Is there no truth in advertising any more?

I may be in some sad bastard minority when it comes to porn, but I like to have my facts straight. Often, it can take me between six and eight hours just to prepare a single blog entry and, in amongst the thumbnailing, creation of video clips, coding and writing, there’s a fair measure of background research that goes into a lot of my entries (and special thanks to those of you who assist me with this). Tedious though this task may be, my reasoning is that, since I’m genuinely interested in having accurate facts about the models I know and love, I figure that many of you may feel the same.

However, the porn industry is generally not so forthcoming with facts. Sometimes this is done to protect a model’s privacy; other times as a marketing vehicle to promote her to what they feel their target audience wants to hear. The former I can understand fully and can even see some credibility in the latter, provided it’s founded in truth. I myself am not beyond peppering a post with provocative keywords in order to enhance targeted search engine rankings but, when it comes to outright lies & mistruths being deliberately employed to elicit interest in a site to the point of puntership, I have to take issue.

Such is the case with White Dicks in Black Chics, a site which initially caught my interest solely based upon the inclusion of 34HH Amanda White aka Mya (or Mia) Clifton. Billing itself as a “reverse interracial porn site”, WDiBC certainly does what it says on the package, but I do have a problem with some of the promotional test they use to flog their galleries. Case in point: The site cites Amanda as being a “first timer” with white cock, whereas I know for a fact that this simply isn’t true! In fact, if you’ll refer back to a Big Tits Curvy Asses blog I did a while back, you can clearly see Amanda in interracial action in the last video gallery I’d included. Now for the real shocker: It’s the same people who own both sites!!

Honestly, they should know better than to attempt deception upon big breast lovers, as we can be unforgivingly pedantic bastards at the best of times. Perhaps they expect us just to be quiet and sup up whatever porn they provide, content that there are some big tits on display, and simply don’t give the consideration of due diligence in what they’re writing. Then again, maybe they have done their research and concluded that the majority of porn punters want fabricated fantasy rather than cold, harsh reality. If that’s the case, then I’ll remain behind in the minority – thank you very much.

But, as much as it pains me to patronise sites who presume us to be unintelligent, oblivious perverts with the memory of a goldfish, when all is said and done I do suppose it’s ultimately down to the tits – and beautiful black babe Amanda White has some lovely tits indeed. I just love the way her heavy HH-cup hangers appears so amazingly firm for their pendulous size and seek her out wherever she might appear (as is the case with many models). And so, somewhat against my better judgement, here’s 34HH Amanda White in (what is most assuredly not :~P) her first interracial hardcore sex scene courtesy of

Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at    Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at    Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at

Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at    Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at    Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at

Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at    Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at    Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at

Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at    Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at    Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at

…eh, since I’ve come this far, I might as well stick in a few videos of Amanda and a few others – including another HH-cup busty black beauty, 38HH Alexis Williams (whom I’m likewise unable to accept has never appeared in interracial porn before) – from

Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at    Amanda White aka Mia Clifton at

Delotta Brown at    Delotta Brown at

Miss Panther at    Miss Panther at

Mina Mountains at    Mina Mountains at

Alexis Williams at    Alexis Williams at

Africa Sexx at    Africa Sexx at



23 thoughts on “Is there no truth in advertising any more?”

  1. Well, unfortunately that’s the harsh reality of porn – there’s a lot of bullshit. Really the only facts one can get is what can be divined from the pictures, everything else you essentially have to assume is pulled out of someones ass (and not in a good way).

    This is one of my main turn-offs with modern porn. It’s so constructed, so tilted, so fabricated. There’s nothing erotic or exciting about it, it’s just stuffing and lies.

  2. Not to say I disagree with you Reese, but you’re acting like pornography was once a bastion of journalistic integrity and truth. It’s always been this way. Last time I checked, it was people fucking for money, and when that(money) enters the equation, honesty and integrity usually fly out the window. That’s how it is in any situation sadly. It is what it is.

  3. I don’t know why they bother really, people pick up on the mistruths pretty quickly. Maria Moore is on a site called “cheat on her husband” or something but as we all know it’s the same person she always has sex with on camera. The Mia Clifton girl was originally billed as someone else on another forum and claimed “had never done hardcore” by the promoters. There was also a page long description of how they met at the gym and got her to agree, of course fans immediately recognised her and the web promoter was caught out fairly quickly but they somehow think we’re quite dumb for even trying that.

  4. My biggest complaint is when they list veterans like Brandy Taylor as “teens.”

    But I agree with Joey. It’s a BUSINESS, and not even a particular honorable one. They’re out to make money. I’ve seen women on the Bangbros site treated as though they are random women off the street when they are clearly well-known actresses.

  5. Great concept, horrendous execution. What the hell is with all the racial stuff? Why not just white dudes and black women having a good time?

    Like I said, I’m all for the idea behind this, but the tone of this site suggests they don’t even like black women. Can’t say I was surprised by some of their affiliates, either.

  6. I’m not sure I understand the term “reverse interracial”. Isn’t interracial meaing two people of different races, there can’t be much of a reverse to that. I understand that it’s usually black on white and that’d different in this case, but it’s still interracial. I’m with you completely on every aspect of this, people need to stop trying to impress viewers with fancy wording and lying and just let the girls talk for themselves. You’ve been doing that all along and I’m sure you have plenty of followers. I for one thank you for not lying to the public, we enjoy the tits just fine thank you ^_^.

  7. It is all fantasy. Porn is fantasy not reality.
    Porn is the business of fantasy, but make no mistake it is all business.
    These stories are made up to help the fantasy along with the video plot so guys can get into it.
    It is all fun. When I do scenes I have fun with the plot or story line.
    How boring would it be if all scenes where hey we hired these two or more people to do it and that’s it. No plot, no fun, no story.
    Porn is fun, keep it light.


  8. Lies is all good but this network is one of the best in the world right now.

    Its the shit!

    Hundreds i men thousands of scvenes with bvig tots and asses! Yo this shit rocks da house and is my favorite!

    These girls are FLY!

    And they dont cheat you with updates they come every single day of the week!

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  9. I don’t really care anymore about all the “facts” given on such sites. The stat of “first timer” is so unrealistic in this world of professionals who are pretending to do amateur scenes, it’s all ludicrous. Google the name of the last girl Dolly Kumar on bigtitsroundasses and you’ll find some craigslist entries for escort (in Montreal as far as I remember).
    What annoys me much more than the fantasies of meeting porn girls strolling down the street and having sex because they have five minutes free time is the thing they do about the bra sizes! Jesus, somewhen the are no more letters in the alphabet to exaggerate the bust of a girl- what then? The end of big boob porn? :-)

  10. Playing the Devil’s advocate here: Isn’t this the entire point of porn? To create idealized fantasies that play into people’s desires? If they came out and directly said “Here’s Mya Clifton, having sex with a white dude for the second or third time,” it’s not going to appeal to anyone. Sure, they’re lying if you want to look at porn as a documentative capture of people’s sex life, but it’s not. They’re called porn actors because it’s an act. This age of webcams and pseudo-hook up porn has seemed to create this idea that pornographic performances should be honest, but at the end of the day it’s all acting for the camera.

  11. As much as I would love defending my favorite models, they’re the ones that put themselves there. Research is readily available. I always keep in mind one thing: “behind those tits is a model. Behind that model is a lawyer.”

    I don’t always agree on the way my favorite models are being portrayed, but it’s like you said:

    “when all is said and done I do suppose it’s ultimately down to the tits”

    And you, my friend, speak like no other.

    P.S. I’m eating peanut butter in bed.

    – Jermsey Montague

  12. If this bugs you, what about sites like Reality Kings and BangBros using photoshop to balloon up the tits of girls like Brandy Talore, Kala Prettyman, and Gianna? Extreme Naturals is one of the biggest offenders! Extreme NATURALS is using photoshop to inflate the breast size of their models. C’mon…

  13. Guys,

    A prison you cannot taste, touch, smell, hear or, see. Capitalism! It even corrupts porn! SAMANTHA is soooo correct. It is a business like all others that worship at the alter of capitalism! Even evil isn’t safe from capitalism.

  14. Again, I can remember things like this in porn for the longest, back to the Christy Canyon, Ebony Ayes and Candye Kane days. I remember reading the back of a VHS porn tape with Christy Canyon, a well established star in the 80’s, and it read “Watch Christy take her first big cock”. What? I’ve been watching her take big cocks for years now I thought to myself. Look at Bangbus. When they first came out, everyone thought the idea was fresh, and it was…but alot of the girls were established actresses and escorts, so they were well known to many. Or what about teen movies, starring women in the 20’s and 30’s. I saw a “teen” movie with Lola Lane in it. She has to be in her mid 30’s. The website realracks is full of women with implants.

    I think the problem here is not that we can detect bullshit, I think it is the people that are expecting or want to believe that an industry created for the sole purpose of masturbation should be held to the same kind of integrity and standards as CNN or the BBC. It’s all fantasy, and the entire premise is built around that. Some of our fantasies will never become a reality, they know that, we know that…so they do what they want because we will still watch it.

    As far as the racial overtones. I think porn is the only industry where you can be overtly offensive racially and get away with it…. i.e. Monsterdick series, Mydaughterisfuckinganigga which changed to blackzilla etc. Ironically, it only seems like many in the porn audience view interacial as black and white. Many don’t look at Asian and White as interacial. Sad state of affairs really.

  15. Also, if you want to have a real laugh. Go on over to and see how liberal they are with who is Arab. Just about every latina is an arab, just add an arab sounding last name. Heck, even Merilyn/Anya is Arab too. Who knew?

  16. Joey, et al:

    I get that the entire point is fantasy. I guess what I’m not really understanding is whose fantasy it’s supposed to be. We already have entirely separate categories for interracial porn; ok, maybe that makes sense for organizational reasons. But consider a site like where the “plot summary” consists of “She hates white dudes, but we showed her!” And that attitude seems very prevalent in the interracial-themed sites.

    So the question is: why all the focus on the “interracial” over the sex?

  17. Jacques, you are correct and I agree. I think porn still has socially archaic thoughts when it comes to racial matters, and it’s rife with stereotypes. Ironic, since in an industry based on sex, you would think people would have more progressive attitudes. I think it all boils dow to the fanbase, and sadly, there are alot of people who like “taboo” porn.

    Let’s face it, although it is not all the time, but I would say 8 times out of 10, when the sex scene involves a black male and a white female, the black male is a “monster”, or “savage” and the white female is demure. There has been an explosion with titles and sites like these in the last 10 years. Alot of people like that. I suppose the black female, and white pairing is just the inverse of that. It actually appeals to those fans who hate to see black males in movies, and there are alot of them. Hence why I think it’s marketed that way, as “reverse” interracial (makes no sense logically, either it’s interracial or it’s not). It’s reverse since I suppose the black male/white female pairing is the standard in their eyes. So it’s almost like, they are getting even. I’m not saying that’s how it is in real life, but how it is marketed, and their fans eat it up. Checkout Another prime example.

    There are alot of people who for their own reason or prejudices hate to see women with black males. I remember when I was at the AVN in Vegas a few years ago, I had a long conversation with a famous pornstar who in real life was dating a black man, but in her pornstar life refused to do interracial movies, simply because she thought it would hurt her “fanbase” and career. Alot of these women strip around the country and unfortunately, in many places ignorant people see a woman as “damaged” goods if she has slept with someone of another race. I mean, just think of all the main, top tier, high earning pornstars like Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, any top girl of the 90’s or now…all the major girls. Think of any contract girl right now. They all have one thing in common, most have never had interracial sex on film, at least not in their prime. That’s not by accident. They all tour heavily, and some will even tell you outright, that it lowers their value to alot of their fans. I think it says alot about their fanbase. If they do have interracial sex, it’s when they are old and over the hill, i.e. when their market value is done. Christy Canyon, Janine Lindemulder.

    Again, sad state of affairs. I notice that it is only in American porn that heavy emphasis is put on race. In Euro porn, if there happens to be a black male or female in the scene, they are just there to fuck like everyone else.

    Also, there are insensitive titled movies for Asian women too. Slant Eye For The White Guy, Jap Slap, Kung Pao Pussy. I would like to think that we are better than this.

    I enjoy movies that have attractive people in them, race should not matter, but it does to many. I really do eschew these racially themed movies or actresses who make it a point or go out of their way to not do a movie with someone because of their race. Terrible.

  18. Its funny, cause Reese complains about the site, but then posts a whole bunch of links and videos lol

    I understand what he’s going for, and whatnot (while i dont necessarily agree — it is a fantasy business after all), it just seems to go against the spirit of his post

  19. I will have to agree with Samantha. Porn is fantasy. There is a reason “porn-with-a-plot” of the late 80s went out of style. I can’t imagine any single male views (hello? market number one???) who don’t immediately fast forward to the sex. It’s about the fantasy and the thought of fantasy. Remember how many first-time viewers are seeing porn material. It’s a “gateway” to the vast archives of porn. I think it’s exciting that I’m looking at Amanda White having her first cock. Call me a liberal but I think she’s a good actress! Like in your last video, she was asked “what are you going to do with it?” and she replies, “I’m going to eat it!” Wooohooo! What a spontaneous line! Sends a man over the edge. To her credit she’s a good actress, as far as porn goes. She isn’t a brain dead zombie. She’s enjoying herself! That’s what matters to me more that if it’s really her first time. Maybe she’s convincing to some as a first timer with white cock.

    But overall, thanks for alerting me as to this site!!! I’d never heard of this before. This is what I like to see!!! Awesome. I’m just glad this site is around. Black girls have some of the biggest tits around and it’s great to see them doing IR.

  20. Dude, i don’t have any problems patronising: “sites who presume us to be unintelligent, oblivious perverts with the memory of a goldfish,” but I do need better lighting, camera direction and less talking, and less degradation than incediblepass offers. I mean come on! how could you get all of that wrong, and yet they do week after week it is stunning. But they do have the tits. Can’t argue with the tits.

    Before incrediblepass there weren’t many places to see Amanda White get down, but Joey here is your christmas present. Amanda with a black dude:

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