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Jana Defi (aka Princessa / Maria Swan), our definitive G-cup goddess, has come a long way since I first blogged her way back in September of 2005. Her modelling career has really taken off and she’s been seriously exploring the fulfilment of her aspirations as a movie actress!

This, however, begs a most critical question: Is our Jana becoming too glamorous? Will she one day eschew the attentions of us, the original admirers of her big 32G boobs and beautiful body, as she makes her journey along the road to inevitable stardom?! I, for one, sincerely hope not. Still, I have to applaud her efforts in expanding her career into the mainstream media, as it’s a difficult progression for someone whose prime popularity originated in porn (a term I despise, since it carries so many negative connotations, much preferring “adult entertainment industry” instead).

For those of you who are curious as to the “other side” of Jana Defi, here are a few examples from some of her glamour shoots:

Jana Defi 32G - Glamour Shots    Jana Defi 32G - Glamour Shots    Jana Defi 32G - Glamour Shots

Jana Defi 32G - Glamour Shots    Jana Defi 32G - Glamour Shots    Jana Defi 32G - Glamour Shots

Jana Defi 32G - Glamour Shots    Jana Defi 32G - Glamour Shots    Jana Defi 32G - Glamour Shots

But fear not… Jana’s still very much alive and well in the world of big boob-dom through her “Princessa” persona, continuing to share those glorious 32G endowments with adoring fans, as evidenced by December’s “Light Touch” series for MC-Nudes:

Princessa (Jana Defi) 32G at MC-Nudes.com    Princessa (Jana Defi) 32G at MC-Nudes.com    Princessa (Jana Defi) 32G at MC-Nudes.com

Princessa (Jana Defi) 32G at MC-Nudes.com    Princessa (Jana Defi) 32G at MC-Nudes.com    Princessa (Jana Defi) 32G at MC-Nudes.com

Princessa (Jana Defi) 32G at MC-Nudes.com    Princessa (Jana Defi) 32G at MC-Nudes.com    Princessa (Jana Defi) 32G at MC-Nudes.com



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  1. I don’t know about Reese’s side of the pond, but here in Hollyweird, if she wanted to ‘go mainstream’, the first thing they’d probably tell her is yoiur tits are too big, go get a boob job (which in her case, IMHO, means removing the implants – I sent Reese a pic of where I saw tell-tale signs of her implants). I can’t remember any big-breasted model being successful (except maybe Anna Nicole Smith, if you want to call that successful) at going mainstram. Even Playboy doesn’t have the full bosomed babes like it used to (I don’t think anyone considers coming to Hollywood and getting a job in the porn – oops, adult entertainment industry going mainstream). I wish her success, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. If anyone still believes she has implants, than he should better believe that the lunar landing was staged in a Hollyweird studio. That’d be more likely.
    From all I have seen so far I know she is 100% natural.

    I dont think she will go mainstream, but I heard of the commercial contract she was offered, maybe she will go acting in advertising movies?
    Anyway, hope to see more of her, anything is much appreciated.

  3. Boy, if those are implants I may have to change my opinion of them. Usually I hate fake tits, but those still look nice and soft and supple. I choice to believe they are real.

  4. Leo:
    It’s a capture of one of her Princessa promo videos. Send me an email and Ill attach the pic of her and email it to you. My Yahoo acct is veryfree333.

  5. Real or fake (I think they are all real, for the record) it makes no difference. She is perfection. I am sure that she will never be truly “main stream” unless she gets a breast reduction (I hope that NEVER happens) but even so, with a body like that she will be in the main stream of people like all of US for a long while!

  6. I gave up the “are Jana’s breasts real or implants”. If they are real (is a plus in my humble opinion) or not (i don’t like “fake” breasts that much but if they ARE implants her surgeon must be a genius) i like her either way, and as for her “mainstream” offer? Only time will tell…..

  7. azrael~

    Can you send me a transcript of the on-line chat you’re referring to? That way, I can verify its integrity with Jana’s manager, so we can know for sure…

    ~Reese! :~)

  8. I don’t know how any guys would think that anything that man creates artificially is better than the real thing what a real girl has been given with from nature. I for one HATE girls who are fake and I know it’s alot of reason being from the fact that guys, and society lieks gals with big tits but hey, if a gal cant accept the way she is either small or big chested than she got a mental problem with her sel-fimage and her perception of things and not the ‘problem’ of her body lacking someting according to some societal ideals. Anyways, personally I would rather have a gal who is a bit chubby with alot real natural tits to play witht than some gal with barely anything to pick at but typically average or thin body. As to Princessa with real tits? well according to all the pics I have seen of it, especially the ones with her lying down and a vid of her running with her tits plopping all over the place, they look pretty real to me. I for one whenever I find a gal who I find out is totally fake, it is deleted superfast from my HD. The perfect gal who looks like what Princessa got, typical normal not fat or chubby nor thin/skinny body with huge tits that looks to be really natural look’n, with a face to match is the perfect woman that one can ever find in this universe. Any other gals who maybe got more lithe body or nicer face but without much of breasts to play with, in my opinion isn’t a real fully achieved womanhood. LOL, to me, a real woman must have exactly what these types of gals like Princessa , Merilyn, or other average not fat nor skinny body but with DDD cup breasts or bigger is what I call the ‘perfect’ Womann. Any others who don’t got what they got are just girls to me…

  9. I am in loved, spellbound, bewitched. You are the most beautiful woman of this world. Me gusta mucho! Beso!

  10. Hello,

    If Jana is serious about an acting career, she should have her agent introduce her to an European director. A Spannish, French or Italian director would be best. The perfect movie for her to star in is a movie like Jess Franco’s 1973 “Female Vampire”. She would be able to profile all her natural assests – Let’s hope her manager introduces her to Jess Franco himself – If you have seen the movie, you will know what I mean. Jana’s male (and female) fans would love it. (oYo) :D!!!

  11. Gene, um wtf? a girl has to have DDD tits? you just contradicted yourself in every one of those things you said about societal expectations. a good woman is proportionate according to her body. granted, girls who are built like 12 year old boys with no tits aren’t hot but honestly, who the fuck raised you to believe that a woman is supposed to have DDD tits? and to say something so moronic as anyone who doesn’t have that isn’t a woman, just makes you look like a stupid ass and buys you a ticket to lonliness. You will never be satisfied because you will not be able to find a woman like Princessa. a woman is a woman based on her maturity and her ability to be attractive without having to try. learn to appreciate female beauty for what it is, fucktard, not with your ridiculous expectations. its people like you who are to blame for fucking up perceptions of beauty, and its people like you who are to blame for implants, anorexia, and bulemia. who are you to define what a woman is? its clear that you’ve never really had one, because if you did, you wouldn’t be so caught up in fantasizing of the illusion that in order to be a woman you need to hae ridiculously above average breasts. THat being said, let me tell you what a man is. A man is someone who doesn’t try to set physical standards on what a woman is “supposed” to be. a man doesn’t compare an internet model to other girls. a man isn’t stupid enough to believe that models like this are true representatives of the female body. A man doesn’t sit around stroking his greasy cock to images of female models he’ll only have in his wildest dreams. You said society has a distorted perception of beauty, but you have no idea what that means, because you have one just as well. Anyone who does these things isnt a man. And that means you.

  12. ya thos look like reel breasts 2 me

    ya gene, yer rite about that. tho i wud say that any women that doesnt have at least DD36s are UGLY and are not even women at all and L wtf ur on a boob site. ur gonna run into idiots like that.

  13. I’ve read all the info I could come by on our beloved Jana, and I’ve seen this whole big issue about “are Jana’s boobs real or not?” And I have to wonder, what does it matter? They look real, and that’s good enough for government work. What I wonder is what’s this huge deal about people picking her apart? If you don’t like her, no one is forcing you to look.
    Why not just be happy? Let’s run down the checklist here:
    Fine rack: Check.
    Lovely slim figure: Check.
    Pretty face: Double Check.
    Gorgeous golden eyes: Check.
    Wonderful smile: Check.
    Well kept black hair: Check.
    Cute European accent: Check.
    Having never met her in person I know nothing about her intellectually, but
    in the looks department this lady has it down all the way.
    So me? I’m a fan.

  14. U know no one realy gives a fuck if they’re real or not, of coarse they are real, anyone with half a brain can see that, because she’s amazing, got a perfect body and she’s atractive all around. I for sure wouldn’t mind seeing her in a few flicks even if they are pretty crap to start with. Take Pam Anderson for example, a forigner who nobody know to celebrity phenomenon in 3-4 years… I’d say go for it, anything’s possible

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