Having a ball with Alicia 36JJ…

I was going to entitle this blog “Balling Alicia” (which is just wishful thinking on my part), but then it struck me that seemed a bit too close to “Boxing Helena”, a disturbing film starring the moderately-endowed Sherilyn Fenn of “Twin Peaks” fame (actually, she’s considered quite well-endowed if you reduce yourself to the meagre Playboy or Hollywood standards, but she’d never make it on MyBoobSite). ;~P

Such is not the case, however, with the lovely Alicia 36JJ from Divine Breasts (or “Devine Breasts”, as some of my less astute visitors originating from Yahoo or Google key in as their search terms, usually ending up with Devyn Devine instead). No, Alicia is the very epitome of a well-endowed woman in my book! However, what more could I possibly say about her that’s not been reiterated time and again on these pages?

Still, when I encountered the following photo set of Alicia sunning her big, beautiful breasts outdoors with a soccer ball (okay, so maybe the Brits refer to these as “footballs”, but we all know that a real football is shaped more like what they call a rugby ball (is all too confusing for this transplanted American) and, honestly, a real football would be far closer to the shape of Alicia’s pendulous boobs (which some Brits might refer to as “droobs“, to further confuse the issue)), I couldn’t help but share them with you. Anyway, I personally feel that there’s no such thing as too much Alicia here!

Thus, here she is once again, resting her JJ-cup breasts on some manner of generic sporting sphere (to avert arguments), courtesy of DivineBreasts.com:

Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com    Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com    Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com

Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com    Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com    Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com

Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com    Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com    Alicia 36JJ from DivineBreasts.com

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×768 resolution)




23 thoughts on “Having a ball with Alicia 36JJ…”

  1. I only watched a little of tha boxing helena film. I don’t get it, seemed kind of morbidly perverse. Sometimes I think people should apply for a licence to make anything creative.

    I remember that Sherilyn Fenn had a short lived series called rude awakening where she played a washed up soap star. There was some decent nudity on the show. Some girls who would probably make it onto this site.

  2. Man, oh, Man! Alica’s the reason I keep on coming back to DivineBreasts.com. Not the ‘stick with tits’ Anya/Merilyn, not Pam Parker, not Ann VdB, not Diane… but Alica! They’re so big, so round, so full… those boobs are just Awesome!

  3. I am a bra freak. I like that clothed shot of her, but I wish there was a bra shot before going topless. Have you ever thought of a “mybrasite” page? i love the site though. Alicias breasts are wonderful…

  4. Oh yes… what a fine pair of lovely warm looking breasts on such a bonny young lass.

    I really think that Alicia is such an attractive woman I just she would show more of herself off. You never see her tummy or much of her arse?

    Such a shame to let such fantastic treasures not be shown off!!!

    And what I guess to be a new hair cut… Looks good.

    I also agree with Zeke need some bra and maybe nylons… What do you say, go on for the gentleman of this World.

    One more point, what an odd surname for a young lady, Alicia 36JJ… If it were a made up surname, maybe a more catchier letters and numbers surname like; R2D2 or C3PO may work better.

    Never the less, a truly cracking lass indeed!!!


  5. Zeke the Bra Freak says he loves bras. Well, then sign up for her website, and see her and a lotta others in their bras! Only one problem: Those titties are so damn big that it’s really hard to find a bra for them!

    As for the cost, I wouldn’t venture a guess, but that ball is definitely smaller than a regulation sized soccer ball. But the best part is those boobs are a lot bigger than regulation size! :-)

  6. The only way to truly determine if they were bigger than regulation size is to have them measured and let me be the first to volunteer for that position. A real hands-on approach is needed. ;)

  7. Don’t forget the ball was probably a POUND 75 pence, or whatever… Her boobs are easily 10 times that!! (11 pounds 7 ounces? get it?) LOL.

    Well I can’t get enough of Alicia. I kind of like the name too: Alicia 36JJ. It’s like a model designation. We’ll never date Alicia, but we can look in our neck of the woods. When we find the girl who fits the description we can say to ourselves silently: “OK I finally found an Alicia 36JJ!”

    I say this ever time Alicia is blogged and I’ll say it again. She lookes just like Isis! If Isis were to have JJ tits they would look like sisters!

  8. lol Don’t forget also, unlike the bargain-bin prop ball used in this shoot and fake boobs, Alicia’s natural udders do not deflate or lose air pressure.


  9. Thanks for the pics of Alicia, and thanks also for the nice little bonus pic of Sherilyn Fenn. I was very fond of her in Twin Peaks (and very fond of her twin peaks, wink wink nudge nudge).

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