Happy Birthday Eden Mor !!

I know I just blogged Eden nude a couple of weeks ago, but today is a special day: You see, on this very date in 1984, the lovely Eden Mor was born into this world! Soooo… HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDEN!! :~D

Yes, our gorgeous zaftig goddess turns 23 today, so I just wanted to hijack my blog to celebrate the wonder that is Eden. After all, she’s my all-time favourite non-blonde in the world of big tit models. Granted, her heavenly HH-cup breasts are what originally captured my attention but, since then (and having been a member of her Garden of Eden website for some time now), I’ve found so much more to love: I love the way her piercing brown eyes can shift expression from disarmingly soft to mildly sensual to downright sexy with a glance. I love the way her voluptuous body complements her massive breasts in a well-balanced package that one could imagine happily wallowing in for days. I love the way she can’t keep her hands out of her panties, as I find nothing more sexually attractive than women who masturbate regularly, demonstrating a comfort and intimacy with their bodies in knowing what provides them with pleasure as well as exposing an intrinsically horny nature.

But it’s far more than mere physical or sexual traits that attract me to Eden, and it’s on her site that a playful personality, sharp intelligence (she’s got a keen interest in genetics) and wicked sense of humour really begin shine through. These qualities become especially evident in the live webcam chats she’s begun scheduling regularly for members since the beginning of this month. So, along with being a beautiful woman with huge tits to die for, Eden is just plain fun and a joy to be around (even if the relationship is purely virtual). In celebration of her special day, here are a few of my favourite photos from her “Casual” series – showcasing her braless breasts in (& out) of a tight sweater before stripping totally naked to reveal her stunning “birthday suit” in all its glory – from the GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor 80HH at GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com

…and for our commemorative Eden Mor birthday video selection, I’ve chosen two of my favourite clips from her enticingly entitled “Fuck Me” series. In the first, we see Ms. Mor up on her hands and knees, releasing her huge, pendulous breasts from their confines and commencing the motions of simulated sex – doggy-style (ah, perchance to dream). The second aptly illustrates that illicit sexual behaviour I find so irresistably attractive in Eden: female masturbation. To watch her slide her hand down her lace panties and begin purposefully stroking her pussy until she starts bucking her hips as the orgasmic intensity continues to build and throws her head back in throes of ecstasy is a sight of which I will never tire.

So thank you, Eden, for sharing your exquisitely beautiful body and sublime sexuality with us, and may you have the happiest of birthdays. As I’ve neglected to buy you a present, might I suggest that you take a moment or two out of your special day and have a wank on me?! [No, really, I mean it – have a wank on me! In other words, let me lie down on your bed whilst you straddle me up on your knees, my head positioned between your legs as you masturbate so that I may caress your magnificent breasts and fondle your nipples as you kneel above me rubbing your clit and then catch all of your delicious, succulent juices in my mouth and taste them on my tongue as you bring yourself off to a screaming orgasm.*]

Wait. I seem to have lost the plot here (“so…what’s new?” I hear collectively arise from the crowd). Where was I? Ah yes, I was about to post the videos, courtesy of the GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com:

Eden Mor fuck me videos from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com    Eden Mor fuck me videos from GardenOf-E-D-E-N.com



[*Note to Eden: Apologies for apparently taking the piss out of the wanking thing, but I’m genuinely being sincere in saying that I find it a most desirable trait that turns me on to no end. The mere thought of it sends my mind reeling into a fantasy world within which I can’t contain myself (and neither can my trousers, at that point!). So, no offence intended, and please accept my warmest wishes once again for a most happy 23rd birthday! :~)]

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Eden Mor !!”

  1. Happy Birthday Eden Mor! WOOHOO!!! Today is a special day indeed then! For you have graced our world with your gorgeous body, massive breasts and wonderful curves. May you have many many many happy bdays to come as well as many more nude photo sets – heh heh.

  2. Now that is ONE beautiful woman. I have said it before- just gorgeous. Her body is the optimal, perfect female form. Thanks for the new pics! And, of course, happy birthday to Eden!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Eden! I have to profess something though – after seeing those beautiful b-day related pics and videos, it is a good day indeed. You make me feel as if it were my birthday! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Perfection! When I see her I always look to see if Adam is around. Eden is the picture of the first woman. The blue print! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can we give he the bumps!

  5. well, believe it or not, I did meet her in person when she lives in london. She was an escort then, went to her flat in north london and tittyfucked her…

    I wud have never guessed she was going to become a model, although she had potential !!!!!

    she must have been 20 or so at the time, maybe younger. and yes i did cream those nipples ;-)

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