Hair raising issues with Samantha 38G…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sam (just as she does me ;~D), but after viewing the most recent addition to her Sexy Samantha 38G site – a vintage video dredged up from her archives – I began to wonder if I’d like her even more if she grew her hair back. It’s not that I don’t truly appreciate the new & improved “Classy Sam” that she’s become, I just like long hair on women. Thus, I was happy to see that Sam herself posed the question shortly after posting the video: “What do you guys think? Should I go back to the long hair?”

Of course, my personal response would be, “Yes, please!” But I realise that the rest of you might not feel the same as I do. So, in order to provide Sam with a diverse sampling of opinions from a wide range of big boob lovers, take a look at the photos & videos below and then cast your vote! First up, here’s our current short-haired Sam in a spendidly-revealing fishnet outfit (note how her nipples poke out through the mesh in the first photo below!), courtesy of

Sexy Samantha 38G from    Sexy Samantha 38G from    Sexy Samantha 38G from

Sexy Samantha 38G from    Sexy Samantha 38G from    Sexy Samantha 38G from

…now for the long-haired, vintage Sam: When Vix saw me editing video clips for today’s blog, I queried her about the hair issue. Contrary to my opinion, she preferred the short-haired Sam. I believe Vix’ exact words were “If she grew her hair long again, she’d look a right munting slapper, just like me!”

And you know something? I think she’s right! Except for the “munting” bit, of course. Perhaps the real reason I prefer Samantha with long, blonde hair is it gives her that slightly-slutty look I love so well in busty women! Anyway, take a look as these videos from SexySamantha38G and decide for yourselves…

Samantha 38G Videos from    Samantha 38G Videos from

Samantha 38G Videos from    Samantha 38G Videos from


…so, what do you think? Cast your vote below:

Should Samantha grow her hair long again?

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36 thoughts on “Hair raising issues with Samantha 38G…”

  1. Sweet sweet Sam. Keep the hair short (top and bottom!), keep the boobs bouncing and those hips a swayin’. Mmmmmm mmmmm good stuff. Love ya Sam! :)

  2. Polls are always fun…let’s see some more in the future. :) Anyway, both long and short hair look good on her but I think I prefer short a bit more.

  3. I prefer a long-haired Sam. With long hair there’s simply so much more possibilities and chances to variation when you’re a model like Samantha. I know, her face and body are the reason why we all worship Samantha, but long hair is more exciting.

  4. My front windows have munting between the panes, but other than that, I haven’t a clue as to what that means. Slapper? I guess you’ll have to clue me in to that colloquialism.

    Actually, I’d be more concerned with the boobs and body (whether or not she’s lost weight) than her hair length. Anyone can pin their hair up if it’s in the way. Or even put a wig on, short -or- long haired (like Joana did AKA blonde Lori at Sam usually has a nice, dark tan, so it might be ‘very interesting’ to see her in a darker, deeper hair color.

    Let’s hear more of Serenity and Hayden! Even if it’s not about them being PG. Pleeeeese???

  5. Although I love to see Sam with short hair – I really like classy looks – I voted “long hair” just for the sake of changing once in a while! :)

  6. Ok, this is just food for thought, but: what’s sexier in the end, obviously slutty, or seemingly classy but actually a raging slut right under the surface? I go with the latter, which is why I went for the short hair.
    But really, what I like best about the fishnet pics is that she has paler skin that she used to have in pictorials, and I much prefer pale to tanned (I esp. hate tan lines).

  7. Sam has *always* been sexy, but I have really gotten to used to her in short hair and I think it’s her best look. Not that there’s anything wrong with long-haired blondes, but it’s almost a cliche in the adult industry and so I think she stands out from the pack with her short cut. Plus, she really wears it well and its so darn cute on her. Truth be told, my real preference is long-haired brunnettes (aka Ewa Sonnet or Princessa) but Sam has always been a wonder to behold and I’m glad you keep giving regular updates on her — regardless of how she styles her locks, she is truly a wonder to behold.

  8. Huge dilemma, but I finally choose short hair.
    To be honest Sammy always looks great in any way.
    Gosh I know it sounded mushy, but she will always have that
    sex appeal to me :)

    p.s. LOVE the polls :) Would like to see more in the future.

  9. Very Free~

    slapper n. A slag tart on the pull to get a leg over. Popular pulling lines include “Fancy a shag?” & “Shut up and get on your back!” Still lost? Look here.

    By the way, have you seen Sam sporting semi-long hair with brunette low-lights? Bugger, of course you have, you commented (at length) on the post.

    Is this the Serenity to which you refer? And, pray tell, wherever can I find some Hayden for you & Charles?!

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. to All: ‘Tis quite fun watching the poll progress. Now that I’ve figured ’em out, I’ll definitely be including more in the future!

  10. well I have to admit I dont really spend much time looking at her hair. But I think I prefer the shorter hair on her, though generally I prefer long hair. But she looks better with the shorter hair.

    If she were to change anything though, the hair is the ONLY thing she even think about. The rest is about as perfect as it gets.

  11. With her old hairdo whe was just one (an amazing one though) of those many busty blondes on the web…the current look makes her more unique and even sexier…!

    She is just too hot for words anyway…! :)

  12. I prefer women with long hair. I was all set to vote for long hair, until I actually looked at pics for comparison. And you know what? It’s no question. She looks much hotter with short hair.

  13. Samantha with short hair? I like it a lot more than when she had it longer, she’s a knock-out anyway but the short hair, for me, gives her a more spicy image….

  14. WTF (not what, but who) needs hair? With tits like those, Sam’s a knock-out with NO hair! She could be as bald as a cue ball, and I’d never notice ‘cuz my face would be buried in her “six and a half inches of deep cleavage!” :-))

    Thanks for the dictionary link . As I said in that comment,
    I readlly didn’t consider her hair much different than before. She may have naturally dark blonde hair that gets bleached by the sun or whatever it is that gives her such a tan. Whatever! Let’s have more of Sam!

    And Serenity, too. said that she’s PG and a lot bigger. I’m trying to picture in my mind how big those monster mammaries look when she’s pregnant, but I’m so bumfuzzled that I can’t wrap my mind around that concept! Going from incredibly big to hugely brobdingnagian? Like, WOW!

  15. Hello Reese,
    thank you for your comment on my blog.
    The feeds from your site are nice, so I decided to just put a link back for people to vote here :). I couldn’t made the pool work.

    Best regards,

  16. Had long hair for many many years. And then once I worked for Score and Bang Bros, they keep marketing all my pics and videos as new and they weren’t.
    So I cut my hair to out date all of their material. (I am a stinker) So long haired pics and videos are about 6 years old. All short hair pics and videos are at least 3 years old or newer. Score and Bang Bros has no new material of me at all.
    Very much enjoyed ya’lls take and comments about my hair length.
    Changing my hair up keeps it fresh and fun for me. Change your hair, change your life……
    Fish net pictures are one of my favs…
    It is a given that long hair is sexy, and many models where it long for that very reason. Short hair can be Sassy. Always enjoyed the idea of being Sassy.

  17. Tan
    I no longer tan.
    So most pics and videos you will see is of me being pale. Unless I went and did the spray on tan.
    Getting close to 40, and don’t want the wrinkles.


  18. How can I contact Samanta?

    do somebody know if she is still giving escorts?

    Sam if you read this please answer me, I can’t find your mail…

    Thank you

  19. Sam’s so beautiful, her hair length is irrelevant. She looks great both ways. So I incline my vote towards her current preference, for short hair.

    There are lots of models with fantastic bodies, but few are as truly erotic as Samantha. Video clips let you see how a model relates to her own body; Sam seems in touch with and very pleased with hers. Her sobriquet “Sexy” Samantha is simply truth in advertising.

    Surprisingly, few seem to talk about what a delicious derriere this lass has! BigBreastArchive has a clip of her soaping up from thigh to bust, and in between those two points there’s a glimpse of a quite sumptuous rear end. I did a triple take when that adorable thing came into view!

    Also, I’ve read bits of her blog, and she appears to be well-endowed between the ears as well. Bravo, Sam. You are my new favorite “pin-up”.

  20. I like her short hair! It shows off her shoulders and slim neck. It’s just a more tidy look for a girl of her “blessings”. I wish they stop airbrushing her veins away. I miss crisp clear pics of her flesh.

  21. Hope you’ve grown the hair. I’m much more a (long) hair man than a breast man. Long hair makes a woman divine no matter her chest size.

  22. samantha, why don’t you submit to a fan appreciation gang bang bukakke session? you could let us use your whore body like a fuck doll and cover you in man cream. a big titted slut like you would enjoy having multiple cocks rammed inside of her!

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