Ewa Mellin – Slim & Stacked – Wet & Dry

Knowing that a lot of you have expressed a preference for slim-n-stacked models here, I don’t know why I’ve never blogged Ewa Mellin before. She’s been appearing in photos & videos over on DivineBreasts for several months now, but I’ve just never featured her here. So apologies to Ewa and to the rest of you whilst I rectify my oversight. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I can’t help but think that Divine Breasts, a website well regarded for their semi-voluptuous, ultra-busty models like Bianca, Sapphire & Alicia, have chosen to recruit the stunning Ewa Mellin to join forces with the likes of Alexandra, Micky & Anya to help balance out the slim & stacked side of the big tits spectrum. Whatever their reasoning, Ewa’s a most welcome addition to the veritable variety show of lovely ladies who dwell therein.

In order to introduce the magnificent Ms. Mellin in the best possible light, I’ve decided to showcase her in not one but two different states of matter – solid & liquid! [No, no, no. Not Ewa being solid and liquid, but her surroundings (which she will be “in”, of course). Keep it up, you insufferable pedants and I’ll be featuring her as plasma and a Bose-Einstein condensate next. Oh, wait, those are just the voices in my head talking. Nevermind. Carry on.]

Right, then. First off, here’s the lovely Ewa Mellin when she’s wet (no, not that kind of wet, although I’ll admit it is kinda hard to tell in the shower), courtesy of DivineBreasts.com

Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com    Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com    Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com

Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com    Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com    Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com

Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com    Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com    Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com

Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com    Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com    Ewa Mellin from DivineBreasts.com

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×683 resolution)

…and, lovely wet tits though they are – what with sensual streams of warm water cascading through her cleavage and dribbling off her nipples – it’s time to move on to the video portion of today’s programme. Here’s Ewa Mellin in some drier environs, her beautiful breasts once again on display, in these preview video clips from DivineBreasts.com:

Ewa Mellin videos from DivineBreasts.com    Ewa Mellin videos from DivineBreasts.com

Ewa Mellin videos from DivineBreasts.com




26 thoughts on “Ewa Mellin – Slim & Stacked – Wet & Dry”

  1. Yeah she sure is beautiful. she is my favorite out of the 3 you list as slim n stacked. on a side note i came across some vids of eden more on pornhub and youporn.com also melina velba

  2. Vadd, Mason et al, Not forgetting MaGnUs, Joey, Jes, Xan and Steve. And Bibboobfan. Maybe Frank too.

    We should start a splinter group of big breast purists. “Slim ‘n’ stacked is where its at.” Big breast terrorists, the extremists of the big breast world. Slim-stacked pride worldwide. Who’s in? I’ve even got a name and ideology. 30JJ Gentlemens club which is also open to women members- but this can be put tothe vote. The nearer the girls get to that ideal we give them the honour of becoming group 30jjGC club bunny. This can only be done with at least the consensus of %60 of the quorum.

    What do you guys say?

    I cannot remeb=mber which one of the above are share the same opinion but I know that we have to be the most regular.

  3. Sorry for the typos. Suffering with really bad flu and head is a mess. I cannot think and type at the same time. The drugs are sending me into orbit!

    Sorry guys.

  4. Cheers Fella,

    You’re on mate. I may be sick but I’m not dead! I should hope you’d be part of the club you and Vix have got the casting votes.

    If I am not mistaken wasn’t that the dimensions of TW GIRL. I think she was bigger than that actually with a 30 back size…Oh, i CAN FEEL A BLOG COMING ALONG AND A SONG! Anyway cleverglogs its meant to be the ideal not the standard.


  5. A panel of BigBreastperts? What an intriguing idea. But, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on the opportunity to sit on the board.

    I just don’t have the heart to be the doorman to an exclusive club. Even if it is one that leans towards my own personal preferences. But, sign me up for the newsletter!

    Oh, and in regards to Ewa Mellin – I would just like to say that although her breasts (and abs, and legs,…you get the point) are just about flawless; I could stare at that beautiful face forever. I wouldn’t mind seeing some good shots of her backside, either.

  6. Sam

    I second your motion…all those in favor say “Juggs for life”. Hope you feel better…

    Hey what every happened to Samantha 38G? Is she back to normal after her surgery?

  7. Joey, Vadd, Mason,

    You guys are officially the founding members of the 30JJgc. Don’t worry Others will come on board later. For a vote to be valid there must be no less than a quorum of 6 votes which can be made up 4 members and a double vote made up of Reese and or Vix who have 2 votes each. Our first vote will be in approximately 2 weeks when everybody has time to get ready. A potentially bunny must be forwarded at least 3 votes which again will be combination of either three single votes or one double vote and 1 single vote.

    Jes we’d really love you to get on board and the others. Who knows four years time we could be multi million dollar company and these shares may be the founding document of the articles of association. Think about it!

    Guys something a little bit serious-

    This may not affect you guys in the states but over here we have a big industry in non duty-paid cigarettes. Basically cigarettes that have not been brought in to the country legally. I do not not begrudge any body trying to make money or trying to stay one step ahead of the taxman, but, please be careful if you smoke cigarettes from unauthorised sources. I have been violently sick 3 times in a row with flu like symptoms, headaches, vomiting and the sort of pain that could floor King Kong. Some would say that my experience does not make a scientific test which I would agree but, I bought the same cigarettes from different parts of London from different people all standing in the street. They all had the same affect exactly the same symptoms and reaction. Now it may not be scientific but I’d imagine that after giving that school of thought the benefit three times I doubt I’ll be doing it again. ESPECIALLY THOSE IN ENGLAND PLEASE BEWARE. This time it floored me for over a week and still counting!

    Just thougt I’d share that with you guys. Please be safe!

  8. Sam

    I’m honored, but I must pass.

    Coming here is like a mini mental day-spa for me. When I get too serious, or tired, or whatever…this happens –


    – I don’t know what was happening there…Sorry Reese!

    Maybe you can get VeryFree or Cel!! They are far more qualified to judge than I am.

    All I really do is play devil’s advocate, and try to remain constructive in my criticism of the models. They deserve as much fairplay and positive support as they can get. Which you (Sam, Mason, Joey, and Vadd ) do very well already.

    I think you could use someone a little more radical to shake things up. Maybe even JJ. He’s young, yet mature enough to appreciate beauty that isn’t spoon-fed to the masses.

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