29. Here boyfriend is a fucking tool.
    Some positions are out of question? Wtf? Here boobs are big but not that big that they can hurt someone.

    She has a pefect body. She shoudl fell confident. But maybe she wanted to quit modelling so she told her “dramatic” story to get some qutting money.

  30. You know the easiest way to get your breasts reduced is get to the gym and exercise/eat healthy. She’s looks like she’s gained weight in from her earlier pictures!

  31. wow, how many comments, i’m glad to see it wasn’t just me that thought it was so hypocritical. the ending was a shame as like lindsey dawn mckenzie i can see dors/kelly coming back in a few years to try and squeeze another few pounds of fame and no-one wants to know.

  32. Shoots maybe been her way of trying to find acceptance to find a positive in such a negative world.

    When out and about with my friends even wearing big sweat shirts and such they are surprised about how much I get hated on for my boobs. Not to mention creepy guys who make you so uncomfortable you never want to go out into public again.

    For as many of you here that might admire and love big boobs, there are many more who write models the most hateful things on a daily basis. Those who way over step polite boundaries and much huge assumptions about who were are as a person.

    Try and find a regular job with such huge boobs, the prejudice is overwhelming. Men and women who think your not able to perform well at any task because all females with big boobs are dumb.

    Sadly, I limit what time I spend in public. The hate & creeps out there in the world, make it a scary place. So I limit my exposure to it in order to keep my sanity.

    Tell me when was the last time a complete MALE stranger tried to grab your private parts? How would you feel? Have had this happen many times at the grocery store.

    Surprises me, how all of ya’ll think she made a ton of money when she didnt. Her webmaster ripped her off. I know how much Score and plumperpass pays, she might have over the past 3 or 4 years made $5000 to $10,000 in doing shoots. And even then I am being generous with the numbers. Tired of that assumption of models are making a ton of money for doing very little. THERE ARE NO ROYALTIES IN PORN! There never has been.

    You jacked off to her content, you got what you wanted out of the deal. Models are made alot of empty promises. Fans lie to them about how much they will make and how it is fame & fortune when this is NOT true. Then when the girls find out the hard way, most of them do get bitter.

    Trying to lose weight. I dont have back problems, but I do have problems breathing. My boobs are to heavy on my chest. Now, try to work out when you can’t breath? Tell me how that is accomplished, because I would really like to know, how to do cardio in order to get my heart rate up and Not being able to catch my breath as it is now.

    Go buy the biggest bra you can find. Put full water balloons in it. Walk around in public and have everyone stare at you. Feel how heavy it is and the pressure on your shoulders and chest. Walk a day in our shoes, now do it in 8 inch heels. Before you pass judgement on Dors.


  33. Sadly, people tend to want what they do not have. Surgery will not magically remove the psycholigical pain of her past, nor will it cure all the physical strain without major liposuction — and a lifestyle change to not put all fat weight back on. Surgery for either increase or decrease is most often seen merely as a lazy shortcut to avoid resolving deeper psychological issues. So guys (and some gals) keep up your exploitation and predation of the emotionally weak.

  34. David, you are sooo on point.
    To many times to count have men been loud and rude to me because of my boobs. NOT once has a single man ever stood up for me.

    I have very little respect for men because of this.

    You all call yourself boob lovers, but yet let us gals with big boobs be rediculed in public all the time. Or yet be the one making fun of us in public. I refuse to be ashamed of what God gave me, but spent my teenage years and most of my twenties crying due to how rude people are. NOW, I get in their faces and cause trouble for them.


  35. What a joke. She acts like shes so pained to take off her bra and yet posted videos stickin a dildo in her twat and countless nude pix. Man fuck her

  36. The Cruel comments and hate I see here in these comments PROVES how mean everyone can be to models with big boobs.

    Not your boobs. So judging her for getting a reduction is pointless. Her body, her choice.

    You jacked off to her content, she owes you NOTHING! this since of entitlement is NUTS!

    All you comments here for the most part is prove how cruel the world is to girls who did give you pleasure. You wanted to fuck her, you wanted to use her, but when she didn’t want to be your sex toy to jack off over anymore you quickly RESENT her.

    Amazes me how many of ya’ll resent and hate the very gals you jack off over. Then you wonder why they want out and were not happy in porn.

    Wow….. I tried to warn her about this.


  37. Well, my feeling is that if you choose to be a nude model, you’re choosing to be judged on your body, period. None of us are trying to be mean, and we’re not the guys that would make fun of women with big boobs.

    If we judge her on having a reduction, it’s because judging is natural. We’re not involved in her life, so we can neither support nor fail to support her decision, only agree or disagree with it. So be it.

    She chose to exploit us, not the other way around. I think some people here are legitimately resentful of that, besides the reasons we don’t like breast reductions in general.

  38. I for one found her absolutley gorgeous and perfect the way her body was, for her entire body, not just one attribute. But it is absolutely her life and her body and i hope all the best for her.

  39. Well, why you do have a point I agree with Sam, one has to wonder about how the models think of those who do enjoy them. There are lots of guys who would probably genuinely care, but how do you be that guy without being thought a total creep?
    I know I am a guy that would like to enjoy a woman with larger breasts, yet I have this feeling (seemingly not totally untrue given some of your comments) that any woman I would approach would think of me as a scuzzy low life only interested in her boobs and not even give me a chance.

    I respect her choice to get reductions, despite my idea that it is a loss. Yet am I wrong to think it insulting to blame me and people like me that appreciate large breasts? How about every woman that enjoys having a large penis over anything smaller than 8 inches? I find the duality of women blaming the size of their breasts and men reactions to them shallow. Flat chested women get implants to appeal to men and larger breasted women get reductions because they don’t want to be appealing to men.
    Maybe it’s not the breasts, but what every woman wishes we men cared about more (and most do): what is between her ears.

  40. Why does everyone care she got a reduction? She posted nude pics and videos on the internet. In the capacity you all know her she’ll always have double K’s.

  41. Wow, you people are idiots.

    Yeah, it’s kind of odd that she’s up there talking about how ashamed and uncomfortable they make her and stuff when she’s all over the internet flaunting them. But that’s odd from OUR perspective. It doesn’t make HER a liar or hypocrite or anything else.

    You have seen the product of maybe 2% of her daily life, and exactly 0% of how she interacts with other people, gets by walking down the street, etc. No one but her and the people she’s close to knows anything real about any of these things. To condemn her as though you have even a hint of a clue what you’re talking about is just pathetic and disgusting.

  42. “The Cruel comments and hate I see here in these comments PROVES how mean everyone can be to models with big boobs.”

    I find this interesting, since I am in a different entertainment industry (video games) but have to deal with a lot of opinions and off base comments. Large breasted models are by no means unique for what they endure. Everyone from a janitor all the way up to the president has to endure peoples opinions.

    Also why are you doing cardio when you are caring extra weight on your chest? That will cause heart damage. You don’t think 300lb people have trouble trying to lose weight? But yet, there are many that still do. You make it sound as if you and other large breasted women face some plight that is harder then those faced by others. And my wife is large breasted, so I understand, but have never witnessed most of what you have said (though I have had a strange male grab me. But my wife? Never.)

    I don’t see why it is unfair to ask why she says that she must hide herself in public, but neglects to talk about her porn stint, where she completely revealed herself in public, and then proceeded to fuck herself with a dildo.

    You would think that if it was due to personal image issues, or even financial, then it would be a very valid and important subject to cover. Maybe she is ashamed of it and want’s to distance herself. But I then can not help but to question the scene where she is being drawn.

    Samantha, Did you watch the special? Because that scene was very strange for what we know she has done. I don’t care if she got a reduction, I don’t care if she hates what she did in porn, but I do care if someone goes out and lies or misrepresents the truth.

    Not saying that she did, but what that documentary showed just seems odd and leaves a lot of questions. What she said, in context to having a porn career, is easy to not understand. Either way, a portion of what she said had to be bunk to discount it completely like that.

    I understand that Dors was a character that she used, but you can not hide an underlying disgust for ones self. Especially the kind that she shows and describes in the episode. Unless Dors and Kelly are that detached in her head, then she probably has other issues to work through. And wouldn’t the fact that she created a character that was capable of being publicly naked not be worth mentioning to the producers when they are trying to get her to see past her body?

    Would you explore your own self image issues (everyone has them) without discussing how the porn industry impacted them? Or how you feel about posing nude or doing sex scenes? Even more so if it was for a self image documentary series about your breasts, the very thing your porno is built on (fair comparison)? It just comes across very untruthful to neglect even mentioning it. That aspect adds an entirely different context and depth to the issue.

  43. Samantha- I feel like very few people on here are questioning her choice to get a reduction if her boobs hurt and she was tired of the attention. No boob lover is happy to hear that, but we all at least understand it.

    It seems that the overwhelming feeling is that she is either hypocritical or just did nothing but lie for several years, OR she’s lying now- just seems flaky. If she came out and said “I was a model because of the size of my breasts, but over time, I realized I truly hated them,” nobody would be mad. But she was all about them, posing, loving them, and then now she’s on a video saying she hates them, never felt comfortable, has hid them her whole life, etc. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Some people are unreasonable and some people feel like she owes them something, yes. But the main problem here is that everyone either feels like they were lied to for several years, or they’re being lied to now. And nobody likes being lied to. Unfortunately for Dors, this is resentment she’ll have to deal with as a public figure with VERY contradictory statements. That’s really all it is.

  44. sam i understand the reasons why she had the reduction and a personal choice is exactyl that and no one has the right to judge that, i think unless you saw the program then you might not understand where some of the negative comments came from.
    no-one on here wishes any bad feelings or thoughts or even more impotantly ridicule, it is not acceptable in any society for you to be grabbed by anyone in public, the point i was trying to make was she stated she was ashamed to be looked on as a sex object but at no point in the whole program did they mention she was a porn model, it was a contradiction that if you didn’t know you would have a greater sympathy for her, whether from crafty editing or poor research by the film company it failed to show a complete picture of dors/kelly.
    You can’t claim to be insecure about showing your breasts and then have a catalogue of photoshoots and vids that ruin that claim.

  45. Sam as a response to your post, i am so sorry you have endure the public humiliation you have gone through, assault which it is would over here would be a police matter and is completely unacceptable, nothing should make you uncomfortable going out in public, the media have a lot to answer for especially shows which glorify that make a mockery of not conforming to their ideal standards… biggest loser..americas next top model.. what is wrong with being different, it’s those things that make this planet interesting. i hope you don’t give up on all us blokes, there are some good ones out there, usually hiding in the corner too shy to ask. x

  46. @ Samantha38g. I think you are missing the point of these comments. Most of the comments are pointing out the hypocrisy in Kelly/Dors’s way to have the reduction done by posing nude for money to have the operation. I agree with the comments of her hypocrisy on this issue. Even you must see the hypocrisy in this.

    The other comments point out that it was seeking attention for her ordeal. If Kelly didn’t wanted the publicty of the procedure, than she shouldn’t have put it out there.

    You say you have little respect for men because they didn’t stick up for you when rude comments were said to you. I’m sorry that incidents like that hurt you, but not all men are rude. Did you consider the fact nobody didn’t help you was because people mind their own businesses. It’s human nature. Humanity can be cold sometimes, but it is the truth. Now I pose a question to you, if someone did defend you from rude comments from your past, would you have suspicions about the individual’s reason behind it?

    Your right, she owes us nothing, but she shouldn’t expect our sympathies for her documented ordeal. It’s her body, she can do whatever she wants. If she had the reduction, she should’ve gone out quietly in obscurity. By doing it this way, it’s if she is leaving the door open for a comeback. Guaranteed, she will pose nude again because that is all she knows.

    If Kelly didn’t heed your advice, why would other breastmen listen to your scolding. I noticed that you were the only BBW model defending her choice. The silence from other BBW models is deafening to say the least. I don’t see Kelly’s explaination posted here. This may not have been your fight to begin with.

    I am a huge fan of yours and will always be. But you didn’t have to make it your cause. If Kelly is mature enough to choose a breast reduction, then she is mature enough to stand up on her own.

    Smooches right back at ya, Sam. Love you all the way. :)

  47. @ Samantha38g

    Do you not think that some of the negative attention aimed at you is because you are probably the most famous BBW pornstar rather than because you have big boobs?

    I can say from experience that here in England, only once has my wife ever been groped and she has virtually the same figure as you do (lucky for me!). Not only that, the guy that did it was in a club and completely drunk – and missing some teeth after I had confronted him. People might stare at her breasts, but only if they are on show, and certainly wont say anything. Maybe its an America thing.

    Either way, it seems as if Dors/Kelly is a very confused person that shouldnt have gone down the modelling path without thinking about everything it entails. The accusations of hypocracy might be more redundant if she stopped advertising her porn site on her Twitter page – if what you say is true that there are ‘NO ROYALTIES IN PORN!’ then there isnt any reason for Dors/Kelly to advertise the site is there?

  48. Bolabear wrote:

    The accusations of hypocracy might be more redundant if she stopped advertising her porn site on her Twitter page – if what you say is true that there are ‘NO ROYALTIES IN PORN!’ then there isnt any reason for Dors/Kelly to advertise the site is there?

    Bolabear & All~

    Just wanted to clarify that Dors put her Twitter page up for sale earlier this year, so the continued advertising may well be by someone other than herself (and, besides, her “personal site” is owned by the Candy Girl Pass peeps, which was one of the reasons she & Ash switched over to modelling for other sites)…

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …special thanks (and big hugs) to Sam38g for dropping by with her thoughts on the matter, as there are few more knowledgeable about this industry than she!

  49. Fair point Reese, although I have to say that most of the discourse that has been generated stems from the comments on Dors’ twitter page – so if it isnt the woman herself making those comments, just the new owner courting controversy by putting words in her mouth, it kind of invalidates the whole discussion!

  50. Until one of us has walked a mile in her shoes, there is no way we can fully understand what it’s like to live a dual life like that. Porn was probably an escape for her, where she could be someone else and not have to worry about the leers and looks she was getting out in public. It is confusing to see these vastly different sides of her and I would love to hear more from her friends/significant other on how Dors/Kelly’s porn career affected them.

  51. Sorry, but this whole ordeal and the ramblings of Samantha ring a bit hollow to me.

    No one should be treated like crap, and it’s out of line. However, it’s been stated by Sam that men were rude to her and ridiculed her because of the size of her breasts, so what does she do? She decides to literally take it all off, and put her boobs on display for the world to see. Now if people are making fun of your tits on a regular basis because they are jerks, what exactly will whipping them out for all to see do?

    Look, I’m not suggesting that a busty woman should be ashamed, or hide herself because of her breasts. On the contrary, she should be proud. But to turn around and complain about a situation that was compounded by what they decided to do for a living rings really hollow.

    Despite your disdain for men Sam, those said men pay your bills simply because you have big tits, and you chose to capitalize on that. It’s why anyone is interested in you, sorry to break it to you. We’re not here for your brains. It’s why Reese knows who you are. Need I remind you that you’re on a site called “my boob site”, that’s all everyone here is interested in. Without your tits, you would have no career, so you should be a bit more grateful to the perverts who fawn over you. It’s how you eat, and you don’t look like you’ve missed many meals. No one forced you down this path. Asking these men to somehow come to your defense when someone says something mean to you is silly. They don’t know you. Do you defend us, even give a damn when people say awful things to us? You clearly don’t. Women like you denigrate the very folks (guys jerking off to you) that support them financially. No one is here for your intellect, or to defend your honor. Get off your high horse. They’re here to see your tits, and get off. This is porn, not the United Nations. You’re in your 40s, so you really don’t have that much of a shelf life left in this business. Especially when all the busty models coming up are half your age. Riling up the guys who you rely on for money is a stupid thing to do.

    If being treated like a sex object is a strenuous ordeal, here’s an idea – stop fucking on film for money. Be done with it, and stop complaining.

  52. To me all this (sad) story is pure B.S. – we all make choices in life when you accept the best in a deal you also have to accept the worse … there is nothing for “free” in this world. If Dors/Kelly resigned from the porn industry well OK … but why then expose herself in a “commercial voyeurist” show ???
    To SAM : I’ve been dating well endowed BBW all my life and some had cups over I or J – don’t compare backpains and every day life problems from big breasts (after all we all have to deal with our daily life) like it would be some kind of disability comparable to physical “imperfections” like dwarfism, morbid overweight, congenital malformations and other teratogenesis “mishaps” …
    Most of my ex (9 out of 10 to be true / and I dated quiet a few …) enjoyed her life and would never imagine getting rid of the assets god gave them. To their point of view the disadvantages of having “huge titties” were neglectable compared to their advantages (most were in contact with the public : one was a nurse, another a sales person, and one was even a cop etc. – so I guess they had enough experience to assess that).
    It’s up to Dors/Kelly to show others there is a different someone behind the “boobs” and I fear that getting simply them “off” won’t really change things if she does not make up her mind 1st … but that is female psychology and it’s whole different debate …

    (sorry for my english but I am french ;-)

  53. seriously, stop feeling sorry for this girl. she is a fucking idiot. she needs to lose weight first, not get a breast reduction.

  54. What kind of doctor would give her a reduction? Any good doctor/plastic surgeon would tell her to lose weight first, then get the reduction- if it is still needed. A doctor performing surgery (all surgery has inherent risks) to change something that will naturally change with weight loss is almost unethical as far as I am concerned.

    While I think she was beautiful the way she was, nearly perfect, I can see how them being so big could be uncomfortable and even embarrassing and make her self conscious but a lot of that could easily be helped with weight loss. Her breasts would get much smaller if she lost the weight needed to match her proper height weight index.

  55. The weight issue is very valid for Dors. Now granted, she was never a skinny girl, but when she first came out, she was much smaller. No really, take a look at her when she was modeling for God’s Girls, compared to her later work with Score. Easily a 30lbs difference. Back then, she even had fewer tattoos. She gained quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time.

    Look at this set Reese posted of her 2 years ago She’s not even a full fledged BBW there, like she is now. Just a slightly plump, well shaped gal. Her breasts were smaller there.

    Getting a breast reduction at her larger size doesn’t make sense. If she loses weight after her reduction, her breasts will even get smaller. It would have been wiser if she lost some weight first. That alone would have reduced the size of her breasts, then after the weight loss consider the breast reduction surgery.

  56. Interesting comments from everyone. The early pictures of Dors where fantastic and not knocking the more recent one’s but it seems to be a trend simone, dors feline, caremlla bing & ashley sage ect excuse me if i upset a few but they all seemed to made to put weight on to get extra dosh? If this is the case then it is wrong.

    Yes maybe if she was to loose weight things might of been easier regarding the back pain. But it was interesting that she never felt comfortable regading the size of her boobs why go into a industry of showing them off?
    To me she was not just big tits she is a beautifull woman who graced us with her beauty.

  57. Samantha38,

    Thanks so much for your sincere and instructive messages here.
    We do need your POV.

    It’s terrible to think that you dislike going outside… what a price to pay!

  58. Sam’s ego is bigger than her chest.

    Sad about Dors, but I guess she did the modelling to pay for the surgery. I hope she’s happier now (im assuming shes had/having the surgery) than what she was, even with small boobs she’ll still be as stunning.

  59. As a fan, it does suck to see her go. But realistically, it’s the best thing for her. I wish her luck and hopefully future happiness.

  60. As much as it pains me to see her having a breast reduction, I wish her the best in life and happiness. And to Sam38G I apologize for all the guys that were assholes and are still assholes to you. It is very sad to see how cruel women all over with big breasts are treated. My wife tells me all the time how creepy guys come up to her when she goes out with her friends, and I am shocked by the statements these douches come up with. Are they real? Can I touch? Come on man, for real? The next time I witness a dude giving a voluptuous dame an issue I am going to take my 240-pushups-a-day-fist and stick it in his gut.

  61. SP4RT4CUS71,

    You really think these women are gaining weight for financial reasons? LOL! That’s just silly.

    They’re gaining weight for probably the same reason people in most western countries gain weight, they’re eating a lot of food, and are taking in more calories than they are burning off. You don’t miraculously grow a potbelly and thunder thighs by going to the gym regularly, and having a well balanced diet.

  62. Anyone who has something backhanded to say about this woman is ignorant.

    You don’t know her. You may feel like you know her because you’ve followed her twitter, signed up for access to her pics through Score or seen her vagina. Doesn’t mean you know her as a person, and you certainly don’t know her well enough to criticize her motives.

    It may come as a surprise to you that the very same fetish sized breasts that make for titillating photos shoots in real life are nearly impossible to live a normal life with. Any well-endowed girl will tell you that being topless in front of a professional male photographer or interfacing with fans at a convention is not the same as enduring the obsessively shameless leer of regular folks on the street. That is where the cruelty and self-consciousness come from. From regular folks on the street who think that girls like Dors/Kelly chose that body and are responsible for the way it makes them react.

    For example, I am a topless dancer with large natural breasts. My customers are kind and supportive to me and give me feedback that is positive and what is more, sex-positive. I feel great topless around my clients. But if I am at the gas station and am pumping gas with a dress on that slips to show a little cleavage? Men give me that horrible craigslist erotic services leer. Like their veins will burst in their neck trying to see more.

    Imagine this young woman trying to find a nice fitting dress for a night out with her boyfriend. Imagine her trying to find a swimsuit that manages to cover all that so she can go to the beach with family. Not in a “bikini that is obviously too small” fetish photoshoot way, but an actual article of clothing that gives her support and made her feel like an average person on the beach. Imagine all the times she has been out to dinner with Mom, Dad, and her siblings and they all had to pretend the guys sitting at the bar weren’t talking about her tits.

    Kelly/Dors has shared more with the world than any of her detractors here will ever be capable of. It is a beautiful thing that so many of her fans love the body she was born with. Thank God for the men who find bodies outside of the cookie cutter mold desirable! It is alright to have objectified her a sex object, that is part and parcel of her decision to be an adult model. I know I’ve definitely objectified her, lol! :)

    But at the end of the day, part of being a sex-positive consumer of adult material is to realize that the persona of the model we love is not the totality of that human being, and we must grant them be as supportive of them leaving it behind as we were of them making material for us to enjoy.

  63. To Samantha38G & Miss L32…. so you’re perfectly fine being objectified when money is involved, but in public when no money is given…. it’s creepy?? WOW!

    So you two are basically saying anyone who likes the sight of a busty female is demented, creepy, and downright rude? So we as men can’t like a girl because she has a figure that pleases us? All you are saying is that you’re perfectly fine having men fantasize about you when someone pays you for it…. but any other time, it’s a big no-no.. cuz it interferes with your normal lives.

    That kind of hypocritical talk is exactly the reason a lot of people here are confused and a bit angry.

  64. So true Daniel … so true … so let’s end this with a huuuuuuge “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE !!!” ahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;-)

  65. Daniel shot from the hip and didn’t bother to read paragraph 6, folks.
    To be fair, I am a little long winded. :)

    I adore a man who appreciates a busty figure. Whether there is commerce involved or not, my point is that context is what makes it okay or not okay.

    When a checker at a store’s eyes drift down to my covered chest, I smile and meet his eyes kindly. Doesn’t bother me. When a man at a grocery store follows me up and down every aisle (when I am wearing jeans and a hoodie) and says obscene things under his breath to me, it makes me feel like I am not safe. As much as I try to be tough and not let those things bother me.

    And I think that if the same thing happened to your friend or sister, Pierre and Daniel, you may better understand what I am trying to say.

    After reading Dors’ tweets though, I get the impression that she is a very sad, angry person. Poor thing. I think if I were one of her devoted male fans, I would feel a little betrayed at her lashing out at the industry and her fan base in retrospect.

    Not the coolest thing ever.

  66. @Samatha38G

    I just read your comments about being grabbed at the store! Why does this stuff always go down at the grocery stores, LOL! Never at a bookstore or a car lot, just the grocery store…so weird!


  67. Any girl will get leered, big boobed or just flat chested hot, it’s not a big boobed thing. It’s not even a girl thing, guys and girls get bullied for being nerds or geeks or just different. You don’t have a monopoly on it for being BBW. How many times has this happened can probably count it on one hand yet that’s a view for majority of men? If anything those creeps toss out more money towards porn than your average nice guy. You fight it or ignore it like any other person, talk about entitlement, doing porn/nudity isn’t exactly a skilled work force, you get paid what you can draw in.

    She didn’t take veteran advice and still seems naive about the whole thing. She expect to be some big page 3 glamour star? Guessing Sam38G now produces her own stuff so is being smart and adapting and reaping the rewards. Unless you have another job you’re doing just fine on porn alone you should be glad it actually brings in money. Form a union if you want royalties etc, you didn’t change the system you did like anyone else would and did the best within it. No need for all the anger and hate.

  68. Samantha38g has a chip on her shoulder about men. It was obvious she’d soon be weighing into this discussion crying and bawling about how horrible every man is and how every model is exploited, yadda yadda yadda.

    Change the record….

  69. I think this discussion can be had without hateful mocking. Seems like some of you are trying to prove Samantha right about this type of men.

    Samantha’s real fans will like her for a lot of reasons and I think she can go on successfully for a lot longer. Even the models who dont show their face have subtle things about them that make fans loyal. Saying any model is successful purely for their breasts sounds like you dont notice anything else about the women.

    Disagreements are fine but I’m amazed how many people really feel the need to hurt models feelings. This creates a hostile and unattractive environment for them that looks too horrible to go into and not surprising how bitter they could be coming out of it.

    You guys are making the scene worse for them and therefore worse for you and me.

  70. @Bern Finally someone else who feels the same way. I’ve been saying that for years about Sam38g who always seems like she has a chip on her shoulder. Enough of her long winded thoughts. Unless she’s getting paid she should really keep her “PRO GIRL, HATE MEN” opinions to herself.

  71. No one here is purposely trying to hurt models’ feelings. I think we’re just being honest. Look, the models are all in it for the money whether they love or hate their boobs. Sucking up to them seems quite unnecessary to me.

    One of the most important life skills is not to get too worked up about what strangers think about you. That’s why so many women are perpetually unhappy, and I’d guess that includes Dors/Kelly and can’t be fixed by any surgery.

    I really wish Samantha would at least try to understand where we’re coming from like Miss L32 did above, even if she can’t fully agree. We’re the reason this business exists at all and frankly we simply can’t look at the whole person of any model. We see only her body because that’s the nature of the thing and if you put your body on public display by modeling you should know what to expect.

    Lastly, there’s no way Dors/Kelly can successfully model again and I think she knows that.

  72. So, the hypocrisy of using a pair of big breasts to earn money for a breast reduction is making everybody hate on Dors.

    Stick it up your collective wazoos you jerks.

    She’s desperate. She has breasts that draw a LOT of negative attention and stares and worse. Getting that attention and dealing with the back pain is hurting her both emotionally and physically. That stress is likely making nigh impossible to lose weight.

    And as Samantha said, having such large breasts can make it hard to even get a regular job because of the prejudice.

    I’m willing to bet that she felt trapped and just wanted to find ANY way to make money, even if that way was to put what she wanted gone on display for everyone to see.

    Just remember boys: You can look, but you’ll likely never get to touch!

    As a side note: I make it a point to try not to stare (or at least to be discreet about it) when a hot woman is near me. Especially at work. Because I know damn well that it’s not something that a woman wants all the time.

    Oh, some women wear skimpy clothes or dresses with a V that approaches her navel to get attention. But most women wear clothes because they like them, not because they’re giving us something to leer at.

    So next time you want to stare at that hot girl in the grocery store, consider that she’s more than just her breasts and actually has feelings too.


    PS: Yeah, I am pissed about the hate that Dors is getting.

  73. Miss L32, thank you for your thoughtful comments.

    Daniel, on what planet can the abusive ogling and harassment that Samantha38G and Miss L32 have experienced reasonably be described as “liking the sight of a busty female?”

    I suspect it’s the same world where jewelry-store robbers pull off heists because they “like the shine of diamonds.”

    If you get defensive when you hear a woman talk about the grief she gets from shithead guys, that’s a pretty good clue that you might just be one of them.

  74. Miss L32… I did read your original post, and I definitely feel where you’re coming from. And I’m not condoning any lewd behavior males have brought to you or anyone of the female portion of our race.

    It definitely is crazy for someone who attacks you for no reason other than your body type. I won’t, and will never, condone outlandishly groping or stalking anyone of the fairer sex. And most definitely would I never, EVER, want anyone to not feel safe.

    My point was…. where is that line? Not to your post mostly, but Samatha’s original post seems to dictate this sort of bi-polar personality where it’s okay for one aspect of life, and in the other it’s completely mishandled.

    Now, you being an exotic dancer clearly defines the point of true intrusion. You keep it all on stage. You don’t participate in any risque behavior, other than presenting your body. While for those like Samantha and Dors, their line of intrusion can’t be clearly defined, at least to those out there in the world that feel this way.

    When you present yourself, whether through photos or video, of a person that loves the adoration of their body, loves the adoration of their sexuality, and loves the adoration of presenting their assets openly and publicly (and yes, it’s very public… when you can access a person on the internet, and see them completely naked, it’s public), there is no rational definition of “reality’.

    Not in the perverted distortion of reality, but reality itself. If you present yourself openly as a person who is willing to do porn, you will not, and never will be seen as a “normal” person, no matter who you truly are. That might be hard to take, but there are still those hangups in this world. If you take the time, and make it your profession, to be photographed nude, to be photographed playing with yourself, to be photographed inserting dildos into your privates, to be photographed having hardcore sex…. and god forbid you get videotaped doing all aforementioned acts…. you will never be seen as a “normal” person.

    The line between “fantasy you”, and “reality you”… are no longer congruent to the perception of “you” in general.

    As I stated in my original post. I can fully understand the need for women to get breast reductions… just as the same way I fully understand the need for women to get breast augmentations.

    It’s not for anyone’s need other than the woman. And I get that.

    What I’m more perplexed about is the duality… the duality in contradiction…. the duality in hypocrisy.

  75. “NOW, I get in their faces and cause trouble for them.


    Good for you Samantha. I always admired you. Now I admire you even more.

    The rest of you ignorant and treacherous creeps are just puss fenders and bandits. Couldn’t get and don’t deserve a woman like that and hostile because you can’t.

    Think because she’s got big tits she owes you something? She does porn so she owes you something? She dresses pretty, she’s asking for it?

    The typical rapist logic.

    Maybe dors was trying to “grow a thick skin” achieve “body acceptance” with her modeling. Maybe she didn’t have the strength or endurance of Samantha.

    Maybe the men in this world have forgotten what it means to be a man.

    BE A MAN!!

    Hell man be a wingman. A wingman looks out for and defends the leader against the bandits.

  76. The point about it being weird to suddenly be perved on in public, but only be okay with it when in a shoot being weird is wrong. It’s not weird. Think about it from another angle. Imagine that you were being filmed for an awesome movie, the role of a lifetime, and they’ll pay you a fortune just to be yourself. Sounds awesome, now where do you sign?

    Now imagine that filming is twenty four seven, and with cover every aspect of your life. Not just the best bits, where you’re being epic, but the dull bits, where you’re just watching TV, the private bits, where you wish to spend romantic time with a significant other, not to mention the times when you’re upset and don’t want to see the world. Suddenly this role of a lifetime is a nightmare, as you’re constantly surrounded by film crews and whatnot.

    It’s not a perfect metaphor, but that’s what it must be like. Having big boobs isn’t something you can simply turn off. Some days you’ll love having them, and it’ll be great to be able to use them to entice blokes in a bar, and get your pick of guys to shag, and others it means you can’t go anywhere with out being perved by lecherous men, called offensive names by men and women, and suffer from back problems.

    Just like every other physical and mental aspect, there will be times when it would be awesome to have it, and be able to use it to your advantage, and other times when it gets in the way. You would have good days, where everything goes your way, and bad days where you just want to hide from the world. But no matter what happens, there’s no escape from your attributes.

    Yes, it is still hypocritical to declare you hate your breasts and also make money flaunting them in public, but people’s moods aren’t concrete. There may have been days where Dors was feeling great about her breasts, sat in a photo shoot, having a laugh with photographers and making the most of her assets, and other times when Kelly would’ve felt awful, with her back aching, and just trying and failing to lead a normal life as it seemed everyone was only looking at her because of her breasts.

    Just because you have big boobs doesn’t mean they automatically make every day the best day ever, but it doesn’t always have to be all bad either. Really it depends on your own experiences.

    In one sense I’m impressed by Dors, she put her best foot forward, realised she needed money for the reduction operation, and endured a few years doing something she may not have enjoyed, in order to take money from the very people who were making her life arduous merely because of her breasts, then used that money to remove said breasts. She took the money from the men who wanted to perv her, and used it to make it so she’d be less perved. It’s simply brilliant in it’s own way. Everyone got what they wanted, men got to oggle and stare at her chest, paying for the priveledge, and she got her breasts removed, so now in her private life she won’t be so oggled and perved.

    It’s just a shame from a big boob lovers perspective that it happened. Women shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of there large breasts, and it’s sad that she felt that way. Still, I wish her good luck. She seems like she knows what she’s doing in life, and will do well in whatever career she ends up in (cos lets face it, she won’t go back to modelling ever).

  77. Wait – if she was just posing with them to make money in order to fund the reduction, I have no problem with that. Not that anyone gives a fuck what I thought, anyway.

  78. In response to the idiotic b.s. that Samantha38g posted…


    “Joey Says:
    October 14th, 2011 at 1:20 pm
    Sorry, but this whole ordeal and the ramblings of Samantha ring a bit hollow to me.

    No one should be treated like crap, and it’s out of line. However, it’s been stated by Sam that men were rude to her and ridiculed her because of the size of her breasts, so what does she do? She decides to literally take it all off, and put her boobs on display for the world to see. Now if people are making fun of your tits on a regular basis because they are jerks, what exactly will whipping them out for all to see do?

    Look, I’m not suggesting that a busty woman should be ashamed, or hide herself because of her breasts. On the contrary, she should be proud. But to turn around and complain about a situation that was compounded by what they decided to do for a living rings really hollow.

    Despite your disdain for men Sam, those said men pay your bills simply because you have big tits, and you chose to capitalize on that. It’s why anyone is interested in you, sorry to break it to you. We’re not here for your brains. It’s why Reese knows who you are. Need I remind you that you’re on a site called “my boob site”, that’s all everyone here is interested in. Without your tits, you would have no career, so you should be a bit more grateful to the perverts who fawn over you. It’s how you eat, and you don’t look like you’ve missed many meals. No one forced you down this path. Asking these men to somehow come to your defense when someone says something mean to you is silly. They don’t know you. Do you defend us, even give a damn when people say awful things to us? You clearly don’t. Women like you denigrate the very folks (guys jerking off to you) that support them financially. No one is here for your intellect, or to defend your honor. Get off your high horse. They’re here to see your tits, and get off. This is porn, not the United Nations. You’re in your 40s, so you really don’t have that much of a shelf life left in this business. Especially when all the busty models coming up are half your age. Riling up the guys who you rely on for money is a stupid thing to do.

    If being treated like a sex object is a strenuous ordeal, here’s an idea – stop fucking on film for money. Be done with it, and stop complaining.”

    Well done Joey. Especially since we KNOW Sam won’t return to reply…smh.

  79. I think it’s unfortunate that D/K is pursuing a surgical solution, at least without first addressing her weight and perhaps her fitness. I find her very attractive in almost every way, but clearly she is a very large woman. Her breasts are but one of the complications that accompany her level of body fat, and I would imagine she’ll continue to have other complications as she ages and gains more weight.

    I am sure than most really busty women have to deal with unwanted attention in public, both from males and from females. That will happen regardless of whether a woman poses nude for adult sites or doesn’t, so I don’t fault someone’s decision to make money from their appearance. But, there is clearly a strange dynamic between adult models and their fans. The models are adored or lusted after by people who know nothing about them. It’s based mostly on fantasy, and some of the postings in this thread show that it’s a pretty fragile arrangement.

  80. It’s sad to see so many women getting their bodies butchered for
    cosmetic reasons.  Although I accept any persons decicsion to choose
    what to do to with their own body I’m continually saddened by it.
    This goes for augmentation as well.  That being said, I wouldn’t put a
    whole lot of stock in what she says about anything.  One day a woman
    can complain about people ogling them, and the next complain that no
    one is paying attention.  It’s unfortunate that having attributes that
    set you apart from the norm makes you a target but such is life.
    You’ll find many exceptionally beautiful women talking about how their
    looks intimidate men and render them unapproachable, but this is not a
    real problem.  A real problem is a woman with a cleft lip that men
    don’t approach because they FIND HER UNATTRACTIVE.  Either you’re too
    pretty or you’re not pretty enough; your breasts are too large, or
    they’re too small; you’re too fat or your too skinny…And there is no
    end to these lists.  Women aren’t insecure because of their
    attributes, they’re insecure because they’re insecure.  They don’t
    need surgery, they need to learn how to like themselves.

  81. just want to say that I really appreciate how this thread has grown- people expressing their views, positive and critical, in a civil way.

    @Robert Adam Gilmour- I would dump the girls out for you and write you a poem afterward. Above all other traits, I love a man with a big….empathy. :)

  82. Do you think we can get to 100 on this topic? No use crying over spilled milk. What’s done is done. Let’s move on shall we.

  83. I was never a big follower of SamanthaG, but like us, she has a right to express her opinion & defend Dors/Kelly (whatever her name is).

    I was a big fan of Dors (not so much the tattoos), and i really liked the direction she was taking in the Score & Plumper Pass vids/photo-shoots.
    I thought the extra weight worked in her favor, and judging by those recent videos, she looked extremely comfortable & confident.
    The girl was on her way, until…

    She completely changed personalities & went under the knife.
    Does she NOT think people who watch that documentary, won’t be familiar
    with what she was doing with that body she was so ashamed of & pained by?
    It is completely hypocritical.
    Someone truly unhappy with their body, their breasts, would never develop
    a career in the adult industry.
    They would not be comfortable doing all the things she did, there is no way.

    Dors was young enough to still be relevant in the industry she was in.
    She took a hatchet to her rising career, now there’s no way back in.
    I would have banged out more videos for Score & PP, banked that money,
    then moved on a few years later.
    I feel like she bailed right when she was on the verge.

  84. This is a repost of a repost since it nails it on the head. I am sure she will personally email the good man REESE and cry to have the comments taken down but thank goodness we are able to post our feeling on both sides of the coin. Free speech even on here, bravo Reese.

    In response to the idiotic b.s. that Samantha38g posted…


    “Joey Says:
    October 14th, 2011 at 1:20 pm
    Sorry, but this whole ordeal and the ramblings of Samantha ring a bit hollow to me.

    No one should be treated like crap, and it’s out of line. However, it’s been stated by Sam that men were rude to her and ridiculed her because of the size of her breasts, so what does she do? She decides to literally take it all off, and put her boobs on display for the world to see. Now if people are making fun of your tits on a regular basis because they are jerks, what exactly will whipping them out for all to see do?

    Look, I’m not suggesting that a busty woman should be ashamed, or hide herself because of her breasts. On the contrary, she should be proud. But to turn around and complain about a situation that was compounded by what they decided to do for a living rings really hollow.

    Despite your disdain for men Sam, those said men pay your bills simply because you have big tits, and you chose to capitalize on that. It’s why anyone is interested in you, sorry to break it to you. We’re not here for your brains. It’s why Reese knows who you are. Need I remind you that you’re on a site called “my boob site”, that’s all everyone here is interested in. Without your tits, you would have no career, so you should be a bit more grateful to the perverts who fawn over you. It’s how you eat, and you don’t look like you’ve missed many meals. No one forced you down this path. Asking these men to somehow come to your defense when someone says something mean to you is silly. They don’t know you. Do you defend us, even give a damn when people say awful things to us? You clearly don’t. Women like you denigrate the very folks (guys jerking off to you) that support them financially. No one is here for your intellect, or to defend your honor. Get off your high horse. They’re here to see your tits, and get off. This is porn, not the United Nations. You’re in your 40s, so you really don’t have that much of a shelf life left in this business. Especially when all the busty models coming up are half your age. Riling up the guys who you rely on for money is a stupid thing to do.

    If being treated like a sex object is a strenuous ordeal, here’s an idea – stop fucking on film for money. Be done with it, and stop complaining.”

    Well done Joey. Especially since we KNOW Sam won’t return to reply…smh.

    Cheers Cheers and CHEERS.

  85. Sam’s Comment: “Trying to lose weight. I dont have back problems, but I do have problems breathing. My boobs are to heavy on my chest. Now, try to work out when you can’t breath? Tell me how that is accomplished, because I would really like to know, how to do cardio in order to get my heart rate up and Not being able to catch my breath as it is now.”

    I really don’t know. But Taylor Stevens didn’t seem to have any issue dropping literally almost 200 lbs. She had/still has pretty large boobs.
    Adjusting your diet can produce huge results before even stepping into a gym.

  86. Just goes to show what the psychologists say is true. Breast fetishism is a marker for retention of infantile behavior (AKA anal retentive).

    Not that all men who like breasts are infantile. But reading most of the above it’s obviously a marker.

    Hate to say it about my fellow breast men but it sadly seems to be true.

    Grow up kiddies.

    You’ll get laid more.

  87. I understand why she has had this done, the physiological effects of large breasts can be damaging and this is unfortunately so, however that being blessed in such a fashion carries a psychological damage with it I believe is a shame on our whole society. All people are beautiful in their own way and should not be made to feel uncomfortable in their own skin by jealous people that can not see the beauty in themselves.

    That said I wish Dors/Kelly a happy and healthy life. She will be missed, and her pictures fondly collected and remembered.

    Yours in Darkness;


  88. Some mad comments on here.
    But some thoughts anyway.

    It’s her body, so it’s her choice. However there is a lot of deception in what she’s said. And also I’m against any cosmetic surgery where the end result can be achieved through safer less drastic means. Heavy boobs and back problems obviously are related, but in Dors/Kellys case she could have lost weight first, see how that worked out then had a reduction if necessary.

    I’ve always been against ‘cutting the weight off’, whether it’s been lipo, stapling or whatever, as you’re essentially changing your body’s proportions and later weight added or gained will cause problems.

    If my girlfriend were to desire a boob reduction then I’d appreciate it if she respected my opinion (ie, lose weight first, be aware of the dangers, be aware of scarring, check that this isn’t the first in a long line of surgeries etc etc), but I would be supportive.

    Ultimately it’s the woman’s choice and that has to be respected, but if they are going to make it part of a public forum, like appearing on a TV programme, and then be hazy with the truth, then they have to be aware it’s going to be discussed. and heatedly.

    And as for complaining about men making spurious remarks over a woman’s breasts, be aware ladies that these men are idiots and will say stupid comments regardless. If they make you feel negative in any way, then you’re letting them win. Also, they’re probably not getting any any way.

  89. She thinks her breasts were the cause of her back problems?! Fucking FAT COW!!! Lose some damn weight. 34c with the belly of a whale. Fucking complaining about attention with all those damn tattoo’s. Dumb cunt.
    Had to model to make money for the surgery?? What a crock of shit.

    This site is filled with pansy little men, white knights of the fat girls.

    [Reese writes: Blimey! I decide to allow the full range of opinions, both positive and negative, supportive and critical, to be expressed unmoderated on a boob blog post for a change and this is what I get as our 100th comment?! You know what you were saying about freedom of speech, GoodPoint (aka BC)? Well, sometimes, I’m just not so sure… :~(]

  90. At the end of the day it is her choice, but it is a shame she didn’t try a natural breast reduction first- gradual weight loss. She is undoubtedly a few stone over her ‘ideal’ (ideal for optimal health) weight, and if she’d gradually reduced her weight down to this level through more careful eating and exercise her boobs would’ve reduced as well. Obviously some girls have massive boobs on thin frames (Merilyn for example), but judging by the pictures of Kelly when she was younger and thinner, her boobs were much smaller when her weight was much lower.

  91. Wow! This is by far the most commented post I’VE ever seen here! For may part, I’m still crying, and feel like my heart is not broken, but shattered. She had an AMAZING figure!

    I seeth with anger to the very core when I hear or read people (mostly men) ridiculing women with some meat on their bones. It seems like if a woman is >100 lbs then she’s just plain fat. BULLSHIT! And it pains me even more when REAL women allow those crass comments to get to them so fully. Why aren’t the compliments, praise, and adulation given more value? I know those types of comments are there, but for some reason they simply don’t hold much weight (pardon the pun).

    TO all the guys with hurtful comments – GO BACK TO OGLING THE 5TH GRADE GIRLS AT YOUR LOCAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU LIKE! Me, well, I’m going to continue to praise REAL women like Kelly/Dors, Samantha, Anorei, Maxi, Abbi, etc.. for the INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL women they are!!!!

  92. Before all the comments here are either removed or edited for content, let’s make a few things clear…

    Yes, there are a number of comments that may be perceived as insensitive to Doris/Kelly and her approach to living her dream. There may also have been sound arguments from the various Models and their supporters defending/questioning the motives behind this change in lifestyle that Kelly has taken but, the point that some have made is true in that Kelly used a TV Documentary and Twitter account (regardless of who owns it, she still has access) to finally disclose her true objective while eschewing those who once supported her alternate ego’s pics and videos. I don’t think the comments are necessarily from a lot of rude, creepy and possible dangerous individuals meant to give models bodily or mental harm but just ordinary men (and/or women) who disagree with how Kelly portrays herself in the documentary almost as a victim when the porn industry does it part to not portray the former.

    Samantha….you’re inner feelings on how you have been treated from early teen life to life as a model and your sentiment towards Dors Feline’s decision is noted and yes, you have not always had the luxury of mature, sensitive men and women in public (Wal-Mart, Target, Macy’s, etc…) but please, please do not insinuate every man or woman publicly is out to violate your person. Yes, you do not have the means of being able to freely live off camera as most of your followers and admirers do but know that even here in the USA there are those of us that would kindly appreciate you without making a grotesque scene about it. Give us good men (and women for that matter) a chance. Not all men are dogs and disrespectful.

    Miss L32….appreciate your input as well. My ex-girlfriend in college was a blonde 38E cup and dealt with her fair share of unsightly looks in public with or without me but still managed to never loose her self-esteem or self-confidence. Would I have taken offense to someone groping her, yes but I also know that individual would have been the brunt force of her martial arts training so no complaints there :-)

    N*****, bruh, leave the harsh language for the streets and not here. Not saying you’re entirely wrong but there are far better ways (and chat names) to express your thoughts.

    Kelly is now relieved I’m sure after days/weeks from the surgery. The documentary was probably filmed some time ago and is now made public thanks to Discovery Channel. She always had the option of taking the surgery in private but chose to take a more media route. That meant she had to of known there would be consequences and comments like this and worse. If not, then this will only be the beginning of a (life) long legacy in the ending of what was a promising porn industry career.

    Keep the opinions going without sounding serial killer-ish.

  93. People who don’t have boobs or are over weight have back pain too. Most people have back pain from time to time. Some have it all the time.

    Before you beautiful girls blame your weight or boobs or let doctors or anyone else blame that first consider bad posture, bad mattress, stress and strain etc. etc. etc.

    Weak abdominals force the body to shift forward so the weak adomen doesn’t allow the spine to uncontrolably bend backward. The strength of the back can compensate. But this not only puts constant strain on the back muscles (muscles aren’t made to accept constant strain) but also alters the way the the spine is mechanicaly distributing the weight. It should be carried directly down the spine as a column. With a weak adomen the spine has to cantalever to support the weight. That’s not what it’s supposed to do and can be dammaged when it has to do that.

    But all that knowledge seems to go out the window when big tits are involved.

    Gotta be the tits right?

    But it’s all a part of life right? Lets move on right? Lets not take advantage of the times when something tragic happens and people’s attention is focused on it to discuss the problems, mistakes. villains or solutions to prevent the pain and anguish in the future right?

  94. well done,
    they show got thier pound and half of flesh for ammuniton in the ratings war.take the money and run,we all know reality telly is a load of shit anyway.

  95. All this is about her weight, she would be perfectly happy 60 lb lighter and her tits half the size. These reduction surgerys are just Frankenstein esk. The breasts look absolutely mutilated, and all that was needed was drastic weight loss. I get it, I’m fat. It is very hard to lose weight. But to mutilate myself to to be thinner and feel less pain. No. There is no easy way out.

  96. I think this is kind of sad, but I hope she is happy. It seems to me so many women aren’t happy with whatever they are born with. if they have straight hair they pay to curl it, curly hair they pay to straighten it. My ex had incredible naturally curly hair. People would stop us to tell her that she and her hair were beautiful. she would immediaely schedule another trip to the salon to straighten. She had natual 38 F cup breasts. perfect, beautiful breasts. Sensitive to the point that i could make her soaking wet and nearly cum just from playing with and sucking them. The girls at work thought she could wear cuter tops have less blouse gap if she got a reduction so she got one, while three of her coworkers got fake tits the same year. She went down to a 38 b or c. Lost all sensitivity so that it was like her tits were not only smaller and scarred, they weren’t part of foreplay anymore. She also started wearing c cup bras with extra padding in them which made no sense. She hated her tits but was padding her bra to look bigger? I guess she went too small and didn’t want to discuss it. It was sad that she took a perfectly proportioned beautiful natural body and mutilated it so the girls at work would like her clothes better. My lust and love for her and her curves meant nothing and I was a pig for begging her not to risk her life for body image. The girls at work wanted her boobs and she wanted theirs. Why not just change your mind instead of your body.

  97. There’s nothing less attractive than an overweight/chubby woman with small breasts.
    It just doesn’t look right, somehow.
    If your a plus-sized gal, and you have a plus-sized rack to go with it, guys will still find you attractive.

    With Dors new cup size, she will really have to diet & coordinate her body to match.

  98. i honestly, dont know what to say..she look TOO weird without big breast. WAY too weird. i agree with razorjules. she need to diet to match up to her breast. its just weird how when she started she was relatively slim. and then ( like every other model out there) she started gaining weight.

  99. Sadly, now we can see what the female brain can do to a womans body. And I say like this because I saw here as before and she was practically great. She got the body of a natural and real woman, not a plastic fake doll. I guess that´s what many people don´t realize, we may want dolls from time to time but a real natural girl, that´s welcome EVERYTIME.

  100. Holy shit, this thread is depressing.

    Big boobs make me happy. Unfortunately, two related things make me really unhappy.

    1) The way I sometimes feel like my fetish sets me against women. Samantha says she has very little respect for men – that seems unfair to me. I never did anything to anybody; how come I share the blame with guys who are assholes? As for Dors, it’s her life and none of my business, but I will admit I’m depressed that something I like so much is treated by so many women as a terrible, revolting thing.

    I don’t know how many guys care about this, but it’s hard for me to have much fun with boobs unless the girl who has them is having a good time too. When they’re having fun with it, that’s as sexy as the boobs themselves. This is roundly neglected in porn and hard to find. I often take what I can get, but I don’t WANT to jack off to grudgingly shown chests on women who don’t like their boobs and who don’t respect me (I respect them. Every human being deserves respect). I want a fun, consensual environment where I can enjoy myself without feeling like a jerk. Is this too much to ask? Am I crazy?

    2) The way I find myself in the company of childish assholes whereever I go. It doesn’t make me feel great that so many men who share my fetish are fucking pricks. I don’t mean just here on this site. I’m not “white knighting,” even if I didn’t care about the women involved, you idiots annoy ME.

    Sorry for rambling, but sometimes I just end up depressed when I’m trying to have a good time.

  101. Yawn… I’m quite surprised to find something so interesting in here that I actually feel the urge to comment (this is not meant to be disrespectful). This is my first post ever.

    First of all, so many thanks to you Reese – your blog has been a great delight to me for a couple of years now. I really respect your work and enthusiasm to do this. I would also like to take my hat off for the people I would call “regulars”, since most of them seem to be quite the gentleman. Cheers!

    I think most of you are actually quite intelligent, eventhough it seems to me that a few just got out of the zoo. How is it that some of you come to think you have any right to judge her? You have bought the product, not the person behind it. Just because you buy a bottle of cola doesn’t mean you know anything about the company behind it. You have no idea whatsoever how are they really like or why are they doing this, and you have a pretty good chance of just being used. If they were to stop selling their product it would only be natural for some to get angry, but all the cruel and especially unfair comments are just unnecessary; especially when the product is in appearance so much similar to the mastermind behind it. To the people who feel betrayed by this: Welcome to the real world. Calling her a hypocrite is a trait of a naive person. Who knows why she or they didn’t tell the whole truth in the Documentary (one can guess, though) – who even cares? This couldn’t be the first time Media is not telling the whole truth, could it??! The fact that the product-Dors (as we knew her) is pretty much gone won’t change, just deal with it.
    Personally I don’t care at all, I just hope for her sake she won’t be crying later for the decision she made.

    For all the people getting angry at Samantha for the obvious problems she has; grow up. If she holds no respect for men it’s her problem, not yours. Trying to change this just by writing a pleading or angry comment on the blog is never going to work, though sometimes life would be much easier this way. Should you feel offended by this? No – unless you are trying to impress her, which is to me in a way hilarious.

    Imagine if someone was to say that all the women are dumb: would you as a woman be offended by this or would you rather think that what was said is actually just retarded? Nevertheless, going to a personal level (even as far as to insult somebody) just shows that you have nothing really worth reading to contribute. This one was mainly to you, dear Joey and thinkers-a-like.

    Last but not least: I would say it happens with everyone who is standing out or is being picked on by other people, that they try different ways to handle it. Not doing anything about it is the worst, maybe the most suffocating and humanly lowering thing you can do. Some get angry to these people and think nothing of them, some just try to accept themselves by laughing or showing-off their traits that do stand out. Going public about your unsecure spots is a sign of a strong person. Needless to say, there are just as many ways to deal with this as there are people, but I would say these ones are the most common. This and many other things, however, has been already said in this conversation. Just felt like this blog entry needed a lot of wrapping paper around it, that’s all.

    This felt surprisingly good. Maybe I’ll do another post in a few years, if this blog continues to exist. All the best, from Germany.

  102. One thing is for sure here, everyone has an opinion one way or the other over all that ever was, has or will be said about this topic (whether we’re regs or not). We all have expressed either feelings of joy, anger, sadness or frustration (talk about a topic that has raised the ceiling on the level and amount of comments, whoah!)

    Dors/Kelly (sorry for the bad spelling earlier) came out from behind the curtain and went for a life changing surgery. Hope she is content without regrets.

    As for the rest of us, gents and pervs, we still have plenty more beautiful and sexy women to gaze at…

  103. What a shame, now she is a fat girl with deformed breasts.
    She should have tried exercise and proper nutrition first.

    Many women dont realize, its only a short amount of time that they are viewed as sexually attractive to men, she literally chopped years of that window of attraction

  104. David Samuel really needs a hobby. Anyone want to take bets on how long it will be before we see Dors’ butchered breasts? Everyone saying she should have tried to lose some weight before going under the knife is completely right. She is lazy. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. And as for the BBW models that posted in here, and the throngs of guys that tried to e-defend them, you’re defending a hypocrite. No one cares that she got her tits shrunk – it’s the obviously untruthful way she went about everything.

  105. Also I’ve seen Samantha’a videos one-hundred times, and I wouldn’t be able to pick her face out a line-up. Her tits on the other hand… Maybe they were just trying to shake hands with what they remembered. You shouldn’t have been weighing your tits in the produce section.

  106. Has anyone considered that Dors’ oratory might have been scripted? Does anyone REALLY think Real Housewives doesn’t have producers writing scenes for the cast to encourage them to fight? While Dors may have these feelings of shame, perhaps her views of justifying earning a living from her ta-tas might be a message Discovery Channel does not think is good television.
    In a nutshell: people are different than how they portray themselves on TV.
    Duh ! Winning !

  107. This thread has finally compelled me to post – long time listener, first time caller.

    I was going to comment directly the Dors/Kelly situation, and on reduction/augmentation, but the fine folk here have collectively covered that pretty well.

    @Lothar – I feel your pain. I think that the ‘girls in the office’ were probably just jealous of your ex’s proportions, and wanted the competition cut down to size. Some women don’t realize the subtle spite and envy of their ‘friends’ until it’s too late.

    Whenever a man requests a woman to do or not do a thing, it often seems to be strong incentive to do precisely the opposite, from what I’ve observed in my own life and in the lives of those around me. It’s the old, ‘don’t control me’ mentality. Now, being controlled by another is not a good thing, but to automatically dismiss input from a significant other for serious consideration as a knee-jerk reaction is not good either.

    Many women want men’s love and attention, but often seem to quickly weary of their desire – a significant expression/manifestation of that very love and attention. They want to have it both ways.

    It’s also strange that being attractive to the opposite sex is such a preoccupation (often casting a wide net with the use of the most crude display of sex appeal – yet offended and frustrated when they don’t only catch the precise prize specimen they had in mind), yet they listen to other women and women’s magazines more carefully than to what most balanced men will actually tell them directly.

    @Mayhap – you’re not crazy, unless we’re both crazy. I agree completely with your entire post. I hate that such a natural love and desire is often seen as oppressive and unpleasant, and even worse that so many men seem to give some legitimacy to those worst fears.

  108. There is something wrong in general with a womans self perception if she oscillates between putting herself in the world of porn and contemplating cutting off her breasts.
    Its a major mistake to support this self perception by making an irreversible move like that.
    Its not at all wrong to consider breast reduction, but it is very wrong for these reasons and with this mentality as background.

    Another human challenge not mastered.

  109. LMFAO, watching the show, WOW what a dumb lazy FAT bitch! she didnt need surgery AT ALL. if she would have gotten off her fat ass and exercised and lost weight they would have significantly reduced naturally, she would gain some strength so she wouldn’t have that dumb complaint of “back problems” all lazy cunts that don’t deserve to be blessed with large breasts complain about AND she would have a MUCH better body and more proportional breasts. now she’s just a regular fat bitch with average tits i guess, GOOD DECISION you crazy whore. there are women that are deeply self conscious about how their small breasts can be seen as unattractive or give them a man-like body, and they have no choice but to get disgusting fake ones. it’s bullshit when fat cows with overgrown udders complain about their gifts when girls lose weight in their breasts very easily.

  110. I feel sorry for any woman that undergoes breast reduction surgery. It is butchering the one of the beautiful and sensitive parts of the female body. The scars and loss of sensitivity are horrendous. She really should have tried to lose weight first. To Samantha38G’s point that it’s hard to breathe, that’s true, but very obese people have the same problem and they can still do it. The key to losing weight is primarily nutrition. I dropped 40-50 pounds in a few months by primarily changing what I ate and keeping track of it so I wouldn’t eat more than a specific calorie limit.

    I was never a fan of Dors because of the tattoos. I doubt that she will like the appearance and feel of her breasts when it’s all said and done. I hope she gets her head on straight though because that is more important than her boobs. I would not want to read about her obituary on this site in a few months.

  111. Now that the dust has finally settled on the matter…the question of where Dors is in life after surgery will no longer be asked. As predicted, her stint in porn has ended with a sour note left in some fans and a hopeful wish for tomorrow in others. If the Discovery Channel video is indeed “scripted”, one would hope she would have made amends with at least some of the models if she had offended them in any way. If not and she’s the cruel, insensitive rat that the haters claim her to be, then her remaining life of misery will be the best medicine for the coal-hearts that have hated her!

  112. I just watched the show and was really surprised. I was surprised that the psychiatrist didn’t tell her that removing 5 pounds of flesh from her chest was not going to give her the new self-image she sought. I was surprised that the plastic surgeon didn’t tell her that her back pain AND her big tits were related to her being obese (not a judgement, just a clinical fact). If she lost 100 pounds, she would have much more normal sized boobs, no scars, and no more back pain, plus she wouldn’t be at heightened risk for diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. I was also surprised that she claimed to be embarrassed/scared to “reveal” herself for the artist when she has done such explicit posing. I was surprised that her boyfriend Olly said that her large breasts were not sexual, but “anti-sex.” I was surprised that she appeared happy with her appearance post-surgery, since her large belly was made far more obvious by the lack of a proportionately-sized chest to balance her out. I was surprised that she really did it. I hope for her own sake that she doesn’t end up regretting it, but I would bet that she will. I wonder too how long she and Olly will stay together now?

  113. Let this be a lesson to anyone wanting to go under the knife for weight-loss of any type. If you can change your diet and exercise regiment to start with, DO SO! Only surgery as a last measure when all other methods/means have been exhausted. Once you have surgery, there’s no turning back….

  114. hey, I didn’t see that program. How can I collect the full Program? Is there any body can tell me. If u know the Link Please give it to me. My email address is *Admin edit: email address removed – no personal details please.*

  115. I think Kelly/Dors is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen her eyes and her smile electrify a room and her body KK cup or D cup is always going to be amazing. The point that makes me angry is that in the show she stated that she hated being looked at like she was just a pair of breasts, but if so why exploit the fact that her breasts were that big? If she hated being seen as just a pair of breasts and felt like that is all she was then why did she decide to go into a business where all she was, was exploited for her body. I will be totally honest; the first picture I ever saw of her she was fully clothed and had long hair and pink lipstick an my breath was taken away and the picture was a head shot nothing of her body was visible. I thought to myself ” GOD!! she looks so beautiful; if I ever met her I would ask her out on the spot. I just hate that she felt like she was just a pair of breasts because so was so much more, to me she has the beauty and smile of a goddess, and if she ever sees this post I hope she will email me to say hello.

  116. Dors just has had an incredible amount of self-loathing and low self-esteem from the very beginning. Chopping up her breasts may add short term gratification but in the long run, she will regret it as well as her awful trendy tattoos.

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