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Call me naive, but I grew up with the myth that women didn’t masturbate. Sure, I was well aware that it was a common practice for the boys – I even knew one guy in high school who would skip class just to go out to his car and have “a quick one off the wrist”. But the girls? No!

It wasn’t until I’d begun chatting on-line with two women who spoke frankly about their sexuality that I realized I’d been mislead. They were a pair of “complete wankers” (in the masturbatory sense of the word), and their frequency rivalled even my own! Later on, one of them was kind enough to demonstrate her exquisite manual technique for me via webcam (and, not terribly long after that, I married her!).

Since then, female masturbation seems to have become more prevalent in the the public eye. In 2003, Britney Spears wrote a song about it with “Touch of My Hand” (hmm, I wonder what the video for that one is like?). And, earlier this year, bodacious Big Brother housemate Kinga Karolczak captivated prime-time British television audiences by masturbating with a wine bottle! So, unlike the dark ages of my childhood, it’s no longer taboo.

Clitical.com, the “ultimate female masturbation and sexuality information site”, reports that recent studies have shown that over 80% of women have masturbated at some time, and that the activity is far more prevalent among older women than teens. For those wishing to take a more “hands-on” approach, the site even hosts a section where women openly share their favourite techniques!

But enough talk. Actions speak louder than words, so here are a few video clips of busty Brandy Taylor to show us how it’s done:

Brandy Taylor    Brandy Taylor

Brandy Taylor    Brandy Taylor


24 thoughts on “Female masturbation…”

  1. this broad has been fucked more than my right hand. lol stuff that bottle in there more! i know you can youre all over the net with dicks everywhere

  2. With abody like that can you blame her for getting dck everywhere? I know that if i saw her I would try to talk her into letting me stick my dick in her….. somewhere.

  3. 00000 – well, here’s a matter of fact for you… you’re wrong. Let me guess, you are of this opinion because you cannot get a woman to have sex with you? No, no… I know you’ll deny it, so save your fingers the effort of typing. You’ll probably need them later.

    Masturbation is as much mine to do as it is yours, despite your being far more of a wanker than I. Sexual intercourse is, on the other hand {sic} something I adore and given the choice, I know which I’d pick. You have probably never had the choice.

    Toodle pip!


    Oooh, and you might want to read this post, where I told Reese about my masturbationary history. You do read the words, right?

  4. hello Vix! I’m glad you put 00000 in his place, quite amusing. You forgot to mention that girls masturbate so much because they can have multiple orgasms – my girlfriend often masturbates after intercourse as a way of “taking it higher” When she has rubbed herself into a frenzied state and is about to cum again, she often asks me to plunge my penis inside “to fill the space” and have something for her vagina to squeeze against.

    She is often “overcome with desire” at moments when intercourse would not be possible (or she just can’t wait!), therefore she resorts to a little wanking when:
    1. we are talking on the telephone, miles apart
    2. driving in the car
    3. sitting in a movie theatre
    4. going up an elevator together
    5. I’m getting undressed
    6. I’m brushing my teeth (buck naked, of course)

    love your website, keep up the good work,

  5. Two blondes were going to Disneyland when they came to a fork in the road. The sign read: “Disneyland Left.”
    So they went home.

  6. God’s mercy is far greater than our sins. His capacity to forgive is far greater than our capacity to offend. If you ever really need help, please pray to Him and ask for help. More souls go to Hell for sins of the flesh, than for any other reason. God is waiting to forgive us for our sins. All we must do is repent & ask.

    Good luck


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