Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here (or Samhain, as we say here in Glastonbury, hearkening back to our druidic traditions). It’s one of my favourite holidays because, since I live in an old church house with a graveyard in the front garden, I don’t have to bother decorating! We attended a splendid swingers’ Halloween party last night (Vix went as a rather provocative postman), so we’re well into the spirit. Happy Halloween, everyone…

A hooter with hooters.    Boo bees!    An ample apparition.

(thanks to PaperCards for the boobees, ChocolateFantasies for the lollipops and especially to Liana from LushBoobs.com for the well-endowed witch)


6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. luscious circular…and yummy lather in caramel and go for the halloween tummy.

    Fingerlickin fun til the very bottom, and then create other fun for the pagan night

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